Four Trends to Up-Level Your Content Marketing Strategy

Hello, everyone. Welcome back to marketing Monday. I am Lynn Weinman, president and chief strategist of Kid Glove and today, I’m sharing four trends to uplevel your content marketing strategy in 2022 and just to make sure we’re all on the same page. Let’s start with the definition of content marketing. This is generally known as the strategic marketing approach of creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience with the objective of driving profitable customer interactions.

So, valuable refers to providing information that is helpful to your audience, relevant obviously means that you’re answering a question or solving a problem for them and then, consistency infers that you are deliver content in routine frequencies with a constant voice and tone. Content marketing is important because it answers your audience’s questions, helps you build trust, develop relationships, improve conversions, and then generate leads.

And in today’s age, customers expect high quality, consistent content from their favorite brands, like you. So, we’re seeing four trends that distinguish the best content marketing strategies in twenty twenty-two. The first is to provide an exceptional digital customer experience.

It is no secret that customer experience is paramount to successful digital marketing strategies today. As a matter of fact, at KidGlove, we like to say that you should treat your online customers the same as you would treat them as if you were in person. So, staying up to date on your targeted audience, preferences, and needs when it comes to content is a way to create a better all-around customer experience. So, is creating your own unique narrative and using it across the board to provide consistent, engaging content Everywhere your customers find you online. So, in 2022, content strategies are moving towards a more cohesive structure, each part with the overall hole and to do so, marketing departments will need to spend more time researching, planning, and implementing this new cohesive content experience for their audience and with this mindset, brands are focusing on bettering the content experience of their audience, spending more time in the planning stage, as well as testing the experience frequently, sure you are connecting all of the important dots that lead the journey through nurturing to come conversion.

Second, key trend is to keep empathy top of mind. Recent world events have forced marketers to take a different approach. Really putting your customers at the center of the content marketing strategies and working outward from there. And this is often referred to as empathetic marketing and you’ll see much more of approach across the board throughout 2022 because we can all agree the last two years have been a wild ride. And so while putting empathy on a personal level or talking about empathy on a personal level is putting yourself in another shoes and seeing life through their perspective.

Empathetic marketing takes this a step further.

It’s an approach of first concept conceptualizing the world through the eyes of your customers and then using what you find to create a content strategy to actually meet their needs. So, it’s a way of speaking to your target audiences as humans and not just potential buyers. So, to start, brands are taking a close look at their audiences. This is where target audience personas come in and with personas in hand, you can build helpful content that evokes relatable emotions in your customers.

This in turn then builds trust, creates better customer experiences, and develops more authentic relationships with your target audiences. So, the third the third trend that we are seeing is the use of Interet Active Content like quizzes and polls and various studies in recent years clearly show the use of interactive content, over static content optimizes the audience experience, gaining their attention, and really keeping it longer and with the shortening, shortening, shortening attention spans, engaging someone longer is always a win. So, we’re seeing indicators that 2022 will continue to see the rise in use of various interactive content and creative, creating, interactive content suitable for different phases along the content journey continues to trend upwards as well.

So, the good news is technology is also keeping up with this trend and continuing to become more advanced to make this process of interactivity easier as well. So, whether that be with your landing pages, your Emails, or even in your social media channels.

Look for this opportunity. Interactive content has enormous for engaging customers, gaining their attention, keeping them on your website longer, improving preference for your brand, and eventually increasing your conversion rates. Fourth trend that I want to talk about today is hyper personalizing that content. So, the customization of messages and information increases overall customer engagement particularly in Email marketing campaigns. and as customers experience this standard personalization, they’re growing to like it and they’re seeking out brands who personalize their particular buying journey.

So, as a result, 2022 will see brands adding more personalization efforts to their marketing strategy. So, if you’re not doing this, you’re going to be left behind and just personalizing by dropping in their personal first name, last name, company name not going to cut it anymore.

So, while efforts continue to be useful, the newer trend will appear more and more in twenty twenty-two and that trend is hyper personalization. So, by hyper personalization, we’re really talking about going deeper, tapping into individual preferences, wants and needs. Essentially, hyper personalization is data driven.

It utilizes data, analytics, artificial intelligence if you can take it that far and automation to create these unique interactions with individual customers And with this, marketers are considering each of their buyer personas again. So, once again, helpful hint there. Work on your buyer personas if you don’t have them and if you haven’t looked at them in a while, dust them off and they’re catering their content towards particular products, marketing channels, language, for each of these personas So, examples of big brands that are really effectively using hyper personalization, of course, is Amazon, Netflix, Snitch Stitch Fix, one of my personal favorites, Naked Wines.

Um and if you’re just getting started in content marketing, maybe this trend is taking it too far for you or if you have a smaller target audience, you might find it’s not worth it but if you’re going big and deep into content marketing, It certainly is an important strategy to consider. So, just to recap, the four trends to uplevel your content marketing strategy in 2022 are provide an exceptional digital customer experience.

Think about the way you want your customer to be treated in person. You want your content to treat them the same way. Keep empathy top of mind. It’s been a rough couple of years and and people need that soft touch, that kid glove right? Use interactive content like quizzes and polls to engage your audience and then if you can take it to this point, hyper personalized for the ultimate win.

So, thank you for spending some time with me today on marketing Monday to talk content marketing. If you have questions, please feel free to drop me a line.

Leave me a comment or check out our resources on KidGlove. com. If you to the expertise tab in the navigation and click on purpose driven business.

You’ll find a number of helpful blog articles, case studies, and podcasts with purpose-driven thought leaders. Um to really help you with your marketing efforts. So, thanks again. Everybody have a great week and join us again for marketing Monday.

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