Exploring TomoChain planet #1: Powering Decentralized Finance culture (TomoX, Staking, TomoDEX)

A few days after landing on TomoChain Planet Let's go for a walk Look! The living here is so good We want to catch up with a lifestyle here That’s true Where should we get started? TomoChain's DeFi solutions provided us with sustainable income and transparent access to financial services Here, let me show you! Download TomoWallet on your mobile phone. TomoWallet is your one-stop shop to access everything in TomoChain land. Here you can store our currency, TOMO or any other TomoChain-issued token. First, there is Staking Staking TOMO provides us with a direct vote in governance while earning passive income every 30 minutes just for participating We can either run one of the 150 Masternode that secures TomoChain Land's financial network or simply vote for one we trust It's all transparent and easy to track via TomoWallet. Anyone can trade, lend and borrow assets person to person on decentralized exchanges. There's no greedy middleman trying to play custodian and take a massive cut Trading on TomoChain DEXs is fast and easy.

All DEXs share the same giant order book so liquidity is no issue. But hey, trade responsibly. Peer to Peer Lending automatically matches borrowers and lenders based on asset and interest rate preferences. Receiving a loan is seamless and completed in a few clicks And, powered by the TomoX protocol, anyone can launch a DEX in a few minutes without technological hurdles to make it simple to focus on just the business. Is it safe? Absolutely Users are always in direct custody of their funds All activities are validated by our decentralized Masternode network for security and complete transperancy. Wait…We don’t have any native TOMO as base token to pay transaction fees Such a big problem What are we going to do? To be continued.

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