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in 1973 the u.s supreme court made a ruling known as roe versus wade it gave women in america new abortion rights and now that same court looks set to take some of those rights away there are many reasons why and we should start in mississippi which has passed a law that bans abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy now roe vs wade gives women the constitutional right to an abortion up to the stage of fetal viability around 24 weeks this mississippi law is a challenge to that and after being blocked by a lower court it's now being considered by the u.s supreme court we're very excited we think this is a great case it's a great law and we look forward to seeing what the court does we're very concerned that anything short of a complete repudiation of what's happened in mississippi with the legislation is going to be really damaging for access to reproductive health and reproductive freedom in this country the timing of this mississippi law is connected to how the u.s supreme court has changed here are the current nine supreme court justices three were appointed by donald trump and because of them the court has a conservative majority and the risk that the supreme court looks political was raised by one of the liberal justices will this institution survive the stench that this creates in the public perception that the constitution and its reading are just political acts not all smell of stench but the appointments were certainly political and with the court more conservative some u.s states saw a chance we're seeing a large amount of legislation moving through state legislatures right now and it's due to the fact that policymakers are very conservative extremely so and these conservative legislators are buoyed by the fact that the judiciary is also now conservative because of all of the trump appointments we also know individual states have passed more abortion restrictions this year than in any other year since roe versus wade states are also poised to do more if the supreme court allows it there are 12 states that currently have laws called trigger laws which will jump into place if the supreme court overturns roe in whole or in part and then we have done an analysis where about 24 states so about half of the united states are poised to restrict or ban abortion entirely the supreme court's makeup matters but away from the court abortion has become a more divisive and political issue as times gone by one new york times columnist puts it this way writing as recently as 1984 abortion was not a deeply partisan issue and polling from the time backs that up this year though 70 percent of democrats are pro-abortion rights 74 of republicans are anti now there's no single cause of that but both parties have fallen firmly behind their positions high-profile anti-abortion democrats herrera and republicans and anti-abortion christian organizations have got closer and you'll frequently hear the language of christianity on the issue of abortion this is texas governor greg abbott in may our creator endowed us with the right to life and yet millions of children lose their right to life every year because of abortion all of these factors help explain why this case is happening now and it matters so much because the supreme court appears minded to act this is justice brett kavanaugh the constitution's neither pro-life nor pro-choice on the question of abortion but leaves the issue for the people of the states or perhaps congress to resolve in the democratic process and as the possibility of the court intervening increases there's concern that reduced access to abortion care risks women's health to which anti-abortion politicians offer reassurances like these in texas we protect innocent human life and for years now for years we've been coming alongside the mothers providing more funding more help for expectant mothers we don't just forget about them after the child comes along we want to support those mothers while we protect that innocent human life everywhere we turn on this issue we're presented with two very different views of what is for a woman to decide and what is for the law to decide and both are uncompromising there is no scientific disagreement that a woman is carrying a live human being in her womb and states should be allowed to prevent the killing of human beings they are asking to repeal roe versus wade and it's none of their business and why should anybody have any right over anybody else's control of their own bodies and while these arguments play out polls suggest there's a majority of americans in favor of abortion rights as there has been for years but judicial and political power don't always match the majority donald trump's victory in 2016 came with fewer votes than hillary clinton and with 46 of the overall vote but it was him who became president and it was him who selected the three new justices it was a political triumph for the republicans and that triumph has now in turn put anti-abortion campaigners within sight of their goal [Music] you

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