Dopamine Fasting 2.0 – Overcome Addiction & Restore Motivation

hi After Skoolers, i’m Brandon from theYouTube channel, One Percent Better better and you’re watching this because you want toovercome your addictions and rehabilitate your incitement. Let’s get to it. We livein a nature that is designed to stimulate our feelings. Every advertisement foodproduct and social media affix is geared to give us a short race of desire, which is followed by an emptiness and a craving for more. Big firms are ableto leverage our hungers and spawn trillions of dollars off of continuing usaddicted. If you don’t have a plan for yourselfyou will be at the forgivenes of companies who will play on your inclinations tocontrol you like a doll. You will relinquish your free will searching forhappiness in a moras that’s designed to keep you lost.Studies show that on average beings use their smartphones for about 3 hours perday. That’s 1095 hours every single year. Thankfully there is a way to regaincontrol over your motivations and take your ability back through a practice calleddopamine fasting.What’s that you say? Well first we need an understanding ofdopamine. Dopamine is a brain chemical associated with wanting. according toLoretta Breuning author of’ Garb of a Happy Brain ‘, dopamine is triggered by newrewards. That’s why the first poke of an ice cream cone is heaven. 10 pokes lateryour attention moves you start thinking about the next thing on youragenda and the next you still love the ice cream but you don’t feel it as muchbecause your brain doesn’t see it as new information. Your mentality is alreadylooking for the next huge space to meet your needs.However, with video games and porn websites and social media your psyche ever hasthe next thing to be excited about because they are engineered to triggerconstant dopamine release I’m sure you are familiar with the feeling of wantingto make the working day productive only to look up at the end of the day and realize youspent four hours mindlessly scrolling through Instagram and checkingnotifications.You waste time, feel bad about yourself and things that used toexcite you no longer rouse you like they used to.That’s where dopamine fasting comes in dopamine fasting is the idea that if youavoid a dopamine energizing undertakings for extended periods of time you’ll beable to reset your psyche and let go of addictive demeanors that negativelyimpact your life it’s customarily misunderstood as reducing dopamine butthat’s not true dopamine is necessary to function as a healthful human being.Dopamine fasting exploded in interest in October 2018 and gained even moreinterest a year later after Dr. Cameron Sepah published an commodity on mediumtitled the definitive template to dopamine fasting 2.0 the red-hot Silicon Valley trend.Dopamine fasting 2.0 is better defined. it’s based on cognitive behavioraltherapy it’s about reducing reckless behavior not shortening dopamine itselfand it doesn’t spur you to act like a full-blown monk who abstains from allforms of pleasure so what is the science behind dopamine fasting 2.0 well asmentioned before it’s based on cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT CBT is anevidence-based practice and prescribed by thousands of professionals worldwidefor changing behavior CBT mixtures based on stimulus controlcan help you reduce a probability of engaging in addictive demeanors forexample when your phone play-acts your SMS ringtone you pick up your phone and tapto open the message the ringtone is a stimulus and opening the message is thebehavior here are two mixtures number one remove the stimulus byputting your phone in another room or disable notifications or to engage in anactivity that is not compatible with reading your telephone like float anothersolution is showing and response prevention or ERP for example you experience anattractive girlfriend on Instagram you fill your heart rate increase and your bodytingle so you run to your bedroom hop-skip under the expanses and masturbate into adeep ability of bitternes and worthlessness subsides in by applying ERP you wouldfrequently look at beautiful girls on Instagram but refrain from masturbatingI know it’s difficult but you can use a procedure called suggest surfing which isessentially being wary for a few minutesbring your attention to where you feel the implore in your mas and simply be withit describe what the whizs feel like when you are done thank yourselfand set your purpose for what you will do next in your daylight this will becomeeasier over day and you’ll likely feel a sense of accomplishment now at thispoint you might be wondering does dopamine fasting really work to manageyour addictions if by dopamine fasting you mean reducinga dopamine ranks the answer is no but if you entail dopamine fasting 2.0 basedon CBT like we are only learned then yes its examination of a hundred and six studiesconcluded that in general the evidence base of CBT is very strong but how doesdopamine fasting improve regenerate your reason well sharp-worded or prolongedincreases in dopamine tiers can reduce the amount of dopamine receptors in yourbrain dopamine fasting may help increase theamount of receptors you have through a process called up regulation the moredopamine receptors you have the less stimulant it will take to achieve the sameamount of please if you don’t snack treated sugar for a few months a singleblueberry could give you the same amount of desire as your favorite ice creamso how do you dopamine fast there’s two steps in step 1 identify the behaviorsthat are causing you distress impairment or addictiveness 6 common impulsivebehaviors are emotional devouring internet and gaming lottery and browsing thrilland oddity striving recreational doses and porn and masturbation in step 2follow a dopamine fasting planned for example let’s say you want to reduce theamount of epoch you waste on your phone you would refrain from expending your phonefor 1 to 4 hours every day 1 day per week one weekend per one-fourth and onefull week per year start small-scale and gradually increase the amounts of timeyou expend away from your phone these are recommendations not concrete patterns follow afasting schedule that works for you so now you know how to dopamine fast butyou may find it difficult to do keep watching because I’ll share some tipsthat might make it easier for you to overcome your addictions and that haveso let’s talk about procedure and remuneration replacement imagine that you have a badhabit of going to the cafeteria to buy a coke every dayevery time you suck the coke you feel bad afterwards and end up gaining weightso you decide to do a dopamine fast instead of drinking a coke every day youtry to only drink a coke every two days but you find this difficult according tocharles jigs book of the supremacy of attire here’s what you can try instead numberone identify the behavior the behavior is the activity in this example it’sgetting up going to the cafeteria buying a coke and boozing it nextidentify the honored you’re lust a desire drives our behavior and rewardsare what filled a lust so ask yourself why you turned to coke at thecafeteria are you thirsty do you want a carbohydrate higha moment to step away from your work you want social interaction at thecafeteria then experiment with four to five different payoffs on one day youmight drink a bottle of spray if after 15 minutes you’re itch has subsidedthen it could be you’ve just been thirsty but got into the bad attire ofdrinking a coke instead another era you might go for a stroll and call a friend ifafter 15 instants the lust has subsided then it could be that you’vejust been craving social interaction after each different pleasure you trywrite down how you feel after a number of epoches or weeks look for motifs tosee which reward is the one you are truly craving let’s say you discoverthat the wage is the sugar higher you get from drinking the coke the next stepthen is to identify the initiation what triggers your craving for a carbohydrate highis at the time of day is it seeing someone else drinking a coke is itseeing a youtube video advertising is it because you feed something it can bedifficult to identify the trigger but thankfully science tells us thattriggers generally may be divided into five categories they are location time andemotional state other people or the immediately preceding action let’s sayyou was found that your prompt is time located because it ever seems to happenaround 3 p. m.Every date regardless of how you feel where you are or any otherthis once you’ve identified the behavior reward and initiation you will likely feela sense of empowerment that you can change your habits so the last step isto make a plan when 3 p. m. would come consciously espouse a healthy behaviorthat delivers a payoff you are desiring in our speciman it’s the sugar high makethe intentional decision to go to a nearby liquid rail to grab your favorite organicjuice instead of a coke I operate from residence so one of my favorite things to do is tostock my fridge with cans of flavored fizzy water with natural lemon spices Iget the same reward of having a Coke but without the bad stuff if you liked thisvideo then consider checking out my path 1% better where I createanimated summing-ups of life-changing records thank you after clas for havingme and thank you for watching

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