1 Hour Of David Goggins Greatest Motivation – Powerful Speeches To Transform Your Life

this is why we read a bunch of bibles nowadays asas humen we we want to find out how to be someone else what we don’t do is we don’t goinside so literally turn yourself inside out read the book that says like we’re writing abook every day of our lives but we never speak that record so what i would challenge this young manor young woman to do is you have to look inside of yourself to see what you really want what areyou passionate about we use these words and these little terms of merely the strong survive and allthis other crap they’re all only[ __] oaths i get so tired of hearing people just talking likeright now someone may think goggins is talking you don’t know me so when i speak i speak from passioni speak from experience i “i m speaking” from suffering i have to tell this young man and womanthat the only way i believe this is just my experience in living the only way you’re evergoing to get to the other side of this journeying is you have got to suffer to grow to grow you mustsuffer and some people will get it some people won’t but they have to see what their pilgrimage isto start their journey several people live to be a hundred years old and the government has great lives andthey have great minors their babies go to college lost their stuff but somewhere in their life there wasa point where they had a decision to shape they can go left or right on this path left was the easyroute right was a hard-bitten route a lot of beings take the easy itinerary and they had a good live that waybut the better life was going to the right side and you may have 20 years of sorenes and sufferingto get past it but a lot of us died never genuinely starting our journey and i would tell this youngperson you got to start your pilgrimage it may suck but it will it will come out the other side whereyou’re coasting every day we’re ensure who we are as people when i was growing up i i lied forpeople to accept me because i didn’t consent myself that is why i would make up legends so thenyou would accept me into your world i would uh everything i did was for someone elseto like me it wasn’t until i started reading my own volume about how piteous i was as a human beingi could condemn my daddy i can denounce girls at clas i have been able to condemn having state publishes atd my momma notbeing around immense mummy but she was doing her thing i could condemn a lot of people and that’s thebook i was reading and i gave it off on everybody else it wasn’t until i said you know what forme to fix this i gotta spoke what the hell what the[ __] is wrong with david goggins not blameanybody predict my bible it’s okay i’m afraid of my pall how can i overcome that go in the militaryget your ass kicked do things you hate to do be awkward every[ __] era of your life rogerthat i’m not the smartest kid in the world okay is there somebody saying oh no you’re smart no nodon’t say that to yourself i said to myself no i’m a stupid[ __] okay roger that how you get smartereducate yourself so the things that we run from we’re running from the truth we’re running fromthe truth man so the only way i became successful was going towards the truth as painfuland as remorseless as it is it varied me it allowed me to become in my own liberty who i amtoday i’m very fortunate that i grown up in a day when there was no phones and there was no socialmedia and i intimate yes i’m on social media on a very limited basis because i have a tale to telland it’s a great pulpit exploit it as a stage don’t help it as your life my biggest adviceto give everybody in the world is like i say we live in an external life everything isis you got to see it suggestion it it’s external if you are eligible to for the rest of your life live insideof yourself stop listening to people who are calling you overweight lesbian transsexual[ __] everythingthat is stirs no gumption all these insecure people putting their insecurities on you “youre gonna have to” flushit out “youre gonna have to” time be whoever the inferno idol or whatever the inferno you believe in if you believein nothing but yourself i don’t care what it is you got to make everything and throw it away youhave to believe in one thing and that is yourself and and i’m not saying don’t believein divinity or what you believe in but right now for you to find greatness in yourselfyou’re not going to find it by ogling in a journal or by even discovering me i may give you the sparkbut you’ve got to go inside yourself to find it and that means you gotta be quietshut the[ __] up going to be home a area stop talking scour your soul exploration yourmind scour your abilities and you’ll find it but if you’re not looking forward to it you won’t findit so you got to go start your outing and the outing starts with you procuring why the hellam i now on this planet earth why am i now and if you don’t know that you will live the restof your life searching always asking the question why all the things that i was i failed and i wentback i disappointed i went back and i lastly attained all the things that knocked my ass i positioned themon the cookie jar because at times of inferno even the hardest souls in times of sufferingwhat we do is we forget how hard we are actually because that’s what woe issuffering is a test it’s all it is suffering is the true test of life and so thatcookie jar wanders in my brain so whenever i just got put in a situation where i have poopypants the what was me mentality of oh my god life suctions i take a second i make the one seconddecision i step out of my life for one second go in the cookie container pull up oh[ __] you wentyou were in three whole weeks and finished two one of those two weeks a chap died and becauseit was so bad oh you are[ __] badass you are i put it back in the cookie cup and i rememberwho the[ __] i really am i’m not the kid that got that that was called gouge i’m not the scaredkid this is who i am it’s a remembrance of who you absolutely are at the core of yourself but what i wassaying to myself the whole time on that track and it and this is what i say to myself self-talkand visualization are the two keys to my success i believed for that last time 19 miles i wasindestructible because i made myself in that chair crapping up my back pee-pee bloodon my leg shin splint elongate crackings i use all that for motivating versusnegativity i use it for reason i i said to myself who on this[ __] earth wouldstill go on home right now you are you are you got to be the most difficult[ __] on the planetis it true-life i don’t give a[ __] at that time it got me to the finish line of that[ __] racei believed it i believe it today i believed it sufficient to where my mas said he’s not going tostop and that’s i took all the negative things i need to go to the hospital this and thatand i use oh who the hell could even get on that chair you did who the hell would youthink about taping stress fractures up you did all those things i used for motivation butbasically what the dark side is is we all have a cookie jar and we all have a jar of and inhell week what they do in hell week because this is where i really went to the dark side whatthey’re doing hell week is they design hell week to find your flaws and they do a really good jobof that it’s 130 hours of endless education you may get two hours of sleep and they beatthe[ __] out of you and find everything wrong with your mentality and then theystart hell weak and that’s the allure of it and for me i’m not some not you know naturallygod-given guy you know i don’t have a great fleck of geniu in anything so what got me through horribletimes was the dark side was i created my mention is david goggins i created goggins goggins is the guythat can take anything you put in front of them you want to break my[ __] legs so be it i havea way of going to a region like i did in that race where all the pain and tolerate that they puton top of me in blaze week i will make that sting and torment and i will take your soulso every teach that lean me through hum my work what drove me was i wanted you to go homethat night after you beat the living[ __] out of me and i smiled in your face i wanted you tofeel worse than i did and you were going home to a neat warm berthed with your spouse or your children ina nice meal and i was still out there in the traction suffer for another 100 hours i wanted youto think about me knowing that i’m cozy being very unfucking pleasant and i want you tothink about when you went through[ __] hell week how embarrassing you were and how bad youwanted to quit knowing i’m not thinking that[ __] acces so the dark side is something thati’ve designed it’s an immorality region i can go that very few things can hurt me i use the hurt you’retrying to put on me i snap it upside down and use it you try to use it for kryptonite no it’spower pillars for me i’m squandering it for persuasivenes i just flung negative into positive that’sall it is parties make so much pique to me you are able to never learn from beings if wealways tap dance around the truth we tap dance around the truth by detect the privilege wordsi don’t hurt you because you have thin surface no to be strengthened beings it’s okay cartel me it’sokay you might be called[ __] one day it’s okay you might be called some jewish wordor some[ __] or lesbian message it’s okay cause them call you that what are you going to do now theydon’t own your life how are you going to control that now how are you going to flip it upside downand say roger that now i’m going to harness this[ __] and you’ll read about me times from now howthat’s the question how are you going to do that thicken your surface were becoming increasingly of a human beingdon’t be afraid of the thought in the reflect because that’s all you can be afraid of onceyou overcome the thoughtfulnes in the mirror you’ve done it the younger generation quits noteverybody so i gotta i gotta leant that beings get their butt hurt so not everybody most of thisgeneration ceases the second largest they get was just talking to you did this wrong you did this wrong or they getyelled at it’s so easy to to be great nowadays because everybody else is most people are weakthis this is a lightened generation so if you have any mental toughness any any clevernes if you haveany fraction of self-discipline the ability to not want to do it but still do it people havea a hard thing to understand i dislike to run and and what moves me so crazy it doesn’t needmore is people well why do you run if you detest it what are you talking about i don’t wantto take showers and feed either i hate that more the whole that’s a life man that and and it wasn’tuntil i changed that attitude that i became mortal i hated going to school so guess what iwas dumb as[ __] that’s what one plus one is two but if you can get through todoing things that you detest to do on the other side is greatness that’s what peopleunderstand by me operating “i know i m” heartless in my thought i’m not training for a hasten i’m training forlife i’m training for the time when i get that two o’clock in the morning call that my momis dead or something happens dire in animation i don’t fall apart i’m qualify my imagination and mybody my heart so it’s all one i used can manage what life is gonna throw at me because thelife i’ve lived it throws a whole cluster at you and if you’re not physically and mentallyprepared for that you’re just gonna crumble and you’re good for none so what makes me rejoice andhappiness is knowing how beautiful the subconsciou is and i’m one of the few people that didn’tread about it then it suffered it through some some narcotic i got to experience thebeauty of true-life[ __] willpower true-blue[ __] you i’m gonna flunk i’m gonna[ __] faili’m gonna[ __] fail i’m gonna[ __] flunk and i will succeed just me talking aboutthat gives me a feeling i know what i did and i don’t need to travel somewhereor to have this or have that i have it all here in my spirit the perfection isremembering this young dumb what people announced is now where i’m at today and that is when youfinally get to that site for me it’s forever lasting peace i do need i could die rightnow on this display and i’ll be happy ma’am so that’s that’s my happiness is is my reflectionon the affliction of my journeying knowing i never quit nor was i guided by anybody on this soil iwas guided by something much more powerful and i listened and i espouse the road of most resistancetalent not required we’re all we are all immense no matter if if you think you’re foolish maybeyou think you’re paunch no matter if you are overweight no matter if you’ve been bullied or no matterif you just got back from iraq or afghanistan and you have no legs or your arms or whateverman we all have greatness it exactly you got to find the daring you got to find the daring toput your bose headphones on and silence the noise out of this world and to find it and to findit because it’s out there but it’s gonna do hard work gallantry self-discipline it’s gonnatake all the non-cognitive knowledge the all the non-cognitive skills to be great you know smart isgood all this nonsense is good that’s all cognitive it’s the non-cognitive skills that situate you apartfrom everybody else and that’s what it’s all about i developed a reality that wasn’t real that’sthe thing we always do we can have a great life but we always improve this reality around the onething we don’t have so therefore our huge life-time we don’t even see it we insure the one part of clothingwe weren’t able to get versus the amazing things we have so we focus on that i was the kingof focusing on the one bad thing in “peoples lives” the one bad person called me[ __] thougheverything bad i focused on that but over here was a beautiful world of my life even though icame from nothing where i could have taken my mind for the possibilities of where i can go ifi work harder that was all over here but i lived in the excrement over here so basically what istarted doing was when i was 297 i “ve thought about” my divinity lover like this in my life i thoughts okaywhat what does heaven look like i don’t know no one does i imagine so i was like okay i imaginethere’s a big long line and you’ve got judging and you’re divinity let’s say you’re idol and i’m justdavid goggins large-hearted long way and you’re talking to jane jane doe jane doe goes by and behind youis a big white board and the white-hot board has like a time a piece of paper and you draw it down thenext party in line is david goggins and on this board it has all this trash on if i can’t seekhim very far back in line so i come up i sit down now you’re talking to me david congratulationsyou made to heaven how “youre feeling” and right now i’m 300 pound human equal laboratory person i’m 71 years oldthis is what i’m thinking at 24 years old okay i’m dead i’m in heaven you’re god you gather thepaper down says david goggins i’m reading it and i’m looking at it it has my specify buton the working paper it says everything about you everything because divinity knows all now i’m lookingat it and i’m seeing 185 pounds navy seal reformed people’s lives all these amazing thingspublic speaker blah blah blah blah motivational all the best-selling journal and look at god said godyou the mention is right but what’s on here is not me he goes it should have been you this wasthe life that you were supposed to live but you didn’t try so this is the life that youhave be understood that that was supposed to be my life but because i didn’t try hard enough because i didn’tput forth every single bit of an ounce of pres in my body into being better they purposed up being a3 00 pound person that made a thousand dollars a month and i was fine there that was okay so that’show my imagination productions it wreaks that road to see where is this going to take me what’s thepossibility and i was able to visualize the end so before so when i was 297 and i was all fat andout of shape and i couldn’t movement a part mile and i was drinking milkshakes and devouring boxesof donuts i imagined gentleman how would it feel so after i watched that prove on invention channelfor a brief moment i was so there was 22 guys that graduated i watched this segment on tv aboutthese guys going through navy still training courses and i couldn’t even i i demanded a great swimmer iwas afraid of the irrigate all this turd man and um i saw these guys only discontinuing but at the very endit says 22 people there’s require officers up there and it imparts this great speech i was like man iwonder so i started visualizing me being the 23 rd person in these dress whites sitting there with theseguys get that navy seal you know graduating this navy seal training i was like god so i putmyself there i was like man that’s a amazing feeling i made myself there at 297 not even ableto do anything that these immense humanities were doing i said person if i could feel that that would changemy life if i could just feel that one it lasts for one second you get that certificateyou walk across the stage and what’s next but i didn’t know that then my thinker wasn’ti thought i’d live in that moment forever so i said wow adult if i could just feel likethem if i could feel like them and what was that feeling you demanded so bad respect acknowledgementvictory i wanted to win not like beat somebody else it wasn’t about that i i just wanted to gothe distance everything in my life when something went hard i cease if it was reading that’s whyyou know i wasn’t great at reading i wasn’t great at writing so i just quit i couldn’t catchon as fast as you i didn’t work harder than you so i quit you know i wasn’t great at things soi cease you know i’m i’m not good at this like man if i could just go that distance that extramile to just go just to finish i want to finish i want to feel victory and win forme wasn’t prevailing it was just finishing so i said you know what if i could feellike these people feel it would change my life but what i recognized the best feeling i had waswhen i was by myself trying to lose this force i had to lose it in literally less than threemonths 106 pounds less than three months and literally i started feeling victoryjust by putting myself in the battle it wasn’t about going to navy seal training itwasn’t about being the 23 rd chap in that chair i started realizing boy only by going to war withmyself every day and putting these challenges and these goals and these obstacles theseinsurmountable difficulties so what about losing 106 pounds me losing 5 pounds an accomplishmentme losing 10 pounds and then 50 pounds and the more i did the more i gained confidence yourmind prefers the line of least resistance your judgment has the eventual tactical advantage overyou it knows what blemishes you it it it knows your fears it knows your anxieties and it protectsyou which i talked about the 40 rule in my volume the 40 rulers all about the brain has the tacticaladvantage over you it knows and it obstructs you away from all that that’s why it says don’t jumpout of an airplane don’t go in the ocean where there’s sharks it’s a protective mechanismdon’t go back to the place where your dad strike the[ __] out of you in your brain don’t go backthe brain protects you but protects you so much it doesn’t allow growing so the mentality is an amazingthing but the brain controls you you must control it you must take power over your own mind oryour thought used to guide you into all the soft spikes soft plazas that your brain wants to live in yourbrain has enough information it doesn’t want to go through that process of of brain hardeningdoesn’t want to do that i gotta remember what time i gotta be here what time i gotta be therethis is where i wanna stay i’m peaceful he wants to stay very harmonious away from scarring so that’sthat’s what it is male there’s a enunciate that leader you through life and sometimes this chap in yourdirection that you don’t want to go that’s usually the right place to go it’s that uncomfortableplace so that enunciate is always talking to me but we don’t listen to it i listen to it and when istarted getting desirous excitable like i’ve done we all know when we’ve done too much because it’stelling us i’m getting tired i’m wearing down but we we go we go we go i started talking to myfiance hey i’m doing too much you start now like like i done so in hell week like i doall the time your one second decision it’s that decision when your spirit starts to getso amped up whenever you can’t hear yourself think you gotta slow down whenever you’re living offa schedule every day’s a schedule every day’s a schedule you have no time for yourself whenyou start and we all know it i don’t have time for this anymore i have time for that anymorethat’s when your recollection and your organization are saying think about that i’m disregard my fiancei’m forgetting my penalties of life i’m neglecting my read my study my my workoutsmy my my diet you start neglecting all of that you neglect one of them you can you can neglectall of them a long time it’s going to haunt you when you start seeing that my divinity i haven’t eatenright in a long time i haven’t been sleeping claim a long time it’s going to be one of thosethings to take you off so i’m i’m very aware of my eating my sleeping my my disciplines of lifeand i started to get too far away from them it’s a hard stop because what stirred me me are theself not just self-disciplines the self disciplines of life and those are always in front of you if youhave any they’re always in front of you we we are 40 50 60 still shedding that tantrum weonce did at seven and eight years old so people recall with senility is expansion no it’s notyou have to go back into the scar resounding to get the growth on the other side of that extreme placethat i’d ask torment ask what it is you demand there’s a entire other world that people have noteven examined but you have to go to the extreme place to examine it you want to stay here inthis cozy place once you’re willing to push yourself to that extreme plaza it’s likea entirety other cosmo it’s almost like like you’re an cosmonaut and you’ve examined somethinglike up in outer space now it’s always been there but you have to be going through all the muckand all this[ __] to review and realize my idol do all this poop there’s a entire other wholeuniverse over here in my brain what we do so well in this world is we appreciate super human peopleand we name them the second largest we designation them what that does that gives us a get out of jailfree card is that they’re the one percenters i’m not even gonna “re just trying” do that because that’snot even in me god reached them special they’re special beings there are no special peopleor special sentiments the spirit can be created on your own you can do that yourself sothat’s why i write the book like i write it so people can look at me and say my idol hecame from this he had to overcome all of this so i take away all the claims even crazy even thefact that he’s super human all those designations are now deprived away but what’s funny about that youwill have my diary in your hand you will read it in its entirety you examine the audio journal whateveryou get and by term you get to chapter 9 or 10 you already forgot chapter one two and three ofthe inferno i just came through that’s how fast the mind wants to soften you up and say this guy’s justnuts he’s super human that’s how fast the thinker you already forgot what you read you and yourand you adore the book you’re loving the book and you already forgot the first three chaptersbecause your mind is saying this is impossible it’s already guiding you downthat path of least resistance as you’re reading the book it’s how potent itis so we gotta invariably remind ourselves of go back to chapter one two and three ever remindyourself of those periods of that you can also do this but you have to first self-examineor live autopsy your own personal life-time so i used to take one day off a week i used totake one day off the body recover title clears sense but that one day off was an active recoveryday where i would get on a tutor and journey for like two hours but at a at nuclear-weapon-free zones one heartrate very low heart rate and i replaced the carbohydrates in my organization while i go because thebest way to recover for me is to do something at a very low heart rate because therefore your blood’sflowing through your mas as your blood’s flowing through your figure refuel it with the nutrientsbecause then your blood’s flowing the nutrients is going through all your cells in your body all thatglycogen is now flowing at a low heart rate so it’s not burning it it’s refueling so every sundayused to be that and it kind of snowballed into as human being we belief like so many peoplebefore i give them a workout plan they’re talking about recovery everybody everybody that hearsme speak they want to go straight to recovery work out first work out first before you talk tome about convalescence used to work first we are always looking for like whenever i talk to people peopletake my words and they and they and they applied it in a way to where they want to feel comfortablethis guy you know they they they want to put you in a chest they just wanted to made a entitlement on you no you’reputting a name on me to perform yourself feel right about yourself if you read this book of mineand you consider where i came from this person with this person was not built this this this personwas not made by god this person sorry this person was constructed i made this person i made this personby diving into the dangers that life-time gave me because now they’re yours they’re yours to ownif you’re not smart-alecky gondola yourself dumb it’s okay because you are but take that knowledge you putyourself down if you’re solid call yourself solid i were 300 pounds we we want to talk so softto ourselves we’re looking for that recovery era and that improvement day is everything in yourlife everything in your life is a recovery day we’re looking for it it’s not comingit’s not coming got to get that recovery date and that’s the mentality i made with me andwhat happened through that process was all the pointless things of animation started to float awayi had to tell people lies so they would like me because i was so insecure when you start tobuild yourself up and start to have the one thing that we don’t have is confidencereal genuine confidence from hard work everything else goes away you no longer look toother parties for yourself groundwork you now know i walk in the chamber now and i know that hours andyears and decades i put into david goggins that’s some it’s not on the wall it’s not a trophyon the wall it’s not a male around your cervix it is actually a feeling in your heart and peoplewhy don’t you ever smile i don’t have to yeah i do have a story look at my face i’m a awfully focusedperson but the thing i have in my mind and my middle that’s why i need to smile i don’t needto smile i don’t need you to look at me and say oh my god you look happy because half of us aren’thappy we’re giving you something that we think you want to see i don’t do that anymore i don’t carehow you comprehend david goggins because through my journeying i figured out the one segment i was missingi thought it was gondolas i thought it was dames i thought it was i thought it was money i thoughtwas everything the one case i was missing was me having the firmnes to face myself and onceyou do that on a daily basis it’s not about the running work parties are going to be you’renot working out where i got my work ethic from was the hours i had to invest learning thiswhen you sitting there and you’re not smart and you have a disability and you still want to bein the top of your class i didn’t want to get by when i realized that i can learn through hardwork and i can beat the valedictorian in school but well throw in 10 hours more a daylight than he doesyou know what kind of strength comes from that when you’re sitting down that guy thatthat valedictorian study for an hour and you know i caught you i caught you and iam dumb but i have just been the employ ethic to catch you that’s where david gaga’s got reallyinvented was at a kitchen counter with 20 spiral notebooks that were emptyand then three months later they were full and when you can go through that i still havethem in my storage part you’re going through these spiral notebooks of your life and you’re like thisis how i learned this is unbelievable there’s no miles it’s not about the examples it’s that having adiscipline every day they say for me to learn this one math problem it’s gonna take me 10 hours andthat’s where it and you recognize through hard work you can do you can outwork anybody how badass theyare but that’s the part parties don’t want to dive into it began with yourself serviceman you got to startdiving into those things that you are afraid of you don’t gain confidence by going to thespot that reaches you feel good it could be a false reality and the second life givesyou that challenge all you want to do is go back to what clears you confidence or or orwhat gave you confidence is that happy spot no what gives you confidence what gave meconfidence was investing years at a kitchen counter trying to learn how to read and write on my ownrealizing i can’t learn the style you learn can’t but i can learn what gives you confidencenot being afraid it’s overcoming the horror isis stutters dangerously bad so right now i don’tknow how many people are going to watch this you know what gives me confidence is knowing i nolonger help if i sinners are stuttering to you that’s what gives me confidence isfacing these things solve these problems and maybe not overcoming them every day but facingthem and facing their face and urging like this you know what man this is where it’s at it’s notin that comfort zone it’s in the annoyance zone is where my confidence is gettingbuilt that’s where it’s getting built but people want to they crave an easieranswer there has to be an easier way there’s not i’m sorry i probed for it my entirelife i instruct a lot of people nowadays billionaires who order me on the phone andsay matt i’m still missing some it’s because they did what they were goodat and they had this beautiful family two three mansions gondolas everything has everything inthe world on the outside looking like my divinity lover how can you be unhappy i walk around with abackpack with all my stuff in and i walk around happiest person in the world have nothing happyas blaze it’s because i found out the whole key to life it’s not in all that you have to faceyourself so many people live to be 100 years old and they die sorry having everythingbecause they never examined there’s always a blockade there’s a impediment in your brain there’sa hurdle you got to find out what kind of removes that barrier from your brainmy biggest barrier was my father and formerly i removed that barrier i was freeto think and once i felt good about myself i was free to place war in i never feltgood about myself i never felt good on myself whenever i was only get somewhere the demonwould come back introduced me right back in the enclosure if you don’t go back like i’m a runnerleft knee hurts a lot of parties focus on that[ __] left knee a lot of era it’syour[ __] claim trendy and that’s about live you got to figure out what has shambled you upmentally suffering is a fact of life if you look at suffering the title word it’s a great implement tocallous your imagination if you look at it as tolerate woe is me this is[ __] god knocking cliffs ifyou look at like okay[ __] you’re testing me i get it whenever i’m being like depressedi “re going through” chilled minutes of oh hang on i’m getting i’m getting measured so you haveto be aware of all the signals and signals that are being given to you from the world oneof them is if you feel bad you’re being tested how are you going to perform under thatand that’s suffering’s a part of life so my thing that continues me becoming every day ismy mission in soul wow i did not choose it i’m an introvert and i[ __] hatewhat we’re doing even right now is to always keep the[ __] track you manthe[ __] up every[ __] epoch of your life because you know exactly what it is to not manup i’ve done that too many times in my life so that’s what maintenances me get because i knowthat’s the only place where emergence happens it’s the only place “ive never” forget when iwas younger and i lived in a seven dollar month region and it[ __] up everything wasjacked up i was only for i had a pair of jeans and every i’m going to forget this long as i live you know first day of academy beings go schoolshopping right week out two weeks out maybe a month out we have anybody do that so this pairof jeans that the inside of the pocket was green the inside of the pocket was green and warm almostevery[ __] daytime so what i did for the next year of school was i cut that pocket out so the greenwas testify so it looked like a brand-new duet of jeans all i demanded was money all i required was a nice automobile it was a neat dwelling thesecond i got the[ __] coin to make love i realized this is[ __] that’s whyi don’t own a automobile i don’t want a place i don’t own[ __] you will see me wearing thesame[ __][ __] every[ __] era i don’t hi why not that nothing nothing what i realizedis all i wanted in my life was look at that[ __] in that accountability mirrorand be proud of and everything else went away while you need money to be successfulyou need money to live you need money money does buy a pattern of pleasure because withoutit you’re[ __] sordid but once i realized it doesn’t mean[ __] it doesn’tmean for me what reaches you happy accomplishment reaching points achieving thingsthat i thought were inconceivable to accomplish because while i don’t smile all the time there’sthis feeling inside of me that no one very few people have very few people have becausewhen you come from where i came from nothing and you oblige something out of nothing thefeeling it stays with you all day[ __] long it allows you to be who you wantto be in front of anybody so that’s a lot of occasions i’ll be in a 200 mile guided orsomething like that and i’m all jacked up body’s broken mine’s broken spirit’s broken i startedto say what if i can attract this off when i first went into the navy seal recruiter’s officehe looked at me and said there’s only been 35 african americans in 70 years make it through youknow i said to myself what if i can be the 36 th it’s the what if i can pull off a miracle what ifi can become someone that no one imagines i can be and really that just me talking about that i havethe hair going up on my weapons because it does me just like what if i can be that guy that peoplewho ask[ __] and this and that and now i’m speaking at tom ferry’s occurrence you have to have thetruth to have a starting point so when you like if if i’m lying to you about who “i know i m” or i’mlying to you about whatever there’s no starting point there’s a false reality right you have tocreate the real reality so that’s what i call my accountability reflect in my work that’s the realreality where the[ __] am i going to start from so for me i was lying to this lying aboutthat so i had no starting point once you come face to face with who you are you havea starting point all right i’m not real smart i have no courage i have no self-esteem i haveno nothing nothing that’s my starting point now we can move from there but if i tell myselfi’m strong i have courage i’m smart and all these are lies you continuously push that starting pointbackwards so that starting point is the truth the no[ __][ __] truth that merely you can tellyourself the only way you’re ever going to get to the other side of this passage is you have gotto suffer to grow to grow you must suffer and some people will get it and some people won’tbut they have to see what their travel is to start their journey several people live tobe a hundred years old and they have enormous lives and they have great boys their minors go tocollege and lost their stuff but somewhere in their life there was a point where they had adecision to utter they can go left or right on this path left was the easy street right was ahard route a lot of parties make the easy route and they had a good man that method but the betterlife was going to the right side and you may have 20 years of suffering and affliction to get past it buta lot of us died never rightfully starting our wander and i would tell this young person yougot to start your passage it may suck but it will it will come out the other side whereyou’re coasting i have been able to denounce a lot of people and that’s the book i was reading and i leant it off oneverybody else it travelled until i said you know what for me to fix this i gotta read what the hellwhat the[ __] is wrong with david goddess not denounce anybody predict my diaries okay i’mafraid of my pall how can i overcome that go in the military get your ass kicked dothings you dislike to do be awkward every[ __] date of your life roger that i’mnot the smartest kid in the world okay instead somebody’s saying oh no you’re smart-alecky no nodon’t say that to yourself i said to myself no i’m a dumb[ __] okay roger that how you get smartereducate yourself so the things that we run from we’re running from the truth we’re running fromthe truth man so the only way i became successful was going towards the truth as painfuland as harsh as it is it varied me it allowed me to become in my own privilege whoi am today we are happy to surround ourselves it concludes us feel so good those people who say it’sokay it’s okay it’s not okay it isn’t okay man and i and i get it society’s changing and welove to feel required and desired trust me that’s all important it is but you have to have thetruth from people hey you’re not working your backside off hard enough you’re not trying hardenough we all think we’re trying hard but what are you gauging that off of are you gazing offof like i talked to this one kid the other day college is knocking my ass i said what are yougazing that off of i disappear are you trying because yeah i’m trying my ass off i’m studying hardi start what are you gauging trying hard-bitten off of well in high school i didn’t have to tryat all and i did huge evaluates in college i’m trying hard-handed you’re trying hard comparedto what the hell are you did in high school which was it came easy to you so your actuality is somethingyou procreated off of something easy so you trying hard-bitten is two hours of studying i’m gonna tell youthe difference in trying hard and trying hard-bitten trying hard-boiled is something in your thinker really doesn’tstop we where we know two hours isn’t enough so it’s all about you know realityand what you’re basing things off of i fabricated a[ __] i actually seat back iwas solid annoying out of shape disgraceful and developed a human being in my judgment that didn’teven exist and said that’s what i want to be i want to be that guy i want to be a guy that’scapable of doing exactly what i’m doing today and “youve got to” if you weren’t carry that guythat mentally strong person he can’t be made maid soul whatever whatever the inferno youwant it can be made but in moving that person you have to be able to turn down book distributes youhave to be you have to be who the[ __] you are every day of your life and never care aboutanybody who gets in your acces that said you’re not “ve got something” the proper way i was alwaysafraid of people not wanting to like when you get be as bad as i did i lied all the time i wanted tobe accepted and adored and all that[ __] that “ive created” about 50 parties what it is you like i likejust if you would be my friend only be my friend and that’s where we get lost in life if youdon’t get over that you’re fated because what happens is this you start to create a wholebunch of people that aren’t even yourself you you never figure out who you are you younever lives up to your dreams your ambition you you live up to what whoever is around youthat you like so much that you want to emulate and be like so much you live their dreams you youso it’s you you lose your power you you lose your power the ultimate power is owning yourself it’seasy for me to sit back and say you know what poopy breathes mentality i want to sit back and letthe world take care of me now and we that’s what talking about don’t play sick too long while mychildhood was so messed up i played sick way too long and i virtually lost tons of opportunities byplaying sick because it feels good to play sick my dad flog the[ __][ __] out of him mani i couldn’t speak i can’t read you know when i was a junior in high school i couldn’t speak ifyou live that man it feels good for beings to oh husband no that’s just david man he’s just not realsmart he had a bad live you get to get out of jail free placard that’s nice it sucks doing what i had todo to get here today “thats really not”[ __] enjoyable that darkness is there’s nothing that nighttime to driveme the places i had to go to become successful on the flip side of that if you come from a silverspoon clas you have to realize that you have to realize[ __] there’s beings out there likedavid goddess we had nothing[ __] nothing and i’ve had all this opportunity in front of meand i’m a loser i’m not[ __] so what i say about me the conversations are very similar you have allthis opportunity and you’ve gone nowhere with it i’m at the bottom of the barrel and it couldtake me a lot longer to get where you’re at for the starting line to befair there’s always a siege there’s a obstruction in your brain there’s abarrier you got to find out what kind of removes that barrier from your brainmy biggest barrier was my father and formerly i removed that barrier i was freeto think and once i felt good about myself i was free to settle war in i never feltgood about myself i never felt good by myself whenever i was only get somewhere the demonwould come back set me right back in the enclose if you don’t go back like i’m a smuggler left kneehurts a lot of people focus on that[ __] left knee a lot of duration it’s your[ __] freedom hipand that’s about life you got to figure out what has messed you up mentally go to the source goto the source go to the origin of the resources like killing an onion divest it down andthat’s what i did to myself so that you know that whole accountability mirror did you doit on your own did you make love with any facilitate every single thing i’ve ever done that’s in that book oranywhere else was on my own if you look at life as it is a trial ground a testing ground for whereyou need to belong where you need to go suffering is a fact of life if you look at suffering theright statement it’s a great implement to callus your psyche if you look at it as endure woe is me this is[ __] god knocking rocks if you look at like okay[ __] you’re testing me now i get it wheneveri’m being like chilled i go through chilled moments oh hang on i’m getting i’m gettingtested so you have to be aware of all the signals and indicates that are that are being given toyou from the world one of them is if you feel bad you’re being tested how are you going to performunder that and that’s suffering’s a part of life you have an obligation not to yourself butto everybody out there that is touched by what you do as a human being while none knowswhat i’m doing no one is videoing me and[ __] i am a virtual teach mentally because there’sa lot of beings out there saying somebody david goggins is[ __] going after today and ifi wake up one morning and don’t[ __] do that i going to go to that david goggins who lied about being who he wanted to be so my thing thatkeeps me get every day is my mission in man wow i did not choose it i’m an introvert andi[ __] detest what we’re doing even right now is to always stand the[ __] route you manthe[ __] up every[ __] daylight of your life because you know exactly what it is to not manup i’ve done that too many times in “peoples lives” so that’s what impedes me travelling when i was 297 pounds and i was solid as hell trying to be a navy seal the scariest thing in the world to me evento this day was that that could have been the rest of my life i saw then i was trying hardthat’s the scariest thing in the world countries i envisioned then 297 pound working for eco lab spraying forcockroaches making a thousand dollars a few months i thought that was me at my 100 possible comingto find out a few years later i wasn’t anywhere near that 106 pounds less postgraduate navy stilltraining is to continue to do all these other things looking back on that that was me trying hardthat’s why people got to understand what is in us we have no idea until “were starting to” trying hard-boiled and imean actually trying hard-boiled where you’re preoccupied with hey this is my new standard my new norm is thatwow this isn’t always fun it’s not always meant to be fun and that’s when you knowyou’re trying hard we all have two parties we all have two people and i’m not saying you’recrazy “were having” the easy expression which is that 20 telling yourself that you’re i’m easy at 90 of my full possible maybe 100 at that 20 that’s that utter that we all love that’s thatvery comfortable voice that that’s that mama propping you saying it’s going to be okaydoesn’t care how good you are just loves you merely loves you no matter how messed up youare in life that’s where you want to be at so that’s that one voice this other articulation that wewalk very far away from is the boy saying hey man you ain’t doing[ __] so we try to get thisvoice out of our principal completely and we live over here in this land so what you have todo firstly is come on this voice over here the voice saying things to you that aren’t nice thatit’s in our honchoes saying you know what man dude you’re not you’re not doing[ __] you’renot you’re not a prepare yeah i symbolize and it’s not lay yourself down parties make this thewrong way in this new society i’m not saying to put yourself down i’m saying listen to thetruth and the truth isn’t in the 20 the truth is in this other part of your intelligence saying lookman you’re squandering a knot of percentage now we have 80 more percentage that we’re not tappinginto because in this other 80 is suffering pain failure failure failure self-doubtdarkness and then a entire assortment of light-headed but to get to this light you gotta go through allof this[ __] so a lot of us know that we know we do know deep down yeah i can get over herebut over here lover this is much better because i gotta go through this journeying that is not funthis this from 20 to 100 percent this[ __] in the in between is not fun so we decided to liveover here so everybody becomes how do you do that you know exactly how to do that you knowexactly it’s it’s not a magic trick there’s nothing to talk about in that book that’sa magic trick it’s all back down to a extremely primitive mindset of we just have to do it’s likebreathing breathing becomes regular like we didn’t know that that that we’re doing it that’s howyou have to live your life when that alarm clock goes off at four or five in the morning yourmind says no you just say this is what we do it’s what we do now because to get to whereyou want to go the amount of ache involved i’m not saying physical i’m not saying you gotto break yourself off the amount of mental pain of how many times you’re gonna have todo something that you don’t want to do to get to where you want to go it’s gonna be itthere’s gonna be more meters you do something that that you don’t wanna do then you are gonna wannado it and that’s that’s your brand-new criterion that’s your new standard so then it’s like breathing and thenonce you do this over and over and over again it becomes like breathing i don’t want to live thislifestyle but to get to the other side of this i have to so if you really want it yourealize what trying is and what trying is not so basic a lot of us aren’t prepared for lifewe get up willy-nilly and there’s hope life is gonna happen it is gonna happen what’s gonnahappen with the prepared mind or unprepared brain most people attack life with the unpreparedmind what i do is i try to account for all things that could be used to happen might happen probablywill happen and then the unknowns so basically i can’t account for everything but i do know therecould be some things that come up in lifetime that you need to be ready for i know for a facti’m not going to want to work out tomorrow therefore i’m educate my mind for that idon’t want to do that i know tomorrow will come with some difficult decisions to makeit may come with getting a phone call saying person died this happened that happened i’malways training myself not in a morbid direction but just like look man be ready for life don’t letlife time start attacking “youve left” and right make sure that you start to build a mental armor sothen you’re ready for life and that comes with a very physical way and the physical improves out tomental candidly it was uh i realized at a young age how to change myself was through disciplineand the military didn’t teach me that it was something i realized i had zero discipline zeroself-discipline and i realized i have to start developing this and i started truly because i washorrible at reading and i was horrible at writing i have so many learning disorders noteven funny so i just sit down at the table and devote so much time in this reading and writingand learning and that kind of translate over to my self-discipline with working out it’s moreimportant to own your imperfections you have to really triple down on those adult because whyyou want to become a full human being we like to run away from weakness like for example ifyou’re good at passage all you want to do is run if you’re great at reading you have various booksbut we don’t do those things that we’re not good at so for me i realise[ __] humanity like i keepon running away from these things i’m not good at i have to dive into these things i had to becomeone with these things and that’s what happened and so i i own them both and i talk very openly aboutthem both the biggest thing you have to do is shut off technology you have to go dark what i meanby that is you have to be quiet in your memory be removed from people we adoration beingaround beings we affection talking we adoration we adoration defendants we desire all that[ __] it’sokay be left alone it’s also okay to be haples it’s okay to be haples sometimesman so okay so you know what man i’m so you gotta go to the truth firstly who are youget get truly accountable and say okay who am i what’s the truth about me get to that gloom placein your head figure out it may take months it may take years figure out your purpose figure outwhat you want to be in life and then from there okay i have my purpose it may take a long timeno one knows their purpose because it’s too loud it meets your purpose from there all right yougotta start scheduling people love the planning phase because it’s very comfortable then fromthe planning phase you gotta go to executing so the execution phase we all dislike becausethat’s where the real work begins and that’s when the flop happens and the flop and thefailure but you know that’s that that’s kind of how you have to do it to be at the point of yourlife where you don’t care about being adjudicated you can be in a chamber of a million people and theyall love you and you walk in and you go like this because not because you’re angryat them because you know yourself inside and out and you knowthat you’ve put yourself to hell to be where you’re at today you’ve walked the walkyou’ve talked to talk and you’ve walked the march and that’s to me what it’s all about it’sall about putting those boots on the anchor and get after it every day and formerly you dothat you have a feeling about yourself that no one can ever take away or even understand i’mbig into visualization and likewise self-talk but also like where do i want to be in life where doi see myself and then i start inducing these plans and how i’m going to get there and i don’t deviatefrom that scheme so that’s kind of how i do them now i convey it’s a lot more to it than that but it’sa lot of gentle occasion i shut out a lot of noise i only have beings in my life that that need to bethere if you don’t need to be in my life i’m not about acquiring more friends i’m not about noisei’m about okay are you trying to go somewhere you can you can jump on board if noti don’t want to hear all your problems you have a solution for your problem that’s whati’m all about right now so i’m not about bitching bitching grumbling i’m about okay we need togo this lane it’s so many people have that ability they haven’t taken the time to see what theywant in life-time hence he’s crazy i’m crazy they kept a entitlement on us and you know what a titledoes to beings a deed is the greatest separator of all time it allows you to go away in yourcomfort zone saying he’s just nuts he’s special

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