Hawaii County Beacon Community: Improving Health Through Health Technology

KAREN PELLEGRIN: The Hawai'i County Beacon
Community is a very agricultural-based,
rural community. MIKE SAYAMA: There's about 175,000 people. We'll never have enough
physicians to take care of the population. We can hire care coordinators
in these different communities, hook them up with laptops,
and have them go out in the field
and provide access to care, where the people are living,
and have that information flow back to the personal
physician in the context of a Patient-Centered
Medical Home. PELLEGRIN: We can do things
like Tele-Health, connecting care providers with
patients in more remote areas, keeping patients out
of the hospital, out of the E.R. SAYAMA: A third of the people
have chronic disease, but they spend 2/3
of the medical expense.

So we've got to impact that. PELLEGRIN: If people are monitoring
their own care better, monitoring their
blood glucose levels, monitoring their medication,
and feeding that back into the system, the care providers can do
a better job intervening early. SAYAMA: The cost of care is really
the most fundamental issue. We have to shift the idea
of health care from treating disease
to taking care of health — to really enable responsibility
on everybody's part. PELLEGRIN: there's a notion
that we can work together to improve the care
for all of us..

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