I was such an a vault in my life and I recollected I was such an a-hole we’re nowhere to go with so many issues and so many things that clamber over and overcome but the thing about it is we all have the ability to come from nothing to something I was 300 pounds and my goal was to be a Navy SEAL impossible objective but what if I could you have to be willing to suffer to get to the other side you know the other side of suffering is a whole nother world that people has got no idea that even exists from the beginnings how I became Who I am the day I grew up unusually soft awfully insecure I was beat as a child a lot not only physically but too mentally my dad was an alcoholic so it transmit to him being very abusive me growing up not just to me but also my mother and from that my foundation that early age was cracked I had a exceedingly cracked footing growing up so with the cracked organization and my mommy having a cracked foundation I had no one to really you know show me the ropes show me the space and so we moved from that kind of cracked foundation to another rift footing I went to a small town in Indiana and brazillian and there was about five pitch-black lineages there so being called[ __] was something that happened regularly I had a lot of friends but also you know when you have a crack foundation the only thing you really see is the negative you don’t see a good deal of parties that like you all you see is that parties that don’t like you so that fracture Foundation really remained on has become increasingly more cracked and throughout the years I developed a stutter had a lot of issues with parties social suspicion I mimicked all through school I had learned disability so I chiselled a lot going through school so my foundation continued to get cracked and when you get to that extent in your life and no one is there to really help you out get to figure some things out so what realized me who I am today is basically that cracked organization and not liking it so I had to learn how to sew that cracked organization alone now what happens is you have to really develop a lot of mental toughness but to me mental toughness wasn’t enough I had to really develop a calloused memory so I was a victim mentality I was a victim everybody shambled “peoples lives” up my daddy civilization my mommy whatever perhaps I was dealt a bad paw and so it gives you a casualty mentality so I developed a acces to get over the victims mentality it was through callus in your minds so I was literally callus and over the victims mentality through out making all my faults so I developed a employ ethic that became known as you know what it is now that’s how I got this world-wide toughest husband because I I’m not the best being I tell the smartest about anything but I learned to outwork everybody around me and that’s how I got to admit to day so I don’t live a particularly glamorous being at all I live very uncomfortable to a lot of people it’s not that I’m crack it’s not that I don’t have the means to do it it’s like a boxer a boxer may have a four million dollar house but before a big fight he may go away to the mountains for about 2 month to Train absolutely secluded desolate world may live on a cot may live on the anchor what that boxers doing is he’s trying to structure his attitude he’s trying to get that attitude to a highly Granum allistic district so he goes inside that pealing his attitude is ready to do whatever it takes to win that boxing match so what I realized from my footing growing up was that a very soft soft memory and I live that path now like that container our training courses for that large-scale engage you know I lived that path all the time so always I’m always sharpening my sword and how I sharpen my swords I have a mentality but my refrigerator is never full I’ve never arrived and each time I get close to the top of the mountain I fall back down on purpose I argued that true-blue growing is that scratching starting from scratch is true growth you have to have friction in your life there has to be friction in their own lives for you to be able to move forward so many people probably the hardest man on countries around the world I got to get that level from having a never-ending work ethic so if you want anything in soul a lot of people we live in the society right now where mediocrity is often rewarded like mediocrity is almost a standard and for me if “were living” that behavior that’s where you could be a so let’s say you have 10 parties “youve had” 10 parties in all of them are mediocre and you beat those 10 people in a hasten or at work whatever perhap you’re really still mediocre what we do in life is reset our standards to everybody else what we do in life is we look at what person did before us we look at his standard I’m looking ebuy standard I prepared my own standard and how I became this whatever beings call the hardest man on countries around the world is I literally specified my own standards I started to reinvent the rotation for myself I didn’t follow the crowd whenever the crowd was disclaimed and die I did what I had to do to get right to go and doing that that’s where true-blue growth is is finding yourself I’m not trying to be like Michael Jordan or that Tiger Timber or anybody else or something like David gagas and do that you can find out what you’re made of and you you are trying to conquer yourself and that’s how I got this entitle my opinion to people who are going through hard times a lot of people know my storey I is just coming up a awfully very exceedingly humble beginning you have to be open with that like friends and social media oh if you’re on social media and what they do is they show you the best side of him everybody on the social media everybody out here in this world if you have friends everybody has two sides to him we decide that we want you to see which is our best side our best side but we also have this area that we’re not working on the Cybernet working on is that side that we learn no one to see like a social media everybody announces where they’re going you are well aware I’m going now for vacation this is me in the gym this is me now this is me here what I do is I affix my bad slope I miss I tell everybody know I’m this I’m this I’m this I have to work on all these things it’s okay so the first thing is you got to accept the fact that everybody judging you you Justin yourself it is okay to be dropped it’s okay to not be exactly like everybody else it’s not you know it’s okay to not follow the crowd so that’s the that’s the one thing I would tell people is don’t worry about everybody’s doing worry about what you’re doing focus on what you’re doing cuz everybody else out there everybody evaluate you they likewise have troubles themselves and that’s what I recognise myself so I stopped equating myself to everybody else I compare myself to me about my own superstar I’m going protagonist I believe that a lot more people can relate to the struggle a lot more than the success I it parties refer a lot more than that you know I associate much more to a person who’s the underdog most of us in this world are underdogs there’s very few of us out here who are the one-percenters those one percenters are those people who are like the CEOs these people who are like the best basketball the best golfer very few people are there it’s those people who are at the very bottom in the middle who are trying to get there is all about work ethic so everybody likes the underdog that’s why that entire bumpy fib everybody adorations a rocky narrative but the thing about it is to develop that Rocky story you gotta work your ass off and not many people are willing to do that part of it that’s that’s the hardest about overcoming the curious overcoming yourself is you have to create a rocky storey then why I like the rock-and-roll you’re filming so much better is when I was growing up I didn’t have much of a role model growing up so in between my cheating and me ditching clas and all these things I got obsessed with beings that I examined my life in their life and I I came preoccupied with people who contended but people who were at the bottom of the daggone sewer I went preoccupied with watching these beings and I get obsessed with watching Rocky one around 14 and the reason why this specific round is even to this day I’m 43 year olds to this day pushed shiverings my torso is I can go back to where I was 10 11 12 years old whenever the movie came out I recollect my first time watching it and I was watching round 14 of Rocky one I’ll never forget watching this chap who was rocky getting his butt knocked Apollo Creed was just knocking him down devouring him up and all he wanted to do was go to distance and a great deal of beings this offsets no impression to them but for a kid who’s looking for strength who’s looking for like is is it possible you’re looking for is it possible can I draw away the hopeless and me watching this film that’s what I investigated so it was a no-name boxer against the best boxer in the world who’s Apollo Creed and watch this guy in the ring who’s Rocky is getting his butt knocked falling down getting up in the 14 th round Apollo it’s like exactly killing this chap but likewise Apollo’s tired he’s extremely tired but Apollo beats him down in the 14 th round for like the 30 th occasion and even Rocky’s tutor Mickey is telling rocky to stay down and Apollo turns around he turned back he thinks that he got this chap he thinks he beat him he thinks he finally took this chap out this person he’s obstructed coming at him and coming at him coming at him Apollo Creed turns around gives his arms in the air he turns his back to rocky just assuming he’s down I went him everybody in the crowd saying stand down everybody this guy is climbing the ropes to get back up totally destroyed good-for-nothing left but he found something this the thing about it he found something and I watched this chap get up and formerly he gets up a dominance creeping turns around and sees this in the inspection I read most people don’t even see this the look I heard on Apollo Creed’s face was this look of total all of who the hell are you Who am I defending it looked like Apollo Creed soul left his mas and rocky got his gloves feelings to come on and Apollo Creed situated his head down and shake his head while that panorama reverberates to me so much better was I was such an a vault in my life and I reflected I was such an a-hole we’re nowhere to go with so many issues and so many things that clamber over and over come on my own I demanded every difficulty and each person ever doubted me to look like Apollo Creed I craved the people whoever it was people obstacles whatever to look at me like this guy is going to continue coming after me I missed with that but rocky had this ability to keep getting up I don’t care if I triumph I don’t care from very good it’s not being the hardest man in the world I merely want to keep coming after you so through years in years and years of visualizing that scene of that guy only coming up it’s just a movie to some people but to me “its become” what my reality had to become I had to become that person who could keep going transgress legs going through hell week who can endure the most pain the most suffering to get where I got to go I wanna have to be that guy a lot of people will never understand that because a great deal of beings really don’t have that various kinds of mindset however all have I came from nothing but the thing about it is we all have the ability to come from nothing just something but it takes that kind of spirit takes that kind of spirit[ Music]

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