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uh we've been trying for some time on this program to go a bit more highbrow more intellectual so i'm not really sure how our next guest really fits into that he's not normally known as a big thinker more crinkly bottom but mr blobby did go on to become one of the uk's best known faces in the 1990s he was star of knoll's house party here in the uk um he even had a number one christmas hit in 1993 called mr blobby and since then he's been somewhat of a recluse but it is panto season here in the uk oh yes it is and this year mr blobby is making an unlikely comeback at the chrysalis theatre of milton keynes as peter pan or in peter pan and a little earlier somehow he found his way into the building to tell me all about it i said to the producers i said get me someone big and it's fair to say i didn't entirely have you in mind are we absolutely sure that he got through security properly is he allowed to be here hello we don't get many guests in the studio mr blobby so it's good to have you here is it really 20 years since you were top of the hit parade oh blow me blow me blow me blow me blow me blow me blow me blow me blow me blow me blow me blobby yeah blood blood bloody 20 years you don't you don't even seem to have aged a year you look just the same and now you're in pantomime in milton keynes at the chrysalis theater right well i suppose it's it's good that you're back for pantomime because a lot of people have missed you from the screen you've been somewhat of a recluse where have you been oh no no no no no no no no you've been blue are you is he allowed on the set you'll make me nervous go back on the go back on the cat well you you're not even allowed to be in this business you've got to behave yourself okay back on the other back on the catwalk look now peter pan well you do you get do you get nervous when you're on live performances do you get nervous i mean what would you say you are are you a method actor mister we spent the program budget on mince pies just to get in the christmas spirit back on the stage and i'll give you a mince pie [Music] there you go one mince pie no not three not for me all right well i guess that's all the mince pies go best of luck mr blobby that was the end of a fine journalistic career the good news is we did get the bin's pies out of the equipment the bad news actually is that for those looking forward to seeing mr blobby in pantomime which is a big tradition here in the uk they're going to have to wait just a few more weeks the production like many others over the christmas period has suddenly been postponed temporarily in light of the coveted resurgence but you'll only have to wait a few weeks more so fingers crossed thank you to mr blobby for that

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