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Never has uncertainty beenany greater than it is today in uncertain times because as uncertain as thingsare of this I am certain that God almighty is still on his throne I am certain that the word ofGod is true from page to page and cover to cover I am certain that every promise locked inthese pages is good for a thousand generations I am certain that even though men on this earthmay plan and they may plot and they may have devised schemes and try to control the things ofthis earth it is God who exalts one and it is God who uses men here on this earth I am certain thatGod is a healer I am certain that God is faithful I am certain that God is all sufficient I knowthat he has given his angels charge over me I know that he will protect me I know that he isa help to the helpless and hope to the hopeless I know that his goodness and his mercy shallfollow me all the days of my life and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever I know inwhom I have believed and I believe that he is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that Ican ask think or imagine I know who he is his name is Jesus Christ and he is a resurrected savior theson of the living God the bright and the morning star the fairest of ten thousand the Lion of Judahand he is a soon-coming King of this I am certain and the reason I know is because his word hastold me his Holy Spirit has confirmed in me and I hear his voice saying lift up yourheads and rejoice your redemption draweth nigh our God is a refuge and our God is a strength andhe is an ever-present help in a time of trouble Jesus Christ loves you and I know you mayhave issues and you but you’re doing better than you think you are somebody needsto know today you’re going to make it somebody needs to know today you’re doing allright you may not be what you ought to be but you’re not what you used to be and you’re goingto get there by God’s grace don’t you give up don’t you quit and don’t you keep putting yourselfdown you’re doing better than you think you are here’s the assurance that we have not thatwe would go through life without difficulty not that we would go through life without strugglenot that we would go through life without some storm of some kind or some need arising butthat when we go through life we go through life with the promise that in our struggle he isour strength in our struggle he is our provider in our struggle he is our healer in our strugglewe have a firm foundation and Jesus is his name Ecclesiastes chapter 3 gives 28 times and seasonsin life it says there’s a time to be born there’s a time to die there’s a time to laugh there’sa time to cry there’s a time to dance there’s a time to mourn there’s a time to gather there’s atime to to to to let go all kind it’s 28 different times in life the one time I can’t find in thereis the time to quit there is no time to quit in your life in this if you’ll keep going that’show you get to heaven tell somebody this is no time to quit you may have bars you may havechains but you’re still blessed God loved you so much that he gave his only begotten son todie for you what shall we say of these things if God before us who can be against us seeingthat he has given us his only begotten son how will he not give us all things there is notone ounce of defeat in these words so don’t you let the attitude of defeat come into you becauseGod created you to be more than a conqueror You will go through a season of lack but Godcreated you to conquer lack you will go through a season of weakness but God will bring you throughthat season of weakness stronger than you’ve ever been before you need to understand what David saidwhen he said it was good that I had been afflicted why because it was in his affliction thathe learned God’s faithfulness it was in his affliction that he learned how to run into thesecret place of the most high and dwell in the shadow of the almighty it was in his afflictionthat he learned the words God is a refuge and God is a strength the name of the Lord is a strongtower and the righteous run into it and are saved when you come into a season of struggle likeyou’re in right now do not be defeated because if you’re breathing and the sun is shiningthen God has a purpose for you I’m speaking to families right now that don’t know what to dothey’re overwhelmed turn to Jesus he’s for you I’m speaking to businessmen who are looking at thefuture forecast and they’re uncertain about where the provision is going to come from turn to Jesushe’s a business partner that will provide for you but don’t let defeatism enter your heart yourmind or your spirit because we are more than conquerors through Christ it’s awfully hardwhen I don’t understand what God is doing it takes real faith to trust in God when I don’tunderstand why God has allowed certain things to happen but I am convinced that God’s ways arebetter than my ways and I’m convinced that his ways are far wiser than my ways it’s one thingto worship God because you’ve got a nice house because you’ve got a nice car because everything’sgood because all your people are blessed that’s wonderful but it’s another thing to worshipGod in spite of trials and bars and chains and tribulations and heartbreaks and tears whenyou can do it then when you can praise in pain when you can lift your voice and say the Lordgives the Lord takes away I don’t praise you because of I praise you in spite of my hardshipsyou’re worthy of the praise it’s not about you it’s about him do not be afraid we know allthings work together for good when you have that attitude it takes the adversity thatyou’re in and it shapes you and it molds you when you have that attitude you look at struggleas a season for you to gain strength and for it to pour the rock-ribbed confidenceinto your soul that God is on his throne and everything is going to be all right when youhave that attitude that we know all things work together you can say this is the day that the Lordhas made let us rejoice and be made glad in it Because the man of faith has the promise ofGod that God is going to take care of him that God is going to supply and the man of faithrealizes that God has means that he isn’t aware of God has resources that I don’t know anything about and thus though things look to be hopelessand dark yet I don’t look at the circumstances the man of faith looks at the Lord who is aboveall of our circumstances and he doesn’t look to his own abilities but he looks to God’sability to take care of him and to supply for him and thus he rejoices because God is on thethrone and God has promised to take care of me Today I want you to make thedecision wherever you are to rejoice rejoice that you’re saved rejoice that the bloodof Jesus is strong enough to conquer every sin and every shackle of shame in your past it is strongenough to conquer every disease and every sickness in your body it is strong enough to protect youyou rejoice that God has a plan for you he has a plan to prosper you and not to harm you he hasa plan that is far better than you could ask think or imagine rejoice that in the darkestof midnights the name of the Lord is a light and it is a salvation rejoice that in the midstof the storm you are worshiping the master of the wind rejoice that in an hour of need heis still El Shaddai the all-sufficient one rejoice that in a day of trouble many arethe afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers them out of them all child of God youhave a reason to rejoice today because we know all things they work together for good all things aren’t good but we have a Godwho’s greater and he said I’ll use it for good All things work together it’s anoutlook that says if God is for me who can be against me if God loves me ifGod cares for me if he has a purpose for me then no adversary seen or unseen shall comenear my dwelling God is on the throne you have the promises of God the Lord will take care of youGod has provisions that you don’t even know about and so rejoice be lifted up That is the position that faith takes Above the circumstances not looking atthe circumstances but looking to God who is in control so I want you to askyourself what is your outlook today are you determined are you in denialare you walking around in defeat don’t deny the problem because the problemis real but the God that you serve is greater Don’t deny that the world needs Jesus now morethan ever you see when you’re called according to God’s purpose you call upon his name and I assureyou of this in his name you find provision you find peace you find protection you find directionyou find health you find satisfaction you find sufficiency you find righteousness you findcomfort when you call upon the name of the Lord that means that there’s not one hour of one daythat you will face one situation when Jehovah God your God the great I am does not havethe strength and the power to sustain you call upon his name and he said I’ll answer youand show you great and mighty things that you know not no matter what you face in this lifeas long as you can call upon Jesus you can overcome anything I don’t know what youmay be going through today it could be that you have that feeling that Godisn’t hearing you when you pray or maybe that you even feel worse than thatthat God doesn’t care that God isn’t concerned but I can assure you from theword of God that he does care and he is concerned and he tells you to just castall your cares on him because he does care for you and so I would encourage you to lookup quit looking at the problem quit looking at the circumstancesquit being overwhelmed by your weakness and ineptness to takecare of the situation and look to God who has promised to take care of you and toprovide all of your needs but I don’t see where you don’t have to he has resources you don’tknow anything about when you face a problem that you can’t answer call upon Jehovah becauseJehovah Jireh means he’s the God who can see there are men sitting in office buildingsthat are empty trying to see their way to a solution call upon Jehovah Jireh he seesyour provision before you ask for the need when the weight of the world has pulledyou to your knees and you’re about to break under the pressure of fear call uponJehovah Shalom he is the prince of peace and the peace of God which surpasses allunderstanding will rule your heart and mind in Christ Jesus when you feel abandoned andalone call upon Jehovah Shama he’s the God who’s there when your soul is barren and dry andyou’re searching for some form of satisfaction call upon Jehovah Mckeddish because heis the living water who will satisfy if you’re needing healing callupon Jehovah Rophe he’s the healer but whatever you do do not be defeated donot live in denial live in determination that God is for you and therefore no one can beagainst you when I look through the scriptures every famine that happened every economic downturnevery plague every disease the people of God were sustained through every season that the worldwent through because they put their trust in him because when your trust is in the Lord you aresecure you know it’s easy to say that we trust God when everything’s good and everything’shappy and all is going according to plan we say oh yeah I’m just trusting the Lord andlook how good everything is but it’s a whole other deal to trust God when things are notso good you see to trust God means you have to allow him to do what he wants to do even ifhe fails and you say well he can’t fail he’s God and that’s the point he can’t fail thereforewe must trust him enough to let him succeed but to let him succeed on his terms and in his wayand in his time not on my terms or in my way or in my timing to trust God is to say I’m going tolet God do what he wants to do Lord I’m not gonna argue with you I’m not gonna fight I’m not gonnaresist I’m gonna let you do what you know is best and I am not going to fear the outcome the Lordthe Lord is my shepherd and I shall not be in want in other words God says I will take care of allyour needs if you’ll just trust me the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want and even though I walkthrough the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for you are with me the bible saysit like this in First Peter 4:12 dear friends don’t be surprised or shocked when you go throughpainful trials and fiery tests in life the bible says in the world you will have tribulation SecondCorinthians chapter 4 verses 17 and 18 says this for our temporary listen it’s not going tolast our temporary and momentary troubles will not last but they are achieving for usan eternal glory that far outweighs them all so we focus not on what is seen theproblems around us but on what is unseen for what is seen is temporary it’s notgoing to last but what is unseen is eternal sometimes when you’re following Jesus he leads youright into a storm remember in the new testament there are two times when the disciples foundthemselves in a storm in a boat they thought they were going to die both times but they werein the storm they were in their trouble not because they were doing things wrong they werein trouble because they were doing things right they were following Jesus they were obeyingwhat he told them to do they were following his directions and his directions led them right intoa storm but if they had not been in those storms they would never have discovered truthsabout Jesus there were things that they saw about him they had never seen before andthey never could have learned them any other way except by going through the storms that theyexperienced my tendency when it comes to storms is I want to go around the storm if I see itcoming up on the horizon I want to find a way around the trouble but sometimes God wants to leadyou straight into the middle of it all because the Lord has his way in the whirlwind and in thestorm and so you follow him into the middle of it he says trust me because the Lord has his wayin that when you are in the middle of the storm that’s when you look for God always look for God in the way things are not in the way that you hopethey will be but look for God in the way things are because he is not waiting foryou on the other side of the trouble waiting for you to figure it out and find your waythrough he is in the middle of it walking with you working his way and his will but you’vegot to trust him in it so when God says do you trust me well then you have a decision tomake will you allow him to do what he wants to do and not fear the outcome because to fear theoutcome says Lord I don’t really quite trust you Will you allow him to do what he wants todo and not fear the outcome focus on what never changes in the days ahead that’ll give youstability don’t focus on what’s ever changing because we don’t know where it’s all going to endup you say well what are the unchangeable truths that uh that aren’t I should focus on well Godsees everything I’m going through focus on that God cares about everything I’m going throughthat’s unchangeable God sees and he cares God has the power to change what I’m goingthrough he has the power to answer prayers that’s unchangeable God always acts out of his goodnessto me that’s never going to change no matter what happens God is always going to act good tome God’s plan is always better than my plan I may not see it but it’s better becausehe’s a good God God will never stop loving me that’s never going to change in your life these are things you need to focuson the things that never change God’s love for me God’s gracefor me God’s goodness for me Remember this remember thatno matter what I go through God will go through it with me every stage everyphase every crisis no matter what I go through God is gonna go through it with me you willnever really ever be alone God is with you He’s with you right now God has never beencloser to you than he is right now he’ll never be any further away than he is right now andremember the great promise of Isaiah 43 verse 2. When you go through deep waters I will be with you When you pass through the rivers of difficultyyou will not drown when you walk through the fire you will not be burned up it will notconsume you that’s what you want to focus on Maybe a little less listening to the internetand a little bit more listening to God that will give you confidence that will give youstability that will replace your panic with prayer it will replace your worry with worship itwill replace your anxiety with adoration You have to believe that God knows what is bestthat he will not abandon you he will not let go of you that you will not be destroyed by thistrouble you have to take him at his word when he says I will never leave you or abandonyou you have to take him at his word when he says I take all things and work themtogether for your good the seed of faith The seed of faith planted in the soil ofadversity under the watchful eye of the gardener will bring forth life and beauty in its seasonthe bible says that God makes all things beautiful in their time the troublethat you are in will not last The trouble will not last it is light andmomentary compared to the eternal glory that awaits you it is all about yourperspective how you see the trouble is how you will face the trouble if you see it infear you’ll face it in fear if you see it in doubt you’ll face it in doubt if you see it in faith youwill face it in faith so don’t see it as the end see it as the beginning you have to lookthrough eyes of faith through a lens of hope a lens of expectation remember this isnot the end of the story because we don’t know what the future holds but we do know who holds thefuture we don’t know all that’s going to go ahead but we’re not frightened by it because we knowthe end of the story we’ve read the last chapter of the book we know that God is in control weknow that God is not surprised by this that God is bigger than this and Romans 8:28 is still trueall things work together for the good of those who love God with the called according to his purposeif the truth be told we were being totally honest most of us don’t like waiting Particularly if we’re waiting for somethingto change or something to get better waiting can be a very frustrating experiencebut the worst kind of waiting of all is waiting on God when God forces you to wait forthings to get better in your life for things to improve to change toreverse and nothing is happening and yet over and over and over and over andover again in the bible we’re told to wait on the Lord the most difficult place foryou to be in life is in God’s waiting room in God’s waiting room some of you are in God’swaiting room right now what is God’s waiting room when you’re in a hurry for something tohappen and God isn’t that’s God’s waiting room some of you are in a hurry to graduatesome of you are in a hurry to get married some of you are in a hurry to start a family someof you are in a hurry to launch a new business to to close a big deal some of you in a hurry fora big goal a big dream a big accomplishment some of you are in a hurry for all kinds of differentthings and God isn’t we as human beings hate to wait and we especially struggle with waiting onGod have you ever been in a hurry when God wasn’t and your God I know you’re going to come throughand I’m praying this really Godly prayer I know it’s your will so where are you why aren’t youcoming through and you’re in the waiting room of life and we get so impatient we want to hurryGod up and we want things right now and some of you been waiting for God to come through andyou’re about to give up and you’re getting discouraged and you realize that God’s standardtime is not always running on my time and it’s in the waiting rooms of life we learn to trustGod the most in those difficult waiting rooms of life that’s where God grows us and builds ourcharacter the most through the pain of waiting we learn to trust God and without faith it’simpossible to please God that’s when he builds our character you see while you’re working on yourproject your goal your dream your vision God’s working on you and God’s much more interestedin you than in what you’re trying to accomplish because you’re not taking your accomplishmentsto heaven but you are taking your character and sometimes God says yeah I intend to give youwhat I’ve promised you I intend to answer that prayer I intend to fulfill the vision but you’renot ready yet I want you to grow and when you’re ready then it’s going to happen a lot of times wethink we’re waiting on God for something to happen like a prayer to be answered God says you’re notwaiting on me I’m waiting on you I’m trying to prepare you I’m testing your faith will you trustme but I’m also trying to grow you up because the blessing I want to give you so much bigger thanyou can handle right now you’re not ready for it you can’t handle it yet another thing you haveto learn in life is that a delay is not a denial There’s a big difference between no and not yetnow immature children don’t know the difference you tell a kid not yet they start crying andhaving a hissy fit because they think it means no they don’t understand a delay is not a denialGod is saying I I intend to do these things in your life that I’ve given you the vision thedream to do but you’re just not ready yet and at the right time I will answer your prayer God’soften waiting on us now why is this important because when you’re in God’s waiting room youfall temptation to all kinds of negative emotions you start worrying you start stressing out you getanxious you get irritable you get spiritual add you can get envious you can get jealous heyhe got a promotion I didn’t get the promotion she’s having a baby I’m not having ababy she got engaged I didn’t get engaged he’s starting a new business that’s taken offwhat about mine and and all these kind of negative emotions can come into your life and then you getfrustrated and then you start having a pity party So what does God want you to do when you’rein the waiting room of life and because you’re going to go through it many many times God is nota vending machine where you put in the prayer and then you pull the thing and you instantly get itthere’s always a delay the delays are by design the delays are by design to teach you to trusthim and to grow up in your character hey a delay is not a denial there’s a big difference betweenno and not yet for those of your parents you understand this there’s a big difference betweentelling your kids no and not yet it’s just not time yet and a delay is not a denial we see itall through scriptures God told Noah to build a boat that would save his family from agreat flood but it didn’t rain for 120 years God told Abraham he’d be the father of a greatnation but he didn’t have his first child until he was 99 years old God told Moses that he wouldlead the people out of slavery from Egypt they’d been in for over 450 years but then God sendsMoses out into the desert for 40 years to wait God gives Joseph this great dream that he’ll savehis family and his people from famine and he’ll be a great leader but then Joseph gets sold intoslavery he gets falsely accused and imprisoned and he’s waiting there in prison until finally Godtakes him from prison and positions him second in command in all of Egypt and the promise comes trueKing David God had King David anointed as king but he didn’t really get to be king until yearslater even Jesus Christ spent his first 30 years waiting in a carpentry shop before he startedhis earthly ministry see a delay is not a denial When God delays sometimes we feel forgotten Psalm13:1 says how long o Lord will you forget me forever you come to a point sometimes of believingthat God has forgotten you don’t worry it’s a common experience we all go through it onetime or another feeling that God isn’t there or at the very least he’s forgotten us perhapsour problems aren’t important to him we imagine the Psalmist encounters those very doubts in Psalmchapter 10 and verse 1 here’s what he says there Why do you stand afar off oh Lord why do you hidein times of trouble what you believe is that he has given up on you you may even be feeling thatway right now if so please allow me to remind you that what you’re contemplating is a simpleimpossibility God never gives up on you He never ceases to care about you andhe will not abandon his work on you of which your trial is a part he even says thatyour name is written on the palms of his hands your very name is tattooed on the palms of God’shands it is engraved there it cannot be removed and such is God’s concern for you he cannotforget you no matter what storm you’re weathering now you have never left God’s mind or his heartyes sometimes when God delays we feel forgotten but God never delays without a purposehe knows you he knows your heart he knows everything you’re asking him for ifhe’s not doing what you think he should do just be patient because God loves you don’tforget he’s got your name tattooed on his palm he knows who you are he hasn’t forgottenand he never will that often God’s timing disappoints us you know there’s something maybesomething you’ve been praying about for a long time and you really you need an answer you knowmaybe you’ve been um praying for something really specific and you needed God to show up within aparticular time frame you know it’s an urgent need and he doesn’t when God doesn’t answer whenyou need him to I wonder what conclusions do you come to do you think to yourself you knowdid I do something wrong did I ask the wrong way Do you find yourself asking does Godeven hear my prayers so often we think when God doesn’t answer in our way or in our timethat it’s because he doesn’t love us God loves you he doesn’t love anybody else one grain ofsand more than he loves you you know in those darkest moments of life I want you to hear Jesuslooking right through your fear and saying to you trust me I am right here God’s timing might nothave been everything you hoped for in your life but I hope you understand that you cantrust the one who keeps the time clock We don’t like to trust somebody else’stiming why because if we lose control and so we’d rather than trust God because trustingGod means my goodness I actually have to trust God we’d rather go listen I like the plan and purposeyou have for my life but can we do it my way and here’s the funny thing now that I’m a parentI recognize in my children that they don’t like it to wait on my timing they don’t like to waitthey don’t like to chill and be patient but the thing is if they would just trust my timingthey would recognize it’s for their good it’s for them to be blessed and prosperous andso you can live life frustrated anxious stressed out angry or you can rest and go God I have totrust in your timing just trust his timing why because it’ll give you peace it’ll give you restand it will help you to remove all disappointment and hurt and bitterness from your heart becauseyou’ll know actually God’s in control of my life Why didn’t God just tell you everything that’sgonna happen in your life right up front well I think there are two or three reasons firstit would overwhelm you probably scare you to death but the real reason God doesn’t announce histimetable to you is he wants you to trust him he says just live one day at a time trust meI I’m a good God I’m a loving God everything I do in your life is for love but you just got totrust me in acts chapter 1 in the bible the bible says this Jesus said in verse 7 you don’t get toknow the time timing is the father’s business so you’re just not ever going to know stuff inadvance you don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow in your life much less the rest of yourlife God does not tell us the details in advance he has a timetable for your life buthe doesn’t tell you the details in advance if you could understand why God doeseverything God does you’d be God God’s timing isn’t good it’s perfect because he knows all thedetails he knows past present future he knows what we need what we want what’s the wisest thing to doyou can never go wrong waiting upon God’s timing if I’m going to wait upon GodI’ve got to trust him because my waiting is saying I’m trusting you God thatyour timing is better than mine you know what I do not know your time is always right and soI’m going to trust you and I’m going to wait till you give me permission to go there I’ll dothis I have that or buy the other it isn’t that God’s trying to deprive us of anything he onlywants what is best for us so it takes faith and what I mean by that is simply this am I willing totrust God for his timing before I make a decision Just imagine how amazing life would be if we couldtrust God all the time in every thing all the time in every thing and trusting God means that westop trying to make things happen ourselves and we wait on God how many love waiting wewait on God it’s a painful word even to say it and God doesn’t do it when we’d like him to or theway we’d like him to but I can promise you today if you will keep your eyes on God and trusthim to be your recompense and to be your reward and to be your vindicator you willget double blessings for your former trouble Trusting him doesn’t mean I’m gonna get what Iwant when I want it trusting him says I believe that when the timing is right God willprovide what I’m asking him for you know broken hearts do mend bodies do healdisappointment turns into new dreams and the end of one thing can open the door forsomething new if we will just put our trust in God you know what if you’re still here onthe planet God’s got a plan for you It seems to you like God’s forgotten all aboutyou well he hasn’t he hears you and he sees you can I tell you today that you’re not invisible Godknows exactly where you’re at and he knows exactly what’s going on in your life and he knows exactlyhow much you can take and how much you can’t take and he may not be early but he won’t be lateGod’s timing is always perfect do I believe that he has our best interest at heartif I believe that I’m going to wait but watch this somebody says I don’t have any timeto waste you never waste time waiting on God never You always find out that his timing is alwaysthe right time.Let’s start in Matthew 6 Jesus is speaking he said I tell you do not worryabout your life what you’ll eat or drink or about your body what you’ll wear who of youby worrying can add a single hour to his life and why do you worry aboutclothes oh you have little faith so do not worry saying what shall we eat orwhat shall we drink or what shall we wear but seek first his kingdom and his righteousnessand all these things will be given to you as well therefore do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrowwill worry about itself each day has enough trouble of its own and then in Philippians 4 donot be anxious about anything but in everything by prayer and petition with thanksgivingpresents your request to God and the peace of God which transcends all understanding willguard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus Jesus said very plainly very repetitively do notworry I’m of the opinion if Jesus says not to do something he has our best interest at hearthe’s not being meddlesome he’s not trying to limit us he’s concerned about our well-being andwe’ve missed something something has eluded us we have tolerated something in our lives inour thoughts in our emotions we’ve tolerated something allowed it to flourish that in realityis destructive that Jesus has said don’t do that That we are so twisted and tied up and and meltingdown in our own worries and problems and we forget that we have a heavenly father right there sayingdo you want my help and we just got to say I want your help and trust that he can do what he needsto do let him do the work that needs to be done look if you’re counting on yourself to solve allof your problems then of course you’re worried and stressed out it doesn’t matter how strong orwise or capable how charismatic you are it doesn’t matter how much wealth or influence you have youare not designed to be able to take on everything and handle everything you will have more problemscome at you than what you are capable of handling When you carry the responsibility of everythingthen you have to do everything you have to find the solutions you have to choose the rightdirection you have to power through problems you have to plan for the future make adjustmentsyou have to do all of it at the speed of life yeah you’re stressed out you’re worried of coursebut God does not want you to do it on your own he wants you to recognize that he is there tolead you to walk you through to guide you through every step of the way and and here’s the dealhe doesn’t want to just give you every resource that you need to get through your problems hewants to be what you need in every situation It’s amazing the problems that are solved themoment that you decide to trust God in everything because when you trust God you don’t have totry to figure anything out anymore as you lean on him then you take the pressure off of yourselfbecause you don’t have to try to figure stuff out you don’t have to try to change things that you’vealready tried a million times to change and the more you try to change the more frustrated itmakes you because you can just finally say well God I’m trusting you with this and if you can’tchange it then I guess it don’t need to be changed the only way you can learn to stop worrying andstop trying to figure things out and stop being jealous of what other people have and is I justhonestly think that in addition to studying the word I think that we just have to try it our waylong enough to finally just get worn out enough to just say okay God I surrendered do you knowthe beginning you know the end and everything in between you know every flaw that I have everyfault that I have you know every weakness that I have as well as my strengths I surrendered so manytimes I’ve just said God I don’t know what to do God I’m overwhelmed or God I’m in over my headand you know I’ve said this many times God help please it doesn’t have to be long it doesn’thave to be eloquent I don’t have to have the answers or the solutions I just need togo to the one who does have the answers Hey have you ever been on an emotional rollercoaster I I mean you’re just up you’re down you’re this way and you know what God says I’ll takecare of that you ever go to bed thinking about it wake up in the middle of the night thinkingabout it in the morning you get up you’re thinking about it man it has captured yourthinking God says I’ll take your emotion and your thinking through Christ Jesus firstPeter 5:7 says cast all your cares on him because he cares for you and what that means isthat we take all of our problems and our worries and we choose to place it in God’s hands andsay I trust that you will handle the outcome are you confident that you can take yourproblems and your worries and place it in God’s hands and that he can handle everythingworry is the anticipation of the negative there’s a relationship between faith and worryit’s in verse faith diminishes as worry flourishes or as your faith flourishesyour worry will diminish worry is the negative expression of what faithin God is one of them would be I don’t want Jesus to ever look at me and use my name andperson of little faith in the same sentence do you I want to be a man of faith where areyou saying I don’t think God can handle this so I’m going to pick it up and I’m going toinvest emotional energy in my thoughts and my anxiety I’m not going to change the outcome abit Jesus said you can’t add one hour to your life God can add years God has the best solution forall of our problems he sees and knows everything he sees the future he understands every angleof what is going on in your life right now he understands how people are viewing it andperceiving it he sees the best solution to your problems he’s incredibly wise when I worry I ambasically saying I am afraid that my life is not going to be that I the way that I wanted to butwhen I trust that God has the best solution I am saying God I I believe that you have thebest way for me even if it’s not the path that I chose or that I came up with and we cantrust that if we follow God and if we trust him he will give us every resource that we need everystep of the way and that at the end he can turn that into something wonderful and beautiful andlet me tell you if you have someone who loves you enough and who is strong enough and who hasthe best solution what do you have to worry about See the reason that worry exists so often isbecause we just think it’s normal it’s not normal it’s common but it’s not normal itdoesn’t have to be in our life and it’s it’s robbing us of God it’s robbing us of ourfamily it distracts me from God and people it robs me of my joy and it exists because Iallow it to exist listen to what I’m saying worry exists and anxiety exists because weallow it we are in complete control of our lives God would never command us to do something that wedon’t have the ability to do worry is a choice and trust is a choice you can’t do both at the sametime you have to choose to put your trust in God put the full weight of your problems and yourlife and your future into his hands and let him carry it worry and anxiety means the devilhas implanted something in your life that’s just sitting there intimidating you and because ofthat you can’t focus on God and the people that you love and that’s the greatest problem withworry and anxiety it robs you of your ability to worship to love the people that you love so it’san enemy the root of all fear worry and anxiety is an orphan spirit because orphans are on their ownand they have to take care of their own problems and the devil wants you to feel as thoughthat you’re on your own and you have to solve your own problems you have the best father in theuniverse stop grieving over the father you didn’t have and start rejoicing that you have the bestfather in the universe and he loves helping you process anything in your life nothing is too smallnothing is too large he just enjoys the ride he just enjoys the relationship and as we’re sittinghere obsessing about something what it means is we’re wasting the relationship he does see yourproblems and he wants to help you God’s love is for you is so immense and that means that you cancome to him with anything and everything we don’t have to lead lives that are defined by worry andanxiety and fear doesn’t mean those things won’t come and they may even come with justificationbut Jesus said we don’t have to worry about them He is my provider he is my protector he is mypromoter he is the person that I long for in every relationship he is the place that I look to tofind home he is my professor to reveal beautiful new things to me he is everything that I needand everything that I long for when I go to him The key to peace is not being able to solve everyproblem the key to peace is resting in who God is When we give God control there is a beautifulpromise that he will never leave or forsake you man we can walk in that path in that promisetowards peace he doesn’t want you to be overwhelmed with worry and problems he wantsyou to be overwhelmed with his love for you and you may be saying look you don’t understandhow many problems I have how many issues and how much I’ve gone through well you know what God saysno matter what you have I want to take all of your problems all of your worries all of your failuresall of your sin all of your brokenness give it to me because I can handle it and the truth is onlyI can handle it.365 times the bible says fear not that’s a fear not for every day of the year fearparalyzes it makes you spiritually immobile fear produces pain when there is no hurt fear bindswithout cords fear hinders what hell can’t halt fear binds your friend and loses your enemywhat faith does to God fear does to the devil fear sees obstacles not opportunities fear isa magnet to call in everything opposite of what God wants to do in your life that’s why Job saidthe thing that I feared the most has come upon me when you enter into a life of fear you attract thething that you hate we do not have to fear because when God is near we don’t have to live a lifetormented with fear to Zachariah the message was fear not your prayers have been heard to Mary themessage was fear not Mary don’t be afraid because you have found divine favor with God to theshepherds the message was fear not exceeding great joy is coming in your future and to the message toJoseph was fear not what is happening in your life is being birthed by the Holy Spirit himself fearnot because your prayers have been heard fear not because you have obtained the divine favor ofGod upon your life fear not because exceeding joy is coming in your future and fear not becausewhat God is doing is supernaturally birthing something in and through you by the power of theHoly Spirit great joy is coming don’t rejoice about just what you’ve got rejoice about whatyou got rid of and I’m here today to tell you you don’t have to be afraid because your past ispartined fear not because your present is powerful but don’t stop there fear not because yourfuture is promised have you forgotten that we’re headed to a city where the lamb is thelight and there is no sorrow there is no tears there is no sickness death or dying fear not deathfear not devils fear not disease fear not calamity why because he is Emmanuel he Emmanuelmeans three things he’s God in us he’s God with us but many of you have forgottenthe third thing he’s God who is for us God is not just with you and in you but somebodyneeds to hear this today God is for you he knows what you’ve done he knows who you are and he stillwants you to know I’m not against you I’m with you I’m in you and I am for you stop thinking I’mtrying to get you back I’m for you I’m for you The realization of the presence of the Lord withus what a great comfort to have the Lord say don’t be afraid I am with you Paul writing to theRomans said if God be for us who can be against us David said I’m not going tofear because the Lord is with me The Prophet Isaiah said fear not for I amwith you be not dismayed for I am your God I will strengthen you I will help you yes I willuphold you by the right hand of my righteousness Are you going through uncertain times right now Are you troubled about the future as you seekthe Lord and as you commit your ways to him he’s promised to be with you he said I will never leave you or forsake you loI am with you always even to the end of the world David said I will not be afraid of whatman can do to me for the Lord is on my side you with David can confidentlyface the giants of this world who may come against you with the swordand the shield but you come against them in the name of the living God the Lord is withme the Lord is with me to help me the Lord is with me to guide me he’s with me to strengthenme he’s with me to deliver me from the enemy God said my ways are not your waysmy ways are beyond your finding out and in those places where we don’t know we justhave to trust ourselves to the wisdom of God You’re wise and I’m just trusting youLord and I find comfort I find rest the fear and the apprehension leaves as I put it back in his hand and saywell Lord I am yours I know you’re in control of these situations and thoughI don’t know why yet Lord I trust you and I’m confident that you have a plan anda purpose far beyond anything that I can see God is for you and if God is for you who careswho’s against you if you’re under the divine favor of God how can man stop youGod can do more than I can say God can do more than I can believeGod can do more than I can imagine but it has to to come in my life there has to comesomething where the spirit of fear gets broken off fear not that you’re gonna go back to what Godbrought you out of fear not that you’re gonna get cancer or the cancers coming back fear not thatbad things are going to happen to you that’s not the voice of the Holy Spirit fear not that yourchildren are going to be harmed in some horrible accident here’s what I feel like saying todayyou will have that baby you will live and not die you you are going to get married if you willwait on the Lord in the timing of the Lord and it will be blessed don’t let fear dominate yourlife I rebuke fear fear not it’s going to be all right he has not given you the spirit of fearthat attacks your mind and your body and you live wondering what’s going to happen today he’s notgiving you a spirit of fear but as a power and of love and of a sound mind I guess what I’m sayingis don’t go to the funeral till something’s dead we’re bearing stuff that’s not dead some of youburied your vision and your dreams and your call and it’s not even dead quit tryingto bury things that are still alive I said fear not man enjoyyour life while you’re here and I I tell you I think that it’s time tocelebrate what didn’t happen a lot of things could have happened and a lot of things shouldhave happened but here you sit by the goodness of God and I know you’re thankful for all thatGod has done but I think when we get to heaven we’re going to shout over more what what didn’thappen than what did happen when we get to see the full picture of how God held back the enemyand protected and didn’t let us get things that we thought we had to have but God said I won’tlet it happen because that’s not my best for you you say thank you for what didn’thappen God wants us to become so grateful for what he has done and what hedidn’t let happen because the real antidote to panic is praise the antidote to to worry isworship and that’s why every one of those people that had a fear and the angel came and said fearnot because your prayers have been answered fear not because there’s great joy coming in yourlife fear not because you’re under the divine favor of God fear not because the Holy Spirit ismoving in your life to bring to pass the thing God wants to birth through you fear not becauseEmmanuel is in you with you and for you the way to defeat fear is to begin to magnify God magnifymeans you make him bigger than your fear I don’t want you afraid of tomorrow I want you to liftup your head and I want you to walk in confidence knowing that your prayers have been heard knowingfear not the divine favor of God is on you

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