China criticises US diplomatic boycott of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics – BBC News

the white house has announced a diplomatic boycott of the beijing winter olympic and paralympic games which are due to start next february the move's been broadly welcomed across the political divide in the states although it only applies to diplomatic and political figures not the actual athletes who've been given white house approval to take part tanya dendrinos reports beijing 2022 as the snow settles olympic venues are taking shape but the pinnacle of sport is no stranger to politics with two months remaining the u.s has announced a diplomatic boycott saying it won't contribute to the fanfare nor pretend it's business as usual in the face of china's egregious human rights record the biden administration will not send any diplomatic or official representation to the beijing 2022 winter olympics and paralympic games given the pierre scenes ongoing genocide and crimes against humanity and xinjiang and other human rights abuses there is precedent here but the move falls short of the 1980 u.s led boycott of the moscow games where team usa athletes were pulled from the competition the athletes will be participating we will be rooting for the athletes from home i am an olympic obsessed person so i'm looking forward to doing that but i think this is just an indication that it cannot be business as usual that not sending a diplomatic delegation sends that message but is beijing paying attention judging by the reaction of the foreign ministry in a press conference prior to official confirmation from the u.s labeling it wishful thinking grandstanding and politically manipulative the answer is yes what the us should do is to correct its attitude practice a more united olympic spirit and take china's concerns seriously do not politicize sports and stop calling for the so-called diplomatic boycott of the beijing winter olympics so as not to affect the dialogue and cooperation between china and the u.s in important areas if the u.s insists on willfully clinging to its course china will definitely take resolute counter-measures the uk and australia are among other nations considering a beijing boycott a move backed by human rights organizations which have long argued china should never have been awarded the games to begin with as they edge closer it seems concerns are reaching a crescendo tanya dendreynos bbc news and our china correspondent robin brandt explains what will be the fallout from this boycott and what countermeasures china is likely to take well i think the first thing to consider here is that this was heavily telegraphed so this is not a big surprise and it is consistent in terms of some confrontation some competition and some cooperation in terms of how the biden administration views china but it is a snub it is a slight and it was designed to do that this is designed to highlight as you just heard the by the administration's ongoing concerns about what it views as genocide being committed by china against its own people in the west so it's important to see it in all of that context so china uh has says uh it will um react uh in a kind of a like-for-like way it's tough to see how it can do that the u.s you know is not due to host a similar event soon although los angeles in 2028 has the summer games i'll be looking for how perhaps the officials accompanying some of the american athletes that come here in the coming weeks how they are treated how will the american athlete be treated as well and will there be the classic but nonetheless quite effective uh maybe some pressure some action some uh measures against u.s companies operating here particularly those associated uh with the games that's one way that beijing also could uh demonstrate its dissatisfaction with this decision

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