Tschakka, Du schaffst es! Bastel- & Mal-Motivation für Einsteiger (Tabletop, Geländebau, Tipps, TWS)

Moin Moin and welcome to the TWS and a small motivational video! No , not one of those! Rather, I would like to make the concerns of avoidable outage, especially those brand-new to terrain building, a little less in the following minutes. Because I prevent reading in the comments: “Wow, I would never control that! ” Or “Oh, I care I “ve had your” sciences … ” To be honest, I always feel a bit sorry to hear that, because all the necessary work gradations, I always present proficiencies, the documentation and colors in detail in the videos. And I don’t use any magical sorcery produces either, but always mingle my primers with irrigate and timber glue.In the end, the only difference is that I may have a little more practice with handicrafts. Time like someone who loves to cook and develops fresh nutrient on a regular basis. Of direction, his kitchen aromas a bit more savory than, for example, his neighbours. But even this pastime concoct is merely someone who does a certain thing on a regular basis and therefore does it well. And if you looked at on the meantime 6 years of TWS, you will too find that the topics, tutorials and terrain pieces have gone through a kind of development: Because Dennis and I have tried new things over and over again and so have improved step by step. And of course some projects have become bigger, more complex and more time-consuming. But in the end, this is mostly only unadulterated employ and results from the experience of how what exactly makes: For speciman, how certain information can be trimmed, … Pigments relate to one another … or special effects can be achieved. And I explain all of this again and again in the respective seminars or in detail in separate TWS videos. So a expectation like I can’t do that is just a brake in the head for which there existed no real intellect. Because cutting textiles, … gluing them together … and painting, from my point of view, anyone can.And after a few cases cases of area, everything get more and more relaxed and you are more and more satisfied with your initiations. Really one thing: don’t look too closely at the influences and colourings in the video templates when you are doing handicrafts. I is a well-known fact that a strict register of colorings, for example, gives you a feeling of security that you can paint your own model as well as in the video. But really because of the illuminate in the video and your own screen positions, the shades gape completely different than in reality. So my tip-off for all beginners: Don’t worry too much when doing handicrafts, precisely get started and have fun! In case of mistrust, use the tutorials simply as a rough guide and exclusively build and paint according to the materials and time you have. Everything else comes gradually with the next article of field or by itself. So: Welcome to tabletop and terrain structure – one of the most beautiful pastimes in the world! Incidentally, at the top right I have related a video especially for rookies in terrain interpretation and a playlist with seminars that are particularly easy for amateurs. And in the video description you will find further joins and information especially for novices. Ultimately, I would like to ask all ex-servicemen: What tips-off do you have for amateurs? Write them in the comments and leave a few motivating utterances or know reports for diversion newbies. Have fun doing handicrafts and see you next Friday, told you then !.

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