Russia के TV चैनल पर Ukraine के गाने 😱| A2 Motivation |#shorts #AShortADay #a2_sir

Between Russia and Ukraine a military war is being engaged But in the Internet world a cyber crusade is currently being campaigned In this war many times Ukraine’s websites were hacked and the person or persons behind this is believed to be Russia But now even Russia is trapped in this Cyber War Yes people some days ago many of Russia’s TV channels and their media regulator pages were been hacked Hacking was done in such a way that for sometime the Tv channels played Ukrainian Sungs Ukraine’s Telecom Agency has itself confirmed this But there has been no statement from Russia about this hacking Guys no one knows where this war between Ukraine and Russia will lead upto but for more shocking and informative videos Don’t forget to Like Share and Subscribe to the Channel We will converge in the next video ..!!

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