Tipps gegen Aufschieberitis: 1. Motivation

If you time don’t feel like discover, you don’t havethe right motive. The outcome: you postpone too many tasks.And then they keep increasing. A clear event of procrastination! You can’t bring yourselfto tackle things. But you can do something about it! Sabine Volkmar is a psychologist at the Coburg University of Applied Sciences and has immense tips-off against procrastination.In line-up to be informed about your motivation for a assignment, you should first ask yourself an importantquestion.”In general, it impels senseto ask yourself why you are studying. You has the potential to boldly ask: ” Whyam I doing this to myself? ” Time to switch on the computer andvisit the university online. When you ask this question, you instantly find outthat my incitement is more intrinsic, so my interest in thecourse certainly comes out of myself, because that wasmy area of interest even when I was at institution I’m more extrinsicallymotivated because someone else said that it would be good to choose a certain course of study, but that it is actually not my actual region of interest.If there is intrinsic motivation, everything is fine. Then I’ll merely do itagain well understood what I am studying for, what are my long-term goals.The question “Where do I consider myself in five or seven years? ” I’ll be working for one or two years after graduation. But when I say Oh, that’s very extrinsically caused, actually it doesn’t fit me at all, with myperson, with my areas of interest.Then, of course, there is a way to think about: AmI right in the course, or should I reorient myself. ” Once that has been clarified, the next step is to sort the many duties on the to-do list. With one programme called the Eisenhower matrix, upcoming chores are is split. “In principle, the Eisenhowermatrix consists of four battlegrounds. The importance andurgency are rated as either very high or very low.So, for example, you could say: The housework that I have to hand in next weekis very important, it is also very urgent, because otherwise I will get a five deadlineif I do not hand it in. The time opening that I have available is alreadyvery tight. That would be in the field: very important, urgently required and would be dealtwith firstly. Whereas the visit to the hairdresser is also important, but less urgent andtherefore slips back in this to-do list and can still be done at a last-minute part in time. If necessary, even after siding in the homework. ” In this highway, importantand unimportant things are sorted in a very structured way and reason is back! This impels learning merriment !.

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