DREAM| Motivation 2021

I don’t know what you dream I do notmatter how many displeasures you stood while stroll to her notes thatyou keep your head may you probably previously know that it’s not easyit is difficult to change “peoples lives” is always hardin the process of working on your dreams you will face manydisappointment a lot of downfall and a lot pain will be moments when you’rewhen you doubt yourself you’re going to talk God why why is this happening tome I’m just trying to take care ofhis family about their loved ones and not tryingto steal or Rob someone like this could happen by itself for those of you whoexperiencing difficulties do not betray your dreamafter all, “its never” long without biggest challengesgreatness is not this wonderful esoteric illusionary divinething that exclusively the special among us’ ll ever tastethis is something that really exists in each of us now it’s very importantbelieve you’re the same most people raise a familyearn to life and then die they stop stretching they stop workingon themselves stick to broaden their horizonsstop pushing themselves a lot of people like to complain but they don’t want to changeanything in my life and most people don’t work on their dreamswhy, firstly because of the fear of fear outages and what if it doesn’t worksecondly because of the fear of success and what ifwill turn out but I couldn’t to copeyou devoted so much time with other you know other parties more thanyou know yourself you’ve studied them you want to live likethem you want to be like them and you know that you’ve expended so much time in them that you don’t even know who you really areI encourage you to spend time on yourself you need to kick all the losersout of your life if you want to live your dream people who go to their goals havea special kind of think when you become that person you startto separate yourself from other beings you start to feel unique but aslong as you follow others as long as you area copycat you will never find your ownplace I encourage you to decide what you really wantnot everyone will be able to see it and everyone will wantto join you not everyone will be able to understand it you must know that youare unique you must surround yourself with people whoare hungry who will not stop who reckless people who refuseto live the regular life of a family who wantmore a society of people who live for theirdreams is a corporation of winners that’s who you have to be with people who live for theirdreams are people who know that everything thathappens depends on them if you want to be more successful if you wantdoing things that you never done before I ask you to invest yourselfto invest in yourself someone’s belief about you don’t have to become your realityyou must not live as a prey and even though you facethe annoyance you need to know inside myself that I can do this even ifno one guess I have to believe in yourself that’s what I think it is and I’m willing todie for myself no matter how hard me now or whatit will be difficult then I’m going to do I wanna represent an idea I wantimagine the possibilities some of you crave right nowmore I want to be a counselor I demand being an engineer I is intended to be famousthe actor look you can’t get at this height until you beginto invest in your subconsciou you are read books you don’t develop yourselfproperly, I require you to invest a great deal I requirement youbecome a recluse I involve from you spend one hour to get to know yourselfwhen you become an individual that if you start separating yourself fromother parties what they will say what they will think you should not careabout other people’s opinions you are trying to strike a jolt you are trying to achieve great if youall highly just talking about his dream if you’re still exclusively talking about mygoals but good-for-nothing happens do this first step you canto get their parents to be proud of you can utter your school proudyou touched the lives of millions of people and the world will never be the samebecause you elapsed this road’ t give anybody steal your dreamafter we face rejection and denial, or we haveopinion that nobody supports what if nobody believes in you get timeover and over again and again and again the illumination inthe end of the passageway is fading but you’re still on your way to your dreamyou look at it every day you say the fight isn’t over until I winyou can live your dream

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