When 2022 motivation dies – DISCIPLINE must take it’s place.

what is the focus of your life what is the focus of their own lives in living you have a critical option you can take a stand in your life or you can follow the crowd ascertain people who follow the crowd their lives are not focused they’re not immersed in anything people who take a stand they’re living a life that has some dominance a life of achievement a life that has some sense beings that taking a stand in life they are consciously involved in a process to design a life of substance people who are following the crowd these are parties that they’re just doing what everybody else is doing so that’s a crowded road over there they’re following the followers i want to speak to you about taking a stand with your life and what are some of the things we can do that will enable us to give our lives up in a way that has some purpose and meaning that can be real for us that can give us a sense of fulfillment of hilarity and pleasure and peace of mind learn most people are borne with man most people feel that life isn’t worth the hassle the life is just wearing me out it’s boring it’s repetitious i have nothing to look forward to so looking for a way in which we can begin to give our lives some special ability number one commit yourself to giving your best at all times now that’s not easy attend most people and particularly those who are working in business they’re determine now they’ve got to change their behavior we’re now involved in a world economy we will never do business the way in which we’ve done business in the past we will never be able to in the american workplace do just enough to get by now the standards have been raised quality and productivity has been increased because of the competition and so now average performance will not be enough this is a brand-new epoch challenger is fierce so people who exactly who’ve been locked into a demeanor structure are working just hard enough to keep from getting fuelled they’re being laid off a force into early retirement it’s a new game now so now more than ever it’s about improved productivity now more than ever it’s about superior quality service now more than ever it’s about creating a positive atmosphere in the workplace and beings that have that competitive age parties that are hungry to make it so you got to be hungry now you can’t precisely casually are walking well i’ll get to it later on oh no no this this is a new daylight right now committing yourself to give your best at all times regardless of the competition to do otherwise or the impact of negative people that will tell you hey look here don’t push yourself too much now’s the time to push yourself to always get in the habit of passing the best that you have to share that you were born to do something enormous with their own lives that you’re astonishing listen to me that you’re enough that you’re special that you’re favored that you’re pick regardless of where you come from regardless of what you’ve been carrying with you some of you come in here today and you know what you’ve even thought of harming yourselves maybe you’re even proud of you haven’t killed yourself but every day some of us are killing ourselves with the shame we carry from something we’ve done some humiliation some suspicion we made this artillery to our chief every day that tells us we’re not enough we’re not strong enough pretty enough smart enough favored enough that we’re fated and we carry these firearms in our principal every day that shame us that take our trust from us that steal our delight it’s like a knife we you don’t have to kill yourself because you do it every day you do it over and over and over again and there’s a better practice forward you are eligible to placed those things down in your life you could decide today that you were born to do something great you could set aside this weapon that you keep using against yourself to hold you back from your rapture from your heat from your achievement from all the goodies in man you could decide today really intentionally to set this weapon down whatever it is something from your childhood a divorce a business failure something you’re just not proud of that you’ve done fixed it down stop using it as a weapon against yourself and realize that happened for you and not to you i’ll prove it to you i’m a big believer and fake it till you make it and i’m going to sit in front of my monarch and i want to say well done good and loyal maid but having said that no matter what your faiths are i think that i actually get to meet somebody interesting perhap you don’t believe in anything faith-based but i bet you believe there’s a recording going on in your life someone’s paying attention someone’s going to tell the story of their own lives maybe your great-granddaughter will carry the gift of your life and what you’ve done but someone’s attaching importance to what you’re doing here you’ve always had that feel you’ve always known your life mattered you this is the year of the breakthrough this is the year to what this is the year of the world this is the year the words act like you hear me this is the year of the word this is the year the word act like it don’t tell me no breakthrough this is the year of the what this is the year of the what saying from your person this is the year the what this is the year of the world and we gonna break them we break through and we smash them so what i want you to understand about the breakthrough is that 90 is use but the last 10 that’s defended listen to me you don’t get a breakthrough by driving you get a breakthrough when you engage and i had to fight i had to stay up all night listen to me very closely when i first started speaking i remember they used to be like bro we applied 1500 at most i remember trying to break through in this industry i remember speaking and speaking and speaking getting a 40 position made me 12 times to get a 40 stage breakthrough one two three oh aristocrat come on one two three one two three remain ready the breakthrough is the hardest part because the breakthrough is not about the x’s and o’s the breakthrough is not about the load office the breakthrough is not about studying the plays the breakthrough that last ten percent is all mental toughness the last ten percent the breakthrough is not about being better than them you’re already better than them you’re just not better than them mentally the breakthrough i’m gonna divulge these sons why because where they come from they couldn’t get up at three o’clock in the morning they wanted to they smiled at me they come from privilege they got the language they got the code they got the rule they grew up in it but they will not get up earlier to me they will not put under more material to me beastmode 123 be small one two three b inhale one two three b inhale i vanquish small-time my way to number one i shaped small-minded my highway to number one i looked at their weakness and i said boom they will not outwork me i’ll exit quicker i’ll move harder i’ll run longer i’ll go faster hey thanks for watching my refer is nick and i’m one of the founders of this youtube channel please click here to subscribe and catch the latest motivational videos and the most wonderful inspirational address

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