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Illustration out who you are. Don’t apologize for who you are. And then become even greaterthan you naturally are at what you are. Once you understandthat every time you lose it’s an opportunity for youto not only learn that lesson but take it a +1 step, past the lesson, you’ll start to appreciate those instructions. So many beings float downthe river of animation without ever even puttingtheir paddles in the water.Just hoping and prayingand dreaming and wishing that they’re going toend up somewhere good. Guys, that’s not how being handiworks, you are well aware, you have paddles in your ship you’ve just got to learn to use them. Human do not transition to another level when they’re pleasant withthe level that they’re on. The whole sports break-dance because everybody’s too tied upinto other people’s opinions.I simply care about my opinion of myself, and I care what my mommy, and bride, and kids, and the world ponder Just not as much as I care aboutthe way I “ve been thinking about” myself. I had a very important person in my life come to me and say, “who’s your superstar? ” and I said, “I don’t know, I’ve got to thinkabout that, give me a couple of weeks.” And so I thought about it, you know who it is? I said, “It’s me in 10 years. ” So I turned 25, 10 years later that same personcomes to me and croaks, “So are you a hero? ” and I was like, “Not even close! ” She said “why? ” I said, “Because my superstar is me at 35. ” So you determine, every day, every week, every month, and every year of my life My heroes always 10 years left. I’m never going to be my superstar. I’m not going to attain that, I know I’m not, and that’s just fine with me because that remains me withsomebody to keep on chasing.You want to be somebody who succeeds? You want to be somebodywho constructs something? You want to be somebody whopeople write volumes about one day? You’re going to have to be okwith being bad for a very long time. I’m telling you, I’ve been thinking I’ve been construction calls. That’s what I’m asking youto do, what gasolines you? The reason why you’re so lazy is not because you don’t have the ability you’re so lazybecause your dream is so small-scale. I dare you to workon yourself for 6 months. I dare you to shut out the world. I dare you to shut outall the distractions. I dare you to give up everythingthat is keeping you from your dream. If you have a dream, don’t only sitting here obligate something happen. Sometimes you just have to move, do something, make a call, reach out to someone, Google something learn something new, write down what you need to do in order to make a better life for yourself and be brave enough to do those things.I dare you to take a stand today to say no more. I will no longer accept this for my life. I dare you to take action today. I dare you to write your goals down and get someone to hold you accountable. I dare you to hold yourself accountable. I dare you, I dare you to give up everything that iskeeping you from your dream, to say no to all the negative affects. I dare you to pick upa book instead of a beverage. I dare you to work harderthan you think you did yesterday. I dare you to prove them wrong. I dare you to prove yourself right I dare you to stand up as a humanity or as a strong woman as whoever you are.And declare that you’re going to claim a bigger and better life for yourself. I dare you to makesomething happen this week, to take massive action this week. Drop everything and do something. I dare you to walk more than you talk. I dare you to do goodfor the sake of doing good. I dare you to tell no one about it. To be kind for no reason. I dare you to spend time alone. I dare you to say no with respect , no to bad wonts, to negative parties, to immoralities. I dare you to speak your truth. I dare you to dream bigger, bigger than they told youwas possible for your life. I dare you.I dare you to walk your own path wherever that pass, whatever “theyre saying”. I dare you to lockthe world out for a week and work on you, work on your dreams. You’re well and truly capableof living at a higher level. If you do or you don’t that’s up to you. Ask yourself, am I happy with my lifeexactly as it is now? Am I happy biding where I am? If you don’t like the answer working on this. Work on yourself. Worked very hard to than you thinkyou’ve worked in the past. More penalty, higher standards, more self-respect, more boundaries, little BS, more forward, less downward, most positive, less negative. Simply those who dare to goafter the life most don’t have, will ever have the chance ofliving a life most will never have. Simply those who dareto fight for a great life have a chance to live a great life. What’s it going to take for you to change? What’s it going to take for youto realize your possible? What’s it going to takefor you to be proud? Proud of the person you are, proud of your effort, proud of the person you’ve become.What is it going to take? When you feel like your professoror your teach has lost their mind. When you feel like your energy is all gone and it’s impossible to finishevery assignment on time. When you feel like you’re mentally separated and your motivation to achieveis hard to find. When you feel like the cloudsin your life are so dark it would be impossible toever ensure the sunshine again. When you feel. Those are three of the stronger commands that could ever be put together. When “youre feeling”. Because to feel meansyou’re still with us. Because to feel meansyou’re still breathing. Because to feel means you still have an opportunityto be achieving. Because to feel means that you still havethe power to stop the agony, stop the bleeding, stop the hurting, stop the grieving.I said, when “youre feeling”. Because to feel meansyou’re still with us. Because to feel meansyou’re still breathing. Because to feel means you still have an opportunityto be achieving. Because to feel means that you still havethe power to stop the sting. Still have the power to stop the bleeding, still have the power to stop the hurting, still have the power to stop the grieving. So whenever you feel like your professoror teacher has lost their mind. Because they’re overwhelmingyou with a workload that apparently will take up all your time. I need you to pause and recall the reason why you madethe choice to invest your time. And never lose sight of the factthat you are destined to shine. Never lose sight of the fact thatyou were shaped for this grind. Never lose sight of the factthat no puncture is too deep for you to climb up out of. And above all else, your Why will never everallow you to withdraw.Your Why will never everallow you to pull the plug. Your Why will never everallow you to throw in the towel. See, it’s your Why thatwill pushing you to dig deeper and start that extra mile. See not only do you owe yourself but you told your mama you would finish You told your daddy you would finish You told your friend you would finish You told your sister you would finish So therefore it’s up to you to neverdiminish the value of your work. And a wise man formerly “ve been given” a intelligent message, and now I’m passingthese smart-alecky messages onto you.You are in total controlof your place. So when you feel likeyou’re facing a breaking point, this is the point whenyou go to your professor This is the point when you goto your academic adviser and not the time to revile her and not the time to despise him. Simply say, “I am in this until I walkacross the stage with my diploma.” “I am in this until I smellthe sweet flavor of success.” And right now, I’m feeling overtaken because I am on academic overload. Do you have any suggestions that willhelp me power through this semester? Because my only optionis to figure this out and whatever it makes I can, I will, and I must do. See I is clear that drastic timescall for drastic appraises. And the measure of a person’s will shall identify whatthey are willing to do to ensure triumph over tragedy. The measure of a person’s will is determined by whatthey are willing to do to ensure success over failure.The measure of a person’s will is determined by whatthey are willing to do to ensure winning over losing. And identify right now, I’m choosing to fightfor my academic future and that’s why I came to your office. I promise when they be understood that your passionis pushing you with a purpose they will give you everyounce of their being to assure you are successful because they know you’re worth it. I only need you to never forgetthat you’re worth it. Success is your baby. You just gotta birth it and then kick back and enjoythe fruits of your strive. But in the meantime, I need you to pull up your sleeves, I need you to tighten upyour boxing gloves because you’re right in the middleof a blue-chip boxing match and life is trying to takeyour claim and your survival in this academic arena is at stake.It’s moments like these where we separatethe real from the counterfeit. But wins looks just like you shake offany and every punch that being hurls and be fighting with a series ofvicious head shots and body blows to overcome and achieve the victory. But thought you me life will prevent testing. Believe you me life will keep trying you. Believe you me life will retain propagandizing you. Believe you me life will keep trying to break you. I don’t think you heard me I said believe you melife will keep testing. Believe you me life will “re trying” you. Believe you me life will hinder pushing you. Believe you me life willkeep trying to break you. Mark it with me. And always remember you are unbreakable. They want to see you flunk but you are a diamond and you supplanted becauseyou get back up after you fail and you will get back up again and again until your forearms are raised with the wind.So I need you to speakpositivity into existence and neglect your inner voice of fight because it’s yourresilience and persistence that will allow you to masteryour time management talents that will allow you to break all of thesehuge jobs down into small-minded slice. That will allow you togroup study with a winner’s circle. That will allow you to climb over anyand I entail any academic hurdles.Always retain when you feel that means you are still breathing and thus, you havean opportunity to keep achieving. This is a great day to prevail. Defining ourselves by what we are not is the first step that conducts usto really knowing who we are. You know that group of friendsthat you hang out with that are actually might notbring out the best in you. You know, they- they chatter too muchor they’re kind of shady.They actually aren’t going to bethere for you in a tinge. Or that computer screen, right That computer screen thatkeeps opening us an justify not to get out of the house and engage with the worldand get some real human interaction. How about that food that we hinder eating substance that savors so good going down it clears us feel like crap the next week when we feel lethargic, and we restrain putting on value. Well, those people, those lieu, those things Stop passing them your time and energy merely don’t go there, I represent framed them down. And when you do this, when you do situated them down, when you quit going there and you quit sacrificing them your time you inadvertently find yourself spendingmore duration and in more neighbourhoods that are healthy for you, that bring you more joy.Why? Because you only eliminated the who’s, the where’s, the what’s, and the when’s that were withhold you from your identity. 99% of people are not willing to do what it takesto make their dreams come true. The middle of bringingany dream into perfection is self-discipline. You know, somethingas simple as nutrient and feeing it’s not about your torso as much as it is about your subconsciou. It’s get require of your brain to be able to choose actionsthat are in your own best interest. And I suppose the word discipline has kind of gotten a bad name We think about it in terms of punishment. I’m not talking aboutDiscipline in that route I’m talking about method in the sense that you- you forego immediate solace for the exchange of long term self-respect. You cannot win the war against the world if you can’t win the waragainst your own mind. Because motive significances, right? And what drives us, I always tell people that there’s a success formulaI subscribe to and I call it h-cube that- it goes from your headto your feeling to your hands.Affirm things in your principal, but if you’re not impersonate with your hands, there’s- there’s something that’s missing, right there’s an incongruence there and I, what I tell people is like, you are well aware check in withthe second H which is your soul which is the type of like affection, the vitality of action. And so I feel like that’sthe oil that gasolines the car that comes you to take action for something and I do believe what got me through it is figuring out what my Why was. And I say if happinessis what you’re after then you’re going to be let down frequently and you’re going to beunhappy much of your time. Joy though Joy is a different thing, it’s something else, Joe is not a pick it’s not a response to some result.Joy is the feeling that we have fromdoing what we are fad to do no matter the outcome. I started experiencing my workand literally being more happy when I stopped tryingto utter the daily proletariat a means to a certain end. I need this film to bea box-office success. I need my rendition must be recognized. I need the ensuring compliance with my peers.And all those are reasonable aspirations, but the truth is as soon as the workbecame the reinforce in itself for me I got more box office, more accoladesand respect than I ever lived before. For me it’s like no brain left behind, right because I lived with thatidentity for so long and my- my letter to parties whether it’s on stageor in the podcast or anything, is that, you know, we are morethan what we’re demonstrating that we’ve been sold this lie that is to be coached through school.Like when I do these demos and I, I on theatre memorize ahundred names and words and crowds forwards and downwards and I make- it looms effortlessly. I always tell peopleI don’t do it to impress you, I do it to express to youwhat’s really possible because the truth is everyone can do this too and so much more. We were taught a lie that somehow our intellect, our possible, our memorize, our remembrance somehow is fixed, our ability is fixed, our thinking is fixed like our shoe immensity and what we’ve discovered as we know more about ability discipline in the past two decades, we’ve discovered morethan the previous two thousand years and what we know is that we’re grosslyunderestimating our own capability. To be able to grow, to be able tocontribute, to improve our intelligence and our affect and our influence. And I’m really, I want to kind ofpull the veil behind and just say hey, “This is about transcending you know, this is about ending the unconsciousnes. Ending the trance thatwe’re not good enough.You know, that we’re not smart fairly, that we’re not this genius and I’m telling the truth and the truth is we’re faster and we’resmarter than we anticipate and not just to be able to memorize things but be able to really solvesignificant challenges and maybe that these challengesthat we’re going through are the lessons that weneed to, to learn the most.Now all of us go through contends, right in our state, our relationship, whatever it is but through struggles come, come fortitudes and people don’t talk about this as much and you know, I probably have a post-traumatic you know, stress from it, I’m going through braininjury after psyche hurt but there’s also post-traumatic growth which, which you are well aware, like is widely talked about but there’re some people that gothrough immense amount of trauma and difficulty and challenge but they come out of itactually more entitled they say to themselves thatbecause of going through this I obtained a new backbone, I ascertained my superpowers, I noticed a brand-new entail in “peoples lives”, I received a new stage of commitment, I procured a strength, a mission if you are able to and a good deal of them attest that they wouldn’t sell that experienceno matter how unpleasant it was at the time for, for anything. I recognise what was stopping me, was my own fear.It wasn’t … it wasn’t anything withmy educational side, it was me thinking I couldn’tdo well in mathematics and when I learned to remove that fear and think “I’m gonna do thisno matter what’s going to happen.” I may neglect it. I is no longer able miscarry it. I’m going to do well at this and I’m going to only, just see where it disappears. I’m going to put my all into it and find out. I’m motivated by fear. I dislike being scared to do something and I think what developedin my, in my early days was the the stance that I started attacking thingsthat I was scared of.I want to talk about failure. I want to talk about why things go wrong Why you fail to study better And you’re wasting your time because you can learn as much, if not more from your disappointments, your non starts, your falterings as you can from your achievers. We are of the view that things happen overnight but they don’t. They happen every dayin each extending moment. You prevail or you lose You waste or you create.Winning or overtaking an exam or degree it’s not a one-time thing It’s an daily thingand every moment thing. You don’t win once in a while, you don’t do things right once in a while, you do them right all of the time. Winning as a result or success excellence they’re all dress. Your goal is not too big, okay? You’re just have still not been the personyou need to be to execute against that and that is absolutely fine. So you don’t just lose from time to time. You don’t make an error once in a while.You don’t fail an exam one time. You require the secret? It’s called manipulate. Do not get disorient here. You have to work to matchthe ambition coming out of your mouth. There’s only one thingthat you need to really find and that’s direction. You need attitude, your own direction. Not someone else’s tack, not your mothers tack, society’s directionor social media’s direction your own direction.But what does that actuallymean, it’s a big word Well, it intends knowingwhere you’re numbing yourself or where you’re awakening yourself. Where you numb yourself off with laziness, sleeping inmore than you should, scrolling through your feedmore than you should, confusing yourself more than you should hesitating, postponing waiting, waiting again and again until you’ve numbed yourself from reality. But when you are awakening yourself you know what that feels like because you’re here listening to this motivational video. You’re focused. You’re striving tendency, you’re provide a clear goalfor every single day. You’re go trip-ups tothe library or the coffee shop Study session after study hearing you say no to the easy things and yes to the right things.Music primeds the manner for our times and we know it because even withthese videos that you like to listen to the best ones have very good music and it’s serious music, 18 th century music that … has was demonstrated, scientifically proven to engage the parts of your brain that are responsible fortwo really important things your focus and your reminiscence. So if you ask, if you want to know how to stop wasting timeand study more efficiently Turn the music onand turn the distractions off. This gym is for your attentions continuous study. So choice appropriate tools, the tonethat’s going to help you the most.And to round off with just remember this only as high-pitched as you reach can you grow. Only as far as you seek can you go. Merely as deep as you can look can you see. And only as much as youcan dream can you be So reach high, contact far, go deep and save dreaming. My name is Keshav and this is your motivation to study. Peace ..

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