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The whole world is governed by laws, the universe, in fact. Laws.We call it the law of electricity. We call it the law of gravity. There’s scientific regulations, there’s physical statutes, speed and velocity constitutions, agricultural rules. There’s all kinds of laws. Now that we find ourselves on the spinning planet, you just have to learn what I call the setup. Learn the setup, life’s setup.Now, we didn’t prepared it up, butwe’re here, so you got to learn it. And we should learn the setup fortwo basic concludes. Number one: To keep from getting hurt. It’s one of the major reasonsfor learning so you won’t get hurt. See economically, socially, personally, you can get hurt just not knowing. Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is privation. Ignorance is tragedy. You gotta know or you’re gonna get hurt. It’s good to know not to walkout the ten story window.That’s excellent information. Now what if a chap didn’t know and hewalks out? Now he’s dead at the bottom. Somebody says, Well, the poor guy didn’t know. You gotta know or you’regonna get hurt. Okay. Now, here’s a parenthesis. You don’t have to like the setup. I don’t ask you to like how it is. That’s not what’s important. But it is important to learn how it is. Okay? So, you don’t have to like it, but you should learn it. That’s what I tell the boys, right? Make sure you get the information. What you think about it, that’s up to you.What you’re gonna do with it, that will soon be up to you. But make sure you get it. See, there’s nothing worsethan being stupid. Good-for-nothing! I intend, being end is badbut being stupid is awful. And what’s really bad isbeing fragment and stupid. Right? That’s about the end of the world. I convey, there isn’tanything much worse than that, unless you’re sick. Sick, ruin and stupid. I want, that is it, right? There’s nowhere else to go. So make sure you get the information.It’s key. You don’t have to like it, but learn it. If this big horrendous thing lifts up inthe sky, hangs there for a little while, pieces loose, comes gate-crashing down.Boom, shakes the sand for five miles. And then this big, disgraceful thinglifts back up in the sky.Hangs there for a little while, cuts loose again, comes disintegrating down. Boom, shakes the ground for five miles. It precisely remains doing it, this big, monster thing, face-lift up and then crashing down. Boom! Now, you might come along one day and say, that’s got to be a stupid sequence. Which is okay. You’re entitledto your opinion. But the first thing you should learn to do is get outfrom under it. Right? That’s number 1. You might have a great moral assertion. You might wanna shake your fingerat the sky, but make love from over there. Right? So you don’t get smashed.It’s called your basic smart. So, number 1, learn so you won’t get hurt.Whether you like it or not learn. Now, here’s the other reason for learningthe setup: To advantage. It’s called the plus of lifetime. And that’s what life is, right? Both minus and plus. The minus is tragedy, affliction, privation, lack, unhappiness. But life is also happiness, affluence, good feelings. So, here’s the key: Learn to get onthe good side of the method things work.Now, here’s two of the basic principles. Shoaff coached me these. They collected from the Bible. Now again, I’m an amateur, okay, when it comes to the Bible, I’m not a pro. So you’ll sort of have totake my way of putting it. This one we’ve heard sincewe were small, I’m sure. It’s called theLaw of Sowing and Reaping. In fact, we’ve probably heard itso often, we could quote it. It says: Whatever you sow, what? You shall collect. Fairly blunt, hopefully clear. Here’s my first suggestion onthe law of sowing and reaping: Don’t try to beat it. You might as well try sitting on the daylight in the morning, keep it from coming up.You’ll have better blessing. Whatever you broadcast, you reap. Now, for a fair share of my life, I’m a bit mixed up on howall this applies, among a lot of things I was mixed up on. I knew I wasn’t reapingtoo good. That I understood. My problem was I was confusedabout what was causing it. Remember me with a funny register? I meditated thoseare the reasons why it isn’t working out well. And then Mr. Shoaff gave me the cluethat helped me figure it all out. He said, Mr. Rohn, I have another answer for you.There’s another way to paraphrase this law that’ll will show you where the problem isso you can go to work on it right away. All you need to know is where the problem is.Then you go to work on it. So, he paraphrased me the law another way, and I found out what my trouble was. Here’s the way he quote the law: Whatever you derive is what you’ve sown. Now I knew what my difficulty was. Whatever you reap is what you’ve sown. If you don’t like the harvest, who do you “ve been looking for”? Answer, whoever seeded it. And where do you find who embed your pasture? Answer, in the mirror. What I eventually learned to do come fall wasto go to the mirror. That’s where you go. And if necessary, you say, a few skinny carrots? I got to be unimpressed. Where saw you last spring? Asleep? Didn’t you read the books? Did you interrupt your hoe? Let me give you seven key pointsto the law of sowing and collecting. Let’s tick right down throughthe roll of 7. Seven points to sowing and reaping. Here’s part of the philosophy that really facilitated meto clear some changes in life direction. Number one, the law of sowingand harvest is negative. That’s number 1, which simply symbolizes: If you broadcast bad, you collect bad. Now, this is kind of third evaluate, but it doesn’t hurt to go over the basics.If you plant thistle grains, you don’t get pumpkins. Honest , no help looking forward to pumpkins. John says, How come no pumpkins? Come on, John.The law’s negative, that’s how come. Now, here’s number two: The law’s positive. Which simply symbolizes if you disseminate good, you collect good. If you plant pumpkin seeds, you don’tget thistles , not from pumpkin seeds. You will get pumpkins from pumpkin seeds, and the reason is because the law is positive. Now, here’s digit three. I came energized when I found outthe full feature of this. See, you do not reap what you sow. But instead you always reapmuch more than what you sow. So the third key word is,’ more’. You don’t get back what you put out.You get back much more than what you put out. And it succeeds both positive and negative.If you plant a beaker of corn in the spring, how much corn do you derive in the tumble? Not a goblet. You might as well keep the cup you got. Why go to all the trouble plantinga cup of corn in the spring, liquid it and take care of it all summer. Look after it carefully. Cross your digits and cry. Why go through all that? Reason, come tumble, you could well get a bushel for the bowl. A bushel for a cup.It’s called one of life’s better slews. Guy says, Well yeah, flesh it out how “whos working”, you can get rich. That’s right.That’s right. Then how come more parties aren’t prosperous? They don’t study much sow and reap. Here’s figure four: Fourth key to sowing and deriving. There are many ways to sow and collect. There’s many ways to change your life.There’s numerous ways to get promoted. There’s countless ways to move up.There’s numerous roads for financial independence. There’s so many ways to do well, especially in this country. You don’t have to go without any. There’s too many libraries.There’s too many castes. There’s too many summits. There’s toomuch information.There’s too many notebooks. There’s too much fund. There’s toomuch state. There’s too much practice here. Not to do well…There’s too many behaviors. So find you some actions, there’s plenty. Here’s the fourth keyto broadcasting and deriving or five. And that keyword is’ anyone’.Anyone can disseminate and collect. That’s what’s exciting. Everyone can. Now, the question is, Whether or not you will? But can is not the question, will was the issue. Anyone can. Mr. Keogh says, Try my design, I put it together. The Keogh plan: Put aside a $145 a month for the next thirty years.It’s a million dollars withthe tax advantages. One billion dollars, thirty years, Keogh plan, $145 a few months. Not a bad plan.Become a millionaire. Now anybody can. The question is, Who will? That’s the question. Son asked his father when his father’s fifty, We’re rich, right? The Keogh thing. His father said, No , no, we’re not rich. His son says, Well the Keogh thing? The $145 a few months Keogh thing. He says, Yeah, I know the Keogh thing, but I didn’t go for that. Son says, You didn’t? Says, No.I picked another plan for the $145. Say, What you do to the $145? Said, Well, I bought beer and cigaretts. See, anybody can. Whether youwill or not, see that’s the question. And here’s a good question to ask. We are all buying somebody’s plan.The question is, Who’s? Who’s got you talked intodoing what you’re doing? Who’s got you talkedinto your present schedule? See, ten years from now you will surely arrive.The question is, Where? But hear anybody, if you want to, can go now searchingfor a good schedule, pick it and start working it.And sure enough, as the time oversteps, as it surely will, five years after now, ten years from now, then you’ll be winding upwearing what you wanna wear, driving what you just wanted to drive, living where youwant to live, become what you want to become. But now is the time tofix the next ten years. And which are capable of? Anybody. Here’s multitude six.The sixth key to sowing and collecting. There’s one thing better than the truth, and that’s the whole truth. And here’s part of the whole truthof the law of sowing and deriving. Number six is: You could lose. There are times when you exactly loseno matter what you do. It’s that kind of planet. You collect what you sow.Yes, but … What does that planned? Yes, but. Well .. The farmer plants his crop in the spring, takes care of it all summer, affection his family, runs ten, twelve hours a day, six, seven days a week, is an honorable man. Come fall, he’s got a beautiful crop, and he deserves every bit of it. But the working day before, he moves the combinings into the field, a storm gust comes along and outdoes it all in the soil. Which means you lose.Somebody says, Well, what did he do wrong? Answer , nothing. It’s just that kind of planet. Sometimes it’s gonna hail on your cropand rain on your parade. So you got to get ready forthat or you will be naive. That’s just part of the life arrangement. And don’t press me why. I was not in on some of the original decisions now, so I don’t know how it came set up. But there’s just meters, sometimes you lose.That’s part of life. But now here’s figure seven.The seventh key to sowing and collecting. And it starts like this. It’s just anotherway to excerpt the same law. And it runs like this: If you don’t sow That’s just another way to repeat the law: If you don’t sow, what, you don’t reap.You don’t even have a chance. So if you look back your game plan tomorrow, you might come to the quick conclusion: I got to get some disseminating get. How true! Get you some disseminating exiting. And recollect, you’ve got plenty of time.You’ve got all the time here i am. Some people waste enoughTV time to make a fortune. The recent article on tv watchingin this country, according to the latest article, the average television is on in this country in everyhousehold seven hours a day called the Big Seven. I ask a guy one time, What his TV cost? He said, About $450. I said, You forgot to look at the price tag. He said, What do you entail? I knew he was a TV watcher.I said, That television provided free of charge, in my view, at least $ 12,000 a year to watch it , not to own it on. Owning it is cheap.Watching it is what’s expensive. And I said, Hey, $12,000 a year istoo much to pay to watch TV. That’s too much, remunerate a bit but not $12,000. And he’s the guy that said, I hope fee TV never comes. Second law from the Bible. The law of use. And it vanishes something like this: Whatever you don’t use, you lose. Lack of use justifications loss, on this planet, maybe not the next one, but on this one. If you confine your weapon to your person, leave it therelong enough, you’ll never use it again.It’s over for the forearm. Now may not be over, but it’s over for the forearm. The only acces to keep the use of this arm is what? You keep using it. If you discontinue, you lose automatically. They don’t wreaking it up for a poll. You lose automatically when you cease. Now, the same thing that runs for your weapon, starts for your psyche, mentality. The same thing runs for all the human virtues.Ambition unused slumps. Strong feelings unused diminish.It doesn’t ripen, it decreases. Faith unused decreases.It’s a regulation. Vitality unused diminishes.Energy unused decreases. The person says, Well, I’m gonna save upmy energy. You can’t do that. That’s like trying to save today, settled it on the end of the year. See you can’t do that. They’ll come do you away.If you don’t use today, what? It’s lost. The person says, Well, I’ll work twiceas hard tomorrow to make up for it. See, that’s foolish.You could have done that anyway. Today unused is lost. A expertise unused is lost.An ability unused is lost. So, here’s one of its most important showings of the night: Take a brand-new inventory of yourself. Starting tomorrow, brand-new project.Take a brand-new inventory. And make sure that all of your geniu and ability andmentality and ingenuity and vitality and strong feelings, faith, fearlessnes, make sure that all you’ve gotis being used otherwise you lose.Now, one of the best explains of the law of useis a Bible story called The Parable of the Aptitudes. The Flairs Story. Interesting story, if you haven’t readit in a while, merely review it. It’s a good story. An ancient storey says: There was a master with three maids. He got them together one dayand he said to the three, I’ve got these aptitudes :. And in those ancient days, a talent was a measure of gold. And he said to the three servants, Take these talentsand encounter what you can do with them while I’m gone. He said, I’m taking a journeyand I’ll be gone for a while. When I is coming, we’ll get together, go over the book, see how you did.He said, Here’s five ofthese endowments for you. Five. Here’s two of them for you. Two. And here’s one for you. One. The original said, Take those aptitudes, construe what you can do with them. When I is coming, we’ll get together, we’ll go over it all. The maid said, Okay.Master goes off. According to the ancient story, the captain comes back from his errand. When he gets back, he getsthe three maids together. And as he “says hes” would, he asks, How did it go with those aptitudes? Your five , what happened? That slave said, Well, I took the 5 talentsyou “ve been given”, and I settled them to work.A little shaky at first, but he said, Things finally got wheeling, and he said, I spewed it on. And he said, My talentsgrew to seven, eight, nine, ten. He said, I double-dealing my knacks from five to ten.Books will show. Master said, One heck of a job, or something like that. He said, I gave you two abilities, what the hell happened? That servant said, About thesame thing happened to me. I framed those two endowments to work, spouted it on, they proliferated to three and then to four.He said, I double-dealing my genius from two to four.Books will show. Master said, All well and good. He said, I gave you one ability, what happened? That slave said, Well, I made the talents you “ve been given” and I carefully wrapped it, and I dug a defect and interred it. And camouflaged it, I expect, so nobody would steal it, and he said, Fortunately , none got it. And he said, I knew you were gonna be here today, so I burrow it up.Here it is, safely wrap. I did not lose it while you were gone. Harmonizing to the ancient story, the master said, Take that flair away from himand give it to the man that’s got ten. Now, you are able to say, Well, I don’t like that arrangement. The poverty-stricken guy’s only got one ability, he’s already come ten. It ought to be more even. Whatever, I didn’t ask you to like it. But this one I would ask you to learn because it simplymeans: Whatever you do not employ, you surrendered. It’s a law.So, learn well the law of use ..

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