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these moments of relief now appear temporary the virus's newest form has arrived in india and this is where the early cases of omicron were found we've been given rare access to india's leading genome sequencing facility which is this lab they're testing five times more samples since omicron appeared as the government tries to contain it here they're isolating the virus then it's fed to a machine and we can able to tell that whether the sample is having delta variant or omicron area so it's here basically that we can determine what form the coronavirus uh is going to take is the information from labs like these that will aid policy makers to make decisions that can mitigate the impact and at the end of the day can help save lives during the second wave india was criticized for not alerting the world quickly enough about the delta variant has anything changed i asked this institute's head we have learnt a lot from our experience of earlier in the year and i think we would be much more proactive much more uh you know prepared this is the trauma india lived through people were left to fight the pandemic on their own outside a hospital in delhi a woman tried hard to revive her brother he died minutes later before a doctor could see him inside hospitals doctors and nurses worked day and night as the sick kept coming they squeezed in extra patients even into intensive care here between looking at his patients we saw dr sumit ray frantically trying to get oxygen supplies for his hospital we are running out of oxygen the whole country is running out of oxygen okay hi dr ray it's so good to see you i met him for the first time since then it was the worst period ever in my life in terms of as a medical professional obvious feeling is that sense of dread and anxiety building up we are just starting to see an uptick in the number of patients these are double vaccinated people starting to get infection again so time to be very very careful here travel restrictions and testing at airports has been reintroduced but that's not enough says dr swapnil parikh if we are to get hit by a third wave fueled by the omicron variant preparation for that needed to start yesterday not tomorrow not day after in this country we've played pandemic roulette where we took a wait and watch approach for the second wave and we lived it we saw what happened so let's try and do the opposite this time let's over prepare half of the country's adult population is fully vaccinated but hundreds of millions are still vulnerable if the virus spreads rapidly in any country it can mutate further that puts the whole world at threat yogitalamai bbc news india

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