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this week boris johnson turned to the issue of compulsory covered vaccinations i don't believe we can keep going indefinitely with non-pharmaceutical interventions i mean restrictions on people's way of life and i think we're going to need to have a national conversation about the the way forward the prime minister wants this national conversation because he knows this pandemic isn't over covert daily infection rates in europe are going up infection rates in the us are going up and when we look at deaths and hospitalizations there's a pattern we're seeing still a pandemic of the unvaccinated here with more than a thousand deaths a day in the u.s almost entirely of unvaccinated individuals that's the u.s it's the same in germany it's very difficult to to get staff motivated to treat patients now on this fourth wave we are still seeing so many patients that are not vaccinated and this is where we are with vaccination in these rich countries between 60 and 70 percent of the population are fully vaccinated in africa it's less than eight percent with both doses and these vaccination rates are a problem three times over first even in the richest countries health care systems are still exposed in some parts of the country you can only describe it as dramatic uber overfilled intensive care units severely ill people who have to be flown across germany to get the care they need next if the developing world is under vaccinated kovid has a better chance of mutating you know every person who's not immune to this virus is a essentially a viral factory and a viral factory is a variant factory so we we just have to get the world immunized then there's omicron certain features of omicron including its global spread and large number of mutations suggests it could have a major impact on the course of the pandemic and when faced with all of this there's a further problem governments have been asking people to get vaccinated and it's not been enough and we have done 10 months of campaigning of trying to persuade people but still we have a certain share nearly one-third of the population which has is hesitant the question now is what to do about that well in austria's case it's made jabs mandatory from february and this is the justification we want to break out of this vicious circle of virus waves and discussions about lockdowns and the only way the only exit ticket we have is the vaccine that's austria and each country is considering its options germany's new chancellor is olaf schultz he says he wants compulsory vaccines already in germany you can't go to lots of places including most shops and restaurants without a jab or being recently recovered or there's new york city workers in the public and private sector must be jabbed here's the mayor's justification we cannot have shutdowns here in new york city we got to keep moving forward and the answer is always is to use the things that work vaccination works and vaccine mandates work but if they work why is this so controversial well first of all for some this is about individual liberty we are a free country i think everybody is you know entitled to their own opinion if we are going to be mandated to have the vaccine i think our freedom is being suppressed but this assessment is not shared by the president of america joe biden this is not about freedom for personal choice it's about protecting yourself and those around you joe biden is pushing for a nationwide vaccine mandate for private business but that's being challenged in the courts and republicans are among the most vocal critics this is the governor of alabama tweeting i'll call the biden vaccine mandate nonsense what it is and that is an unamerican outrageous overreach overreach of government suppression of freedom these are two criticisms and in the uk the health secretary sajid javid other concerns too i think it's unethical and also i think that at a practical level having some kind of universal mandate for vaccination doesn't work we're also seeing resistance to stricter covet policies on the streets these are protesters in austria earlier this month and while opposition to compulsory vaccines comes in a range of forms it's worth remembering this isn't a new idea back in the 19th century vaccine mandates were used widely in europe to tackle smallpox and right now many healthcare workers are told they have to get a flu vaccine vaccine mandates have saved many lives but the world health organization remains cautious about them mandates around vaccination or an absolute last resort and only applicable when all other feasible options to improve vaccination uptake have been exhausted evidently some governments believe they've reached that point maybe people have two in germany one recent poll found 72 percent of germans in favor of compulsory vaccines 20 percent were against but even if governments go ahead this can only be part of the equation because once again we need to play the famous dr tedros phrase none of us are safe until all of us are safe and this is where the issue gets even more complicated because those in the west criticizing people who won't get the jab are also benefiting from governments who have prioritized them getting three jabs over some in the world getting any so yes the number of unvaccinated people is a major factor in the threat this pandemic poses but mandating vaccines alone won't address that there will need to be a fairer distribution of vaccines too you

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