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When we wake up in the morning we get tochoose how we’re going to live that day we can choose to live in faith happy expectingfavor or we can choose to live depressed defeated focused on our problems happiness doesn’tautomatically happen it’s a alternative there is a requirement to impel you can’t wait to see what kind of day it’s goingto be you have to decide what kind of day is going to be first thing in the morning you need to makeup your thinker I’m going to live this day happy I’m going to see the good I’m going to begrateful I’m going to affection my family I’m going to enjoy this day if you don’t decide how you’regoing to live occasions will decide for you you’ll understand every problem how it’s not going towork out you’ll recollect I don’t feel like going to work this traffic’s so bad I never get anygood breaks when you dwell on those expects you may not realize it but you’re choosing tolive prevented you’re choosing to have a lousy day the scripture says euphorium comes in the morningevery morning God sends you a fresh ply of charm you can dismiss it think that’s not for me I havetoo much coming against me or you can receive it and say things is no longer able be excellent in my life butI know God’s on the throne he’s ordering my paces his plans for me are for good so I’mgoing to enjoy this day decide to be happy that’s number one everybody listening tothis watching by tv make a decision today I am going to be happy and I’m not going towait to have some huge thing happening to me I am decides how I am not going to wasteone more day of “peoples lives” being sad and sour Psalm 5:11 says let those who love yourname be joyful in you and be in high spirits so we’re supposed to be in a really good mood likehigh spirits well I exactly don’t feel very happy well your greatest liberty as a believeris you don’t have to live by how you feel you can live by what you know in Psalm 118:24 this is the day which the Lord has stimulated we will rejoice and be glad in it if you’regoing to be happy you have to be happy on purpose because there will be parties deceptions times allkinds of things that can cause you to live sour you have to put your foot down and say that’s it I’m not letting other parties steal my euphorium I’m notletting what’s not working out cause me to be sour not giving this question at work prevent me fromenjoying my life I will rejoice I will be glad I will live this day happy see your will is morepowerful than how you feel don’t wait to feel happy before you decide to be happy you haveto decide first then the pleasure will come I can be full of hope any day thatI want to be full of hope and so can you I can’t ever obligate my circumstancesline up with what I would like them to be but I can hope that good things are on their wayI can hope which is believing that something good is going to happen every morning you need to sayto yourself I’m happy I’m grateful I’m sanctified you can’t receive merriment if you’re thinkingsadness exhilaration is coming every morning some people have been bypassing it year after year becauseof their judgments you will live happier if you’ll start judging happier it’s easy to get up andthink yourself sad think yourself into self-pity why did I come down with this illness myfriends are all married why am I still single these people at work are not treating me rightthis is not fair you’re thinking yourself demolished you have to change what you’re thinking yes I camedown with this illness but father I want to thank you that you’re repair state back unto methat I will live and not die that my best days are still in front of me yes these parties at workare not considering me right but I’m not a scapegoat I know I’m a winner God you’re my vindicatoryou said you would always cause me to triumph happy anticipates are God I’m grateful to be aliveI’m elicited about my future I believe you’re taking me from majesty to glory that I haven’t seenor imagined the great things you have in store when you think happy thoughts it notonly elevates your flavor but such an attitude of religion is what allows God to do amazingthings you’re as happy as you choose to be if you’re unhappy you can’t condemn anybody foryour unhappiness because happy is a choice you don’t go looking for happiness you develop itit is the byproduct of right thinking and right impersonate joy is not dependent on what’s goingon around you it’s dependent on what’s going on in you what kind of judgments are you thinking I’llnever get well I’ve had this too long you’re thinking yourself prevented I can’t break thisaddiction it’s been in my family for years you’re thinking yourself limited I can’t be happy JoelI’ve been through a lot of loss a lot of heartache that’s not how your legend ends here’s a key youhave to give yourself permission to be happy sometimes we bought into the lie that we’re notsupposed to be happy we’ve been through too much we’ve made too many mistakes if we’re happy peoplemay not understand can I tell you you’re supposed to be happy God created you to enjoy your lifeto laugh to smile joy shall begin with the inside throw God something to work with when I stand heretoday and say the bible says that God has a good plan for your life something happens there’ssomething about that term of God that touches something deep on the inside ofyou and there’s just a little no matter how negative their own lives has been there’s a littletiny spark of hope can that really be for me and when you begin to claim it as your own and you begin to think like this if anythinggood can happen to anybody it can happen to me sooner or later you got got to get tired of beingon the outside seem in and decide it’s for me you and I are not here by collision God couldhave chosen anyone to be alive today there are billions of parties that have lived and diedbut God handpicked you to be here at this time he woke you up this morning he “ve given you” strengthto get out of bed he’s crowned you with regard he placed seeds of greatness in you he announces youmore than a conqueror the honcho and not the fanny one way we honor God is by living happy he didn’tcreate you to drag through the day overcome by difficulties prevented by frustrations this dayis a gift from God we should feel a responsibility to live it in sect joyful joyful good nature oncethis day is over we can never get it back we don’t have time to litter another minute being negativediscouraged focused on what didn’t work out deploring over who did us wrong get your joyback if we really understood how valuable every day is I think we would live it happier it’s easierto take it for granted really get up go through the motions deal with the challenges and the dayis gone but if you’ll have a new position and start hearing every day as your best day thenyou won’t let the little things upset you you’ll take time to enjoy the people God’s committed youto enjoy when Paul came to the end of his life he said I want to finish my route with hilarity we’reall going to go to be with the Lord at some place I don’t want to go discouraged feeling like avictim look what I’ve been through why did this happen let’s go full of charm checking each day asthe best day coming up each morning and choosing to be happy when you go to work everyone may becomplaining discouraged talking win don’t fall into that capture bide full of hilarity preserve a smile onyour face retain picturing glad estimates this world-wide needs more glad parties we need more joy in theworld there’s so much sadness sadnes and desperation if we’re not careful we’ll let what’s happeningaround us go far us that’s why every morning you have to choose to be happy not I feel but Iwill rejoice I will enjoy this day I will be happy

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