French authorities identify 26 victims of Channel tragedy – BBC News

the people of this valley are in mourning once again two close friends from the town of rania are among those confirmed to have died last month when they're both sank in the english channel razwan hassan was just 18 and a carpenter his nephew says he tried to talk him out of going um the last time he heard from rizwan was on the night of the boat crossing razwan told his family that he would contact them from the uk [Music] but hours later he would lose his life along with at least 26 others also in the boat was his friend afrasia muhammad 28 his sister says afrasia believed that the uk promised him a brighter future [Music] than but he too would never make it authorities told his family that his body was one of the 27 found but even before this news his family have been grieving for weeks many other families in the region are now expecting similar phone calls from the authorities to tell them that their missing loved ones are now confirmed dead but despite the risks people are still coming an estimated 40 000 people have left the region for europe in the past year alone using illegal smuggling roots the valley is bracing itself for more bad news henan razzik bbc news

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