SACRIFICE 2 – Pavel Beran / Bodybuilding Motivation

Realize why you are here …. Its easy … We all have dreams It’s just about … Follow your dreams … Fulfil your dreams … In 2016…. I have reached my biggest dream I became a IFBB Pro Until you stand on the stage with the other PRO bodybuilders Having your professional card at home does not mean anything …. I will never be satisfied with myself …. I’m never But surely … I’m not going to sadden any of you … Causes extend muther fucker … You have to go for all by yourself! We are not over hitherto! I instructed like a PRO I devour like a PRO I slept and respite I live like a PRO Because THIS IS ME Pavel Beran IFBB PRO The one who doesnt are aware of the condones doesnt know the limits There existed one thing …. come and show to the PRO league That one day I is likely to be the one of them on the TOP You all are aware of! It was 2 years of hard work since 2016… not only mine For me its what is life about excuses….weakness … miscarries …. Fuck all of it! there is no time for this! I do the bodybuilding for none I Only DO IT! THIS IS ME …. PAVEL BERAN every shot stumbled the specific objectives .. BOOOOM One theatre … One instant ….

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