-Drawing on backs and guessing it?-Back drawings [Previously][Coin earning time for hungry EN-KIDS] [1. Draw-on-back speed quiz] [The attention of the entire cosmosis on my back!] -It’s this-Okay, okay. I’m not really sure[Hunger is dulling the senses on the back] I can’t tell at all JUNGWON… I mean, JAY, focus! Food is no joke![Our food is on the line!] If this isn’t it, this will be a legend -A rabbit!-A rabbit![And so the “rabbit” legend was born] [EN-KIDS’ cruel fairytale “Rabbit”] [The runaway rabbit is saidto have lived happily ever after…] -No!-No! [The runaway rabbit is saidto have lived happily ever after…] [New start][2. Stacking pillow tower] -Put several on the bottom-Let’s do it like this[New start][2. Stacking pillow tower] Okay, since this is the size of the pillow[Adding scientific(?) evidence] Let’s earn about a million won![Dreaming of one million won] Oh! Nice! Oh! Nice![Successfully stacked towerwith perfect teamwork] Wow! Legend![We deserve praise] -I’d like one cup noodle-We have to eat to live[Let’s eat first!] Tteokbokki A beverage and tteokbokki for me[Orders meal based on personal preference] [A scene that makes you crave tteokbokki] [JAY’s recommended menu at the sauna”Fried udon”] [Miyeokguk for good health] HEESEUNG is eating properly[After a meal full of the sauna’s vibe] So right [Currently remaining coins] [JUNGWON, JAY 25 coins] [SUNGHOON 15 coins] [HEESEUNG, JAKE, SUNOO, NI-KI 5 coins] Okay, let’s have fun[Free time OPEN] Sauna tour, let’s go! -Let’s go!-Let’s go! [Facilities with all sorts of snacksand things to do] [For a charge of 20 coins each] [Various hot saunasand viewing contents are free] [Free to use every spaceduring sauna’s business hours] [If you don’t have coinswe’ll meet you at the part-time job zone] [EN-KIDS’ What to do at the saunaType 1.Recharging energy comes first] He went to the restroomas soon as we started[LEE HEESEUNG / Waiting] Okay[Appears] I mean it when I say I’m going to sleep I took out my contacts[Even took out his contacts] If you lack sleep, whatever you do[If you lack sleepyou can’t help but be tired] -Yeah-You can’t help but be tired Yeah -We’re…-Is this the place? Lying down zone, okay[Straight to the lying down zone] Since we’re Old Guyz[Decides to recharge energyto play hard later] -20 minutes here-Sleep first -20 minutes, right?-20 minutes, okay[20 minute limit for next customer] -No one-So no one knows No one knows [Don’t reveal our location] -See you later-Yeah [Sleep is the best curefor waking troubles-Cervantes-] [EN-KIDS’ What to do at the saunaType 2.Make your wallets light!] Huh?[Rich with 25 coins] -Game zone-Let’s go to the game zone Okay, basketball, let’s go![-20 coinsChooses basketball to play together!] Alone… It’s a bit weirdif you do it in pairs -Let’s take turns-Okay One, you[Me][You] Me then you, me then you[Game with a plan] [Like brothers playing in the same style] [Impatient] [Sound of having a good timeplaying the basketball game] [3 points] [3 points] [EN-KIDS’ What to do at the saunaType 3.Make your wallets heavy!] [Part-time job menu][Make teddy bear towels – 10 coins eachFold top, bottom, towel – 5 sets/10 coins] And then[Fold the laundry like the sample] [Fold the laundry like the sample] It’s so easy How many do we have to do?[Top, bottom, towel 5 sets/10 coins] How many? Five No, you don’t have to do it like that -Isn’t this how you do it?-You can do it like this How did you do that? I helped out my mom a lotwhen I was in Japan How did you fold the top? Like this[Just like this] -How did you do that? Like this?-Yes [Experienced worker is relaxed] I always folded it like this How do you do this? -Like this?-Like this and this Cute [Hold the shoulders and fold it inwards] [Done] [A talented personany sauna owner would want to hire] I think I did five[I did five sets] 10 coins! Nice![+10 coins] I have 15 then[Balance 5 coins+ Wages for part-time job 10 coins] Why do I have so little? -If you fold one, it’s 10 coins-Oh[10 coins for one teddy bear] 20 coins[Experienced worker negotiating salary] -We’ll show you how to fold the teddy bear-20[Adds some cuteness] [Fast forward 5x][Quick lesson on making teddy bears] [Ta-da] [Uh…Uh… Uh… How did you do that?] How did you do that? How about an octopus? [Octopus at the spa] I did it! Is this right? Looks cute, right? [Identity is suspicious] -It’s a dog. It’s a cat, a cat-Isn’t that a dog?[Dog or cat] Yeah Cute, right? [Cute, right?= Pay me since it’s cute] A chick, a chick[I made a chick] -Oh!-Oh! It’s really a chick[We’re on the same side] -I think this one is better-I agree[Reading the room] I agree What about the octopus? -Give us five coins for the octopus-It wasn’t made very well[Eyes sparkling] It’s ten coins, right? Ten coins -Five coins for the octopus-Ten coins, right? [Current coins of Animal Farm friends] [SUNGHOON 15 coins + Folding clothes (10)+ Teddy bear (10) = 35 coins] [SUNOO 5 coins + Folding clothes (10)+ Octopus (5) = 20 coins] [NI-KI 5 coins + Folding clothes (10)+ Chick (10) = 25 coins] Then[Escapes from part-time job zone] Only two can ride[Only two horses] What do you want to do?Do you want to do it? Whoever wants to can go -Really?-I want to do it[Younger members go on board] Me too How? Start[SUNOO, NI-KI – 20 coins] Mini game Faster, faster, fater[Speeding up] Gotta eat a carrot[Gets a carrot] Why is this so fun?[Strange…Why is this so fun?] It’s fun for no reason There is a reason SUNOO, you have to speed up[The youngest is enjoying the speed] [Speeding up][Whoa whoa, calm down] -Can we go in…-It’s flying in the air My babies are having a good time[Seems familiar for some reason] How do you speed up though? [Kids’ cafe(?) Guardian’s seat?] -My babies are having a good time-How do you speed up?[Too immersed] Having a good time with the moneyyour dad earned from his part-time job[Alternate character] Why is this so fun? This is so fun[The two sons(?) are speeding] -Stealing JAY’s snack-Having fun?[Main character] This is so fun! What’s this? What? No way[Please pay more coins] You did good No time…[What are the other members doing?] -Do it-It’s ten coins for five?[Part-time job zone after spending it all] If we do 20, 40[The plan is 40 coins] Okay! Let’s do this! For one teddy bear, it’s ten coins[The teddy bear starts to tempt them] Oh! Then we have to do the teddy bear[The teddy bear starts to tempt them] -Teddy bear-Do it like this[Likes speed games, starts job right away] It’s cute We could earn a million won here[Another dream of a million won] Can I earn a lot here? Yes [Starts to analyze the teddy bear] [Eat first] [Me too] [Yum] I’ll be doing this then[The plan – JUNGWON makes teddy bearsJAKE folds clothes] I don’t think I can do that -Do I just fold them?-Yes [Fold it exactly like the sample, please] I’ve folded a lot of clothes before [Starts right away] At Dongdaemun, they fold it like this[What is this charisma?] Here [Making quick progress] Is this okay?[Done] [What are teddy bears to EN-KIDS…] Okay, one I earned 10 coins [+10 coins] [Completing the set with a towel][Roll up] There [Unroll] Ah! Again! [Unexpected inner peace] [Just then, the birth of the 2nd…Teddy bear?] What did you make? Uh…A teddy bear -That’s a teddy bear?-Yes -Are you sure?-Yes, it’s a teddy bear[Can’t look at him in the eye] [Quick fix] [That’s our JUNGWON] -Teddy bear-JAKE, doesn’t it look like a teddy bear?[Help] It’s obviously a teddy bear[Agrees without looking] -Right? It’s a teddy bear-Yeah -A little pudgy..-A pudgy…[Looks like one even doing a somersault] A teddy bear with pudgy cheeks[Teddy bear?] Even if you fold them the same waythey’re all different species JAKE, I already earned 20 coins[Master of handmade teddy bears(?)] -You earned 20 coins?-Yes I just earned ten coins now Why don’t you learn how to maketeddy bears too?[Recruit] How much is it for a game? -20?-20[20 coins] Ten for one teddy bear[Teddy bear = 10!] Is it also 20 for sleeping?[JAKE wants to earn as much as he’ll spendSleeping zone is free] I think I know where JAY is He’s there with HEESEUNG [Recharging for a better us…] [Wakes up] Let’s play now! Let’s start to play[What should we do?] I want to try the horses Horses[Popularity Ranking No.1 20 coins] Horses [Current coinsHEESEUNG 5 coinsJAY 25 coins] What? Why doesn’t it work? [Pay first] [Time to go to work] Let’s go do a part-time job Part-time job You’re so practical We have to earn money to play! The part-time job is that way Can’t we play without earning money?[Common thoughts when going to work] -Hello-It’s JAY[Meeting co-workers] We’re here to make money What? Did you sleep? We slept about 20 minutes in the nap room[Naturally talking aboutwhat they’ve been doing] How much do we get for doing this?[Checking wages] Five coins for this[Five coins?][Hands don’t rest] -Huh?-Five for each one[Five coins?] It’s really just a part-time job[Yes, this is the part-time job zone] So we have to do ten to earn 50 coins?[Settling in] Actually it’s ten coins for one -Ten coins?-Yes -They’re a bit cheap here-It’s ten coins for a teddy bear[Busy hands] Is this okay? It’s a bit salty here, salty[Barely managed to keep it togetherwith a rubber band] It’s practically a salt room[Common conversation between workers] The wages are kind of cheap I’m just going to earn 50 coins here That much?[Lost interest] How much do you want to earn?[How much should we earn?] You do the T-shirts and I’ll do the pants[Work is about dividing labor] [You’re doing it for real…] Okay Then we can do a lot more efficiently You sure about that? Because these are all the pants[Full of motivation] [Cheap boss’ special offer] [First team to fold five setsgets a bonus of 20 coins!] Okay, let’s go! JUNGWON, you do the pants Okay.How do you fold the pants?[Only folded teddy bears] Like this? Is this right? -Yeah-Okay, okay I’ll do the towels. Towels are a bit hard[Experienced workers hold strategy time] -Pants are way easier-Towels are a bit hard They have an advantageif they spread it out like that Ours are like this -Spread yours out then-Spread yours out then[You can do it too] You’re right No one said anything[Competitive guys quietly preparingfor the game] Should I do the T-shirts?I can do it quick -You do the towels-Okay The towels take longer to do Okay, we’re ready The first team to fold 5 shirts, 5 pants,and 5 towels gets an extra 20 coins -Okay-Okay[Getting nervous] Ready Start [Ready, start] [Rolls up] [Bam] Does the team finishing firstshout it out?[Idols folding laundry] Ha…Seriously [What an ironic scene…] I never imagined doing labor like thisafter debuting It’s nice experiencing a part-time job I always regretted never havinga part-time job before I’ve never had a part-time job before There’s a sayingwhen you do part-time jobs “If you have time to talk, work” [Glance] If you have time to talk, work [Person already doing that] -Okay, I’m done-The tops are all done[Just then] I’m done. JUNGWON, I’m done! I’m done too! Done! -Already?-Done -You’re done?-Yes[Low morale] Whatever[Low morale] -Done!-Done! [The experienced workers who startedpart-time jobs first win] Let’s go![+20 coins] We’re done Do you want to continue the battle?We could earn another 20 coins[Tempt] It’s win-win for all of us What if you’re the only oneswho keep getting 20 coins? We’ll lose for you We’d rather just work here[We want a properpart-time job experience] Since we have to do it anyway -How much?-Thank you[JUNGWON and JAKE earn 80 coins] Thank you[JUNGWON and JAKE earn 80 coins] -Keep up the good work-Fighting, fighting Working is the best[Workaholic] [The two come outafter filling up their wallets] It can be hard at times What did we do? Did we do everything?[What did we do?] I think we did everything What’s the rest zone? [Place to rest muscles that are wearyfrom intense performances] Oh, yeah, there’s this! -What is it?-A massager[Oh, yeah, a massager!] I don’t like massagers[JAKE is shy with massage chairs] -Can you do it without me?-Okay -Okay, I’ll just watch-We’re going to use the massage chair -JAKE, the camera-Okay Massage chair, please [Ready] [-20 coins] [This is what you call work-life balance] [JUNGWON, are you happy?] Whoa! What? -Whoa!-What? Whoa, this is…Dangerous! [Welcome to zero gravity] I can’t get out then [People don’t usually get outin the middle of a massage…] This is tilting way back[A little nervous?] Hey, hey, hey![Happy] [Glance] [Reading the room][Hesitates] Can I hang out with them for a bit? [Not that I’m scared of zero gravity] Can I get out of this then?[I want to play too] He can’t get out How do I get out of this?[Save JUNGWON] I can’t get out -I’ll hold it-Okay Get out [Get JUNGWON out] -Rescue mission-Get out[JUNGWON’s rescue mission is a success!] Okay SUNOO Together?[Winners of the part-time job match] A match?[Together?] Together?[Guys who were having a peaceful time] -What?-What?[Guys who were having a peaceful time] A match? Who wants to play omok? Who wants to play omok?[Main game: Alkkagi] -Omok-We just did that They have board games here too[Dad and two sons who were justat the arcade] Looks fun[Discovers board games] Huh? Hey! Let’s play omok![Omok, let’s go?] Omok I’m pretty good at defense[SUNGHOON vs.SUNOO, Omok match] -Hmm… Is that so?-Yup [And so began the omok match] -If it goes here-Then I can put it here [Can play defensewith his facial expression] Doing good[And a challenge all on his own…] [And a challenge all on his own…] -I won-How?[The result of the first match?] [I win!] [Speechless] Yes! [I want to go back] [Jumps up in joy] Go learn some more Omok two against two? -Two against two-Okay -Where should we sit?- Two against two omok is no fun[NI-KI’s puzzle world] Come over here Or we can… -Bet our coins-Want to bet coins? -Betting-Let’s bet our coins[No, no, no, no, no] -Let’s bet-10 coins, 10 coins[Dad bets] -Bet, bet-We don’t have any money! Bet, bet, bet[We can just win][Don’t tell our trade secrets] We’re pretty good at this game[1 win against eldest son] Then I’ll go get the choco balls[Time to get popcorn (=snacks)] Do you want to eat as we play?[Time to get popcorn (=snacks)] Sure I secretly ate JAY’s earlier[TMI] -Really?-Yeah I’ll be doing this a bit[Starting a practice game] Okay Like this[Grin] [Flashy performance] Yeah? Mirror strategy It’s over [Right here] -You never played this game, have you?-No, again [Just then, choco ball JUNGWON comes back] -He’s so bad at omok-Wait, again[We can earn 20 without the part-time job] -He’s bad at this game-Let’s bet.Okay. Start now[It’s okay if I play with JUNGWON] -Okay-How dare you? -Together?-Okay, let’s go [Opens the snacks they kept after lunch] Thanks What? Let’s go Black is supposed to go first[2 vs. 2, the omok match begins!] It’s okay Should we start with defense first?[The Dog&Catz on defense] [Offense] You know that, right? You have to use diversionary tacticsWatch for a chance when they’re careless[Confident] If you make a lot of defense movesyou’ll eventually get a chance to attack [Young men serious about the game] Let’s stop them from doing this[If you’re this serious…] We’ll give 40 coins to the winning team[40 coins for the winning team!] -Really?-Really? [Producer’s wallet is opening] Hey! Wait! -Focus-Okay[Eyes suddenly change] [Struggling on his own] [Coins?] Then if I finish this before they’re done[If I finish thisbefore the omok game is over…] 40 coins, okay[Hahahahaha Okay] This is really hard [NI-KI is so cute, isn’t he?] [Go stones are adding up] -Block it-Okay[Go stones are adding up] Once you take your hands off, that’s it[Adds a rule] What, what[Have to be more careful] Here -Here-Yeah[Turns out to be the same strategy] -Yeah-I put it there Okay[When it’s your turn…I’ll end it here for now] Here, put it there[Rock solid defense] This is really dangerous right now You see two paths, right?[Lonely struggle][Strategy that the opposing team can hear] You know where they are, right? No…Yes -It’s here-The center -It’s here!-Yeah[Same opinion again] Don’t tell me what to…I beat you before! [So immature] Are you really a team? This spot looks okay too[Cat&Dogz get along well] -In between-Good, good, good [Including him][Excitement heats up with 40 coins] [Super focused] I’m done! -What did you do?-Congrats! 40 coins [Here, 40 coins] [Same team, cheers] We’ll earn some here This was so hard[Youngest coming to brag][Focuses on game again] -It’s you, right?-Yeah Look[ENGENE, look at this] Zero, one, two, three, four, five, six[= Put it in order from zero] [40 coins] This is already blocked[What else is there?] Don’t say it out loud[Concentrating on the game] -Should I try jegichagi?-We could do this [Youngest is kicking the jegi] There’s no reason to do that How many?[Site of habitual negotiation for coins] How much for five? How much for five? 20 coins Stop telling me what to do[2 vs.2 omok match] I beat you before[NI-KI’s challengeKick the jegi five times] -I’ll go-Okay, okay -How many?-Five[JUNGWON shows interest] How much do you get?[How many coins for five?] 20[20 coins] Come on… Just because he’s the youngest[Flood of complaints?] No[20 coins is about right] [EN-O’CLOCK supports kidswho take up challenges][He’s the youngest so okay] One -Start-My turn?[Start] It’s us Three[Used both feet but failed] No [Sound announcing failure] So cute[Our youngest is so cute] [Come to think of itwhere are HEESEUNG and JAY?] I should do something else[Come to think of itwhere are HEESEUNG and JAY?] [Welcome to part-time job paradise] Playing? It’s just for a moment They say life[JONGSUNG, you know what?] is 80% suffering and 20% happiness That’s not true, it’s 100% suffering…It’s what my dad used to tell me… You can’t bring your dad into this Suffering 100%[Father said to enjoy life] I’m going to tell my dad[Kidding][Dad, are you watching?] Dad… What if your father says[JAY is a young man who knowshow to enjoy even 100% suffering] “Your friend is really negative”[JAY is a young man who knowshow to enjoy even 100% suffering] Let’s just do 25 [Charisma of a task leader][Goal is 5 sets] This is so futile[Life is futile][Thought that comes to mind while working] Do you think it’s easy to make money? I know -Folding laundry-Huh? [This is wrong] -This is wrong-That’s wrong This isn’t…[Should be like this] If you do it like this, who…[Angry task leader] Get it back You have to fold it like this JUNGWON didn’t make an effort[Just folded in half and left] Anyone could do it like this -Seriously-JUNGWON, we’re deducting 20 coins[On the walkie-talkie] No, this is right though [Working hard mode] Just let it go[From task leader to eldest mode] I folded 15 [Folded 15 free from ideas and thoughts] They said they’re sorry[Adds 20 coins as a way to apologize] and asked us to add 20 coins[Adds 20 coins as a way to apologize] Thank you Let’s work a little more [A true workaholic] Are you addicted to work? Are you a workaholic?[But he still works with him] [Seeing them quietly workis moving for some reason…] I’m just folding a ton of T-shirts We don’t have enough towels[Even refills their workload] Do you want to fill up the entire space? Just give us everything you have Don’t be so enthusiasticabout this stuff[HEESEUNG…Don’t work too hard] Why are you so enthusiastic about this?[Already hard at work] I’m trying to show our passionthat we will never lose[We will never lose] It’s an opportunity[Doesn’t know the meaning ofdoing things half-heartedly] This is tiring [Finished folding 25] Since you worked hardwe’ll give you 30 coins each [The two moved us in many ways…] I have 100 points nowThank you 100 points each [Time to get off work] Let’s go [Should we go spend our coins now?] Should we just choose randomly?[Those who worked hard can play hard] [Hurts like I’ve been the one hit] [Empathy ability is the best] [Free from thoughts and ideaswhen playing games too] [Super focused] [JAY sees a chance and pushes ahead!] [That hurts] Why are you so good? I don’t remember how to do this though[JAY has the upper hand?] [JAY has the upper hand?] I used to be pretty good before Don’t make it boring Hurry and lose two rounds[Hurry and lose the next round] We have to do this as long as possible It was 20 coins! [HEESEUNG makes him laugh and happy] Okay I’ll go easy[We have to use our precious20 coins well] Do it right[We have to use our precious20 coins well] I don’t like that [Doesn’t like people losing on purpose][Competitive spirit is on] [Quickly becomes focused] [Sound effects of a happy guy] [Anyone can tell that HEESEUNG won] [I won, I won] [A fun site where coins were well spent] [HEESEUNG’s hands are warmed up] It’s so fast [HEESEUNG wins!] -The bad thing is that it’s slow-Last[Last round!] Whoa, that was strong Hey, hey, come on[Super focused] Hey, what[Gradually hurting more] [That was a fun game] Good jobI won Now something only I can do[Only the winner HEESEUNG can playthe last round] [Spent all his luck in the beginning] -This feels so empty-Wait a little [Starting to smell like a long battle] [Doesn’t really know the game] -How do you play this?-We don’t need to block this part The three here are dangerous It’s better to put it here [Wide area] In my opinion, Jake is bad at omok[It’s settled] [Careful move] There [Firsthand view of the game][Two at once] -Did you used to play this on your phone?-Yeah -Me too-I played on my phone[Connected offline] You can tell who played Yeah, he’s really…[Yeah, SUNOO is…] What are you talking about? I played a lot in real life[Kim Sunoo plays omok in real life] If there’s a chance to attack…Attack![Only looks for chances to attack] After that he messes things up [SUNOO’s recommended defense move] If we put it there, they’ll just block it[You have to think a few moves ahead] Or… There’s no place to put it[Worries grow as time goes by] Keep going until we win [Hears elated sounds from nearby] [Moves as if bewitched] Someone is talking He just left[Something fun over there?] -Did you do it?-Yes -He just left-HEESEUNG Basketball match[Boy running over from a distance] [Would’ve been disappointingwithout a basketball match…] -A match?-A match?[Matches are becoming a habit now] -A match?-Okay, let’s go -Should I go first?-Yeah, you go first [Two points] What? [Churning out two points] Huh?[Like a distractionbut also like cheering] [Keeps on scoring two points] [Smile is gone] I think it’ll be hard…[Keeps on missing] [It’s not over until it’s over] [Have to get over 150 pointsto pass the round] You gotta get over 150 points You were good but not good enough[Game ends at 134 points] My turn -I had 134 points-Yeah[Versatile HEESEUNG good at basketball?] [Starts by easily scoring two point shots] [Also kind of like a distractionbut also like cheering] Wow! You’re really good [Eyes fixated] Wow! Why are you so good? [Just then, starts scoring three points] This is so tiring[Just then, starts scoring three points] I lost[Did I lose?] [But…Hands start to hurt] My hands hurt! HEESEUNG![Cheering? Distraction?] -My hand hurts-HEESEUNG[Site where actions don’t match words] -My hands hurt!-Your hands hurt, right? [Scores every throw] My hands hurt![Scores every throw] No![Just then, passes NI-KI’s score] -No! No!-My hands hurt[At an age when he wants to win] My hands hurt! My hands hurt![Spell to win= My hands hurt] -My hands hurt!-No! [Goes over 150 points] I lost I lost My hands hurtMy hands hurt It hurts so bad[Ends with 161 points] My hands hurt so bad [Time to spend the 40 coinshe won for doing the puzzle] One more time[Time to spend the 40 coinshe won for doing the puzzle] -I can’t lose this game-I’m good at this It feels different[Even good at basketball games] This is going to be a long game [Gates to misery are open again…] [Can only hear the sound of a guytapping a Go stone] [About to go into the Go board] [Places the white stoneafter careful deliberation] SUNGHOON is really thorough[Acknowledges] Should we do this?[Dog&Catz also havea lot to consider] Or we could put it here…Leave this If we go here [Open class for strategy] If you do that, you’re tellingyour opponent everything you’re thinking Yeah [Thinking] Let’s go here -Huh?-Let’s go here -Here?-Yeah This is so tiring[Playing for over 15 minutes now…] It’s important to look at the big picture[Look at the forest, not the trees] When I played Go, I always used to do this [Former student at Go Academy] Is the size different? -It’s better to block it here, right?-I know, right? -If we put it here-But they could[No, no, no] -Defense, defense, defense-No If we put it here, they could go here[Already calculated the next move] Or they could go here[Already calculated the next move] [Persuaded] We have to put it there We’re totally serious about this game[Feels like a big match is at the sauna] This game is getting bigger[Game has already gotten bigger] [Most focused eversince shooting began for EN-O’CLOCK] [Even the air at the saunahas become serious] [Can’t take their eyes offof the Go board] [Peek-a-boo] Let’s look before we go[Enters with a new snack] [Wondered what you were doing!] [Just now][Walking with swag][Bolts during NI-KI vs.HEESEUNG’s game] [-20 coins] [Unspoken rule is to empty bag of chipsinto the box] I always wished it wasn’t so bland [Fills up on sugar] This is good[Chicken snack = Protein] This is goodIt’s my favorite snack [Yum, good] [Meanwhile, Go board is even more packed] Where should we put it? Oh, come on You can see it if you look fromthe opponent’s perspective Can I have another drumstick? How would I win if I were the white? It’s hard We should have gotten one by now At this ratethe day will be over with omok This is the first round?[Chilling thing is, it’s the first round] -Yes-It’s the first round -We’ve been at this for so long-We…[No one expected this to happen] We’re going to win! [SUNOO’s recommendation][SUNGHOON’s recommendation] -Here?-No, not there That spot is okay Putting it here will connect this[How do we block it?] Let’s block it here first [Offense JAKE][Defense JUNGWON] What are you talking about? We can’t block things like that[Tense clash of opinions] We have to block it SUNGHOON![Urgent] It’ll either go here or here They all know -They’re not dumb-Just be quiet[JUNGWON, shush] -They’re not dumb-Just be quiet[Quietly eating drumsticks] I haven’t played this long in a while[Have been focusing for 20 minutes now] Let’s just put it here Even if it’s obviousyou just have to try it[Today is a day of wise sayings] That way things change It might be the right thing to doif you don’t have a move[Go student looks somewhat different] I think it’s you[Clearly suspicious] Where should I put it? [Jumps up] -SUNGHOON-My legs hurt[The two don’t notice] -Here?-That’s good Here? That was close! If you put it here, it would’ve been fourand connecting this would’ve been over[Almost lost to 43 attack] [Long battle made them lose focus] I didn’t see that! So annoying! [A close call] What a relief Let’s go![The two have gotten througha major crisis] We were dummies It’s okay.We can do it It would’ve been a genius move[So close just thinking about it] We just have to keep on making paths[Positive SUNOO] Let’s put it here[Settles down and refocuses] Okay That was a good move -Here, here-If we put it here -Okay-An offensive move while blocking them [SUNOO, give me some compliments] [Hobby is observing members] This is fun Can we do an omok special?[Right up my alley] Let’s put it here The middle? No, no, wait[Quietly watching in person] Let’s see first [Time to look at the forest from afar] Let’s block it here[Blocks empty space] There The whole board is going to be full soon[Spectator passing by] Here? I’m so dizzy! [White are Go stonesblack are Go stones too] I’m going out of my mind right now This looks like a real game of Go! [Go Omok game that is making themgo out of their minds(?)] Three…Okay, block it first [Rock solid defense] Why did you block it first?[An attack that’s like a defense] -It’s an attack- Just block it first I like it here[Gets confirmation from JUNGWON] Why, why, why -Just block them-Okay Block it[SUNGHOON blocks it right away] -I think it…-It’s blocked here, right? -That looks like a good spot-Okay[Calmly makes the next move] No, no[Back?] -He let go-Come on Okay, keep attacking [All the members are now back together] -What’s this?-Okay It’s here How many points?[Done moving] -Five points-Five points? -Yeah-Air is coming out The quality is better than I expected[Air hockey better quality than expected] [Own goal?] What? [Laughter all around] [Stares] That looks fun… I wish I could go over Wait, wait! [But the omok match is not over…] [Just one move] Okay. Yeah! Wait! It’s four! Come on! Wait! It’s four! Come on! [Lost to 43 attack…] [SUNOO is still trying to graspthe situation] We did it! [Winning + Game overDouble the joy!] It’s over! [JUNGWON and JAKE won] Nice! Nice! -What? Just trust you?-Nice![KUNGYAZ bickering until the end] [Won the gamethat lasted for a whopping 30 minutes] Finally! [Young man flying free] -Finally!-Nice! We lost [The Dog & Catz wins the match!] [However…] [Sauna is closing] [Gets together to say goodbye] So how was the day at the sauna today? I had so much fun I only played omok[Omok remains] I think we played it for about 30 minutes[Winner of the game] Omok was fun -It was fun-And we won [It was fun] -We’ll be back next time-Yeah This has been ENHYPEN[EN-KIDS’ day at the sauna – The end] Bye-bye [Next week] [Next episode][A small quiet townin the middle of nowhere…] [A place where people come to resteach having their own reasons] -Nice to meet you, everyone-Hello[Young men visiting ENHA Village, welcome] What?[What’s going on this time?] What? -For real?-It’s really the head of the village? [Village head’s welcome letter!] Firewood?[Can you chop some firewoodwhile you’re here? – From village head -] We have to chop firewood[Just trust us] We’ll cook[Chop firewood][We’ll cook] -You four can chop firewood-Sounds good[Modern countryside life is so busy] [City guys chopping firewoodfor the first time!] [That tickles] [Nothing is ever easy…] -Give it, give it-Let me try, let me try, let me try [Switch] -You’re good-Nice[Discovers new skill] This is a piece of cake[Arrogant BAEKGU] Give me a job.I’ll help the best I can[If you give me a jobcooking will be a piece of cake(?)] Wow, this looks so goodLegend[Another legend is born] Oil, oil[What about the oil?] -Oh, yeah-Come on[Was in a hurry] You should’ve put the oil in first[Flustered hand] Hurry or we have to throw it out[It’s okay to make mistakesWe can do it again] I think I did it wrong[It’s okay to make mistakesWe can do it again] Come on [Diary of seven young men at ENHA VillageCome and rest together!].

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