felix here and mayo USA just made some pretty
exciting news and I'll share with you exactly what they are if I do I've got something free
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you get a free month off as well so just wonderful but what is it all about it what's the excitement
about the excitement is this we have two new jobs out in the last 24-hours one please process
and experienced senior manager in San Jose California who posted the job no other than
Europe the business development USA is responsible
for planning execution of nios go-to-market for the Americas the not just the United States
but everything else you know Canada Mexico South America Latin America all of it this
initiative by the conc of top-level as It Gets and the availability of residence of
news Fleet to support the target user experience is critical to achieve those etc you'll be
responsible for defining the requirements of the fleet management process and infrastructure
building on best-in-class benchmarks well reimagining and innovating to define a true
world-class solution you will build out the proposed process and infrastructure so super
super important and this is basically nio planning all the US launch for the Americans
launch but we know us coming first because that imagery Sonya day which showed us need
countries that by 2025 new would be in America was one of those so there is one more there
is mobility partnership senior manager here another job and also posted by the VPN again
Business Development Team near USA planning the near go-to-market for the Americas and
as an intense focus on the elevated user experience and partnerships are Critical for enabling
such availability is basically experience derived from being available with the right
product at the right time at the right place to fit our users me so this is infrastructure
this is charging infrastructure the battery swapping infrastructure and expertise also
been repair and maintenance of those kinds of things are Critical responsible
news partnerships you will only identification engaged without reaching collaboration with
participants in the cattery and ensure a partnership built from the ground-up mobility partnerships
and mobility partnerships that way I see that it's got access to existing charging networks
building out your own niobrand the charging networks battery swap stations for that you
need partnerships perhaps like shell you have his we have a big footprint in North America
as well as piggybacking on those tiny things and and rolling them out to the US perhaps
bad ring with big box stores you know your walmart's in this
this sort of thing to put the infrastructure in their forecourts and making sure that there
is visible infrastructure from Ne-Yo in the USA and some
people in the US keep saying well you was a 2p can't be done well in terms of Geographic
size China and us is roughly the same size as they can do it in China they can do it
in the US I think it just makes sense to stop the entire country by area so likely I would
imagine west Coast might be the first first first launch area there and and then you said
it work your way around the country is exciting exciting I hope you're excited about it we
always need a little bit of patience my best guess would be 20-24 because they said by
2025 and I think the US is a big market it's something you want to get right you want to
learn from the European experience and you might well one to adjust the models that are
coming out in to NE23 20-24 to.aus audience I remember
growing up in Germany earlier on that's only all the BMW's Mercedes cars got coffee Cup
holders in the address that's because the German car brands into the US on on in a big
way so they made a little drink is that's apparently something else required if you
are making cars in the US so it stays in all things and perhaps building larger suvs Pat
building a movitrac building larger sedans and someone and maybe soap the suspension
and you know these kind of things that a little bit more American from my cliche experience
or driving rent in American gas that is something you can do if you have a 3-year timer rising
you can't do that in one year because you have the ability to adjust you up manufacturing
in time so I think they're going to do that either going to do it right I think they're
going to do it well I'm excited wired nio is one of the most popular stocks traded in
the US by retail investors the brand is is very well-known messages all the time for
people in the USA what you wanted we wanted we are waiting for it I don't think the China
but is really going to get in the way of that yes there will be some people who don't want
to buy Chinese card but plenty of others you don't mind and you realise that every piece
of technology or Gardens pretty much that we own it made in China anyway so it doesn't
make much of a difference as long as it's a good product good brand 2L delivered I think
people will jump on that much as I want to encourage you to jump on the patreon do if
you want to learn more about how to use the stock benchmarks and so on that I have a do
also check out the courses programs in the meantime I look forward to seeing you on the
picture of a brilliant community

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