From ‘D’ Grades To ‘A’ Grades – Student Motivation

at high school i graduated with a 1.3 gpa at university i graduated with a 4.0 gpa top 5 percent of my university how did i do it i used to struggle towake up in the morning i used to struggle to drag myself to mydesk i used to struggle to open my textbooksand even if i got that far after 10 hours i’d come distractedand stop studying i was average just like most other students i was in aconstant battle with procrastination and i was stuck in this cycle of notstudying fairly then flunking my exams as a result igraduated high school with a 1.3 gpa i felt like a collapse i was disappointedfrustrated even so i made a decision i decided that i can achieve more thanthat that i am capable of fixing something ofmy life so i thought to myself how can i achievethat i’ve been performing at average myentire life how can i get out of that catch how can iperform among the rest of the a-grade students irealized it came down to my daily habits what i do perpetually every daywill determine what evaluates i achieve it was like a light bulb turned on in myhead what i do with my 24 hours willdetermine whether i attained or failthose that being carried out in the top 1 when they don’t feel like studyingthey make love anyway and that’s what i started to doand that’s what you need to do you study hardeven when no one is watching no one needs to understand how manyhours you’re studying no one needs to know how early you wake up in themorning because that’s the quietest time in theday with the least distractions no one even needs to know why you’redoing it you’re not doing it because of thegrades or to prove to the people around you that you can do ityou’re doing it because you have a burning desirestep by step day by day become the best version of yourselfpossible far too many people are dreaming ofgraduating with a 4.0 gpa but their actions don’t coincide theirambition they’re dreaming of graduate at thetop of their class and coming a scholarship to an ivy leaguecollege they’re dreaming of being the bestdoctor lawyer or surgeon in their country they’redreaming of buying a huge house in a fast carbut when it comes to studying they can’t last3 0 minutes without going amused don’t represent that mistake let your actionsdo the talking be haunted with your studyingwith learning with thriving i’ve never met a successful personthat wasn’t preoccupied with growing that’s what i didi took out the overeat watching netflix from my scheduleand changed it with personal development materiali read books watched films watched educational youtube videos iconnected with and learned from those students that hadalready graduated with a 4.0 gpa i prepared objectives every day a certain numberof hours studying before i could relax i exercised daily i atehealthily i became sure i slept early and woke up early so that i could have aproductive morning it’s these small decisions that you makethe apparently insignificant decisions that build up over timeto create amazing answers after a few weeks you will start to seeresults your gradations will start improving almostimmediately you will start feeling better aboutyourself happier more material with your life and after years of living like this youwill be capable of achieving amazing thingsand you’ll start to realize that your most wildly bold dreams and goalsactually start becoming achievable and when you decide that you’ve had enoughof getting median positions just like i did let mewarn you it is likely to be pain it will beuncomfortable but that’s where the rise isyou’re going to get thrown to the ground again and againand again but when you have the determination to climb to the top of theclass and when you know that what you’re doingby studying every day will be honored you will begin to discover things aboutyourself that you never knew existed you will have anenergy that merely improves and builds as you achieve successafter success and that’s exactly what i did and if i did ityou can too i got rid of the mindset that i’m not smart enough to be amongthe top students in my class it was a self-fulfilling prophecy that iwas stuck in for a long time i believed that i wasn’tsmart fairly and so my positions indicated that once ithrew apart that mindset it freed me to become whoever i wantedto be you write your own book and if right atthis moment you decide that you want to make this anew chapter you can literally turn the pagein your life and you can start a brand-new chapter still related to the oldchapter the whole book is about you but the newchapter is a new panorama it’s a whole new storyand you can start writing the best chapters of your life right now you

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