hello chaps and welcome to another cleaningmotivational video if you are new my specify is naima asador “i know i m” a stay-at-home mom of three boysages four three and one this video is a clean and embellish with me we will continue to clean anddecorating it all imparting the house a fresh look i absolutely compassion how everything turned out and ican’t wait for you guys to see it all if you are new and experience fulfilling cleanup videos i wouldlove to have you and if you’re already subscribed to my channel thank you so much for comingback for another cleaning motivational video so i’m super aroused to show youguys how everything turned out but before we get to that we have so much morecleaning to do so let’s continue doing cleanse was gonna patch up all the scars yeah we remain this time i know it for sure i should let you know right now i am cleaning the baseboards thisparticular wall people i have to paint over because i live with three child picassoswho love to showcase their artwork on the wall so at some part i do want to goahead and make-up that particular division down this time i know it for sure so the plows are done dehydrating i’m going toput them to the side and continue cleansing so right now i’m just scavenge the midriff tablethat is going to go between the two arm chairs this time it’s all different is don’t let anyone nurse you down justbecause you are shining way more is this lamp hands down has to be myfavorite lamp that we have in the house we do have two there’s no smudge for bothso i only use one but “i m loving” it it’s so different having it in betweenboth appendage chairs exactly i just like it it’s just the perfect size it’s not too bigand it’s not too small it’s like the claim immensity now i would like to tell you what this says buti do not know what it means i think it’s chinese or japanese i’m not 100 sure if you do knowplease leave a comment below letting me know what this is because i do do like the decoration andthe shades it really bind well with everything okay chaps so i’m not done with the rest of it butso far everything is looking nice oh my gosh like what an modernize look at look at that whereis it yeah right here look at that beautiful beautiful oh my gosh yes it’s starting to getrefreshed and beautiful “i m loving” it and okay you are familiar with fairly talking let’s finish so we arestarting with the front room and i’m just super aroused chaps this is the particularly very firstitem that i obtained which was several months ago and it’s been sitting in the wardrobe waiting for meto really patch it all together and get other entries to go with it and “i m loving” it i didn’t want anythingsolid “i m loving” the hues i love the patterns goes well with the picture frame that’s right on top ofthe couch and it’s very very different from what i would go for years ago you know vogues change youevolve as a person so therefore your mode derive as well the next thing i want to do is actuallyget like um something to go under so that way it doesn’t move is not simply does the colourings on therug pairs the illustration on the wall the pillows they’re like this burnt reddish or orangey lookingcolor so i meditated those two would be the focus point and the other ones would be solid but stillcomplements it get it on again do it again make love again the first basket well i would say is the materialis better i got it from um target and it was smaller it was a lot smaller and then when i wentto home goods i saw this particular basket is bigger so i led with the one from homegoods which is this one and the reason why i picked that one is because of the sizing it’sbigger everything just ties so well together now moving on to the arm chairs now everythingthat i purchased in this section is going to be from ikea now the one the make that i required inow have it but prior to the opening of that the deals that i wanted was never available like online would sayavailable and then when you go to ikea it’s not theirs i went to ikea several times bakingis available but it was never available and the thing is that i never tried to call becauseit happened like three times what i should have done was perhaps call but i don’t know if you cando that either like if you watch a decor carry you are able to see that i had um like three differentones because i wasn’t sure like just in case if that’s never ever ever available and it’sdiscontinued let me get these three options and then buy them and buy four of each justin case if those are not available because i don’t want to keep going back and forth andlet me bring them home and learn which one i like and then return the ones that i don’t so that’swhat happened there so at first i recalled okay put one pillow on each weapon chair and then i’mlike well that’s the regard i vanished with prior to the opening of me doing this decor so why not do somethingdifferent and lent two pillows on each chair and it turned out pretty well i like it andthe pillows are so comfy they’re like the the feather inside instead of the cottonit is super super comfortable they were i know inexpensive your heart’s been broken you should try and let it go this part ijust wanted to show you if you don’t want to use your hands to fluff off the pillowsyou can easily throw them in a dryer for got a couple of seconds and it’s gonna flub themup for you just fine even better actually what certain differences guys simply a few extra piecesmakes a huge difference i just contributed a rug a basket and some pillows and things that ialready had and it exactly inspects so nice right now so moving on to the back apartment which i like to callour multi-purpose room because it has a day bunked a television computer kids toys and sometimesi even accompanied the iron board out to iron in here yeah it’s just everything is here in the day bedum i recollect i got a comment like a while back someone asked me why do i have abed there do anyone sleep there no no one actually sleep there the reason whythe day bunked is there is i didn’t want a couch i craved something that’s more relaxing so thatway because the tv is right there the proposal was and still is to put like a assortment of pillows andthen time lay back and tighten and watch a movie or prove so that is the reason why the day bed isthere now once i’m done cleaning all and contributing all the pillows then you’ll realise the ideayou appreciate the examine that i was going for before and still is going for now because i still have allthose pillows but yeah no one sleeps on that berthed it’s just pretty much precisely to unwind and watch tvpurposes but it is our multi-purpose room because everything is done here we are here alot that’s the reason why it’s so muddled a great deal because we spend a lot of time here i willsay guys this house is very exceedingly lived in so we utilize every inch of this housethere is no spot in the house where oh you can’t “il be gone” or you can’t sit there no likeit also can get super messy as well which i am working on i’m working on it but you knowrome wasn’t built in a era so i’m working on it although i’m working on it on top of thatthere’s daytimes guys if i’m being honest chaps there’s days idon’t want to do anything and that’s okay i just want to do what i need to do and thenthat’s it if the house is a mess as long as not nutrient laying around because we don’t want thatand the dishes are clean then if there’s trash that’s wherever then that’s fine that’s just stuffas long as not dirty for me in my opinion there’s a difference between messy and dirtyand this house can get unusually sloppy i see messy as there when there’s substance everywhere things arejust everywhere but once you basically take all the items and you gave them in there proper place thenthe room will precisely clear out and sometimes when i have to start cleaning i just don’t knowwhere to start should i start here should i start here because it do get overwhelmingsometimes should i start now and then um i think a few weeks ago i was overwhelmed and iwas like okay should i start now should i start now and i was like you know what i’m going tobed and i went to bed and it’s okay because i woke up feeling good feeling good feeling goodand once i was feeling good i was ready to clean of course i should not i don’t film everything and icleaned and the house was nifty and i felt better i used to be one of those individuals that wasyears ago though um i see myself gradually getting back to that but years ago i used to followmy oldest around like each time he descent something i’ll select it up he spilled somethingi cleaned up all the spilling i obviously have to clean that right away but if he like has histoy somewhere i’ll time framed it right back and i obtained myself cleansing the working day long and not havinga second for me which drove me nuts after a while and then i was like you know what let it go letit go let it go he’s a kid it’s gonna happen girls are not the cleanest neatest its going to happenjust let it go you cleaning process the accidents you don’t want that more you don’t want to leave that but ido hear myself gradually getting back to it but not the behavior that i used to do it i used to be extremewith it and that was when the house was super delightful and when i mean nice it was neat itwas clean it was everything in between and i gradually learned to just let go and let itbe and that’s what i did of course everything is not gonna work for everyone what workedfor me may not work for you what worked for what’s working for you may not work for me that’swhy this direct i’m proud of it because it’s causing you it’s giving you all thecleaning motivation to get things done and it’s okay if you’re not gettingit done right away but eventually you get it done i got this new drain stopper from home goods weneed a new one the old-time one was a off-color one and it it did what it needed to do but itgot really old and it started rending at some time i do want to go backto home goods to get a second one since we are do have two sinksso i could put one on the left so guys if you follow me over on instagram thenyou know the backstory to these flowers my lad picked them out so while i was at publix iwent to grab a few things after i are caught up my lad from clas and i was like you know whatit’s been a while let me get myself some flowers so i commonly get the 3 for $12 i think it is orfour for twelve i think it’s three for twelve yeah i commonly get those and really get three and thenput them together to make like one large-hearted posy and my lad was like mommy what about this oneand i looked i was like wow it is beautiful it has so many different hues versus theone that i was gonna get but he picked it out and he did a really good job let me knowin the comments below what you think about the flowers that he picked out my lad has enormous tasteguys because the flowers are absolutely beautiful and this is a 6×9 white carpeting yes white i did nothesitate i said lily-white yes pray for me i don’t know how long it will remain white but i wantedsomething light uh i was gonna go with beige and i saw like a yellowish or creamish search youknow like oh but it’s too close to the color of the floor so i wanted something inverse of thatbecause everything i found was just so close to the floor emblazons so the opposite and the mostaffordable was the grey ones so oh my goodness yes i’m going with white-hot i have three active boysso i don’t know how long it would be maintained white but so far everything is holding up but i’m i lovethe fact when you walk on it it feels like you’re walking on glooms that is how soft it is now if itgets nasty i do got something that i can soak um rugs with so i’ll be able to use that you guys will seeme use that a good deal because i don’t think it’s going to stay 100% white-hot peculiarly the two sides but yescross thumbs that everything goes well because this white rug it does look nice and havinga brown counter on top of the grey carpet it simply represents the table pa and so far i’mloving the grey and well that from um residence depot i got it from dwelling terminal it was overa hundred dollars i don’t remember precisely but it was over a hundred dollars okay guysnow for a quick recap of how everything turned out i thank you guys so much if youhear that that is my son in the background sleeping on my sip i thank you guys so much fortuning in and delight if you are new subscribe to my canal i would love to have you untilnext time guys i will see you in the next video

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