adidas Intern Series | Finance & Sales

day-to-day responsibility while they're growing getting into like keeping the sales team updated with shipping as well as like catalogs dealing with returns analysis so basically if the retailer wants to send back some shoes currently i'm building tools basically to take a couple of different reports that they have and combine them together and basically make it easier and faster for them to manipulate the data that they're doing right now i'm working on building up a whole new program so using a data dump what they already have and then exciting for people that to get internships here administrator you're doing school like honestly a lot of the stuff in accounting and finance are from school and from textbooks so you know like what a balance sheet is and that kind of stuff if you don't know that stuff coming into here excel is a big thing you've got to be good at it to be able to like manipulate big data those tools are just necessary if you're going to start off in finance ask the right questions or get good at asking questions i'd say for any interns a lot of multitasking because you're gonna have your big projects and then as time goes off i'm gonna throw a little stuff at you and say hey can you do this for you can you do this for me and you kind of have to manage your main project while also making sure that you get everything else done just gain as much exposure as you can in your company before you get a job you know take every opportunity you can to even out there because it's very competitive yes you

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