Aestetic Bodybuilding Transfrormation Motivation (2 months) /Ivan Savinov

I’m pleased to welcome everyone who’s watching this video to my YouTube channel! My name is Ivan Savinov Hi everyone! Were going to the gym. I hope i’m not – #&%$ – into something By the behavior, I want to tell you something … – “Hey! ” Ive been bodybuilding for a long time Amateur-basis And a year ago I looked like this Since I havent been in the gym for a year , now I look like this. Guys, never give up trying to regain your lost mold after spend years of working towards your goal There is such a thing as……”Muscle Memory” In fact, it helps athletes to recover sooner after a long break … And I’ll show it to you Ok, enough shooting. See you in a month or two. Hey! So a month has passed and Im going to eat something after a workout Follow me I’m f %#$ g in love with cottage cheese … just great BCAA So for today, I devour everything I demanded … I’m going to the gym. See you next month … … hope I can obtain my load by that time Bye! Let’s go! Hope this video causes you.Be proactive and workout, my friends. Remember, it will always convert you for the better. For now, Im telling you goodbye, till the next video. Dont forget to subscribe. VK, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube … And of course leave your thumbs up … … each of you who’ll leave thumbs up will have hard-on till 90 years And each of you girls . . . . . . will never have cellulite Yeah, so … Peace to everyone! This is Ivan Savinov See ya!

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