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So well this is a high demand video All ofyou numerous students who are watching me regularly on this direct who are Changing themselvesbut you guys demand that sir, we need study motivation to teach something like that weget being encouraged to do study look today I will give you three tips and from these three tipsyou have to understand that you endlessly motivate yourself How many times will i doYou “re going to have to” motivate yourself that you study, you study, you making good celebrates I will alsotell you what will happen to that in this video, the first thing you have to understand.The number one thing Is stop procrastinationwe have a feeling inside name procrastination Now delay symbolizes We start avoidingthings It is necessary to study. It is imperative, but we did not studytill then the quiz does not come. Some people merely study 1 day, two days, 3 daysbefore the exam, that needs to be study If you keep gathering the thing till the end whichis important, then it will become a Stress for you. Study becomes Stress for you instead doingstudy is very good for you it should be fun while studying but you dont feel merriment why becauseyou procrastinate your firmnes get down by doing procrastinate Just like you say thatI will wake up early in the morning. After 5 minutes, after 10 instants your firmnes gets down If your will power goes down, you will not be able to succeed in animation inthe the children who study Regularly their will power does strong Therefore , not onlyin study is not merely in exams. The chances of his success in other areas are also get increasedwhat You have to do.You have to stop procrastination from todayTill now you were thinking that I will study tomorrow. I will study after 1 hour. after watching TV after 10 minutes later playingpubg after that you only hinder everything on back as will power increases When you stopprocrastinate you take pain on yourself a little bit no makes no yes entails yes, youstop yourself when you bringing that resistance, your muscles germinate. You are putting load making resist yourmuscles are increasing your willpower is also a muscle it I increases when you make resistanceyou said that not to do to do I “re going to have to” get it on I need to study. You will stop going procrastinate. Yourwill power will be enhanced. Good differentiates will not come in your exam only. you are going to perform is a good one in thelife so stop procrastinate do the right things. Is doing study is right? it is importanthave to do it You have to do it so from today Stop doing procrastinate the second tip hereis do whatever it is you do not like to get what you want start doing what you don’t like you willget what you are happy to get what you want to get what you like you have to do what youdon’t like to get what to like you have to do that you don’t like, don’t like to study.You do not enjoy while studying but when goodmarks come in exam everyone praise you parents feels proud they tell In the neighborhood, they tell to relative’s that how many differentiates the children have come it Gapes good, butdoesn’t like studying I am telling you from today that you remember this rule and notOnly for studies but for everything If you are able to do what you don’t like you will get whatyou like you don’t like to study Do not like to do to study, start studying after obeyingme, then you will start getting me what you like.So do What You Don’t Like I Know You do notlike to study the person who crests, he does not. Mohammad Ali who has been one of the world’snumber one champions boxer at one time. He was speaking this thing. I should not spend that time every minute oftraining. I did not like every minute of boxing. I hate in every minute of training but I lovedbeing a world champion i knew that how expend every minute of training I did not liked itbut when I became life champion I loved it Whatever you want to do clear in your examin your institution college in your university and you are preparing for any entrance examor preparing for competitive quiz you become topper You become the supporter, you are atopper you feels good.But you don’t like to do study the thing youdon’t like to do you will get what you like do you get it do you get it Do you understanddo you get it you have to understand do whatever it is you do not like to get what you want now hereis my final advice my final tip-off and that is ever start reading. First, finish those things which have moreweightage which are more controversial tags in tests, which are more important. First spoke them, before read everything, do that clear in which you will get more lines in it, which questions asked repeatedly inthe quiz. How to know which questions are being askedin the exam. Look at the tease test. You have witnessed the unit test, which is theexam of your institution, which question has come in examination Look at them see your 10 yearsquestions The those issues that ought to have being asked forthe last 10 times there are chances of exam come from them because they are high weightagequestions Among them which have more celebrates is important question.Remember them firstly. terminated syllabus after thatfirst finish thosethings which are more important then your more crisscross will come now start reading, ifyou study, your insight will increase your ability will Increase You will have an Advantagefrom other Childrens and this is very big blessing that you are get to study ask youparents in their age most people did not even get to read. People had to work. People had to work as laborers. Had to work hard. Had to do hardwork Had to earn it from childhood. They could not studied and if they are teachingyou today then it is a big deal. This is the blessing. Please this is my request that you cant letgo this blessing it is a blessing, then accept it and start interpret. The three tips I “ve given you”. The first tip is Stop procrastinating stopdoing stalling. Second tip do whatever it is you do not like to get what you want and thethird tip I gave you is that you focus on questions which have more weightage so youwill composition more now the tips-off I gave you start utilizing it and be a topper become a topperI will be more proud of you so If your good traces will come then you don’t have to goanywhere you have to come on this direct again on this video againAnd tell me by commenting that what advantage you get by these tips and if you want thatI will impel videos on any other topic so tell me by commenting like this video and sharethis video with every student that you feel that he needs study motivation I will meetyou in the next video and one thing I would like to say that It is very importantto study and along with that one thing and you can’t negligence that is a good personalityor you will have to develop your identity so that you can Stand out in the competitiveworld.For that you examine different, you can joinmy Advance personality development course by making by need the numbers that arecoming on the screen you will get the details of this course in the specific characteristics and commentbox in the PDF in the Hindi and English download it and you will get to know that what youwill get to learn join this course and call on the number which is coming on the screenand attain yourself better than anyone else I will meet you in the next video and if you arefirst time on the channel then subscribe it click on notification bell well that you can’tmiss any of these videos I will meet you in the next video tell the time you go self obligated

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