Motivation Etude : Comment réviser le “BAC 2018” & se motiver ! H5 Motivation #03

As period transfers, it is time for you to pass this exam. You would like to be able to stop time, to give you more age … because you emphasizes, you think you are not 100% You think about all the time that you lost in nonsense when you could have use this time to study But it’s too late Here you are at the fateful moment, you think about everything you have not done. Everything you have not regard You can not answer the questions, stress affords space to letdown You want to accelerate time, to escape this collapse. You know you’re going to flunk You feel more in your default than your success, then you give up, you abscond H5 Motivation– Motivation study We everyone has 24 hours in a daytime Bill gates had only 24 hours, Einstein had only 24 hours All successful beings has actually 24 hours in a epoch like you Time is not held, you can not stop it or going to be home … But you can orient it to your advantage this is the way you will orient your 24 hours that will determine the difference The difference between where you were yesterday and where you will be tomorrow depends on what you are going to do during those 24 hours H5 Motivation – Motivation study When you have to study No hang out , no fiesta , no Tv , no video games When you have to study, you sit and concentrate H5 Motivation – Motivation study you are able to think that studies are a brake to your liberty That instead of squandering your time in books.You could experience so much fun of lifetime Travel around the world See lots of things you did not know But you are in the process of success H5 Motivation – Motivation study Think of all these children All these child victims of war All of these starving children All these child victims of poverty All of these child victims Who do not have the chance to study, as you have this luck H5 Motivation – Motivation study all these children look at you with envy. They gaze with envy at the gift you have The gift of reading and writing speak& write is a gift it is a gift that will allow you to learn all the sciences, read all the books and write its own history of their own lives You must be envious of the desire to learn Once you have adopted this state of mind , good-for-nothing will stop you You will want to read everything You will want to study everything And maybe one day, it’s you who will share your desire to learn This desire to learn Now it’s time to work for your success because no one will be able to study for you you are the only variable of your future supported a strategic plan and Works for your success, works for your future And when you come to the door of your examination, you will arrive with your thought high Like a warrior, like a lioness Confident in you, self-confident in their capabilities And you will succeed Motivation study Motivation study Motivation study Motivation study Motivation study Motivation study

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