Hello guys and welcome back to Til VacuumDo Us Part! So this is gonna be the last video you see of me cleaning my house and I wantedit to be a marathon just so you could see some of the changes throughout my home. Ididn’t go way far back, but even just going like a year back you can see all the changeswe’ve made to our home and our style so i just wanted to end on this note so i hopeyou guys really enjoyed today’s video it’s gonna be lots of cleaning motivation it’salmost two hours worth so definitely just turn it on and clean with me i know a lotof us have had thanksgiving even if it was like with our extended family or just ourown families it’s time to get some cleaning done and get our kitchens clean and our homesback into order before christmas comes some of you guys may be taking down thanksgivingdecor and about to put up christmas and it’s always nice to get some deep cleaning donebefore that so i hope you can just clean right along with me or you can totally kick thosefeet up and just watch all the changes in my home happen it was really fun to go backand watch some of these videos and just how my style and different things have changedum i did want to let you guys know while you’re watching this i think we’re going to be movingin on this particular day if it’s not today it’s tomorrow um and so i will be filmingmy empty home tour and that will be up this wednesday and i’m so excited to share it withyou guys it has been so hard to keep secret but i didn’t want to show it to you untileverything was finished and we are definitely coming down to the wire on this one but that’swhat building a home is so it’s definitely been fun and i’m so excited just to sharethis new process a new journey and all new content um yes it’s a new house but i alreadyhave a my long list of things i want to change and do to it so if you’re wanting like roomdecorating or cleaning basically anything to do with the home i’d love to have you stayand click that subscribe button and i’d love for you just to follow me on this journeybut i’m gonna go ahead and get back to cleaning i hope you guys enjoy this video i probablywon’t be in the comments too much on this one just because like i said we’re movingbut i hope you guys have a wonderful week and i cannot wait to see you wednesday so anybody that’s been around for a whiledoesn’t this view looks so much better so not long ago i just kind of like re-freshenedour bedroom and we got those new pictures and we have that plant in the corner and itjust fills up the space so much better i used to film from that angle and it was so plainand boring i just love how it looks now but as you can see i just vacuumed up the roomso this room stays pretty clean all i have to do is make the bed and vacuum in the morningand it’s pretty much good to go okay now i’m gonna head into my beauty roomoffice and if you’re new it is a hot mess right now so we just did an inch to switchand this used to be my daughter’s room but we flip-flopped it we do this a lot i puther back on the side of the house with us and it has its own bathroom attached to herbedroom um so i moved all my stuff in here and i just haven’t figured it out yet i’vegot my desk on one side but i also need another desk for the other side to do like a vanityso i’m just kind of making it work i’ve had the hardest time finding a desk you guys aresuggesting wayfair i can’t do ikea because the shipping is like 200 for anything i buyso i promise i’m going to be doing like a room makeover here and soon and like someother of the bathrooms so definitely make sure um not to miss any of those future videosbecause i’m going to have a lot of like fun decorate videos okay so to clean all my mirrors and glasstop i have the perfect combination i love to use the jaws window cleaner and i actuallyhave a 20 off code down in my description box and the link for those jaws cleaners andthen i love using my e-cloth window rag you will never have like a streak or anythingor lint and i have like a 10 off e-cloth code both of those links and promo codes are downin my description box so if you’re needing anything like that definitely check it out with every beat i can’t control it you’reeverything to feel your heartbeat is all i need okay so it looks nice and clean again i amready to like figure out that room so it can be done i like this side of the room besti feel like that side’s complete i’ve just got to work on the other wall now i’m goingto head into savannah’s playroom it’s not terrible basically i’m just going to go aheadand open the blinds and then move a few of her doll accessories out and give the floora good vacuum i like to vacuum in there at least once a week every other part of my housegets vacuumed probably two or three times a day but she has so many toys and she’s intolike legos and dolls so there’s tiny little things i don’t like to vacuum often but whenit’s like halfway clean and not dirty i’ll just pick up a few big pieces and then goahead and vacuum the floors before i forget i wanted to let you guys knowthat i always keep these sparkly slippers in my amazon store and that link is in mydescription box as well but they’re magical they make you clean better and they have themin all different colors so definitely check that out here is a final look at the playroomnow i’m going to head into our guest bathroom right here and i did change it got super hotin that sweatshirt so i went ahead and just put on a short sleeve shirt so this isn’ta different day i just changed my top i’m gonna skip so in this bathroom as you can see i’m justdoing a real quick wipe down again all the products that i’m using are from the dollartree i like to keep dollar tree products in my bathrooms because they’re cheap and i havethree of them then i can keep my supplies underneath each sink and i’m not like runningback and forth then if a guest comes over i can just run in the bathroom and wipe itdown real quickly and just know it’s nice and clean and here’s a final look at the bathroom idid clean the toilet i really don’t like showing that on a video i don’t think anybody enjoyswatching that so i was just not film that part now i’m going to go ahead and put myvacuum and towels away and then i’m going to head into my living room and start workingon my sectional so the next time you see a cleaning videoit will have all my christmas decor up that’s what i’m gonna be filming tomorrow so enjoythis like a nice clean palette but don’t forget to watch next sunday’s video because it’sgonna be like a christmas clean and decorate with me i’m so excited to put everything upwe’re doing a lot of like silvers and gold so i keep really neutral colors in my housewhen i add a color to my house it just stresses me out and it doesn’t stay up so definitelybe on the lookout for that video right now i’m going to take my dyson i have the dysonanimal because i felt like it came with so many great attachments so that’s what i leaveon this vacuum to vacuum my sofa and then the vacuum you saw earlier was an lg cordlessi know it’s crazy that i have two vacuums but am i cleaning channel b i love vacuumsand one of them was given to me by the company the lg was and i got to do a really cool giveawaywhere we gave away 20 vacuums so that was really cool but to the one i’m using righthere is the dyson and you can tell right there that is george if you’re new he is my sixmonth old puppy he is a golden doodle and he keeps my hands full but we love him todeath and then the little one’s name is tiger and he is a silky which is basically a yorkie okay now i’m gonna head into my kitchen areaand just kind of put away all the products that i’ve been using and anything that needsto go back into its home so we’ve done a lot to this kitchen not a lot but we’ve made somechanges some bowl changes since we moved in so if you ever go back and watch some of myvideos from the beginning this island was solid wood we’ve added a lot of like goldfixtures in here it’s just fun to see what a few little tweaks can do to a space so ifyou’re new i encourage you to like go back and see the changes that we’ve so made now i’m going to work on my sink real quicklyi’m just using the method degreaser and just spraying it in there sometimes i use the dishsoap it’s just kind of whatever i’m feeling i did mention in my last couple videos i wastrying out the silicone sponges and i’m really enjoying them i will say there’s like a transitionperiod because they do feel different but i am enjoying them a lot of you guys havementioned you’ve tried the dollar tree ones and don’t like them so i definitely need torun by there and grab some and test those out for you so i can see if there’s a differencebetween the dollar tree ones these were from like home goods and it was around 6.99 fora three pack so they’re probably a tad bit more than what you guys were paying at dollartree so i’ll definitely try to get my hands on those and test them out so for cleaning my countertops i have threeways that i love to clean and i like to just change it up so that cleaning doesn’t getboring currently i’m using this homemade thieves spray i made it with some of my essentialoils and i’m loving that i think because the thieves has like a really christmassy smellum i also love using the jaws granite top cleaner it smells amazing and then sometimesi just like using water and so i’ll use my e-cloth rags and then you don’t need a productat all so they’re all great options i use all of them just at different points it’sjust kind of whatever i’m in the mood for and then i feel like it keeps cleaning kindof fresh and new so it’s not just the same thing every time you’re so close no i can’tforget when i saw you on the dance floor oh i saidyou who’s on me first i guess now i’m gonna work on getting this rug vacuumed which mypuppies kind of make it hard sometimes and then since i filmed this i actually got anew rug so you’ll have to see one of my upcoming videos to see what we bought and replacedit here um on camera it doesn’t look terrible if you look close it does but um just withit being white we’ve had it many years it’s just taken a toll so it was time to switchit out i was sad because i loved this design so much but the new one looks awesome too now i’m going to take that same jaws cleanerand the same rag i just fold it different ways so there’s always a fresh clean sidethat way it lasts a while before i have to wash it and then once i’ve used all the sidesi’ll throw it in the washer we eat lunch at this coffee table so i like to wipe it downoften but even if it’s not dirty i like to wipe it down and the door and the fireplacei just love that smell and i clean my kitchen so much i always have like a nice pretty scentin there and this is the way i kind of bring that same scent into our living room so ifsomebody comes over it smells amazing as well since that’s the front door so that’s whati’m working on right here now i’m gonna head into my laundry room justto kind of get some loads switched over this is one of the spaces i kind of want to tweaka little bit obviously it won’t be a huge change because it’s a good size i mean it’sall i need i’m just in there switching out laundry but there’s not a ton i can do toit but i do want to work on that eventually now i’m going to take that load of towelsthat was finished and for some reason i change where i fold my clothes occasionally i don’tknow if it’s just kind of like my products i like to change it up but currently i’vebeen doing it on my bed so i’m just going to get these towels folded and then put away now i’m gonna head back into my laundry roomso when i was getting the towels out earlier the load wasn’t finished that’s why i didn’tswitch it over but now it’s finished so i’m gonna go ahead and put everything in the dryerthis is all savannah’s load so i dry everything of hers if it was chase’s and mine i reallydon’t draw any like our sweaters or t-shirts basically any of our tops but all savannah’sthings i can so that’s why i’m just kind of throwing everything in okay now i’m going to work on my floors andas you can see it’s a struggle um if i want to put him like in our bathroom or outsideto play um i can do that sometimes i just let them play because it gets some energyout if it’s raining that day and we can’t walk him i just feel like it’s something funfor him to do i don’t do it like this every time and if i vacuum while he’s napping hedoesn’t do this so it just depends on what point of the day currently when i was filminghe was up so i thought i’d go ahead and let you guys have a fun little show so here yougo and then as you can see as i make it backthere by my back door i can’t take it anymore so i go ahead and put them back outside soi can vacuum in peace it is raining outside and we’re stillin bed we don’t wanna wake up yet now i’m going to go ahead and work on my woodfloors i love cleaning my floors with water they just don’t get that sticky tacky layeron them which means they stay cleaner longer because things aren’t sticking to it so that’swhy i love using water and this mop’s designed to like clean um and disinfect that way soi think it’s amazing product i’ve been using it way before youtube so i absolutely loveit so i’m just gonna go ahead and get these floors mopped maybe we can sleep in and skip work today then i’ll make you scramble this um when i heard hey guys welcome back to vacuum dewist parttoday i have just like a realistic clean with me this is like typical um daily cleaningfor me it’s not like one room has to be like deep cleaned i just have something littleand every room that needs to get done i’ve been making a list so that i won’t forgeti’ve kind of just been putting it off to be honest or i’ve been focusing on differentareas of the house so i really just need to like speed clean or power hour or howeveryou want to call it i just need to get these things done so if you’re new i would lovefor you to subscribe here and now let’s get to cleaning start off in my kitchen area justbecause i want to tidy up a little bit and get a few things done in here like i mentionedbefore my house isn’t like dirty and it’s also not cluttered so a lot of you guys thatthink that equals a clean but i still have a lot of chores i have to do during a dayjust to keep it looking like this so it definitely just doesn’t stay clean on its own so i’vejust learned to do like little mom chores all day long so my house always looks cleanbut then i’m never cleaning for like a really long time you guys always want to know abouthow long it takes to clean my house and it’s about an hour if i’m not doing a deep cleanso everything you see today took about an hour granted that is with me moving like mycamera as well so you guys could probably do it you know in less time but i’d ratherjust kind of clean for 45 minutes to an hour every day and have a spotless house then spendhours cleaning it on the weekend and have a dirty house all week to me i want my houseclean all the time so i just love doing a little bit every day so as you can see rightnow i’m just loading unloading the dishwasher i try to do this every morning typically wecan run a full load at night if it’s not full we definitely skip it but if it’s cool i definitelyget it started so when i wake up in the morning i can get unloaded and put all the dishesaway okay i wanted to give you a little updateon my silverware because um i actually bought it um during a day in the life from big lotsand i had a lot of questions about it so far i’m loving it it’s holding up so well it doesgreat in the dishwasher but it’s basically gold with like marble handles so so cute ithink it’s just a fun way to add like life to your kitchen um i think the other way youcan do that is through like knobs or hardware but i love the fun silverware so if you’relike near a big lots it was clearanced out at mine so i got a really good deal on itand i went ahead and bought three packs of it and i do not regret it and now that i wentahead and loaded the dishwasher back up we just had a few dishes because all we’ve hadis breakfast i like to go ahead and scrub out my sink i like to keep my sink clean anddried out i don’t know why i do it a lot through the day it’s kind of like with my countertopshigh wipe them down three times a day i like to clean out my sink and dry it out i feellike it’s a great way to keep your house smelling clean because a lot of odor can come fromyour sink so just keeping that clean and dried out will definitely help so every time i film a cleaning video it’smy little weekly reminder to go ahead and water my plants i cannot believe i’m keepingthese things alive i absolutely love to look at my house i’m slowly like ditching the fakeplants in my house and i just want to keep bringing in the new plants but i want to makesure i can keep these alive so far i’ve got three going right now and all of them arelooking super great and healthy you know they’re so good for the air in your house and theylike clear the toxins in your home so i just feel like it’s a great way and they are actuallycheaper than buying your fake plants um so definitely look into that i get questionsall the time i just pick mine up from walmart or lowe’s they both have great prices my bigsnake plant that you’ll see on my table later was only 15 bucks so they’re not that expensiveat all um as you can see right now i’m just wiping down all my countertops i do this allthe time and then i’m going to go ahead and mark off what i’ve done on my list just soi can keep track of what i’ve done and what i haven’t so this back door is like my nemesis duringthe summer time and it’s okay i love that the girls are running in and out or tigerbut it just stays super dirty because it’s just like a solid piece of glass so no matterhow often i clean that thing there are always fingerprints or drill marks or lick markswhatever so you guys probably always see me doing that and then i try to keep this mirrorjust as clean as well it does get a lot of fingerprints from either savannah or tigerjust licking it and doing weird things but i like to keep it clean because i take a lotof my instagram pictures right there in front of that that’s actually why i have it outmy dining room it’s just really good lighting for the camera so if i ever take a pictureand it’s not clean you can see it because typically i wear all black and so it justshows up go back see my instagram and you’ll see what i’m talking about so and i’m gonnago ahead and clean the one above my sofa i don’t do it often but i thought hey i’m cleaningmirrors and glass right now i might as well and you might also notice that i brought mysparkly slippers back out it is so close to fall i couldn’t take it anymore i miss wearingthem i’ll leave them linked down below in my amazon store they come in all sorts ofcolors i have this rose gold um i have silver i have red i think they have pink blue youname it they have it and they just make you feel better at home they make your house cleanerthey help you to clean faster i don’t know they’re just magical buy them and you’ll seea lot of you have and love them i just feel like it’s a fun way to feel cute and comfyat home so i’m just gonna go ahead and fluff up my sofa real fast and get this living room now i’m gonna go ahead and water the snakeplant that i was referring to earlier and that’s that plant over there on my diningroom table like i said i got the plant for 15 from walmart and they still have them iwas actually there today they’re just like in the outdoor section and i just water itonce a week and then the actual container is from target and i found it on clearanceso i can’t link it for you guys i always get asked what size it is i have no idea if youguys want to tell me how to figure that out i’m happy to measure it for you but even ifi do it may not help you because you’ll have to run up to target and just see if they evenhave them available and then i also wanted to mention my outfit because i know somebodywill bring it up my top is from kohl’s the little undershirt is like a dollar 63 fromwalmart you cannot beat that price and then my yoga pants are just isella isbella leggingpants and i’ll leave those linked down below my description box i’m a very visual personso i love marking things off a list i make lists for everything so does my mom so i definitelygot that from her but if you guys are having a hard time like if your head’s just busyand full of stuff definitely just get a list going and then you just fill i don’t knowyou just feel like you’re getting stuff done when you mark it off and that when you’refinished marking everything off you just feel so good about it you know you’ve done whatyou needed for the day and you don’t have to feel guilty that you didn’t do enough soi highly suggest making lists for everything you do and as you can see right now i hadwashed our sheets for a bedroom and so i just pulled those out of the dryer and then i waswashing our comforter as well um i don’t do that all the time because it kind of scaresme watching the comforter but it needed to get done and so i just wash it kind of incold water and then i do a delicate um drying setting on the dryer and it seems to be doingokay but i am gonna go ahead and get like the pillow sheets put on and make the bedas best as i can until the comforter comes out i feel like i get asked a lot about my sheetsso i’ll go ahead and address it here you guys want to know is there a special place i buythem do i order them what do i look for um i always buy my sheets from ross um and ilove it there i just find like the highest thread count that i can find i find the colori’m looking for i try to find like the deep like where they say deep fitted on there soi know they’ll fit over our mattress and our foam topper and this used to but i feel likeas i wash my sheets every week so as it’s kind of been in the dryer i think it’s startingto shrink it still goes over it but i definitely need like even more of a deep pocket so definitelylook for that if you have like a foam topper or really thick mattress but they still getthe job done like i said they’re raw very affordable and they do just fine while i’m making my bed i also wanted to bringup i’m still getting tons of comments and messages that you guys are being unsubscribedor the notification bell is being turned off or not working so definitely right now whileyou’re watching just look down below and make sure that red button is clicked because idefinitely want you guys to see all my videos and i don’t want you guys to miss them andif you’re new here um hello welcome i hope you’re enjoying today’s video i would lovefor you to subscribe i just posted like my fall home tour so if you’re wanting to knowwhere anything’s from you can definitely watch that um i keep a lot of stuff in my descriptionbox and a link in my amazon store as well now i’m headed back into the kitchen so thati can mark those things off the list and just see what else i have to do this is a goodway if you’re like add and like get off track and like go into one room and start somethingelse the list also just helps you keep focused on what you need to get done that day becausewe could probably work all day long and still have something to do so just stay very focusedon the list and what you had planned for that day now i’m gonna start taking out all thetrashes um i don’t always show this but sometimes it’s just nice for you guys to see we do havetrash we do take it out um sometimes chase does it but on this particular day the trashit comes so i thought i might as well go ahead and get all the trash that we have insideour house and put it away um sometimes i have liners in our trash cans sometimes i don’ti don’t know what my theory is with that right now sometimes i do it sometimes i don’t buti just like to take a white trash bag and go around to all of our trashes i feel likewe have so many trash cans in this house i didn’t even take all of them out on this videoand we still have a ton so i’m just putting it all in there and then i’ll take it outside every change has a reason baby let it cometo you every soul okay i’m headed outside now and like i mentionedour trash service had already ran for that day so that’s why it’s out by the curb andi have to go get the trash can and bring it up by the house anyway so i might as welljust take the load of trash with me i don’t know why it just seems easy and i’m goingto go ahead and we just keep it over on the side of the house it always feels nice sometimeslike when you’ve been inside and kind of chilly with the ac to like go outside on like a warmsunny day it just feels so good on my skin and then i’m gonna go ahead go into my kitchenand wash my hands before i do anything else now it’s time to head into my beauty roombut i’m gonna go ahead and throw some laundry in my laundry room on the way and then i’mgonna work on cleaning the mirrors in here so if you guys haven’t noticed i switchedour dining room mirror and my beauty room mirror yet again i think i’m just liking itbetter this way i think the size it works different the other way but a lot of you guyssuggested the bigger frame has a little bit of a gold touch to it so it looks really goodand i just feel like it looks really grand so i like it out in our dining room and theni’m gonna head over to my desk because this is always dirty no matter how often i cleanit um i sit at this desk every single day and work and savannah does all her homeschoolthis year from there so it’s just sturdy and so i wipe it down as often as i can and thenhere in a second i’m going to wipe off my computer screen it is so bad you can’t eventell from this angle because like the light shining in from the window but it’s a touchscreen and i never really use it for like my fingers on it but with homeschool savannahloves to use that instead of the mouse so it just gets super dirty so i’m just goingto clean off you know all of my desk the stand you guys will always ask about my monitorstand i got it off amazon and i have it in my amazon store so you can check it out thereand just get this whole area clean before i move on to anything else i don’t now i’m going to finish up this room by vacuumingi’m loving this thing i just got to show it to you guys last week this is just a friendlyreminder i have a 20 vacuum giveaway that i’m doing over on instagram and so i’m giving20 of these lg cordless vacuums away and today is the last day to enter so if you want todo that head on over to my instagram page there’s a photo with the vacuum in front ofmy dining room table it’ll tell you how to enter but like i said today is the last day now i’m gonna put my vacuum away or on thecharger and then i’m going to go ahead and grab out my comforter it did fine i’m learningthe like cool delicate heat is much better than like the super hot heat if you have oneof these comforters i get questions about it all the time i do have the link down belowmy description box however it is sold out right now so it doesn’t work i’m gonna keepchecking it’s probably not gonna restock right now um just because it’s been warmer but i’mhoping as like fall and winter comes they’re gonna get more of them i do love it it isso comfortable a lot of people ask me you know was it hot during the summer i like alot of weight on me when i’m sleeping so i thought it was perfect i got it from zoo lilyso i’ll definitely keep looking out for you guys and i’ll let you know over on instagramif they do restock it through every friday i always get a lot of questions when i showmy master bedroom so i thought i’d just kind of update you right here the lamps are fromross my curtains are from target the night stands or night side tables are off um craigslistno off facebook marketplace and then my like half moon ottoman is from ross and then mybed is off amazon so everything is super affordable i’m all about like decorating on a low budgetif you gave me a big budget i wouldn’t even know what to do with it all of these pillowsare from frost so you can definitely decorate your home for less just know what you wantand look for it until you find it now i’m gonna go ahead and vacuum our bedroomfloor i vacuum every single day if not multiple times typically i vacuum up to three timesso we’ll go with two on average but i like to vacuum in the mornings i’m just after sleepingjust to make sure the room’s nice and pretty for the day because i really don’t go in theremuch but then i like to walk past it and see the vacuum lines and then i also like to doit right before bed my family just has allergies and asthma so i just like to keep the floorsor the rugs as clean as possible from just dirt and pollen and from us walking on themso plus it just makes me happy i mean my name is till that can do his part what do you expectand then i’ve had this basket of laundry sitting there all day i had done it the night beforeand i was just too tired and i went to bed so i’m probably just gonna break down andgo ahead and get it done so i don’t have to stare at it another night while i’m layingin bed sorry the camera gets super bright here i don’t know what’s going on but nowi’m gonna fold laundry say something meaningful say something i don’tknow i wanna know so if you’ve been following me lately i hadquite a few videos where i was just having a hard time with laundry i just could notkeep up with it no matter how much i did i felt like i just had load after load afterload and i think the problem was is i stopped doing one load a day and then it would justpile up so i would take two or three days off and then when i had to do it i’d spendall day doing it and then i couldn’t get it all folded in time i don’t know it was a hotmess and so i went back to just doing one load a day it has changed my life all i haveto do is put one load in and one load out you know some days it’s cheat and i’ve beenwashing all of our clothes together since just one load a day you don’t produce a lotof laundry but between like savannah chase and me and you know showers and towels andall that i’ve just been throwing them all in the washer together everything’s doingfine and i feel like i have my life together again okay and i have a question for you guys i’venoticed a lot of youtubers are doing like these marathon clean with me and they’re puttingold cleaning videos together and doing you know like over an hour long cleaning videodo you guys want me to do that yay or nay let me know down below in the comment sectionso i know to make that for you guys or hold not closer i’m gonna start off just by puttingeverything away we had had breakfast out in there so there’s just a lot out um we typicallyjust clean as we go but i’m not gonna lie this first week of homeschool was a littlerough on us so our goal was just to hurry and eat and then get to the homeschool roomum i have been starting out by lighting my candles i just like the house smelling freshand i typically wait till the end but i noticed some other youtubers were doing it in thebeginning and i’m like that’s such a great idea because then by the time you’re donecleaning the house smells amazing so i’ve been loving and doing it that way and theni’m gonna go ahead and unload my dishwasher and then get it reloaded is is you don’t know how i ship her inside doesn’tshow but my nerves are inside out is because you’re not worth less than perfection you can take my breath away cliche i did want to mention um if you guys followeda vlog from a few weeks ago i picked up this like marble and gold silverware from big lotsit was like clearance i am loving it a lot of you guys were worried that i wasn’t gonnabe able to stick it in the dishwasher but i definitely checked it and it said dishwashersafe i’m loving it so far um i did go ahead and save all my like normal silverware justin case it does go out quicker but so far so good it is holding up really really well is is i got this feeling like it’s starting nowstarting now i feel adventurous with you and there is nothing that can hold us back holdus back we can do what we want to do i normally clean out my sink every eveningbut since i had so many dishes in it i decided to go ahead and scrub it out you guys alwayswonder what i use typically i’m just using like a dish soap and then i do use a separatesponge um i like to use a sponge that like cleans my sink and then a different spongefor um my like dirty dishes and i always get asked about how long i keep those it’s justas needed i buy them and cut them in half so they’re super cheap so anytime it startsto look dirty it’s gone and i just hurry and grab a new one now i’m gonna just grab my jaws granite topcleaner you guys if you know me at all you know i love this stuff ever since they sentit to me i have not used anything else um i stopped using method and all that that’show much i love this i have the link i always keep it down below in my description box ifyou guys ever want to check it out i highly suggest if you’re ever going to buy one ofthem that is the one to buy i love it so much but i’m just going to go ahead we have crumbsand different things from cooking so i’m just going to go ahead and get the countertopsnice and clean we’ll be now i’m gonna quickly wipe down our diningroom table it never gets too dirty just because it’s chase me and savannah and we’re prettyclean people but it will get crumbs in it and it’s kind of got grooves i like to wipeit down at least once a day i also love using indus because i feel like it kind of conditionsit a little bit and then it always leaves an amazing smell afterwards i don’t know it’sjust something about when you walk into the kitchen and have that like lemony fresh smelleverything just smells like nice and crisp once i finish watering my plant i’m gonnahead into the living room and start cleaning up in there but i am gonna say i’m shockedthat thing’s still alive i absolutely love having real plants in my house um i don’teven want the fake ones anymore so i’m slowly like weaning them out and putting the freshones in it has been so nice somebody did mention that plants don’t like to be moved and theywon’t last as long so i’m really hoping that big one makes it because it has been movedlike a few different places but if you can’t be moved to my house you’re probably nevergonna make it so we’ll see how that goes um as you can see i just like put away the thingsthat needed to go back to its place or in the refrigerator or in its home and then iused the indus just to go ahead and wipe down the table real quick and then um the pillowsi got you guys saw in yesterday’s video if you missed it i have a whole like fall cleanshop and decorate with me so definitely click on yesterday’s video if you want to checkthat out and missed it but i got these new pillows and so i’m just cutting the tags off i still remember those things you did yeahthey still anger still hurt a [ __ ] now i’m gonna head down the hall and go aheadand work on our i don’t even know what you call this it’s kind of like our storage closetit’s got all of our home school stuff in it it’s got like art supplies my crafts um butwe had some of her homeschool a stuff out from doing it that morning so i just put awayand then you can see me open up her door i’m just checking on her making sure she’s doingokay she’s reading her book and then i grab the laundry out of the bathroom and i’m goingto go ahead and throw that in the laundry room and then i’m going to work on this pileright here this is all stuff i want to keep right now i’m not ready to let go i’m goingto need it again but while my seasonal decor is out i just don’t like a ton of stuff outlike it starts to make me itch so i like to pull down the pieces that i don’t need forthat moment these faux plants i’ll probably eventually get rid of but i’ve always lovedthe look of them but i’m just loving real plants now but i’m definitely not ready togive them up yet so i’m gonna hang on to them just a little bit longer i’m going to go ahead and put that box outin the garage for now i do have a storage in my island for like small door pieces buteverything i put in that box was pretty big so i’m just gonna put it out in the garageuntil i decide what i’m gonna do with it and then i also grab savannah’s like dance bagand library book that needs to go back and stuck it in my car so it’s out there whenit’s time to go and then i’m going to grab my vacuum and go ahead and finish off theliving room so i’m going to vacuum all the wood floors just so i know that space is readyto go it is baby yeah it’s like we’re running away and we can’t stay in our beds maybe we can and skip sleep today then i’ll make you scramble days for the daylet’s stay inside and play it’s like we’re running away and we can’t stay in our beds now i’m gonna go ahead and mop my floors beforei head on to all the other parts of the house that need to be cleaned i’m going to go aheadand get my mop head wet i always get tons of questions about my mop um eklos been havinga special going on when you buy a mop you get an extra mop head for free which is areally great deal um i love having two because one’s always clean and then you can alwayshave one in the washer or whatever i don’t know if that’s gonna still be going on whenthis video goes up but i’ll definitely leave the link down below for you guys to checkit out it should be even if it’s not going on it’s just such a great deal you don’t evenhave to walk and watch the mop head every single time i mop a few times before i dothat but you just get it wet and then start mopping i don’t have to re-wet my mop headi can do my whole wood floors in my house i know my house isn’t as big as some of yoursso you guys may have to if you have a bigger house they have like the squirt kind whereyou just like squirt the water onto your floor it’s connected i definitely need to upgradeto that one day i just haven’t done it yet but i love my mom my floors are never stickyand that’s what i wanted to just kind of press on this is not sponsored i just totally lovethe products that i use to clean my house and i love that like when i walk on my floorsafter mopping i don’t stick to them and so completely completely love my e-cloth mopsee if you guys are like in the market for one definitely click on that link down belowin my description box okay i’m exhausted but at least like my livingroom area if somebody were to come over we don’t look like a hot mess the rest of thehouse houses but they wouldn’t see it so it feels really good to have this done i’m likethis close to tempting just to like call it a day but our bedroom is a mess the beautyroom’s a mess and i need to work on our bathroom like it needs a little speed cleaning in thereso let’s keep going okay i’m going to start off i always clean off like my nightstandsreal quick and then you guys always ask the cord like what am i doing when i put the cordover my headboard that’s just our cell phone chargers and we hook them up there so they’relike not on the ground when i vacuum or anything and then you can’t really see them but likei said i’m just gonna go ahead and make my bed and then i’m gonna put the blankets inthat savannah left out from when she was hiding the ottoman and then i’m gonna head into mybathroom so that i can get to work on that something is behind the clouds we just haveto believe it that we can make the sun come out let us lose ourselves who can say what’swrong all right we’re the only ones who can’t decide baby so baby we should start living now this has gotten out of control i really don’tcome in here much and when i do i’m reminded why i don’t come in here much so here i’m using my like jaws bathroom cleaneri love jaws and then i also love the dollar tree like foam spray cleaners both of themwork really well it’s just on your preference and smell and even your budget you can’t beata dollar from the dollar tree i always keep those underneath each bathroom sink so that’sdefinitely a budget friendly option if you’re looking for one but i’m gonna go ahead andscrub these things really hard because they’re really dirty and nasty um i don’t like loveour master bathroom and i’m just not in here much because i get ready in the bathroom that’sattached to my beauty room and so i probably should come in here more and clean these thingsout but i don’t just i don’t know why it’s a bathroom we have three of them sometimesit gets really old cleaning them but i’m gonna go ahead and get these wiped down i’m gonnawork on the mirror and the handles and just get everything clean baby we should start living now stepping out and my friends are on the just in case you’re wondering i use the disinfectantwipes from dollar tree i love them i feel like they work just as well as lysol but they’reso much cheaper so that’s what i’m using to like wipe down the handles and then i’m goingto go ahead and clean off my mirror and i love the jaws window cleaner like the bluebottle or there is a great one at dollar tree as well but my secret weapon is the e-clothrag for like windows and mirrors it’ll never be streaky again love that definitely clickon the equals link down below my description box if you guys want one of those it’s likea game changer now i’m gonna go ahead and vacuum out my bathroom and then put the rugsback and then i’m gonna finish up by vacuuming our bedroom oh the only one i’m thinking um the last space i’m gonna work on is my beautyroom i just have a lot of items out in here that need to go back to its home i mentionedearlier in the video that this is like our homeschool box for experiments and we haddone one on friday so i just needed to put it back down in the hall closet um i alsohave like a blanket and i don’t know there’s just a lot of things left out my beauty roomlately it’s kind of the room that’s tucked away in the house and we’re in there a lotdoing school and working so i feel like lately it’s been the catch-all so i’m just gonnamake sure that everything’s back into its space and then i’m going to start cleaningthings off she’s i had pulled this louis vuitton box down becausei had my monitor on it editing i’ve been doing a lot of rearranging and i put my glass deskback as like my work desk but my very desk like standing desk it doesn’t sit on it itwould like break the glass it’s so heavy um so i went ahead and ordered a new like a monitorriser you’ll see here in a second when i wipe on my desk but i was just putting my louisvuitton box back up i did not get a new one just in case you’re wondering that was justan old one i had been using so right here you can see my monitor is raised so that iwon’t get like neck shoulder and back pain but i got like a glass one that will actuallyfit on my desk so this isn’t like a standing desk i can’t stand with it i definitely amnot getting rid of the standing desk i’m sure it’ll come back you guys know me with allthe rearranging but for right now that’s just how i wanted to work it so i’m gonna go aheadand grab my jaw cleaner again and wipe down my desk and then my vanity and we are almostdone well i finished up by vacuuming i was goingto just let you guys know definitely leave down your video suggestions down below inmy comment section i always ask for them over on instagram but i forget to ask here so letme know what you guys want to see in my next couple videos i do have some fun ones comingyour way that are fall related i have a fun giveaway there’s so much good videos comingyour way but definitely let me know if you guys have anything else in mind hey guys welcomeback to till vacuum does part i’m about to film a cleaning video so i’m gonna do a wholewalk through so you can see what i’m working with okay here’s savannah’s room um i was washingher sheets which they’re in the dryer so i just have to put those on wipe a few thingsdown and then vacuum um i need to work on this closet a little bit and get it back thisis her bathroom slash the guest bathroom so i need to clean it and then in here in theliving room it’s just kind of messy i was having lunch so this table’s out um shoessocks i need to work on the sectional and then back here it’s been raining and non-stopbut we finally have a sunny day so i need to put up my plants and pillows and sign backhere on my front porch and then here in the kitchen it’s pretty messy as well especiallyfor my house i know for you guys this may not be messy but if there’s one thing outof place for me it’s definitely messy um i was watching the girls play earlier so i needto fix that i need to like clean off the table just because we’ve been eating there and there’scrumbs i need to work and load a few dishes and then wipe everything down and put thisstuff away my bedroom’s fine it’s the only room i don’t really have to touch i will comein here and like vacuum the floors but that is all and then in the laundry room her sheetsare in the dryer so i need to get those out and then switch a load because i do have stuffin the washer and then that’ll be it um and then in here it’s not terrible i need to goahead and wipe down the desk from all the fingerprints i need to put a few things awayhere and wipe it down and then vacuum so we don’t have a ton to do but i’m not gonna reallydeep clean i’m gonna more like speed clean just to get stuff done um so let’s get started so i’m gonna start off in my like living roomand kitchen because it was driving me the craziest and if somebody came by i just wantedthis area picked up so i’m gonna work on my sofa um i love it i get lots of questionshow often i have to fluff it i really don’t i just do it because i like it really fulllooking and we like slide on the cushion so sometimes like the inserts need to be likepushed around a little bit so the seams at the top but other than that it’s held itsshape really really i well that we can go higher if we keep ourfaith if we keep our faith sometimes i’m like a whisper in a riot but i grow stronger keepbelieving in me like i mentioned before it’s been raininghere a lot so i like to bring in like my sign so it doesn’t get wet um that plant will fallover i had one before and it like is the base of it shattered so i always just grab it tobring it in in case there’s a storm and then every time it storms here even if it’s notstorming we get um a lot of wind sometimes and so when it’s windy i like to go aheadand pull in our pillows as well so our neighbors aren’t chasing them around the neighborhoodbut it happens so it was finally a sunny day so i thought i’d take everything back outto the porch and set it all up now i’m going to work on the kitchen and themain area is just our island the girls have been setting up your coloring and workingon crafts so i’m just going to take those items you’ll see me in a second i’m just goingto go put them in our hallway and then i’ll put them up later in the hall closet and thenafter that there’s just like a few dishes in the sink i’m gonna load and then i justlike to give the kitchen a good wipe down i do that multiple times a day so if there’sever any crumbs out or any dirt i just love the fresh smell of the jaws and i love lookingat my countertops from the living room and not seeing any crumbs so i wipe those downpretty often me me wearing light shoes walking down the shorediving head first down to the ocean floor your dark brown eyes reflect fire flies sleepingbright nights getting we’ve got catching this is this find in hidden caves this is listen to old songs oh now i’m going into our dining room our littlenook over there and i’m gonna wipe down the table i use different things for this youguys always ask me like when i use a different product i think you guys think i just staywith one product i like to have several different options for different reasons and just sometimesi’m in different moves i love the indus because i feel like it polishes and like conditionsit and then sometimes i just love the jaws and then other times i just want water onmy table so i’ll just use my e-cloth rag but i don’t think you have to just be loyal toone product i think you can use all different products for different moods and so it makescleaning interesting and fun i don’t want you guys to ever feel like you just have tolike just use one product definitely have those options so when you have different moodsyou can use different products and that’s totally okay so i did find a new vase in here for my flowersi had it like a silver one i’ve had for a long time but i walked into ross and foundthat a gold vase for 7.99 so i went ahead and grabbed it because i thought it was agreat deal and then i didn’t have to spray paint my other one but i’m really enjoyingthat and then i’m going to quickly wipe down these side tables that glass top gets so dirtyjust because we set our cups there i end up moving one of these out after my cleaningvideo i think it was that evening and i actually sprayed that one right there that i’m workingon gold and it looks a lot better so you’ll be seeing that in future videos now it’s time to switch over the laundry likei mentioned earlier i had already taken semena sheets off her bed and washed them and theywere in the dryer and then i had also started another load i actually forgot it was in thewasher so i actually had to re-wash them so that’s what you’re seeing me put in the dryerand then i’ll take those sheets into savannah’s room and get her bed made enough without you i baby know what to do baby now as i’m walking down this hallway you cansee that pile of junk i promise i’ll work on that later after i finish savannah’s bedi’m going to go ahead and put those clean sheets on her bed i did notice when i hadthem off this was a serta mattress and we’re actually thinking about getting a new bedor a new foam topper or something somebody suggested just trying new pillows that mayhelp but we’re not sleeping well and like my back and shoulders are really hurting fromsleeping um i love savannah’s bed so i don’t know if we need to look into sertas i knowlike memory foam mattresses are like all the rage and we had one ordered through nicelybefore but they’re a lot firmer than you would think and i just like a soft mattress so idon’t know if we get one if we do i’ll let you guys know and what brand we go with butthis is a certain we really like it so i might check them out but we may start with pillowsand then maybe go to a foam topper and not get a mattress i’d love to like go the cheapestroute possible but if i could just take her bed i would but it’s like a queen insteadof a king but that is an awesome know what to bed i bet you think that i should calm down andthat i’m overthinking everything about you and i feel good the way so as i put this comforteron you’ll kind of notice it doesn’t fit perfectly this is actually made for a twin or a fulland savannah’s actually in a queen bed but there’s very few like kids comforters especiallyjojo she just doesn’t make it so we just make it work but if you guys ever notice like oneside it’s barely on and then the other side i have it longer on the side you walk in butthat’s why okay i always get a lot of questions why i put our top sheet on like upside downand on the opposite side and it’s because when we make our beds we fold them back andso then that makes this go in the right direction if i put it face up when i was making thebed then when i fold it back it would be on the ugly side so that is why i do that forall of our beds especially hers because you can actually see the design in the words butthat’s why i do it you know we should work it out you know we should work it out beforei’m too invested i should probably ask you ask you all my questions get to know you betternow can you be trusted will you take me for granted i know i’m feeling something for you now i’m going to work on this pile out herein the hallway i just kind of kept setting stuff there because i knew i’d work on itall at once um this is like savannah’s craft closet i do have like a craft bin in thereand then up at the very top is like where i keep my like wrapping supplies so i havelike tape and bows and gift bags and wrapping paper but this is all mainly hers she doeskeep some homeschool work in here as well but i just like everything to be reachableand accessible to her because she’s big into crafting and being creative and so i’m justkind of putting back in her closet the thing she’s got now now i’m gonna work on our guest a bathroomand savannah shares this one as well we don’t have that many guests so it’s mainly justhers i did get a question do i feel like i’m cleaning it now more often since savannahuses this one now that her bedroom’s on this side of the house i honestly don’t even whenthey would play her playroom was down this hallway so they never like went across thehouse to use savannah’s bathroom she’s always used this one and she actually rarely usedher own bathroom just because it was on the other side of the house she either uses ourbathroom or this one so i don’t feel like it’s getting much dirtier than normal andit just stays dirty because all the kids are in there and out so it doesn’t bother me ijust try to wipe it down occasionally and at least keep like the sink and the toiletclean and then the bathtub i obviously have to clean more now that she’s in there butit’s just kind of the name of the game it doesn’t bother me i’m just glad she has thatwhole like side of the house now i’m going to work on my beauty room slashoffice and i just need to tidy up a few things not a lot was out but savannah’s like laptopwas in there from her doing a little bit of schoolwork and then there was a few piecesof paper out and then when i come back i’m gonna go ahead and wipe a few things downhere in a second we just get a lot of fingerprints in here um just for me getting ready and workingthere so i just like to tidy it up at least once a week i will say we have fun but our trails will never run forever somethingelse is on your mind like everything that’s good in life always is please i always get a lot of questions about my makeupmirror right here um i have one linked in my amazon store and it’s like the new updatedversion this is like five or six years old so they make them a lot nicer now so definitelycheck out my link in the description box and now i’m gonna grab the trash can and justgo ahead and take it out it was trash day so our trash can was already at the curb soi just went ahead and carried the trash out there and i’ll put it in it and then bringit up to the side of the house and as you can see that was tiger flying by he lovesto run outside in the front yard you guys always ask how i keep him close he’s justnever run off from us like if he gets too far or starts getting curious i’ll just sayhis name and he’ll turn around and come back but he’s just a really good boy okay the houseis looking much better the girls came in here and had lunch so i need to put their drinksaway but now i’m gonna work on these floors because i’m telling you they’re bad look atall this there’s just stuff everywhere on them it’s getting hard to even walk on butthis is what happens like in a day’s time so i’m gonna vacuum and then get all the hardsurfaces like tight floors mopped i always forget to like sweep my laundry roomfloor so i thought i was in there picking up the vacuum i might as well just go aheadand vacuum in there it doesn’t get too bad but maybe sometimes blend from the dryer orsomething or sand from the ocean when i did some of the laundry i recently moved thislike fluffy furry rug in there and i love it i don’t know why it makes laundry doingbetter but tiger loves it and used to love it my beauty room so now i catch him justlike sitting in the dark in the laundry room because he likes sitting on it so much it’sreally cute of please please without loving your heart by yourself tell me what to do as you can see i’m just kind of going fromroom to room working on all the floors they all needed it i like to when i vacuum justgo ahead and vacuum the entire house i feel like while i have it out i might as well justget it done so i typically never just vacuum one room i vacuum like as many as i can orhave time for fyi this rug is so hard to vacuum i thinkif i had any other vacuum i don’t know if it would even work just because it’s so plushthat i’m able to like pick up the lightweight dyson so i do like it for that i even nottoo long ago like moved the rug and shook it out and i thought there would be tons ofstuff in it and it really does pick up a lot better than i was expecting but now i’m justgonna go ahead and finish vacuum the hallway and then head into the dining and kitchenarea and you do the in best tell me so while i was vacuuming my kitchen i actuallydied i feel like i’m starting to have problems with um the battery life on it and i’ve reallyonly had it about a year and a half i got it when i started youtube and typically itstarted it’s just happened like three times when i start to vacuum it dies within thefirst couple minutes and if i put it back on the charger it works the rest the timenow chase did clean out all the filters and it stopped doing that but i feel like it’snot lasting as long i could be wrong our floors were really dirty so i was having to staylonger on them than i typically do but i used to be able to vacuum like my entire houseum on one charge and i don’t feel like i’m able to do that anymore so let me know guysknow if you have like the animal dysons if you’re having problems with your battery lifeand what you did can you replace the battery um i definitely don’t want to like buy a newone every year and a half so i don’t know if i need to look into another cord one orif i’m just doing something wrong like maybe it just needs a new battery and it’s not abig deal but definitely let me know down below in the comments tell me okay now i’m gonna go ahead and finish upby mopping and my floors were so bad just running the vacuum made a huge differencebut they were like paw prints and footprints all over them i always love just a nice shinyfloor i love wood floors but i really don’t recommend dark shiny wood floors like oursthey’re beautiful but you have to work to keep them clean i love my mop that i use it’sthe only thing i use and love and i’ve used a lot of different mops it’s called the e-clothmop and you only need water with it i have the kind where you just wet the head and stickit on there our house isn’t huge so i can mop like all of our floors um with that one-timewedding i had somebody say that they have to re-wet it a lot if you have a lot biggerhouse you might look into they have a nicer one that just squirts the water out so youcan just squirt it as you go i definitely need to upgrade to that just at some pointjust to make life easier but i’ll get questions all the time like what did you put on yourflorida mop it is just water that’s how it’s designed to be used um and like i said i havethat link down below in my description box it’s just called e-cloth they have rags thati clean with the same thing and i just love e-cloth and the company okay here’s the listi’ve kind of been making throughout the day of stuff i have to work on um i’m normallyreally good about getting my dishes loaded but that did not happen today as you can tellwe just have like trash out there’s boxes of water bottles like i said certain areasare fine i may like fix my blanket and stuff but that’s not too bad um i need to put allof this away um my bedroom is fine i’ll flip on the light so you guys can see i woke upand made the bed and i don’t come in here chase is undressed so that needs to go inthe laundry basket and then i also need to work on this laundry room it’s just kind ofgot stuff everywhere that needs to be worked on and then i think in here we’re good we’regood in here and then on the other side of the house um kind of needs to be worked oni’ll have savannah help me in a second but all this i got out so i need to work on thisi was kind of going through her school stuff and all that so i need to work on that i’llhave her help me it’s not too bad in here but just a few things need to be picked upand put away and then in here just her laundry needs to be put away clearly we’re not goingto make the bed today because she’s about to get back in it but let’s go ahead and getto cleaning looking for my mother’s eyes as i’m stayingclose to the mirror she was a believer sometimes i can feel herarms holding me as forever time changes everything and everything will change shoulder a lock of gold a secret smile i willtell you when you get older i place thy hand upon your heart every beat is taking me overand i will hold you in my arms pretend we’ll stay here forever time changes everything there’s a legacy between us everything and everything i’ll and change heart can my change eyes as i’m staying close to themirror too many stories yeah i’ve heard them allso many big dreams got me feeling so small but i found a thing the most beautiful thingtell me can you hear what i say listen up every nowand every day tell me okay now i have all the dishes either in thedishwasher with it running so it’s clean or out here drying um i can’t wash the ones thatdidn’t fit i’ll go ahead and hand dry those here in a second and put them up but i likethem just to sit for a little bit i am going to go ahead and clean out my sink now i liketo do that before bed so it just doesn’t get smelly or anything and then i’m going to goahead and wipe down all my countertops and then one of the things on my list is cleanour stove i’ll show that before i clean it but it’s just been kind of dirty and it actuallyneeds like the actual like drill scrubber so i’m going to work on that as well everything tell again me me be the one i’m gonna showyou the way that’s how the story will go okay as you can see it’s not terrible butthis stuff is so hard to get off no matter how hard you scrub so i love this but themain trick finally on amazon i ordered one of these brush sets and they just hook upto chase’s drill i have them linked to my amazon store if you’re interested but they’regreat for cleaning like showers bathtubs especially like burnt on stuff so i’m gonna work on thisnow everything tell me come a time and again let me be the one can you hear what i say tell me oh okay and as you can see that is so much cleanerall the stains are gone and it’s nice and shiny so now i’m gonna go ahead and work ondrying these and putting this away and then i’m going to work on the countertops i domy countertops last because this does splatter i try not to do it too hard and i try to likerub in the cream before i just start drilling so it doesn’t like splatter but it still getsa little bit so now i’ll work on all this and as you can see it’s dark now lost in the shadows of a million in my stars near and far shouldn’t they atall just tell me where you are send a prayer if i’m out of luck send a little love and i’ll make it back send me a letter and a bottle of wine telling me i will be fine pick me up when i’m in pieces halfway hard halfway sing to me if i lose my voice set a better root if i lose my course count on my company and i will come save my love when i fall baby i’m stuck witha halfway is if i come okay down here on my ottoman i’ve had thislike black scuff it’s kind of hard to see on camera but and it’s just a tiny one likeright there and i keep meaning to clean it so i’m just gonna grab my soap and water umyou guys always ask me what i use i literally use an old washcloth and then just soap andwater and everything cleans out typically really well send a little love okay now i’m gonna start working on a fewother areas i need to put all of this stuff away i did get groceries today and i justhaven’t time to put that all up um this needs to go out like to recycling and trash thatbin i don’t know where i’m going to put yet everything’s getting thrown in here my dirtyrags the drill so this is just kind of getting worse as we go so i’m going to start workingon all of this now i didn’t how could i resist your smile can we moveon as before i could wait for a thousand years but it won’tdo any good will you bet if feels like a danger cause you’re my sweetheart i will stay just to feel your heart i’m connectedto my height do you feel that you’re finally right you got me out of this feverish dream youare holding my hand don’t know what it means i know for sure cause you’re my sweetheart when you’re around i feel the sparks takesme higher sweetheart okay i’m about to start the floors but i wantto go ahead and pick up in here real quickly i know to you it seems clean but i like tohave everything fluffed and the blanket looking pretty because this is the first thing i seewhen i wake up in the morning and walk out um we did get a new rug if you don’t followme on instagram um you probably don’t know that yet i did post a picture over there umand then you saw my other room i have i think you could see it from the angle we moved thiscurrent rug that was in here into there we’re liking this so much better it just flows betterit’s better for like high traffic areas because it’s not as plush but i’m gonna go ahead andget this picked up i’ll probably even wipe this down just because it has crumbs on itand then i’ll start on the floors a million things i guess that i should saybut i am done yeah i am i waited for the moment to unfold nobody’sgonna make me feel oh than ever setting up a goal to grow from heart it’sall about to master who we are nobody’s gonna make me feel i’m off the charts baby i wanna be just tonight tonight stronger than it’s not a shade of mine i would say we were good together i would say we have fun but our trails willnever run forever something else is on your mind and i know glory okay everything is nice and clean and thisis what i love waking up to it’s always worth just the extra effort at night and i end upsleeping better because it’s like a little workout in itself so much much much betterthank you guys so much for watching today’s video if you enjoyed it definitely give ita thumbs up so i know to make more like these um if you’re new i’d love for you to subscribeso you never miss my future um uploads it’ll always notify you which is so nice i do havea fun video coming your way tomorrow that you don’t want to miss and i hope you guyshave a wonderful week and i’ll see you in the next one bye

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