Stop Being a People Pleaser & Stand Up For Yourself | Steve Harvey, Les Brown, Ed Mylett | Best 2022

Most of us fail in lifebecause we’re afraid of what everyone around youis thinking. That’s 100% truth. So we live by thenarrative of other beings. A culture that’s killingour culture, it’s killing success. Andthat is that we’ve become addicted to otherpeople’s opinions. We become addicted otherpeople’s endorsement. That’s and social mediais wonderful. But it’s all about how many likesdo you get? How countless selfies can you take, that may feel good when you get it, but thenwhat it does is it determines your demeanor, you begin to only do things to seek otherpeople’s approval, and even when you get it, right, it’s short term, it doesn’t really feelvery good. It’s not fulfilling, but wereally want is not just success, we wantfulfillment. The channel we get realization is selfrespect, is self confidence. And that’show somehow in their own lives, you must begin toseparate what you do from what parties thinkabout it. You know, this. The beings thathave really triumphed in living and in business, theyeventually discontinue the addiction to what otherpeople think about them.They’re most concernedabout what they think about them, or ifthey’re person or persons of sect of what their Godthinks about them , not the rest of the world.Because the higher you descend, the more hatersyou’re going to have, there’s absolutely noquestion about it, you ought to hope you havemore of them, the only thing I will forewarn peopleof is, the highest you descend, the closer to youthe haters are. So right now if you’re at onelevel of success, it’s parties at a distancethat are haters. But as you climb higher, there’s always the one or two parties in yourclose roundabout, they gonna try to pull you backdown because they think you’re leaving them.They obligate, your success is drawing themuncomfortable about where reference is. And sothey begin to do everything they can topull you back down, bingo, They live their life, frightened of downfall, fright to try, scared that they’re getting it wrong, because their mother-in-law willdisapprove or the girls that they went to highschool with, you know, they’re gonna ascertain me onFacebook, and they’re gonna watch me, it’scrazy.It’s crazy because those peoplethat you’re so startled of their ruling of you.Those beings are not the ones who will live withthe regret. Those people are not the ones whocan’t afford to make their babies on vacation.Those parties are not the ones who are struggling, like all these things that you want for yourlife, but you’re too afraid to reach forbecause of what other people will speculate thoseother people are not gonna be there when itsucks. And it’s hard for you, that’s all on you. You’re haunted withwhat other beings think about you, the thingthat’s gonna kill your dream is your addictionto other people’s endorsement. Stop givingpeople power, who aren’t in your bible, do yourlife for the leading character, do yourspouse, your children, your parents, yourlegacy. They’re the lead characters in the storyof you, of your life.Because the more youdecide to take control of the narrative of thescript of their own lives, and “were living” your dream, themore likely at the end of your life, you’regoing to meet that dude. Trying to prove peoplewrong or right about you is a cheap level ofmotivation and it will wear out. Constantlybeing influenced and was put forward by what otherpeople think about you, it represents there’s adeficiency in what you think about you.And sothe key is not some, you know, so esoteric likebelief arrangement, it’s a motif of continuing thepromises that you reach to you. That’s thegroundwork of self confidence for sure. Like, you know, you areloved and laudable enough, like as you arebeautiful, and that means you don’t need tobecome someone else. That wants like who youare at your core, you’re doing okay. You don’t have time to wasteworried about what parties think about you.Your time is too valuable to respond toevery critic, every negative comment, tryingto convince people that you really are okay, those are distractions.Everyone is not going tolike you, everyone’s not going to accept you.Quit trying to convince someone to understandyou, that’s determined to misunderstand you.Some people don’t want to be for you. Andthat’s okay. You don’t need them to fulfillyour destiny. But the antagonist would enjoy for usto spend time and force trying to win someoneover, that’s never going to be won over. You haveto set your face. The parties that need to befor you will be for you. When you have somethingyou want to do. If you don’t develop thecourage to do that, which has been given youto do, and you spend a lot of time going aroundtrying to convince other beings or was just trying to gettheir admiration, what will happen is that youwill lose your nerve and other beings willconvince you that what you’re doing doesn’thave any ethic, and you’ll give up on yourdream.It’s an interesting thing aboutlife I’ve also noted, that if you don’t havethe courage to act, sometimes andparticularly if you have something special to do, life will move on you. When you are trying toget to the next height. And you can see whereyou’re trying to get to. There is a ceiling thatyou have to break through. But in order toget to the next level is because you can see whatyou want to become. But the only reason you cansee the next height is because this ceiling ismade of glass.In order to get to the nextlevel, you must be willing to break throughthe glass. Anytime you break through glass, youare going to get cut, you are going to bleed.And in order to get to the next rank, you aregoing to have to give up something that you careabout. You cannot make everything with you.Everybody come with you can’t go with you. Seeall your friends, they can’t go to the nextlevel because they’ll get up there with you inthe direction they react, they’ll mess it up foryou.So when you go through the glassceiling, you have to be willing to get trimmed. Thecut is going to settled some bruises and blush. Butthat’s the only way to get to the next height. Iunderstood that. I knew that I could not remainthe same and and alter. You got to grow. Youcan’t hang out with everybody you’ve beenhanging out with to go to the next position. Youcan’t do everything you used to do. If you dothat you’ll never grow. You got to be willing tolet go. I had to leave my family. My familydidn’t get it. My family didn’t get it. You know, they thought Steve, you got to go tell jokes, that’s stupid. You can’t make a living tellingjokes. Oh, really? Any hypothesi how much I’ve madetelling jokes? So I had to let my family go.There was a time when my family were not talkingto me. Stupid, discontinue your job, leave your familypursue your dreams. What you want me to do. Myfamily wouldn’t subsistence me, I got to cut myfamily loose.It’s okay. Oh, they all adore menow. But this is the same ones that said, youare stupid. The precise same ones. But I forgavethem. They didn’t know. They “d no idea”, theydidn’t know. You don’t even label us no more, hell what we gonna talk about. You don’t believein what I’m doing. So why would I obstruct callingyou? Why are you still out there telling damnjokes. You’ll construe, you’ll encounter. and now theyall consider. You’ll know when it’s time to walkaway from people.And some people you need towalk away from. Because some people is just yourfriends as long as you down now with them. Butthe moment you go there, they start talking aboutyou. That’s because they weren’t your friends , noway. Some beings, sometimes it’s good, youhave to let them lead. And “theyre saying” well, hey, Tom Brady, sixth round draft collect. Imean, he’s always trying to prove themthat they picked the wrong people. I know Tommya little bit and I can inform you that motivateshim. But if you think he’s become the greatestfootball player of all time, because he’strying to prove people from 20 years ago wrongabout where he was drafted, you don’t getelite performance.Tom Brady is where he isbecause he specifies standards for himselfand has big points and intentions to forhimself , not to prove other beings wrong, Ipromise you when he’s sitting under center inthe Super Bowl. He’s not going I was a six rounddraft picking. That’s not what moves him. Yeah.And so I think it’s low level motivation. I doit more. And the sooner you cease, it’s it’s it’sa symptom of the same disease. So proving yourfamily wrong, or right is a symptom of the samedisease, which is you are still obsessed withwhat other parties are thinking about you andnot doing things that impel you happy, thatenrich you that fulfill your feeling. And so theirony about spending your life worrying aboutwhat everybody else thinks about you, here’sthe absurdity is that those people will never bethought about after they’re dead.So theyspend their life obsessing with everyonethinks about them, only to die and have no oneever remember them. Because people that areso preoccupied with what other parties think aboutthem never genuinely ever fulfill their potential.So once you can drop that craving, whetherit’s friends, strangers, or your parents, and youbegin to do things that fulfill you that makeyou happy, yeah, that alter other people’slives by your contribution. Now youcan be remembered now your your life echoesinto eternity. Most of us don’t use thestuff that we have brought into theuniverse. And we want to make a intentional, deliberate, ascertained effort to start livinglife with a sense of importance and using whatwe’ve got. Using ourselves up, sharingwhat we brought into the universe to sharebecause if we don’t , nobody else will. Stopwasting valuable season. Knowing that if we beginto live our lives as if each day were our lastour lives will take off, take on a whole newmeaning. To take on a whole new expression.valuing each minute that “we ii” blest with.Thenext thing that begins to nurture that hunger, honor yourself as your statement, don’t give yourword out gently. When you hurl your term outthere and you don’t reputation it, it makes astatement about you. If you decide to maintain asense of soundnes with yourself, that if Ispeak it, I’m going to live it. It’s who I am.And I’m going to be very cautious and how I givemy term to others. And most of all with thecommitments that I make to myself, because Iwant my life to reflect my statements, and honoringwho I am and what I express.When I first caught arecruiter to be a Navy Seal, and I was 297 pounds, the first recruiter looked at meand said, You’re not gonna be able to makethis adult. So what he was doing was he’sprojecting his intensity on me he knew he couldn’tbe a fucking navy seal. So God facilitated this blackguy cuz I was only 36 African American andmake it through and over seven years. How doesblack solid person gonna make it through in my asswhen he wrote the try? So he’s projecting so alot of us who are negative people, all wedeal with project how we feel and other people.So what happens is, there’s a lot ofnegative parties going on the planet Earth, whoare afraid to try because everybody a lotof parties are very negative in this world.So we are afraid to fail why? I “ve told you” man, it’s named try to do time cool it relax.Why fucking crazy, right? So obsessed.So all thatstuff drives? The the stop spirit I call itthe thoughts wants to quit, the sentiment is tired. Themind is tired, the memory is deserving. The mindthinks is very deserving. So yes, thebiggest problem this world is other parties, not yourself. It’s other beings. In your head.They are puppet lord and you pretty much onyour life. And is that why you’reyou’ve talked a great deal in this podcast aboutgetting rid of noise. Quiet alone, is thatpart of that equation? It’s it’s all a part ofit. Because I realized once I was talking tomyself, the right way. And all this shit wasn’tin my mind. Wow. I get from this piece of shit.kid who thought he was dumb, knock successful, insecure, who stuttered when I first sawsomebody to a person who can now do all thesethings. Just because I now restrict my own mind.I don’t care.A lot people say they don’tcare. But they help. Like my son says I don’tcare. Every time he says it, I don’t care. Itmeans he cares. You help. When you get to thepoint where you really fucking don’t care, you’re dangerous. You had proved to be very, verydangerous. And I say don’t care like, I don’tcare if I do that. No, when you don’t careabout other people, and how they contemplate you abouthow “youre walking”, how “youre talking”, how you dress, where you want to go with your life.Youknow, growing up, I didn’t want to tellanybody want to be in the military? Becausewhy? Some of my blacknes friends, I was afraid ofwhat they study. You know, why wouldn’t youin the fucking military man, I’ll fucking dothat shit. I “re afraid” what other peoplethought about me. So now, when I go in themilitary, I know you want to fucking join themilitary. Yeah, tickets are free, which youthought. Once again human you allow other peopleto shackle your mind.It’s the worst thing inthe world. Do you think you couldgo the other way and maybe become a bit cold.If you don’t care what anyone considers? Yourfiance, your minors, you are well aware those, they’re notthe people around you don’t care what theythink First thing about it, you have to have an understanding of whatnot caring necessitates. If your groom-to-be and yourkids don’t believe in you can’t care what theythink.That means you you, prefer the wrong supportstaff. There has to be so that’s why a lot ofpeople don’t understand one another. Yoursupport staff has to be like if I want to go outand do whatever it is. My support staff is, youknow, my fiancee. She’s like, you know what, youknow, I don’t think that you should be doingthat. I have to take it you know why? So I canbe open sentiment. So why are you saying this? Butshe’s saying that because of her? That’snot that’s not the right thing? Because I needbacking to do what I’m gonna do, openmindedness I need patronage. So yeah, it’s, it’s, you gotta be very clear thinking aboutthat stuff. God is already lined upthe right people, beings that will celebrate you, parties that will cheer you on. People thatstick with you through thick and thin. But toooften, we’re trying to convince people to beour friend persuaded them to spend time withus. But if someone doesn’t see the giftthat you are, if they don’t recognize yourtalents, evaluate your friendship, do yourselfa spare and move on.No offense. but they arenot a part of your destiny. You don’t haveto play up to parties, let them manipulate you, to be expected that they call, perhaps they’ll includeyou in their group. The people God has for youdon’t have to be talked into tendency you. Youwon’t be able to keep them away. They’ll lightup when you walk in the room. They can’t wait tospend time with you. They’ll go out of theirway to do you indulgences. Now don’t waste anotherminute trying to convince someone to likeyou, to call you, to come see you. If youhave to talk them into it.They are not foryou. They are a distraction ..

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