AGNEZ MO: MOtivation Ep.2

[ Music] empowering women is by me causing gals picks i remember the question was agnes what empowering women means to you and of course this is my answer you know empowering women is is by commit wives picks the context was about this constant pressure that are placed on females you are familiar with and how it’s normalized by the society every single day and it’s always about what the society craves from gals what the society expects us to do versus what we actually want to be and what we actually want to do and you know god forbid if we don’t fit into this mold of a usual woman and we don’t play this character and and we play against these rules that are regulated by um the most people who want to undermine women’s influence and women’s role in women’s impact in the society then oh okay like she she’s less of a woman you know she doesn’t serve her purpose as a woman in this world being a feminist is not equal to being anti-men you know it’s about equality anybody who stands for equal rights is a feminist um you know in asia for example we have this pressure of okay as a woman you need to have long black hair and and dress more feminine and talk more feminine um you know the and the pressure departs as far as you know a woman who’s not able to conceive is less of a woman i symbolize how sad is that um i think the change starts when the society recognizing when national societies starts recognizing and realizing that that is not the only purpose females could have in in our lives you know we want to be a part of the bigger conversation and and we can be a part of the bigger conversation we want to have a happy life and we can have a happy life we want to be the alter and and we were able to the conversion that the society needs so going back to my announcement earlier empowering women is is by present gals choices i absolutely believe in that you know if you want to have kids and you want to build a family and and that’s what you want to do in life and you don’t want to work by all means do that you know me i want to have girls one day i already know that i want to have a family but that’s not because i have to that’s because i want to but you know on the other hand if you don’t want to have adolescents if you don’t want to have a husband and if you precisely would like to concentrate on your occupation then babe girlfriend do that you know you’re you’re just you know you’re just as honorable um and i think people need to start normalizing that girls having selects and that’s your motive you

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