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When you look for the word first in the bibleyou find this teaching you go first to God with your problems we don’t take our problems first tothe bar we don’t numb our fears with narcotics we don’t deny the existence of our struggles nowe take our problems first to Christ he said seek first the kingdom and his righteousness andlook all these things will be given to you as well would you like some advice to take into this yearthat will save you from a month of heartaches go first to God with your problems the momenta problem surfaces is the moment you take that problem to God don’t take it out on yourfriends don’t take it out on your family don’t try to solve it yourself you take that problemfirst to God seek first the kingdom and see if all these things aren’t given to you as welltake it to him first you see when God’s people put God first blessings begin to flow I want tochallenge you to let this be the year you put God first keep first things first he promisesand then everything else will fall into place actively seek God’s direction in other words God’sstrategies are better than ours the Prophet Isaiah said his ways are higher than my ways his thoughtsare higher than my thoughts God’s strategies are always better so I’ve got to seek him I’ve got toask him for direction and how do I do that I do that through prayer why because we don’t want ourplans to prevail we want God’s plans to prevail we want God’s wisdom in our life that’s whywe seek him that’s why I get up in the morning and pray and talk to God what I need God’sdirection I can’t live life on my own impulses my own strategies my own gut instinct no I needthe spirit of God giving me wisdom and that’s something that can only come to pass throughprayer but here’s what I’ve noticed many of us in the body of Christ churches and Christianswe go to God with an already made up mind like we know what we’re going to do and then we’rejust asking God to bless it but God’s saying I wasn’t in it to begin with and you’re asking me tobless something that I didn’t ordain in your life I didn’t want you to make that choice you madethat choice and I believe God wants to help you no matter what the situation is but God’s nothere just to give to you he wants to guide you not just give you things he wants to guide youin Psalm 32 it says I will guide you along the best pathway for your life how many of youare thankful that God has a best pathway for your life but we have to seek his directionwell Josh I don’t know I don’t know how this all gonna work out why don’t you just read Proverbschapter three verse five and six it says trust God from the bottom of your heart and don’t tryto figure out everything on your own listen for God’s voice in everything you do and everywhereyou go he’s the one who will keep you on track God will keep you on track don’t plan first andthen when you’re out in the middle of doing what you want to do pray for God to make itwork now first we pray about everything acknowledging God in all of our ways and he willdirect our path but there are times in our lives where our actions aren’t necessarily in obedienceto what God’s told us to do why because we want to do something else or what God’s asking us todo doesn’t feel good or what God’s asking us to do doesn’t align with our plans our actions areinconsistent with what we say that we believe so what do we have to do we got to get the righthabits habits are powerful they create our future the habits that we live with and our actions thatwe do every day create the future that we’re going to experience today I would dare say that manyof us are sitting in the middle of a life that we’ve created by our own habits by our own actionsand when we’re experiencing difficulty in life and when we’re tired of it it’s then we got to say youknow what I can’t keep doing this thing anymore it’s bringing pain into my life and it’s notworking out so what habits does God want to help you drop this year what habits does he wantto help to establish on the inside of you you see for some of you I believe that God wants to helpyou establish a habit of prayer a habit of prayer in your life where you start seeking God in themorning in a fresh way you start knowing God’s will for your life some of you he just wantsyou to be faithful to come to his house more make church a priority in your life and I know thekids sports are important I know that things come up and I’m not saying that all that stuff is badbut if you don’t make parents if you don’t make church a priority in your kid’s life don’t to besurprised that when they move out of the house it’s not a priority to them it takes faithfulconsistency in our actions to get breakthrough I believe breakthrough people do consistentlywhat other people just do occasionally most Christians I know who grow cold in theirfaith or who who grow unproductive or unfruitful or unhappy in their lives do not do so out ofa moment of rebellion but do so as a result of minute by minute or day by day just drifting offcourse the book of Hebrews the writer of the book of Hebrews says we must pay much closer attentionto what we have heard lest we drift away from it let the discipline of the first fruits recalibrateyou every day every week so you can stay focused and you can stay on target nowone of the saddest scriptures in the bible is Jeremiah 2:32 says my people have forgottenme days without number but I love the net translation of Jeremiah 2:32 does ayoung woman forget to put on her jewels have you ever forgot your cellphone and went back home to get it says will a bride forget to put on her weddingdress but my people have forgotten me for more days than can even be counted we’ll go backhome if we forget our cell phone but has anybody here ever forgotten to pray and thought oh I’mgoing back home to pray before I start this day I’m suggesting that you no longer try to workGod into your schedule but you work your schedule around God he would like to guide you and leadyou through life and literally let me say it again be involved in everything you do in everydecision you make God wants to be part of it be patient be patient and wait don’t give up don’tgive in James one says consider it a sheer gift when tests and challenges come at you from allsides you know that under pressure your faith life is forced out into the open and it showsits true colors in other words you really in it or not it says don’t try to get out of anythingprematurely let it do it its work so you become mature and well developed not deficient in any wayone translation says that you’ll not lack anything if I don’t give up on God then I know on theother side of my faithful obedience and patience then I’m going to be I’m going to be strongerthan I’ve ever been I’m going to be more mature than I’ve ever been my marriage is going to bebetter than it’s ever been I’m going to not be lacking anything that I need in my life if I don’tthrow in the towel and give up when times get hard I’m going to trust God and God’s going to bringa breakthrough you know how you’re going to get through the attack you’re facing friends you knowhow you’re going to get through the trials and the tribulation that you feel like you’re facingtoday you’re only going to be able to get through it with God’s help many years ago God finallygot this through to me and he simply said this you cannot do this and by this he meantlife ministry whatever your this is we’re talking about you’re this ratheryou’re this is raising four kids whether you’re this as being a single parentyou cannot do this unless you put God first in your life that means I can’t do withouthim how do you keep going when times are tough it’s because you believe that yourbreakthrough’s right around the corner my breakthrough is on the way I may not have ityet but I’m closer today than I was yesterday Quit tying God’s hands and take the limits offof him your situation is not too big for God what you’re dealing with it’s notlike God haven’t seen it before he’s done it before he can do it againthere’s no sickness that God having healed there’s not a soul that he can’t deliver there’s not a marriage he can’t putback together but you got to trust him and take the limits off of him limits aresomething that bound or restrain or confine something or someone who cannot do somethingor have reached their limits but I want to tell you that there is no limit in God he’sable to do whatever you need him to do he knows that whatever your problem is he knowsthe solution to your problem the bible says Ephesians 3 and 20 now unto him that is ableto do exceedingly abundantly above all that we could ask or think according to the power thatworketh in us you know there is no limit in God he’s able to do whatever we need him to doand know this there’s nothing too hard for God but when you take the limit off of God you will see miracles take place if you trusthim take the limits off of him expect the great awesome things will happen in your life God don’tgive you what you want he gives you what you believe see the how-to is none of your businessyou keep getting in the way of the blessing cause you all up in the how-to part of it show methe scripture where he tells you to figure out how to do anything he don’t ask you to how to nothingyou just need the word you need to know what it’s saying applied to you you know why because it’sa promise of his he never lied he always come through Psalm 78 verse 41 he says yes they turnedback and tempted God and limited the Holy One of Israel they limited the Holy One of Israel nowhow is it possible that we can limit God isn’t God limitless isn’t God bigger than than we ever couldthink or imagine doesn’t he want to do exceeding abundantly above all above and beyond all thatwe can ask or think anybody got an answer to that absolutely he’s bigger than all that but yet theylimited him but we do put limits on God sometimes in our mind we have a version of what God iscapable of we have a version of what God is like we have a version of what Jesus is like we got toget rid of a small God we gotta let go of a small Jesus we gotta stop worshiping a small savior heis the conquering King he is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords he is bigger than you everimagined he is greater than you ever imagined God is able to do so many things but we limit him welimit him because of what we hear other people say we limit him because of a human naturalexperience we limit the Holy One of Israel God is unlimited amen in Matthew chapter 9 Jesuscame into the house the blind man came to him and Jesus said to them do you believe that I’m ableto do this do you believe that I’m able to do this do you believe no I didn’t say do you believeyou can see but do you believe Jesus said do you believe that I am able to do this ourfaith is not in our faith our faith is in him it is not your faith it is who you have your faithin a lot of times people are limiting their own lives in what they say about themselves being downon yourself feeling like you’re not good enough like you’re less than and this voice cancome to us in a lot of different ways the world is going to tell you what you can’tdo satan is going to tell you what you can’t do you don’t also need to be in agreement withthose voices instead you need to agree with what God says about you if God approves you thenapprove yourself if God chose you then choose yourself if God believes in you then you shouldbelieve in yourself we got to learn to stop the negative voices and start to recognize I’m stilla work in progress so often we look at the mess and we don’t look at the progress David had adifferent kind of voice he said this in Psalms chapter 18 and verse 29 because of God I canrun through a troop because of my helper the Lord I can leap over a wall you see because of GodI can do you see that we need to take on that same uh that same kind of phrasing in our life thatsame kind of belief system because of God I can not I can’t I’ll never be enough I’m not smartenough I got rejected I had a bad start pastor no David didn’t do that David said because ofGod I can you know people are going to say stuff about you to try and limit you but don’t limityourself you’ve got enough against you for you to be against yourself if God is for you thenwhy would you want to be against yourself take off the limits of what other people try and puton you they said you can’t do it but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do it they didn’t create yousee God will take the unique things about you and use them to promote you and elevate sometimesthe same thing you don’t like about yourself is the same thing God wants to use to show yougreatness and promotion what’s our job to stop being mad about ourselves and putting ourselvesdown stop being so hard on ourselves quit telling yourself all the reasons you can’t accomplishyour dreams what you don’t have what you didn’t get it’s not going to happen just by your abilityyour talent your connections it’s going to happen by the spirit of the living God he’s breathingon your life right now his favor is surrounding you in a greater way there are breakthroughsalready enroute healing promotions contracts the right people they’re already headed your waynow don’t talk yourself out of it receive the blessing now take the limits off of God andtake the limits off of yourself most people have kind of a fatalistic theology thatthings just happen and it’s fatalistic and it there’s nothing you can do about it and thatis absolutely untrue God has a perfect plan for every person’s life in here and God hasgood thoughts for you his plans for your life are awesome he never made a piece of junk he nevermade a dud he never made an average person every one of us have something special that God wantsto accomplish but most people are ignorant of this and they have bought into the lie of thisworld that there’s nothing special about them every one of you are special every one of youare unique every one of you can do something that nobody else can do God has a purpose foryour life and most people are limiting what God can do because they just aren’t challengingthemselves God made you for something great God has taken ordinary people what the worldcalls ordinary people and time after time after time after time after time has just transformedtheir life and then use them to touch other people and change things but when you put God firstI guarantee you he will transform your life While I wait God works this is not a anice little Christian sentiment to get you through a hard season this is anchoredin the unchanging word of God he promises us if you wait on me I’ll work for you if you waiton me if you’re patient if you have expectation if you don’t give up if you don’t cash outif you just keep following me I promise you you may not see what I’m doing you may even betempted to think I’m not doing anything at all but all the while I’m orchestrating things formy glory and for your good God works while we wait even when I don’t see it and even when Idon’t feel it you’re working so grab hold of that and cling to that truth it doesn’t mean yourcircumstances change in a minute it doesn’t mean you’re going to wake up tomorrow to uh to a bedfull of roses it just means that while you wait heaven works God’s always working no matter whatthe crossroads you’re at in life when you are forced to face the trials and tribulations oflife when you are at the point not knowing what to do or where to turn you can trust in Godevery one of us go through valley experiences every one of us are faced with these valleys theseare part of the experience of life but every time we go through these valleys we need to knowthat he’s there God may not he may not do what you think he may do the total opposite of whatyou think but he’s still going to do something so many times we think God what have you donewhy have you left me out no man apathy’s not in that brother’s vocabulary and he ain’t neverlate he made time he is time he has infinite wisdom he has all the information that could everbe known he’s the alpha the scripture says in the omega so he stands at the end and makes decisionsabout now where we stand in the now and go with all the information we have we don’t know whyGod you’re not doing this and God’s going oh that’s because you don’t have all the informationyet there’s a lot of things you don’t understand yet and I’m navigating all those pieces tomake sure what we do isn’t fast but is right and is good and is noble Lamentations 3:25 saysthis the Lord is good to those who wait for him to the person who seeks after him you have toknow today that we are serving a God who is other than us it’s not a better version of you biggerversion of you cleaner version of you his ways are higher than our ways and his thoughts are higherthan our thoughts is what Isaiah says so when you can’t hear his voice speaking trust that hishands are working trust God’s timing while you wait trust God’s timing while you wait there’sa reason for your delay see there’s a reason for every season that we go through and if we’ll notget bitter and upset we’ll start to trust God in the middle of the season see I like a and I likez I’m not a big fan of l m n o p I’m not a big fan of the middle I like the beginning and the end butGod says if you’ll trust me from l to m to n to o to p I’ll take you to z and you’ll be gratefulbecause what I’m doing in you is more important than where you’re going to what I’m going todo in you is more important than what I’ll do through you I’ve got to do something in you atg h i j k before you get to z you think you’re ready for the blessing but I’m still preparingyou I’m still working and it’s a process trust God’s timing he’s got a plan for you he’s got aplan for your life in the season that you’re in no matter how big your problems are if if you canspend time in the presence of God and you know that he’s walking with you it overrides everythingelse that’s going on in your life because you just know that he’s going to take care of it some waysomehow you just make sure that you stay in faith that you keep believing and let me work as long asyou’re believing God is working and I’ll tell you what we need to be saying more of and I’ve I’veI’ve been doing this for a good number of years and it’s really really helpful when I’m waitingon something and then I start to think about how long it’s been and you know my mind startsto go negative I say out loud God is working God is working and it helps me because he is youknow when you get a breakthrough God didn’t start just working on that a second before you got itGod’s working in your life right now he’s heard your prayers he’s working in your situation butespecially when you’ve prayed prayers for other people you have no control over how long ittakes them to listen to God you work hard and you’ve believed God and you’ve been waiting whatseems like forever for that kid to change or for your finances to change or for you to changeor whatever but I’m here to tell you I’ve been there done that still go through it in differentseasons at different times and I am telling you by the word of God and from my my experience andthe experience of many others that God is faithful and I don’t know how long you will haveto wait but I do know that God will come through and I do know that you can enjoy your waitif you will just improve your attitude how we wait is possibly more important than whatwe’re waiting for if we’re going to spend all this time waiting why not wait withthe right attitude why not live our best days even while we’re waiting for the destination youdon’t have to wait till you get to the destination to live out your best days you can start livingout your best days even while you’re waiting that’s what God wants for us and I feel likeGod has this this thought with us he says listen there’s a right way to wait and there’s a wrongway to wait some people wait with impatience they wait with anger frustration twiddling theirthumbs when are you going to be ready when are we going to get there are we there yet uh somepeople wait with anger why why have I not reached to where I want to be why have we not sold thehouse yet why why haven’t we moved into a house and sometimes we can get tired whilewe’re waiting on the next season of life and hope begins to wane in the waiting doesn’tit because you begin to think okay well maybe tomorrow’s going to be the day well after somany maybe tomorrow is going to be the day the enemy begins to have a playground with yourmind and go no yesterday wasn’t the day and tomorrow’s not going to be the day I’m waitinghere we as a people don’t like to wait so at the end of the day what do you do when you feellike his voice is silent we trust that his hands are active his ability to work does not hinge onmy perception of him working he is God almighty and paints on a bigger canvas than I can imaginethis is who he is he’s never missed a call he’s never done something he wished he could take backhe’s never been so busy figuring out something that he missed you over here while you were doingyour thing never one time has God failed and today won’t be the day he starts and you won’t be theperson that he starts with this is the hope but remember what is hope it’s a positive expectationthat something good is going to happen to me to have hope and expectancy is theHebrew translation for the word wait so he’s not saying just wait like you knowmaybe this is going to happen or I’d kind of like throw you know throw a coin in a wishing wellI hope this I wish this would happen no he says wait with an expectant heart that God’s going tobring this to pass wait with great expectations and this is what Isaiah says he says if you’llwait upon the Lord and you’ll wait the right way he will renew your strength you will mountup with wings like eagles you will run and not be weary you will walk and not faint that’sGod’s promise to us that if we wait the right way we’re not going to get burned out we’re not goingto get exhausted we’re not going to get impatient and settle for something less than what God haspromised us to wait on we’re going to be able to hold steady in the middle of our waiting and notfall off not quit church not quit believing in God not give up on the promises sometimes when we’rewaiting for a promise it’s easy to get exhausted while we’re waiting it’s easy to get impatientto feel burned out to just say you know what whatever I’m not going to church I’m not goingto believe it I’m going to stop reading my bible when the promise comes to pass then I’ll believethat God’s for me we’ve got to learn how to wait with expectancy that even while we’re waiting forthe promise to come to pass God’s with me he’s for me he’s working behind scenes it will happen GodI’m believing that my best days are not behind me Lord I’m believing the promise will come to passwhat’s in front of me is going to be greater than what’s behind me Lord what you’re doing in meis greater than what is happening to me Lord I’m standing on your promises I will not quit Iwill not give up I’m expecting a harvest in Jesus name God’s saying it’s time for you to waitwith great expectations this season is important don’t get bitter while you’re waiting for thepromises of God to come to pass while you’re waiting for that family member to get back tochurch while you’re waiting for that that loved one to give his life back to Jesus while you’rewaiting for a house to sell while you’re waiting to to to do that next season direction from Godwhatever you’re waiting on God says wait with great expectations put your hope in the Lord Jameschapter 5 verse 7 says that we’re called to wait like a farmer waits for the harvest a farmer isconfident he’s not stressed out he’s not worried I don’t know if the harvest is going to comeno he knows harvest is on the way I’ve done my work I’ve planted I’ve done all the watering it’sjust a matter of time before the harvest gets here see we’re called to wait with that kind ofconfidence God the promise is coming to pass what I’ve been praying for Lord I’ve been sowing theseeds Lord I’m expecting the harvest is on the way Let me ask you a question When are you going to start thankingGod for the miracle in your life you know that thing you’ve always wanted to happenthat prayer you’ve always been praying that dream you’ve always had when are you going to startthanking God for you say well after it happens when you thank God after something happens that’scalled gratitude when you thank God for something before it happens that’s called faith the highestform of faith is thanking God in advance before you get the answer but while you make the requestwhat do you do while you’re waiting you thank God say God you know that request I made the other dayI thank you that the answer is already on its way it’s not here yet but I thank you that the answeris already on its way and you just keep thanking and thanking that is the highest form of faith youdon’t keep saying please give it please give it please give it please give it please give it yousay God here’s what I need now thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank that isfaith thanking God in advance say thank you in advance for what’s already yours it’s how Ilive my life that’s why I why I am one of the reasons why I am today say thank you in advancefor what is already yours true desire in the heart for anything good is God’s proof to you sentbeforehand to indicate that it’s yours already I’ll say it again true desire inthe heart that itch that you have whatever it is you want to do that desirethat itch that’s God’s proof to you sent beforehand already to indicate thatit’s yours Jesus said this in Mark chapter 11 anytime you ask for anything in prayer believethat you have received it and you will receive it now I really want you to get this notice thechange in tense here believe that you have received it that’s past tense and you will receiveit that’s future tense you say wait a minute I’ve got to believe I’ve got it in order to get ityep that’s called faith I believe that I’ve got it already in order to get it you’re saying youmean I got to believe a thing is so even though it isn’t so so that it will become so yes that’scalled faith we all have dreams and goals that God’s placed in our heart things we’re believingfor situations we’re praying to turn around these promises start off like seeds they don’tcome to pass overnight there’s always a period of waiting involved and from the time we praytill the time we see it come to fulfillment that’s called the trial of our faith this iswhen many people get discouraged and give up they start believing the negative thoughts it’snever going to happen it’s taken too long now that seed is lying dormant it’s still alive it stillhas potential but you have to do your part and start watering the seed the way you water it isby thanking God in advance you can’t wait till you receive the promise you have to thank God that theanswer is on the way maybe you’re struggling in your health the medical report doesn’t look gooddon’t talk about how you feel say father thank you that I’m healthy thank you that I’m strongthank you with long life you’re satisfying me that’s not just being positive that’s wateringthe seed in your finances maybe you’re struggling business is slow all through the day father thankyou that whatever I touch prospers and succeeds thank you that I’m coming out of debt thankyou that your favor surrounds me like a shield when you thank God in advance for the answer itnot only waters the seed but that strengthens your own faith so often we think I’ll give God praiseafter the problem turns around I’ll thank God after business picks up after I see the solutionnow if you don’t learn this principle to thank God in advance you won’t have the strength youneed to wait for the promise what keeps us strong is getting up in the morning saying father thankyou that my dreams are coming to pass thank you that this problem’s turning around thank you thatyou’re bigger than this obstacle giving thanks to God removes the anxiety you can be anxious andworried about anything you start thanking him praising him focusing on him and it is amazinghow the anxiety disappears next thing you know you think well what am I worried about I’ve got Holyalmighty sovereign God on my side taking care of me why am I down in the dumps listen living in thedumps isn’t God’s plan and he can get you out real fast you start thanking him and praising him thedevil runs and God gets you out you’re rejoicing and praising the Lord before you know it becauseanxiety and fretting over things is not the will of God we’re thanking God before the battle we’rethanking God in advance that’s verbalized faith thank you God you’re taking care of my bankruptcythank you God you’re taking care of my pain thank you God you’re taking care of this conflictthank you God and I’m thanking God in advance once you pray and ask God to bring the promiseto pass you ask God to heal you you ask him to restore a relationship from then on you don’tneed to ask God one more time he heard you the very first time now every time you think about ityou should thank God that the answer is on the way one time Daniel prayed and asked God to helphim day after day went by nothing got better it looked like that God didn’t even hear hisprayer but on the 21st day an angel showed up and said Daniel the first day you prayed God heardyou and dispatched me with the answer but it took me 21 days to fight through the forces of darknesswhat I want you to see is the first day you prayed God heard you the first time you asked God set themiracle into motion the very first day the answer was on the way that’s why you don’t have to keeppraying about the same thing begging God asking again and again the answer is already on the waythe promise is already in motion the breakthrough is already in route the right person is already inyour future the victory is already up ahead of you you prayed about it now switch over into praisestart thanking God that is coming start thanking him in advance for the healing the restorationthe promotion the vindication the dream it’s headed your way you only need to ask God forit one time but then in all your future prayers you thank him does that make sense so you don’thave to keep going please give it to me please give it to me please give it to me please likeyou’re begging God no you just have to say God I want you to give this to me and then for the restof the time until it arrives you just thank God that’s faith some of you have prayed about thesituation long enough you’ve got to switch over into praise get up every morning father thank youthat my dreams are coming to pass thank you that healing is coming thank you that promotion is onits way that’s what’s going to keep you strong not begging not praying again and again noremember like Daniel the first day you prayed God heard it and set the miracleinto motion it’s already on the way as you keep giving God praise he’s goingto keep giving you strength to believe when are you going to start thankingGod for that breakthrough in your life you’ve wanted it all your life but you haven’tbeen thanking God for it in advance you just been begging like you have to bargainor bribe or pressure God to say yes God wants to say yes he’s waiting for youto show faith when are you going to thank God in advance when are you going to putthe choir before the army in your life Right now that many of you listening to me arejust barely holding on it’s been a rough year and I want to tell you don’t give updon’t don’t don’t don’t you dare give up hold on this too shall pass the tough stuff that you’re going throughit didn’t come to stay it came to pass it’s not going to last the problem’s not going tolast so don’t give up on God don’t give up on your marriage don’t give up on your churchdon’t give up on your dream don’t give up don’t give up look up look up Jesus Christ the sonof God who created you who thought you up who loves you who has a purpose for your life who died onthe cross for you who rose again and is coming back one day who’s going to take you to heavenone day Jesus Christ is the secret of strength to make it to the end of your marathon and endwell when we go through a bad season of life those circumstances that are oppressing usthey’re very real but there’s another reality and that reality that God is in the heavens andhe is controlling and watching and all powerful over every circumstance in our life we have achoice are we going to focus on our circumstances or are we going to focus on our God things willstart looking up when you start looking up in other words your circumstances will improvewhen you stop looking at them start looking to God let me say it again things start lookingup when I start looking up you know in the bible there’s a phrase that’s used over and overand over and it is the phrase lift up your eyes said many many times in scriptureit’s just one way of saying look up get your eyes off yourself and off yourproblems and off your circumstances and on to God refocus look at him things willstart looking up when I start looking up when we look up and we see how big God is itnaturally shrinks the size of our problems they just don’t seem to be as big or as overwhelmingwhen compared to the greatness of God I don’t know what burdens you’re bearing I don’t know whatgrief or fear or anxiety or confusion you may be feeling right now but I do know this you needto look up instead of giving up don’t give up look up in your disillusioned heart in your angstyou’ve got your eyes focused on the wrong place until your eyes are fixed on the Lord you won’t beable to endure the days that go from bad to worse that’s the key until your eyes are fixed on the Lord you won’t beable to endure the days that go from bad to worse the bible invites us over and over and over fixyour eyes on me God says fix your eyes on me fix your eyes on me Hebrews calls us let us fixour eyes on Jesus the author and the perfecter of our faith are you in the middle of a ofa discouraging season fix your eyes friends fix your eyes back on Jesus in a in a seasonof emotional pain fix your eyes on Jesus do it once do it twice do it multiple times aday do it constantly throughout the day remember and rehearse who he is remember who heis remember what he’s promised to do so when your schedules press whenyour prospects thin when your hope burns low when people disappoint you whenevents turn against you when dreams die when the walls close in when theprognosis is grim when your heart breaks because when life is crushing wedon’t have anywhere else to go because of who he is he willalways do what is best for you now sometimes we have to talk ourselves off theledge we have to remind ourselves of important truths like God knows what he’s doing he doesn’tmake mistakes his timing is always perfect whatever is happening he is choosing to allowfor this moment it’s challenging to trust and keep trusting but we have to because he is who hesaid he is and he will do what he says he’ll do this is the difference between ordinary peopleand great people great people never give up they never give up they keep on in the marathonof life even when they’re fatigued even when they’re frustrated even when they feellike failures and even when they’re fearful don’t you dare friend give in without a fightfight back fight back against your discouragement fight back against the devil fight back againstthose who want to discourage you you got a great dream and at some point the devil’s whispers inyour who do you think you are attempting to do this wrong question you should build your lifenot on what you think you can do but what you think God can do you let the size of your Goddetermine the size of your goal it’s not about do you think I would have tried to do allthings I’ve tried to do in life because I was depending on me not a chance in my flesh they’redwelleth no good thing I know that I can’t do certain things Jesus said apart from meyou can do nothing so that’s pretty clear now how do you react when yourplans take longer than expected when what you thought was going to take be donereal quickly when you have a project and you go man this has taken me a long time to get throughschool it’s taken me a long time to get this thing built this has taken me what do you do yougive in to self-pity you start complaining you start blaming other people friends ifat first you don’t succeed you’re normal you’re normal okay nobody succeeds at firstthe only way you actually succeed in life is by failing a bunch and learning what doesn’twork failure is the stepping stone to success nobody ever succeeds without having failuressuccess here’s the difference between successful and unsuccessful people successful people seefailure as a temporary setback unsuccessful people see it as a mark on their character well I’ma failure no no nobody succeeds at everything nobody has an unbroken record of successrefocus on God stop listening to the negativity and resist the discouragement don’tyou give into it resist it fight it and who will give you the energy to fight ityour Lord and savior Jesus Christ so focus on him not on the problem when we’re at our worst God’sat his best the stage is now set for God to work his will his way you see over and over again inthe scriptures over and over again the stage is set for God to do his most amazing work whenthe situation looks the bleakest to us when you and I are fresh out of options when you andI are fresh uh uh at the at the end of our rope when you and I are at the end of ourselves andwe’re full of fear and we’re full of uncertainty that’s when God steps back rolls uphis sleeves and starts to wow us again the challenge for us is not giving up too soonyou know a lot of people start off great in life but even before they get to the halfway point intheir life they’ve already really messed it up and they’ve given up which is worse than messing uphere let me say it again giving up is always worse than messing up everybody messes up why dopeople give up in the marathon of their lives because they got discouraged choose to changethe channel of your mind don’t keep replaying all those discouraging images in your mind insteadremember the Lord choose to think about God and what he’s faithfulness his love hismercy his compassion choose to think about God because your thoughts always determine yourfeelings do you want to stop being discouraged then stop thinking the way you’ve been thinkingyou know when bad days come into our lives we want God’s to do something big somethingmiraculous don’t we our miraculous cure to the illness the immediate return of a prodigal theovernight breaking of a destructive addiction the erasure of the financial problems we’resuffering we want God to act dramatically and instantaneously sometimes he does that but usuallythat’s not how it works it’s not in the big things instead it’s in that still small voice that Godcomes to give us courage to face that illness or the grace to accept that prodigal’s departurefrom God the ability the wisdom to handle the financial difficulty we’re experiencing that’show God speaks most often and when the waves are crashing and the winds are howling around us itis important that we learn how to listen to God’s real but sometimes small voice in the midst ofour bad season of life bad days are inevitable but they don’t have to be paralyzing thosewho live a significant life learn to expect bad days and learn how to refresh themselvesphysically emotionally and spiritually you know I found that going througha bad season of life is a lot like traveling through a dark tunnel thebad news is in that tunnel it is dark you can’t see in front of you you don’t knowif you’ll ever make it out but the good news is once you’ve entered into that dark tunnelwith God’s help you’re already on the way out All of us run out of hope at some point am Iright or wrong I think all of us do even that cup is half full sanguine soul who always goesaround singing the sun will come up tomorrow even that person on occasion will reach up into theshelf for a can of hope and find there is no hope maybe that’s where you are today maybe you’re here more out of desperationthan inspiration is there any hope are you asking that question you’re running out of hope are you thesingle mom who’s running out of hope are you the elderly person who has buriedsomeone you love and your hope has left you are you the businessman who looksprofessional on the inside but it’s been a long time since you had a goodnight’s sleep and you can’t find peace are you running out of hope are you feeling like giving up areyou close to despair don’t do it don’t the blackest moments we livethrough will last only a little time it’s pretty easy sometimes to to feel beaten that doesn’t mean give up in fact it means the opposite it means it’stime for you to fight harder and I’m gonna tell you right now it won’t be easy it will behard because life is hard that’s what life is and these challenges these challenges that youface they’re gonna do their best to take you down do not let them stand up dig in line up thoseproblems and confront them face them fight them do not let them bring you downin fact in fact let those challenges raise you up let them elevate you let theirdemands and their trials make you stronger let the adversity you face today turnyou into a better person tomorrow so so in the future you look back atthese struggles and you say to them thank you you made me better you cannot keep a person down who won’t stay down it’s one thing to be knocked down butthe problem is you won’t stay down there are already witnesses in this room who willtestify it’s not that I haven’t been knocked down but God keeps giving me the strength theenergy the wherewithal the anointing the power to not stay down that every time something orsomebody knocks me down God keeps raising me back up see ladies and gentlemen life is not about not getting knocked down lifeis about not staying down you can’t quit you come too far to quit nowtoday I refuse to quit today I refuse to give up I’ve come too far to look back now amen hasanyone else came too far to look back again we have come too far God has beenfar too good I refuse to quit no matter what’s going on in our world today nomatter what is going on in my temptations today no matter what’s going on in my family with myfriends at my job in my health I refuse to quit I’m not going to give up your situation mayhave changed your circumstances may have changed it may feel like it’s bigger it may feel like it’sgreater but friend today our God has not changed he will never change the same God that helped youback then the same God that was with you in the beginning the same God that showed himself strongin your situation before is with you right now don’t get this far down the road and turn arounddon’t come this far don’t overcome all those challenges and addictions and trials and what theworld has thrown at you and then at this point in your life turn around it’s not worth it someoneneeds to hear this you’re facing challenges you’re facing addictions you’re facing that afflictionthat temptation you need to refuse to quit you need to refuse to give up today some of you needto remember the history of victory that God has in your life do you remember all of those times whereyou said I’m not going to make it through this and look where you’re at today I remembersome of the darkest times of my life I would lay on the bed in tears I would lay onthe bed sometimes without even words to pray and satan would whisper and say this is it this isthe big one this is the last time you’ll ever have to go through this because your life’s going to beending or this is going to ruin your entire life but guess what here I stand today butby the grace of God he delivered me time and time again and even when it seemed tough evenwhen it seemed rough my God was faithful but see for some reason we go through a new storm wego through a new trial and we tend to forget all of the past and all of the times thatGod delivered us church today you need to remind yourself of the goodness of God there werethings in my life that should have taken me out there were things in my life whereI was going the wrong direction there were afflictions in my life that should havekilled me but by the grace of God here I am today and you have the same story today church I wantto encourage you there’s been things in your life that should have taken you out but here you sittoday breathing alive able to see able to talk able to walk because of the grace of God that’ssomething to get excited about today we have a history of victory if God says you can make itguess what you can make it and you will make it no matter how negative it looks today you’re goingto come back it’s time to get up off the mat if you’ve been knocked down if you’ve been throughsomething if you’ve been through financial setback or some kind of terrible thing has hit you in yourhealth and or something’s happened to your family we need to believe that it’s time for a comebackit’s no time to quit it’s no time to give up it’s no time to moan and groan we may be down butwe’re not out because we serve a comeback God and I want you to know the attitudeof our God is I’m not going to give up on anybody I’m preaching to some people whohave fallen behind and the enemy’s whispering to you give up the devil wants you to thinkit’s gone forever whatever it is that he stole from you it’s gone forever but it is not goneforever because God is planning you a comeback that if there’s breath in our lungs he’s notfinished with us yet no matter how old you are no matter how bad you’ve missed it no matter howbad things look don’t worry God’s not finished yet if you haven’t seen the breakthrough God’s notfinished yet if you haven’t seen the miracle if things haven’t turned around for the good don’tworry God’s not finished see God’s not setting us up to leave us halfway finished he’s notsetting us up to not finish what he started no he wants to bring us to a flourishing finish whichmeans that our best days are right in front of us some of us in this room maybe we’ve had failedbusinesses failed marriages maybe we’ve made some bad mistakes and we think to ourselves God’sdone with me God can’t use me he’s not going to use me in ministry again he’s not going to giveme another business I declare bankruptcy you need to stop accepting those self-limiting beliefsthose self-limiting lies those God limiting lies we serve a God who’s never finished when there’sbreath in our lungs God can turn things around he can get you on the right track and I thinkmany of us in this room have accepted limits that God didn’t put on us we put on ourselveswe’ve accepted caps that other people have said over this you can’t do that you’re too youngyou’re too old God’s done with you you messed up you screwed up you missed it you’ll never get outof this we’ve got to break those limitations off because we’ve accepted that we can’t we won’tand because we won’t we’ll never realize that we actually can today is the dayto stir up that hunger to say with God all things are possible I can do allthings through Christ who strengthens me

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