Stay Hungry -Tony Robbins | Monday Motivation

Most beings are hungry to achieve a certain amount, make a certain amount of money, and then they get comfortable and loosen or to get a certain level of fitness. And then they’re relaxing. Hunger is the ultimate driver, because if you’re hungry, you could get the strategy. You could get the answer. If you can’t simulate it, you can find it. And then why would I lead learn by trial and error and maybe take 10 or 20 years when I could learn from somebody in a few weeks or a few months or a few hours? If someone takes 10 years o of thier life and pour it a record and I could rebound in our two or three or four. Why wouldn’t I? Why reinvent the motor? Most people is the beginning with hunger and very early stages of man, and they lose it.I believe that’s the single most important element that separates a better quality of people’s lives. It’s not just gonna have hunger but to sustain it. Hunger means that you want more. You crave more of yourself. You wanna make a bigger difference. You wanna be a better parent. You wanna you want to do something more than there is today and that you don’t get satisfied. You wanna you want to do something more than there is today and that you don’t get satisfied.I think everybody is born with hunger, I think everybody is born with hunger, like there’s, there’s a there’s a desire to grow, to expand, to learn. And then regret adjusts in early in animation for most people. And then we look to blame something outside of ourselves, and there are many events in our lives that could affect us all.We’ve all had sting and challenges, But I see, if you limited within yourself the one of the purposes of you that am willing to persistently contribute something more than yourself. If you can find a operation larger than yourself, then you’re more pulled to do something than trying to push yourself and pull has much more power than push. I always say Motivating does matter that if you if your incitement is to serve something greater, there is an energy that comes up inside of you. there is an energy that comes up inside of you.We’re all afraid to fail, We’re all afraid to fail, but it’s the only way to learn. Sometimes. I intend, when people succeeded, they tend to party. When you fail, you tend to ponder, and then the meditate is when you generally get the growth, the penetration, that strategy that’ll modify your business, they’ll change your personal life.That’ll alteration your finances. And so I make I don’t vote for failure for anybody. But to think you’re not gonna experience it is absurd. The route to not suffer it is to turn into the learning the person that can go through failure like butter, and it doesn’t stop them. They really varied their approach. how long will you give your median child to learn how to walk before you slammed him off and said, You’re not a walker? What, are you crazy? My kid’s gonna keep trying until he or she, you are familiar with, is a walker. Well, that’s why almost everybody saunters. But singing How countless people sing tiny amouth? Because someone says, What do you what? That noise you’re making? Stop that.That you’re not a singer. Well, formerly you decide that you stop trying, failing is only, when you permanently give up. If you learned anything and you apply what you’ve learned, collapse is a stepping stone.

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