Hey guys, welcome back to my channel, today’s video is going to be a much needed video: Updated Morning Routine “Morning Routine – Mom is pregnant and has two kids” Our routine has changed a lot since Bayley is now a preschooler and after we moved to another state and Having recently found out that we look forward to our third child in June so I hope that members can all experience my morning number as an expectant father and I have two teenagers My morning usually starts with my dismay becoming off at 7:30 Bayley has to be at school at 9:00, that gives me about a half hour to myself to get up and I get dressed before I do the same for girls since gestation I am always thirsty so I often imbibe a big glass of spray before I get out of bed and this is what I supposed to do now after exploiting the shower, I typically exclusively wear a jacket and slippers I don’t fully prepare for the day until After dropping the girls off to institution After I finished doing minimum things to get out the door I decided to make my bunked I don’t acquire my bunked every day I rarely do but this video caused me so I hope it does the same for you max at 8 I’m going to the storey upper to wake up Girls if “theyre not” up once and start acquiring them for the day I typically get her tea garmented first because I typically have to wake Bayley in the morning when it’s school day after I’ve finished constructing tea for the day, she’ll generally playing in the playroom while I shape Bayley I try my best To get the girls’ robes ready every night so that our morning would feed more smoothly, Bayley had a show in El Madaria today, so I made the decision to introducing her doll and that’s why she was also outfitted. After everything is done we will all leader downstairs for breakfast to avoid any crying I typically give them something rapid to eat while I watch a reveal while I prepare the rest of the breakfast The girls genuinely desire these natural highlightings 90% of the time I will start the girls eggs with some kind Fruit on the side the working day we had grapes and berries in the refrigerator so that’s what I turn in their slabs quick and easy and I know my girlfriend is going to eat it We had to leave the house no later than 8: 45 so we were on the right track this Today after the girls are take better care, I’m going to try and clean the kitchen really fast so there’s no large-scale mess when we get home recently I changed my prenatal vitamins and this is what I make now I got them from Vita Coast and I even enjoy them so much better and now that’s it My favorite part of the day is when I can make a cup of coffee for myself I frequently don’t get to finish three swallows until the girls start crying but I love making it I can sit and follow emails and social media for about two seconds until the girls have finished their food and it’s It is time for me to situated them on their coatings and shoes and go out to school after we get home, “its time” when I is in a position to deplete some excellence era with tea by herself and then I will be ready for anything before I leave the house to go to pick up Bayley from academy at 12:00 but This is our revised morning programme I hope that members can all enjoyed it, please give it a like if you like it and subscribe if you are new and I’ll see you all soon.Goodbye contact me.

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