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We can trust God in any circumstance we encounterwith the assurance found in these three words God’s got this we can we can overcome we canhave victory we can believe in deliverance we can believe in healing we can believe that we canovercome in any situation as long as we know God’s got this is there anything that I ever gothrough that God don’t know about the answer is a resounding no is there any situation I ever findmyself in that God’s not aware of the answer is a resounding no is there any sickness that God can’theal me of the answer’s a resounding no is there any situation that my marriage or my family or myfinances can find ourselves in that God can’t fix and the answer is a resounding no is anything toohard for God no as believers as children of God we know it’s going to be okay as long aswe keep our eyes fixed on Jesus Christ now if you’re looking to the worldright now for help you’re depressed and there is nothing too hard for thee andthere is nothing that’s too hard for thee is there anything too hard for me what’s theanswer to that question that God’s asking us no nothing too hard for him say it again God’sgot this we all have things that come against us it’s easy to live up tight wondering how it’sgoing to work out what if the medical report isn’t good what if my finances don’t get better what ifmy child doesn’t get accepted in that school we’ve tried to figure it out we’ve done our best but wedon’t see anything changing if we’re not careful we’ll live worried discouraged not expecting itto get better but there’s a simple phrase you have to keep down in your spirit God’s got this he’s onthe throne he sees what’s happening he already has the solution you don’t have to figure it outthere may not be a logical answer in the natural you don’t see a way that’s okay we serve asupernatural God he has ways to do it we’ve never thought of instead of trying to force it to happenliving up tight you have to let go and let god when you turn it over to him and say God Iknow you’ve got this I know you’re in control not only will you feel the heaviness the weightlift off of you but God will make things happen that you couldn’t make happen you have manyproblems you have many challenges you have many questions you have many struggles you need to knowthat you have a mighty God because when you face mighty problems you need to know that God whowill help you face them is up to the task and he is up to the task right now my friend forGod so loved the world he has never messed up he has never struggled and he is not messing upnow and he is not struggling now he will help us he will help us really what we need to doduring these seasons is focus less on the muscle of mankind and more on the muscle of God reachup and you’ll see that our God has got this in Psalm chapter 46 and verse number one thatPsalmist David wrote God is our refuge and strength a very present help in trouble I’vetold you this before but it bears repeating the only time and place in your entire biblethat God promises to be a present help is when we’re in trouble he said I’m going to bea very present help I’m not going to be a casually present help I’m not going to be a spotty presenthelp I’m not going to be here and there here a little there little present help he said I’m goingto be a very present help in the time of trouble God is not just with you on themountaintops he’s with you in the valleys when you’re going through thingshe knows what you’re up against the scripture says God is concerned about whatconcerns you a sparrow doesn’t fall to the ground without God knowing about it how much more isGod concerned about what’s happening in your life trust him live from a place of peace this isa decision we have to make on a daily basis because every day there’s something to worry aboutthere’s some reason to get upset all through the day keep this phrase close to your heart God’sgot this he’s concerned about me he’s working in my life he’s bigger than my enemies he’s lining upthe right people he’s arranging things in my favor that attitude of faith is what allows Godto do amazing things do you know why and how the shepherd boy David was able toprevail over the warrior giant Goliath very simple David didn’t compare himselfto the giant he compared the giant to God we need to quit comparing ourselves to ourtroubles quit comparing ourselves to our pain and our pressure and the things we think wecan’t do anything about their giants in our lives and instead of trying to figure out what can I doabout it do I have enough money do I have enough clout do I have enough friends is there any wayI can solve this and when you look at it through that eye you’re comparing David to Goliath butDavid was smart enough to say you come to me with sword and spear but I come to you in the nameof the Lord of hosts and the bible said David ran right toward him and let the rock go and thegiant come down he compared the giant to his God what you’re facing may be bigger stronger morepowerful but when you refuse to worry when you refuse to live stressed out instead you stay inpeace thanking God that he’s fighting your battles knowing that he’s in control you are showing Godby your actions that you’re trusting him we worry too much we worry about all sorts of things don’twe we worry about things we can’t even change we worry until we’re a nervous wreck weworry ourselves into high blood pressure we worry ourselves into a stroke or aheart attack we worry ourselves into ulcers we worry until we becomeabsolutely miserable people the kind of people nobody wants to be aroundwe worry when it would be easier to trust God is something weighing you down today areyou worried about a situation frustrated by what didn’t work out or maybe down on yourselfbecause you’re not where you thought you would be God is saying to you I’ve got this it’snot a surprise to me I have new beginnings I have healing I have breakthroughs I’masking you to change your perspective switch over into faith that situation at work thatyou’re worried about God’s got it I’m asking you to quit worrying about what you’re facing quitlosing sleep over that child that’s not doing right quit being upset because somebody didyou wrong your dream hasn’t come to pass yet can I tell you God’s got this I like what CoreyTen Boon the famous Jewish holocaust survivor said she said worry does not empty tomorrow ofits troubles it empties today of its strength your worry don’t change tomorrow your worrydoesn’t change next week your worry isn’t going to change your situation your worry isn’t going tohelp you make more money on the job it’s not going to fix your car it’s not going to fix the houseit’s not going to keep it from raining tomorrow all the time you’re worrying about whether or notit’ll rain tomorrow you’re missing today’s sun life is too short for you to live your life everyday worrying about something that might happen worrying about what somebody hassaid or what somebody has done life is too short to spend it worryinglife is too short for you to allow yourself to constantly all be all worked up aboutsomething life is too short to go around miserable life is too short for you to make everybody aroundyou miserable life is too short to harbor grudges life is too short to hate quit worryingabout stuff that hadn’t happened yet it’s a proven fact that 99 percentof the things we worry about never happen quit worrying about what can gowrong and get excited about what can go right it doesn’t take any more effort to believesomething bad’s going to happen than it does to believe something good is going to happen no moreeffort and by the way they’re really both faith you can either have faith that somethinggood is going to happen or you can have faith something bad is going to happen eitherone is you’ve got faith I choose to have faith God’s going to do something good I said I chooseto have faith God’s going to do something good quit worrying about the future as children of God we don’t know what thefuture holds but we know who holds the future quit worrying about the future put it in thehands of God that’s where it belongs anyway sometimes we’re trying to play God we’re trying tomake our boss promote us make ourselves get well and make the contract go through but when you takeyour hands off and say God I know you’ve got this I’m not going to worry about my finances I’m notgoing to live up tight because of the medical report I’m not going to be frustrated becauseI haven’t met the right person God I trust your timing and I trust your ways my life is in yourhands God never promised that we wouldn’t have difficulties but he did promise he would giveus strength for every battle he would take what was meant for harm and use to our advantage youmay have a good reason to worry about something in your health your finances a dream you’ve doneeverything you can doesn’t look like it’s going to work out stay in faith God is saying I’ve gotthis I’m working behind the scenes I’m in the process of turning it around it’s just a matterof time before you see things change in your favor now live out of a place of peace a place oftrust it may not happen the way you thought but God’s ways are better than our ways Godknows what’s best for you he’s got this and if you’re in the middle of a storm right nowinstead of going home tonight and worry yourself sleepless go to work tomorrow feeling badbecause you worried all night and didn’t sleep you know what you realize in themorning after you’ve worried all night is that the problem’s stillthere worrying didn’t fix it so I’m worried about my childI’m worried about our money I’m worried about jobs I’m worried about a carI’m worried about a place to live I’m worried about my spouse I’m worried you can worryworry worry worry worry and you’re not going to change no kids no spouse no family no bankbalance because worrying how you fix this stuff the way you get a miracle is lay theworry aside and have faith in God don’t worry God’s got it all in control Godmakes a way where there seems to be no way when you’re stuck when you confuse when yourbacks against the wall when your marriage is struggling when your finances aren’t doing wellwhen your children aren’t doing well when you have a health issue God makes a way where thereseems to be no way where there’s no way to turn there’s nothing to do there’s everything is lostGod makes a way where there seems to be no way father God is the waymaker Isaiah 43 verse 16the new living translation reads I am the Lord who opened a way through the waters making a drypath through the sea the red sea for his people one more Isaiah 43 verse 1 message bible whenyou’re in over your head I’ll be there with you when you’re in rough waters you will not go down when you’re between a rock and ahard place it won’t be a dead end seems to me that there are a lot of peoplefinding themselves between a rock and a hard place now these powerful verses state very clearlythat God can make a way that he is the waymaker he is the path opener he is the trail blazer heis the road builder he makes a way when there is no way so there is no way there is no way butbut he makes one or there seems to be no way and he reveals one that we couldn’t see or haven’tseen he makes a way when it is impossible to us have you ever been between a rock and ahard place ever feel like you can’t make it ever ever feel like you you can’t it’simpossible you you can’t make it yeah I’ve been there a few times everfeel like you’re in over your head I mean the situation’s just toodeep you’re you’re treading water throughout scripture oneprinciple is always constant God can make a way when there seems to be no waythere are times when life hands us situations and many are in them now with the atmosphere inour world situations in which our faith must rise and push us to keep right on going trustingthat God will make a way for us to pass through the difficult times to pass through the thetrying time pass through the unknown places to pass through the unknown destinationstimes you can’t when you can’t see like Abel sacrificial times like Noah likeNoah stormy times like Abraham times when there’s destinations before you that you can’t youcan’t know you can’t see like Sarah baron times like Elijah lonely times like Job painful timeshomesick times testing times death bedtimes just plain old times when it takes faith to handle whatwe don’t know or see or feel or hear or understand times when we have to put our faith in thewaymaker if you will trust him you can find him to be the waymaker just like everyone that I justmentioned in the scripture it’s been my experience that God doesn’t mind getting between a rock anda hard place and creating ways for his people listen to me today when I tell you thatGod can make a way where there is no way hold on when you are in one of those placeswhere you say there’s no way out of this there’s no way through this there’s nobodythat can help me with this that this is the one that’s going to destroy me this is the situationthat is the end of me that’s when God steps up and says you can put your trust in mebecause I can do anything the things that we think are blocking us Godis going to use to bring us victory when we feel lost and we can’t find our way we’regoing to find out that God will always make a way unseen hands are working you may not see itbut unseen hands are working unseen plans are are forming and unfolding you may not see itbut that doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening he’s working behind the scenes to turn things foryour good to turn things around for your families to turn things around for prodigals toturn things around he’s he’s working behind the scenes on ways to bless youhe’s working behind the scenes on ways to to provide for you to open paths of connectionfor you he’s leading others into your life you don’t even know about couldn’t possiblyknow about he’s leading others into your life that will become the answers to your heartcry answers to your prayers he’s blazing a path beyond the dead ends he doesn’t stop when itlooks like it’s over never has he makes away that’s why Hebrews 11 teaches so emphaticallykeep going keep trusting keep believing don’t quit well for you as a dead end to him is an entrywayto a place you haven’t seen yet to a place of awesome victory his love will make away for you to get there he’s the waymaker he has a plan that we haven’t seen yet oh I’mconfident of that there’s no dead end to him and I came today to tell you he’s the waymaker youmay not see it but he’s the waymaker you may have came in today or you may be watching today and yousay I cannot see this that’s okay he’s behind the scene he’s working and he’s the waymaker he’sgoing to anoint you to see beyond the dead end and he’s going to anoint you to move intoan area you didn’t even know anything about god will make a way well there seems tobe no way and I want to add this to it God will make a way where there seems to be noway just don’t forget him when you get there when things feel hopeless they feel helpless youjust need to know that god promises to make a way when you feel like every door has been shut you can’t see how something is going tohappen in front of you he will make a way because our God is a waymaker and he will makea way through providing a miracle he’ll make a way through keeping a promise or he’ll justshine light into the darkness of your situation God makes a way in the middle of no way Israelfound themselves at the red sea and God separates the waters and in the midst of impossibilityIsrael walks through on dry ground sea separated on each side and they walk through that’s aGod that makes a way in the middle of no way you know when we talk about God being a miracleworker there are a lot of skeptics in the world today even within the Christian community thatthat would say that the miracles of the bible just either never actually took place or they’renot for today but the question for all of us is is really is he still working miracles that’sthe question is he still the miracle worker today is God still in the miracle business can canblind eyes that have never seen miraculously still be open can God still take just a smallamount of food and still multiply that food to to feed thousands can people still be miraculouslyhealed when everything else says that there’s just no way does God still intervene intohuman affairs in an extraordinary way and based on what I read in scripture and whatI’ve seen with my own two eyes and what I’ve experienced God I want to tell you that God isstill in the business of doing miracles I want you to know that today I believe that withall of my heart he is still a miracle worker over the past few years I’ve watched Godheal relationships that seem beyond repair I’ve watched him heal people of cancer whendoctors said it couldn’t be done I’ve watched him provide financially for people when all hopeseemed to be lost watch God provide for my family when we said there’s just no waythat this can happen I’ve watched him heal both of my boys from back injuries when thedoctors looked at both of them and said it’s never going to happen then I watched God do itGod is still in the business of doing miracles I want you to know that I want you to believe itbecause I believe it with everything inside of me most of us I would say we have no problembelieving that God does miracles today but we’re not quite sure he’ll do them for us in order to experience a miraclesometimes you have to take a step of faith miracles are God’s business obedience is minemiracles are God’s business obedience is yours I’m still the miracle worker butyou’ve got to take a step of faith I like what Mark Batterson says he says youcan’t expect God to do the supernatural if you aren’t willing to do the natural and here’sthe point if you want to see the miraculous sometimes you have to take a step of obedience youhave to trust God you have to have faith and you have to ask you have to do what he’s asking youto do even if you don’t want to even if everything inside of you is screaming no that doesn’t makesense some of you are believing God for a desired outcome but quite honestly what you are asking Godto do for you requires a miracle to get it done you need a miracle and Jesus is themiracle worker he is the miracle worker nothing is impossible for Jesus to do for you Luke chapter 1 verse 37 says for nothing willbe impossible with God Matthew chapter 19 verse 26 says but Jesus looked at them and said withwith man this is impossible let’s say it together but with God all things are possible I loveEphesians 3 20 Paul writes now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask orimagine according to his power that is in work with that doesn’t work with inside of us whatdoes that mean it just means simply God is able God is able Eugene Peterson saysmost miracles are the byproduct of a long obedience in the same direction forsome of you guys are saying to you get up get up trust me move forward takea step of obedience here’s another thing if Jesus does a miracle miracle in yourlife there’s always a bigger purpose involved what’s the purpose it will always alwaysalways be about bringing God glory and drawing you closer to him to deepenyour faith to put Jesus on display listen every one of the miracles in the bookof john every one of the miracles in the bible is about bringing glory to God and deepeningthe faith of the people involved in the miracle but here’s what you need to know Godwill never waste your pain he will never waste your hurt he will never waste yoursuffering and he will never waste a miracle and here’s the other thing regardless ofhow long you’ve been waiting on a miracle Jesus has not forgotten about you thereare no promises in God’s word that says that God’s going to heal every person that issuffering or every person that’s paralyzed or every person that that’s in pain while we’rehere on this earth could he heal everyone in the world right now that’s suffering absolutelybut for whatever reason he chooses not to even though Romans 8 23 says we groan tobe released from pain and suffering in this lifetime it won’t be until we get to heaventhat will be healed and be given new bodies and listen that’s a tough reality to accept aboutGod’s sovereignty it’s especially tough if if maybe you’re a child or you have a child thatis suffering or someone that you love deeply and you just watch them suffer all day longhowever even though I don’t understand why God may choose to do a miracle here but he choosesnot to do a miracle over here I do know this he is compassionate he is loving he isgood and he’s not forgotten about anyone he is with you just as much as he’s withthe person that he does the miracle for just as much and listen some of you are waitingon God to do a miracle in your life listen our savior is still a miracle worker he is stilla promise keeper he’s not forgotten about you Isaiah chapter 40 verse 28 says have you heardhave you never heard have you never understood the Lord is the everlasting God the creatorof all the earth he never grows weak or weary no one can measure the depths of his understandinghe gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless even youths will become weak and tiredand young men will fall in exhaustion but those who trust in the Lord who put their faithin the miracle worker will find new strength they will soar high in wings like eagles theywill run and not grow weary they will walk and not faint that means that regardless of whatyou have been through today Jesus is still a miracle worker and the question foryou today is do you need a miracle God’s timing is rarely our timing which is whyone of the most frequent cries in the Psalms is how long how long why not now God whatpossible reason could you have for making this protracted suffering even longer faith is at least in part the ability totrust that if you knew everything God knew and if you understood everything God understoodand if you could see everything God sees you’d say that’s right it takes faith to believethat because our vision is so limited and our pain can seem so long but if we knewwhat God knew and could see what God sees we would say of course of course Isee why that had to happen to him and to them and to her into that country andthat people and that decision and that thing God knew what he was doing I love what thecommentator Victor Hamilton says God’s delays are not necessarily God’s denials and as some ofyou endure what seems like a long period of God’s delay delay delay know that it is not necessarilyhis denial when thoughts tell you it’s too late it’s never going to happen now letthat go in one ear and out the other God is faithful what he promised you isstill in round you may not see any sign of it every circumstance says there’s no way things arehappening that you can’t see in the unseen realm God is moving the wrong people out of the waylining up the healing the favor the good breaks they’re already on your schedule but here’s thekey if you could see how it was going to happen that wouldn’t take any faith god can use anythingand anybody to get you where he wants to take you and so I just came to tell somebody who came inhere feeling for your sorry for yourself and came in here just feeling woe is me never nothinggood ever happens to me I’m never I’m always the last one higher than the first one fired I’malways and you and you got your little sad song that you’ve loved uh uh to sing I came to tell youpick up the needle put on a new song I am who God said I am time for you to quit disqualifyingyourself some of us disqualify ourselves for we ever show up I serve a God who can giveme a job I’m not technically qualified for but because I’m in his bloodline if he willsme to work there he’s going to put me there no matter how he gets me there but sometimes yourplan and God’s plan are two different things oh I came to tell you you got don’t worry aboutyour plan when yours falls apart that just means it wasn’t God that’s all it means somebody needsto take that with you when it doesn’t work out the way you thought it would work out that justmeans that wasn’t God’s way that’s all it means don’t get desperate don’t get frustrated don’tcertainly don’t get mad at God he didn’t give you the plan you add the plan sometimes we give Godour deadlines and get mad when he doesn’t meet him oh but God does things in his own way his ways arenot our ways his thoughts are not our thoughts and so you got to learn to walk by faith promisesthat you’ve given up on dreams you’ve let go of you’ve accepted it’s too late to accomplishthat goal too late to break the addiction too late to have a baby that may be true looking ata normal schedule you don’t see it on there but God is saying it’s still on my schedule I stillhave a way to bring it to pass I wouldn’t have promised it if I wasn’t going to do it now allthrough the day father thank you that what you started in my life you’re going to finish it mayseem too late for me but I know it’s not too late for you thank you for these unscheduled blessingsblessings out of season I came to tell you your timeline is in the hand of your God he knows whathe started in your life he knows where he’s taking you and you gotta walk by faith and not by sightand stop getting mad at all the people around you it’s not their job to elevate your life Godis the one who will exalt you in good time humble yourself unto the mighty hand of god in dueseason when the time is right he will exalt you don’t ever mistake your feeling of urgency don’tever mistake your feeling of urgency for purpose from God your urgency your sense of havingto do something should can deceive you into thinking that your purpose from God I’ve got todo this right now but here’s the thing you feel urgency and I feel urgency but God does not itdoesn’t mean that your urgency is felt by God God may put something urgent in your life buthere’s the reality your urgency doesn’t mean that God also feels it when we handle thingsourselves and don’t trust in God’s timing we always make things worse right isn’t that whatwe do we help things along we try to find a way to get the ball rolling I you know I knowGod spoke this but you know it seems like God needs a little help so you know lean in andget the ball rolling come up with some solutions we don’t understand how God could do something butremember he’s God he works in supernatural ways often using natural systems but hedoes things above creation is anything too hard for the Lord is there anything too hardfor the lord just because it seems like God is too late doesn’t mean that he’s not going to comethrough don’t be fooled by the circumstances you may not see anything the odds are againstyou the experts say it’s not going to work out God controls the universe don’t be impatientfor him to act keep believing keep praying and every blessing that belongs to you willshow up you won’t have to go after it it’s going to come to you it’s going to happen atthe time God has planned have you given up hope have you given up hope did God speak somethingto you and you look at it and say there is no physical real way that this could happenscientifically emotionally whatever there’s no way this could happen this word of God that was givento me there’s no way it could happen you’re in the perfect place for God to show up and speak intoyour desolation the word that he has which is hope that his word never returns void thenhis purposes and his plans for you will not be thwarted he is Godand when he speaks it it is so just check out the first narrative ofscripture in the creation of all things he spoke it when God speaks it comes to be but weare limited by time and we look at it and we know that time matters to us it matters we are lookingat time linearly I do not believe that God does God looks in from eternity time is something Godcreated he’s not subservient to it he uses it he gave us all the numerology that’s in thebible the seven days being so significant six days in a rest and the whole like rhythmof the earth in its seasons God of course uses time but God is not subservient to it godis eternal he is the alpha and the omega the beginning in the end he was he is and he will behe is outside of time he is God so remind yourself that when God speaks it will come to be butit doesn’t mean that it will happen tomorrow God doesn’t do things on a normal schedulea normal time frame he has some unscheduled blessings for you things that are out of seasonout of the ordinary that shouldn’t happen now the medical report says it’s too late the financialexperts say things should be down that’s when God steps in and says let me show you who I am I’m notlimited by time I’m not affected by the economy I’m not restricted by your age your backgroundthe opposition by how long it’s been I control the universe when I speak wombs come back to lifewhen I speak red seas part when I speak sicknesses leave when I speak addictions are broken marriagesare restored opportunities show up remember every calling every pull into something is ajourney of faith based on his timing not yours we cannot engineer a life of faith hear thatchurch you cannot engineer a life of faithful obedience you can only live into it trusthim when you don’t see anything happening believe when heaven is silent he’s working behindthe scenes every blessing that has your name on it if you will be patient it’s not only going to findyou it’s going to be much better than you think friends know this your life is purposeful butwe have to wait on his perfect timing we may not understand God’s timing but we can trusthis character will we be courageously obedient even when we have to wait and here’s thething if you won’t say yes to it you’ll never get to see the fulfillment of God youwill have to wait in courageous obedience for the word of the Lord to come to pass heworks out his plans and purposes in us nothing I want I want this to be the final words youhear nothing is wasted when we trust in god’s timing he is the God who says I will give youbeauty for ashes I will give you the oil of joy in your time of mourning and grief only God cando that only God can redeem time spent waiting time spent hopeless God is the God who invites usto believe in his character above and beyond our circumstances nothing is wasted when we wait onour faithful God’s timing to reach its fulfillment if the truth be told and we were being totally honest most of us don’t like waiting particularly if we’re waiting for somethingto change or something to get better waiting can be a very frustrating experiencebut the worst kind of waiting of all is waiting on God when God forces you to wait forthings to get better in your life for things to improve to change toreverse and nothing is happening and yet over and over and over and over andover again in the bible we’re told to wait on the Lord the most difficult place foryou to be in life is in God’s waiting room in God’s waiting room some of you are in God’swaiting room right now what is God’s waiting room when you’re in a hurry for something tohappen and God isn’t that’s God’s waiting room some of you are in a hurry to graduatesome of you are in a hurry to get married some of you are in a hurry to start a family someof you are in a hurry to launch a new business to to close a big deal some of you in a hurryfor a big goal a big dream a big accomplishment some of you are in a hurry for all kinds ofdifferent things and God isn’t we as human beings hate to wait and we especiallystruggle with waiting on God have you ever been in a hurry whenGod wasn’t and your God I know you’re going to come through and I’m praying thisreally Godly prayer I know it’s your will so where are you why aren’t you comingthrough and you’re in the waiting room of life and we get so impatient we want to hurry God upand we want things right now and some of you have been waiting for God to come through and you’reabout to give up and you’re getting discouraged and you realize that God’s standard time isnot always running on my time and it’s in the waiting rooms of life we learn to trust God themost in those difficult waiting rooms of life that’s where God grows us and builds our characterthe most through the pain of waiting we learn to trust God and without faith it’s impossible toplease God that’s when he builds our character you see while you’re working on your project yourgoal your dream your vision God’s working on you and God’s much more interested in youthan in what you’re trying to accomplish because you’re not taking your accomplishmentsto heaven but you are taking your character and sometimes God says yeah I intend to give youwhat I’ve promised you I intend to answer that prayer I intend to fulfill the vision but you’renot ready yet I want you to grow and when you’re ready then it’s going to happen a lot of times wethink we’re waiting on God for something to happen like a prayer to be answered God says you’re notwaiting on me I’m waiting on you I’m trying to prepare you I’m testing your faith will you trustme but I’m also trying to grow you up because the blessing I want to give you so much bigger thanyou can handle right now you’re not ready for it you can’t handle it yet another thing you haveto learn in life is that a delay is not a denial there’s a big difference between no and not yetnow immature children don’t know the difference you tell a kid not yet they start crying andhaving a hissy fit because they think it means no they don’t understand a delay is not a denialGod is saying I I intend to do these things in your life that I’ve given you the vision thedream to do but you’re just not ready yet and at the right time I will answer your prayer God’soften waiting on us now why is this important because when you’re in God’s waiting room youfall temptation to all kinds of negative emotions you start worrying you start stressing out you getanxious you get irritable you get spiritual add you can get envious you can get jealous heyhe got a promotion I didn’t get the promotion that she’s having a baby I’m not having ababy she got engaged I didn’t get engaged he’s starting a new business that’s taken offwhat about mine and all these kind of negative emotions can come in to your life and then you getfrustrated and then you start having a pity party so what does God want you to do when you’re in thewaiting room of life and because you’re going to go through it many many times God is not a vendingmachine where you put in the prayer and then you pull the thing and you instantly get it there’salways a delay the delays are by design the delays are by design to teach you to trust him and togrow up in your character hey a delay is not a denial there’s a big difference between no and notyet for those of your parents you understand this there’s a big difference between telling yourkids no and not yet it’s just not time yet and a delay is not a denial we see it all throughscriptures God told Noah to build a boat that would save his family from a great flood but itdidn’t rain for 120 years God told Abraham he’d be the father of a great nation but he didn’thave his first child until he was 99 years old God told Moses that he would lead the peopleout of slavery from Egypt they’d been in for over 450 years but then God sends Mosesout into the desert for 40 years to wait God gives Joseph this great dream that he’ll savehis family and his people from famine and he’ll be a great leader but then Joseph gets sold intoslavery he gets falsely accused and imprisoned and he’s waiting there in prison until finally Godtakes him from prison and positions him second in command in all of Egypt and the promise comes trueking David God had king David anointed as king but he didn’t really get to be king until yearslater even Jesus Christ spent his first 30 years waiting in a carpentry shop before he startedhis earthly ministry see a delay is not a denial when God delays sometimes we feel forgotten Psalm13 1 says how long o Lord will you forget me forever you come to a point sometimes of believingthat God has forgotten you don’t worry it’s a common experience we all go through it onetime or another feeling that God isn’t there or at the very least he’s forgotten us perhapsour problems aren’t important to him we imagine the Psalmist encounters those very doubts in Psalmchapter 10 and verse 1 here’s what he says there why do you stand afar off oh Lord why do you hidein times of trouble what you believe is that he has given up on you you may even be feeling thatway right now if so please allow me to remind you that what you’re contemplating is a simpleimpossibility God never gives up on you he never ceases to care about you and he will notabandon his work on you of which your trial is a part he even says that your name is written on thePalms of his hands your very name is tattooed on the Palms of God’s hands it is engraved thereit cannot be removed and such is God’s concern for you he cannot forget you no matter whatstorm you’re weathering now you have never left God’s mind or his heart yes sometimes when Goddelays we feel forgotten but God never delays without a purpose he knows you he knows yourheart he knows everything you’re asking him for if he’s not doing what you think he should dojust be patient because God loves you don’t forget he’s got your name tattooed onhis Palm he knows who you are he hasn’t forgotten and he never will often God’stiming disappoints us you know there’s something maybe something you’ve been praying about fora long time and you really you need an answer you know maybe you’ve been um praying forsomething really specific and you needed God to show up within a particular time frameyou know it’s an urgent need and he doesn’t when God doesn’t answer when you need himto I wonder what conclusions do you come to do you think to yourself you know did Ido something wrong did I ask the wrong way do you find yourself asking does Godeven hear my prayers so often we think when God doesn’t answer in our way or in our timethat it’s because he doesn’t love us God loves you he doesn’t love anybody else one grain ofsand more than he loves you you know in those darkest moments of life I want you to hear Jesuslooking right through your fear and saying to you trust me I am right here God’s timing might nothave been everything you hoped for in your life but I hope you understand that you cantrust the one who keeps the time clock we don’t like to trust somebody else’stiming why because if we lose control and so we’d rather then trust God because trustingGod means my goodness I actually have to trust God we’d rather go listen I like the plan and purposeyou have for my life but can we do it my way and here’s the funny thing now that I’m a parentI recognize in my children that they don’t like it to wait on my timing they don’t like to waitthey don’t like to chill and be patient but the thing is if they would just trust my timingthey would recognize it’s for their good it’s for them to be blessed and prosperous andso you can live life frustrated anxious stressed out angry or you can rest and go God I have totrust in your timing just trust his timing why because it’ll give you peace it’ll give you restand it will help you to remove all disappointment and hurt and bitterness from your heart becauseyou’ll know actually God’s in control of my life why didn’t god just tell you everythingthat’s gonna happen in your life right up front well I think there are two or three reasons firstit would overwhelm you probably scare you to death but the real reason God doesn’t announce histimetable to you is he wants you to trust him he says just live one day at a time trust meI I’m a good God I’m a loving God everything I do in your life is for love but you just got totrust me in acts chapter 1 in the bible the bible says this Jesus said in verse 7 you don’t get toknow the time timing is the father’s business so you’re just not ever going to know stuff inadvance you don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow in your life much less the rest of yourlife God does not tell us the details in advance he has a timetable for your life but hedoesn’t tell you the details in advance if you could understand why God does everythingGod does you’d be God God’s timing isn’t good it’s perfect because he knows all the detailshe knows past present future he knows what we need what we want what’s the wisest thing to doyou can never go wrong waiting upon God’s timing if I’m going to wait upon God I’ve got to trusthim because my waiting is saying I’m trusting you God that your timing is better than mine youknow what I do not know your time is always right and so I’m going to trust you and I’m going towait till you give me permission to go there or do this I have that above the ella it isn’tthat God’s trying to deprive us of anything he only wants what is best for us so ittakes faith and what I mean by that is simply this am I willing to trust Godfor his timing before I make a decision just imagine how amazing life would be if we couldtrust God all the time in every thing all the time in every thing and trusting God means that westop trying to make things happen ourselves and we wait on God how many love waiting we wait on God it’s a painful word even to say itand God doesn’t do it when we’d like him to or the way we’d like him to but I can promise you todayif you will keep your eyes on God and trust him to be your recompense and to be your reward and tobe your vindicator you will get double blessings for your farmer trouble trusting him doesn’tmean I’m going to get what I want when I want it trusting him says I believe that when the timingis right God will provide what I’m asking him for you know broken hearts do mend bodies do healeddisappointment turns into new dreams and the end of one thing can open the door for somethingnew if we will just put our trust in God you know what if you’re still here onthe planet God’s got a plan for you it seems to you like God’s forgotten all aboutyou well he hasn’t he hears you and he sees you can I tell you today that you’re not invisible Godknows exactly where you’re at and he knows exactly what’s going on in your life and he knows exactlyhow much you can take and how much you can’t take and he may not be early but he won’t be lateGod’s timing is always perfect do I believe that he has our best interest at heartif I believe that I’m going to wait but watch this somebody says I don’t have any timeto waste you never waste time waiting on God never you always find out that histiming is always the right time sometimes you need to get knocked down before you can really figure out what your what yourfight is and how you need to fight it sometimes you need to feelthe pain and sting of defeat to activate the real passion and purposethat God predestined inside of you God says in Jeremiah I know the plansI have for you plans to prosper you and not to harm you plans to give you hope and afuture hear me well on this day this day when you have reached the hilltop and you are deciding onon next jobs next steps careers further education you would rather find purpose than a job orcareer purpose crosses disciplines purpose is an essential element of you it is the reason you areon the planet at this particular time in history your very existence is wrapped up in the thingsyou are here to fulfill whatever you choose for a career path remember the struggles along theway are only meant to shape you for your purpose when God has something for you it doesn’t matterwho stands against it if it’s meant for you God will move someone is holding you back awayfrom a door and put someone there who will open it for you I don’t know what your future isbut if you’re willing to take the harder way the more complicated one the one with morefailures at first their successes the one that has ultimately proven to have more meaning morevictory more glory then you will not regret it press on with pride and press on with purposeand appreciate what God has brought you through

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