Success Mindset 4:0 | Core Values: Good Health, Balanced Mind, Thankful Heart and Right Work

Good Health Well Balanced Mind Thankful Heart Right Work Today, we will talk about all these things What is right work for you? have you ever thought? Normally, whatever the society, our parents have given us some sort of aim for life, and we blindly follow them. we want to do a lot of things in life. we are craving with a deep passion and talent every person has one or two special qualities have you ever wondered what is your passion and tried to follow your heart? A thankful heart…

You know….
there was a person who always… kind of victim who tend to act victimized of every incident happening around him it is some sort of human behaviour that we used to complain about every thing and now it has become a part of our life never satisfied always complaining and complaining there was a person once i read a story from somewhere there was a person who went to his guru and said i never achieved anything in my life i dont know what i am and what i will do then guru said, "I'll make a deal witth you." i need your one hand and i will pay 10 crore rupees for this can you expect what would be his answer? one hand 10 crore rupees… and your whole body and the entire surroundings and whatever you have have you ever been thankful? we should be thankful that we have a lot of things we need to try for something by being thankful towards what we have we just keep complaining and then wish to go ahead with the same folks and in same environment it is quite difficult to change our behaviour that is why we arrange 5 days train the trainer certification program because we provide you with a completely different environment and new circumstances we let you stay in natural surroundings we change your brain waves normally you live in beta waves we take you upto alpha, gamma and theta waves we can say that your subconscious mind whatever you think your subconscious mind will do that if you command your subconscious mind properly with small efforts it brings grand results so having a thankful heart is very important for a prosperous life normally we talk about some sort of a particular mindset.

Success Mindset you see that you have this much of ability i have only this much of strength and i cant go beyond it and that is where you stop growing there is a growth mindset we take you from static mindset to growth mindset, that no this is not the truth this is only your belief about your thoughts, abilities and about everything and sources are with you not just with you these are within you I'm not saying that dont think about materialistic achievements you should have money car house and all that you should have a great friend circle and all for achieving growth…

No you just need to manage the resources within you and all that will be managed itself more than expectation and that is where we are unable to hit what is difference between instinct, intelligence and wisdom then you got to decide what is your level how are you different from other organisms on earth instinct is something that when we notice something we react immediately according to the situations normally when we already have the intelligence and wisdom how to deal with others instinct is something like, everyone should follow me i am saying like this and so everyone should follow me this is not called intelligence this is your instinct we become depressed when situations are not in favour everything in your life comes for a learning .

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