PCA on the Enron Finance Data – Intro to Machine Learning

Katie has pulled together, from our favorite data set, information about people's compensation. So each dot in here is a person. And horizontally graphed is an annual bonus, so this person on the right, in this year made $8 million, that's 0.8 times 10 to the 7. And over here is a long term bonus that goes all the way to $4 million. And you can see that there's roughly a bit of a correlation between how much money people made in the annual performance bonus in their long term bonuses. We are less concerned about whether this was ethical and much more concerned about running principal component analysis on this data. so, to do this let me test your intuition first. I'm going to give you for the primary principle component three guesses, a black guess, a red guess, and a green guess. And, from what you've learned so far, which one do you think is going to be the main principal component along which the, the vast amount of [INAUDIBLE] occurs.

Pick one..

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