God Will Change That Situation – Trust In God | Steve Harvey, Joel Osteen | 2022 Powerful Speech

Someone closes a opening inyour face, all you have to remember is when Godallows them to close the door in your face, allGod wants you to do is walk up the foyer. Issome more dose. You just got to walk up the hallway, because I can promise you, he got a betterdoor that he want you to go through than the onethat got shut in your face.That’s a fact.That’s a fact. But “whats happened to” parties isthey stand up pulsating on the door. Open it backup. We’re gonna time a write in campaign. Whyare you leaving me? I gotta have my job. Whatabout my assistances? Hey, stop. The doors closedfor a conclude because God time wants you to walkup the vestibule because he got another door whichis bigger and when you open and get behind it, you ain’t gonna believe was back there. But youwill never get to it. If you stand in front ofthat doorway crying. Please open it back up. Helpme, my kinfolks … Stop go up the corridor man.These parties that closed doors in your face. Theyain’t the only entrance. They ain’t the onlydoor. God is the Creator of all doors, gentleman. I’mjust gonna see what else he got for me. Oh, identify, God manufactured us very different. This God wegot, God is amazing. He created you soindividually. Do you know that is close to 8billion people on earth? Now? Do you know thatit’s almost 8 billion people on Earth? Do youknow how many billions of beings going to die? Doyou know that if you dig up all in beings thathave died, and all the people that arepresently now, and every last one of themthat he’s gonna do in the future , not one ofyou have the same fingerprint? Who dothat? Who could possibly be so precise, in hisinfinite wise, that He caused you so uniquely, that ain’t no two people got the samefingerprint.That’s crazy, subject. That’s realcrazy. God a bad boy, serviceman. He’s a bad boy. We all have things thatcome against us. It’s easy to live up tight.Wondering how it’s going to work out? What if themedical report isn’t good? What if myfinances don’t get better? What if my childdoesn’t get accepted in that clas? We tried tofigure it out. We’ve done our best. But wedon’t see anything changing. If we’re notcareful, we’ll live worried, inhibited, not expecting it to get better. But there’s asimple word, you have to keep down in yourspirit. God’s got this. He’s on the throne. Hesees what’s happening. He once has thesolution.You don’t have to figure it out. Theremay not be a logical reaction. In the natural, you don’t see a acces. That’s okay. We serve asupernatural God. He has ways to do it. We’venever was just thinking about. Instead of trying toforce it to happen, living up tight, youhave to let go and cause God. When you turn itover to him and say, God, I know you’ve gotthis.I know you’re in control. Not only willyou feel the heaviness, the value face-lift off ofyou, but God will shape things happen that youcouldn’t make happen. And some of the thingsthat are frustrating you now, justification you to losesleep. That would all alter, if you wouldhave this new perspective that God’sgot this. Sometimes we’re trying to playGod. We’re trying to obligate our boss promoteus, realise ourselves get well and build thecontract “re going through”. But as long as we’re tryingto force it, living disheartened, worried, then God stairs back. But when you make your handsoff and say, God, I know you’ve got this, I’m notgoing to worry about my finances. I’m not goingto live up tighten because of the medical report.I’m not going to be exasperated because Ihaven’t met the title being. God, I trustyour aging, and I trust your routes. My life is inyour hands. God never predicted that wewouldn’t have difficulties, but he didpromise he would commit us strength for everybattle.He would take what was meant for harmand use to our advantage. All of you you’re in theprocess right now. You’re in the process ofbecoming what God wants you to be. See thereason you wake up every day. The intellect you keepwaking up is because God ain’t through what youyet. If God was through with you, you wouldn’twake up no more. But he saves waking you upbecause He still has something for you thatyou’ve yet to receive. But you have to startliving your life in expectation, you havegot to stop expecting great things to happenfor you, in order for it to happen.It is the lawof attraction. It is real, it is nothing fakeabout it. You may have a goodreason to worry about something in yourhealth, your finances a dream, you’ve doneeverything you are eligible to, doesn’t look like it’sgoing to work out, stay in faith. God is saying, I’ve got this. I’m working behind thescenes, I’m in the process of turning itaround. It’s just a matter of time beforeyou ascertain things altered in your indulgence. Now live outof a lieu of armistice, a lieu of trust, it maynot happen the style you thought. But God’s waysare better than our modes. God knows what’sbest for you. He’s got this. When Daviddefeated Goliath, a beings twice his length. Itwasn’t just so David could be promoted. SoDavid could be reputation. That win wasassigned to the Philistines, assigned toall of their foes, even assigned to theIsraelites that God was in control, his hand afavor and sanctifying was on them.Some of thebattles God grants in your life are not justabout you, it’s to make a statement to thepeople around you. Nothing speaks anylouder than when people see the praise on yourlife. When they told you overcoming obstaclesthat should have braced you back, defeatinggiants that were bigger, accomplished in dreamswhere you didn’t have the expertise, like theking with Daniel, they will know you serve thetrue and the living God. Not only that, when Godbrings us through the lions dens, through thefiery furnaces, those wins are like fuelto feed your religion when you face otherchallenges. You’ll know if God did it for meback then he’ll do it for me again. Don’t getdiscouraged when you face things you don’tunderstand, obstacles that are bigger thanyou. That’s simply an opportunity for God toshow you who he is. One thing to believe thatGod has superpower, believe that he can do theimpossible, that’s good.But God wants you to domore than just accept. He wants you toexperience his influence. He’s going to show youhis greatness support you his indulgence. When peoplecome against me. They will stumble and transgression, the Almighty army circumvents me, my heartwill know no horror. Even if they assault, I willremain confident. David lived with thisattitude. God’s got this. I’m not going tobe worried. I’m not gonna live upset. I knowhe’s bigger than any handicap that I’mfacing.He said a little later, when troublecomes, God will conceal me. He will target me out ofreach high on a stone. You may have enemiescoming against you. But you have an advantage.God has residence you out of reach. They can’tdefeat you. They can’t preserve you from yourdestiny. Now do like David, remain confident.Keep your quietnes may feel like you’re surroundedby an army.The truth is you are surrounded byGod’s favor. The powers that are for you aregreater than the forces that are against you.David said even though they are they criticize, I won’t getupset. Sickness may have attacked you. Addictionsmay have attacked, debt may have attacked, that’s a test. Are you going to get worried? live in fear? What if it doesn’t work out? Didyou see the medical report? There are 40,000 students, what if he doesn’t meet the rightpeople? Stay in Peace, are confident. God’sdone it for you in the past? He’s going to doit for you again in the future.Is somethingweighing you down today? Are you worried about asituation disheartened by what didn’t work out? Ormaybe down on yourself? Because you’re not whereyou thought you would be? God is saying to youwhat he said to her. I’ve got this. It’s nota surprise to me. I have new beginnings. I havehealing. I have breakthroughs. I’masking you to change your perspective. Switchover into religion. That statu at work thatyou’re worried about God’s got it. Thatmedical report that restrain you up at night, living emphasized is not making it any better bestill and know that He is God. He has in thepalm of his hand. He’s got this.

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