hey guys it’s finally time in ourhousehold get ready for some extreme cleanup motive and some decorating notions forchristmas come decorate with me for christmas 2021 it’s going down “i m feeling” i might be the last person on earththat is finally decorating but you know what to be honest with you i just haven’t been in themood to embellish for christmas so i’ve deem off and i i’ll acknowledge it’s time andi’m i am agitated and i’m ready um but you’re gonna examine me clean-living my whole houseall three storeys throughout my house cleaning i think three days maybe three or four daylights i’mgonna be cleaning up some everyday messes that we deal with but really going my house ready for theholiday season eventually this was night one and it was just one of those nighttimes our live wasa disaster as you can see and i wanted to clean everything up before decorating the neck nextday i various kinds of demanded like a clean slate before i embellished so this will be filmed over at leasta couple of dates and i’m also going to be sharing with you two of our favorite christmas morningrecipes so i hope this video gives you all of the the celebration motivation all of theholiday feels that you’re looking for so i want to introduce myself in case you’re newi’m jamie which i’m sure that’s pretty obvious i have three daughters twin two and a halfyear olds at referred addison and emory and then a six and a half year old identified avery i’mmarried to mike he is a financial analyst and we have been together for a really long time umwe’re high school sweethearts and we are truly partners in our life just trying to jugglethe craziness of man with three young teenagers either way i’m glad you’re here no matter ifyou’ve been around for a while if you’re brand new i’m just glad that you’re a part of the jamie’sjourney parish i want to be that friend for you i want to be that person that grasps yourhand and strolls along with you as we’re cleaning or planning at our homes you know sometimes wejust need that person you know to to go through stuff with each other so i hope i can be thatperson for you we’re in this together i’m here for you and i always like to say you guys arestronger than you realise i think sometimes we need to we need someone to tell us that so hereon my path as you’re gonna experience decorating is not really my forte it’s not my thing i kind ofkeep things pretty simple but that’s what you’re gonna find here i always like to decoratebut i like to keep things quite simple my like i kind of touched on earlier um if you’re newi don’t love to decorate if you’ve been around for a while you know that um it’s kind of stressfulit takes a lot of energy out for me so often what i do with my medallions is once i get itto the way i love it and i like well enjoy it i just keep it like that like my transgression decorationsi didn’t really buy any new drop-off adornments this year because i think it was last year i finallygot all of my garnishes the road i like i just loved it and like i just i don’t i don’t likebuying a lot of new nonsense every single year so honestly i didn’t buy any brand-new decor christmasdecorations this year what you’re seeing here is all from last year some of it is still availableand i’ll talk about where i got everything but a lot of it is is not from well nothing of it’s fromthis year so i like to keep things pretty simple i don’t want to spend a lot of money on decorationsbecause i know we will be in a new home next year so i don’t want to spend the money and i’m notgoing to force anything precisely because like there are some neighbourhoods i am aware need some new decorationsor maybe something doesn’t work in that space but i’m not gonna thrust it i exited shoppingand i didn’t conclude nothing spoke to me and so i’m just not gonna forceit so i hope you experience the simple medals that i have and itworks perfect for our family and let’s remember it’s about thethings we share let’s come together so you guys might be like jamie didn’t you justclean your living room carpets and i did but i did not clean-living this area this little front room areawe call it the front room i should not clean this because um well i’m cleanup it because this iswhere our christmas tree will go so that’s why i was cleaning it tonight um but when i cleanedmy carpet in my front room so when we had our old-fashioned lounge we had a love seat and a couch and itwas just those two portions and i was able to take all of the furniture and toys from both rooms andput it on the hardwood floor and i would clean all of the carpet but with our sectional it’s a lotbigger and then now we have the chocolate table and that console table against the wall and there’sjust too much stuff that we cannot fit all on the hardwood and be able to walk back and forth andlike get into the kitchen and go up the stairs so now i have to break it up regrettably soi honestly the last two times i’ve cleaned the carpet in the front room which i did it maybea month ago and the last time i did it i think was in may or june and then before then it waslike the beginning or like last year so i know it seems like i cleanse my carpets much more buti’ve only done it twice and i didn’t clink either go i didn’t clean-living this front room so i wanted toget that done before we put up our christmas tree it’s all around us christmas has noticed us and then when i’m done with this we aremoving on to day two and avery and i “re gonna have to” embellish together the housetogether mike actually took the little girls the twins down to the basementto play and kind of get out of our mane so avery and i could just have fun spend timetogether and decorate she genuinely was agitated to decorate and wanted to help me decorate so i wasexcited to spend one in one quality time with her ready to decorate yeah yes each time the snow is falling down and itis cold outside we gather around the fireplace and no one cares aboutyesterday my favorite festivity to be 100 honest with you guys um i wasnot feeling it this day um as far as decorating like i didn’t i had not planned ondecorating i guess that’s what i should say so i filmed this right before thanksgiving we wantedto leave the fall decorations up as long as we could before thanksgiving but then i craved thingsdecorated because we had a really busy weekend the weekend i symbolize thanksgiving’s always busyright and then the weekend after we had three get-togethers like three defendant lash get-togethersand so i craved it done right before thanksgiving and i am only had because we had those threeget-togethers and thanksgiving we had a lot on our sheet and i was just this was a day iwas not going to decorate and i was not in the mood at all like i was just like maybe feelinga little devastated i felt like i had a lot that it was necessary to do and i was like all right weneed to do something fun i just wanted to stop like feeling devastated i used said okay averylet’s decorate tonight because like we had no other programmes and so i explosion some christmasmusic we were dancing mike made the twinneds so avery and i could just have fun and tighten andjust decorate and it obviously improved my attitude i got these stockings from target and like i saidalmost all of this stuff is from last year so the stockings were from target the stocking nametags were from etsy the garland the light up flocked wreath was from target the reindeer wasfrom diversion foyer a couple of years ago and then the trees were from home goods all of the stuffthat was on the mantel and then the tis the season to be reasonably signed i got that from kirkland’s lastyear but it i became in there the other day and it’s still there but that’s pretty much it i also havea crown you’ll consider me put one across our basement opening well that from target last year some of thisstuff may still be available but like i said because i got it like at least last year or yearsbefore um i’m not really sure so i apologize for that but avery and i terminated up we objective upgoing store after this we just moved around like diversion vestibule kirklands and target and i tryto find like a small like a few small-minded segments i didn’t want to waste a great deal of money on decorationsi tried to find a few small-scale patches because there were some areas that i wasn’t like 100 happy withbut good-for-nothing stood out to me like nothing called me out of all three of those supermarkets and like i saidearlier i’m not gonna pressure something if some if like an sphere in my kitchen on my countertop isn’tperfect i’m not gonna stress about it because i mean it’s my home you know like i’m not gonnastress about it i’m not gonna waste my money and it’s just christmas it’s not like it’syou know it’s just for about a month so um yeah so sorry if you likesomething and you can’t get it um and maybe next year i can findsome new medallions and fill in those gaps rememberings i live my house with christmas sunlights so youshould come back home to me and when we wake up in the morning i’m gonna continue thosecarols that you love we’ll be singing so i was wiping things down with the mrs meyer’speppermint spraying which i love the peppermint i too love it’s in a off-color one winner i forgetwhat it’s called it’s the mrs meyers and it’s uh i i’m like blanking on what it’s called butit’s the blue um bottle that and the peppernet peppermint are my favorite now the mrs meyersmulti-surface spray like i’m gonna implement it on my blinds i use it on my countertops it doesleave stripes on my weigh my granite countertops but the only way you’re gonna look the blotches isif you like get down to eye level and truly examine and i mean who’s doing that so it’s all aboutmy like how i’m feeling that day like my mood do i want something with a strong scent likemrs meyers which picks up makes off a you are well aware a pretty strong scent which i wantedtonight other durations i’m like i don’t even care about a smell like i demand my my um mycountertop glowing clean-living so i just switch up my cleaners based on like my attitude how i’m feelinghow nasty my countertops all of that but this it does a good job of cleansing it justleaves flecks at least on my countertops is something that i’ve been thinking a lot aboutyou know when christmas flattens around you start thinking of habits and how likemy family did things one action mike’s family did things a different way and you’re liketrying to combine all of them so for example growing up we had three presents from santaand then the rest were from mom and dad growing up for mike um all of their presents werefrom santa he didn’t get any from mom and dad and then um all of his presents were wrappedand for us all of the presents from santa were not wrapped because they’re made in the theworkshop and so he doesn’t wrap them and so i just think it’s interesting how do categories dothings differently so let me know like where do you stand as far as like presents are they likea mix from mom and dad or is it all from santa are they wrapped are they not wrap yeahlet me know i’m just i’m really bizarre hey did you pick out the decorations what medallions did you pick out this is mommy’s it says jamie 1989 three and a half yearsso i was a little bit younger than cowards who is this so this is mommy who is it now because avery’s a volleyball participate tomorrow it is christmas the first for you and avery was so excited to embellish her littlepink tree we got this for her last year she was using all of the ornaments um thatlike our parents gave us from when i was little like i was a volleyball player so likethere’s a volleyball musician and she wanted to use all of those like um ornamentsthat have memories attached to them and well might i don’t hamper me to this itmight be in here i don’t know i’m filming this the day before thanksgiving and we actually do notdecorate our christmas tree until the night of thanksgiving but like i said earlier we have areally really busy weekend um coming up and so we are going to decorate the tree onthanksgiving light because that’s kind of our our habit and it’s something i just wanted to stickto and i don’t want to alter it merely because i’m decorating the rest of my house so in years pastyou know we have thanksgiving on thursday which is a big busy day and then black friday is alwayslike relaxing and browsing online for christmas and then saturday is always a big day because weare big-hearted ohio regime buckeye devotees and their biggest competitor the biggest play of the year um we playmichigan and so like there’s a big rivalry every year we go to a party with our minors like a lot offriends and their minors are there and substance so like that game’s at noon and we’re pretty muchthere the working day so typically thursday’s a big long era with family and then saturday big longday with you know um friends and so friday is kind of nice to have like that buffer of like thatrelaxation epoch and stuff in between so in years past we used to decorate thanksgiving night andthen the working day on uh the friday after thanksgiving now i am way too tired to have thanksgivingfestivities all day and thursday decorate the working day on friday and then you know be at like anotherparty on saturday like that’s too much for me these days so i think last year i decorated earlylike mid-november and it certainly wasn’t for me it was it was too early for me personally that’smy personal belief uh i just i don’t like my christmas decorations up for much more than amonth so i was decorating on a few cases daylights before thanksgiving and then thanksgiving night becausei wanted to hold on to that tradition with our house i might put up the camera i’m not reallygonna like cinema too much of it but it’s nice because i was actually going back and lookingat some of my old videos my christmas clean-living and decorate videos and like the clips of the thegirls oh my gosh like i’m so glad that i have just been some clips of them embellishing the tree so if i thinkabout it will vary depending on like how we’re feeling i plan to put in some clips of our tree if notthen you’ll get to see the tree in my next video is so i hadn’t planned on scavenge the basementit genuinely wasn’t even that cluttered but i told you guys that i really was not in a good climate atall this day but once avery and i got moving it’s kind of like working out um and this had nothingto do with cleaning i just wasn’t in a good humor but like you know with working out it’s likeyou don’t want to do it you don’t want to do it you get dressed you don’t want to do it andthen formerly you get going you start feeling good um and then the more you do it you’re like yeahthis feels really gone and that’s kind of how i was feeling like formerly we embellished it justfelt good i don’t know if it was the cleaning role it was the decorating part it was probablya combination and precisely avery and i having fun my depression was like elevated and i wanted to keepgoing and i was just like hey i guess i’m in this like this mode i might as wellgo down and clean-living the basement okay so i know you guys are gonna be like howdo you get your roomba the irobot roomba robotic vacuum-clean how do you get onto to do that go in linesi don’t do anything i’ve never done anything it’s just what it does it’s a great vacuum forcarpet most recommend this one solely for carpet i think it’s the roomba9 60 but it’s associated in the description i too have these two recipes that i’m making iwill have them both related in the specific characteristics but every christmas morning we do cinnamon rollings soi’ll either really manufacture cinnamon rosters or a cinnamon wheel palace casserole i feel like that’s anywaysa cinnamon move casserole that announces funny and then a breakfast casserole so growingup my mommy always actually did both and mike’s family always did cinnamon moves soit’s kind of like blend our home knowledge and the breakfast casserole i’ve never made thisspecific recipe often it’s i compile i mostly manufacture the same thing but i use bread insteadinstead of cookies but i recollected the biscuits was like a merriment modification so i wanted to give it a try umso it’s just like cookies sausage cheese and then egg you can certainly add onions or peppers orsomething like that or bacon ham but mike is super picky so we keep it pretty simple around here butlike i said i’ll have the recipes connected below as far as um the cinnamon reel casserole this onewas really really good and both of these take five minutes to assemble so you could totally do it themorning of and then you time sounds it in the oven you know i’ve never been that person i hear alot of people who love to cook they’re like i love cooking and uttering it to someone and havingthem enjoy it and like you you get enjoyment knowing that you’re making something thatsomeone compassions for me that does not give me satisfaction because i hate to cook like makingsomething that like even my boys if they desire something like it’s great and i guess it makesme want to make it again but i don’t get a ton of happiness from that except on christmasmorning because it’s such a special morning i enjoy stirring these breakfasts differentbreakfast casseroles for my adolescents for mike because he adores them and it’s always like i said it’salso a direction to kind of tie in our home knowledge oh and for the breakfast one it calledfor pre-cooked sausage i could not find pre-cooked sausage they were all out of itat my grocery store so i just got regular sausage i had cooked it up ahead of time soif you can’t find punishment pre-cooked sausage which would make it even easier you couldalways cook up your sausage sausage one or two days before and keep it in the freezer or in thefridge that behavior it’s super easy to literally shed feel better together the aura that everychild got their minds fill up with euphorium yes it’s christmas all around oh snow is falling down so it is another day of cleaningi told you it was going to take me a long time to clean my entire houseit’s just never done in one day anymore so here i was tackling the upstairs our bedroomthe girls bedroom avery’s bedroom um in a bathroom and oh the laundry room i forgot about that butpretty much the whole upstairs and i will tell you day three or what you’re seeing here was actuallyfilmed before we embellished and the above reasons for that was i required i had the time so this was on amonday avery was at school and i demanded her apartment to be clean before we put up her tree and so i hadthe time to clean up stairs the twins were also at institution for a few hours so it gave me likei just had the chance to do it so i did this ahead of time so exactly shedding that out therebecause you’ll examine me scavenged her chamber and there’s obviously not the tree in there but then if yougo back and you look at her decorating her tree her chamber was already messy again which is just youknow it’s it’s it’s how my life is i clean there’s messes constantly and i don’t i feel like avery’sroom times drive me crazy i feel like it’s so cluttered and i am only decluttered a good deal of her toys shehonestly does not have a lot of toys in here it’s basically only barbies and some art stuffbut when i watch other cleansing videos and “ive seen” their girls areas i’m like why like it almostlooks like the offices don’t have anything in their own homes and i’m saying this from a perspective of like iwant avery’s room to look like that like sometimes i watch these the cleansing videos of these kidsrooms and i’m like it’s like a bed and a dresser i’m like where are the toys we’re all the littlejunky toys i don’t know like no matter how much i declutter avery’s room and i am ruthlesswhen i go in there i get rid of so much but “i m feeling” her area always inspects muddled to meand it drives me crazy um i mean it just drives me crazy in general and then she’s always justlike hanging trash up in like random places but it’s her room and she’s a kid and i crave her tohave the room that she demands but then i just it’s when i see other clean videos sometimes i’mlike do their children not just like draw and then tape the pictures all over the wall like shehangs the most random stuff on the wall and i convey it determines me laugh and it’s cute and i meanobviously i tell her do it because it’s her apartment but when i see other emptying videos i’m like mani feel like my boys apartments search so bad um compared to a lot of the girls rooms that “ive seen” on youtubekeep each other warm while we stand and watch a choir performing all the christmas sungs thatwe love get all the christmas anthems that we adore and then while we’re gonna go inside and drinkour chocolate by the fire cause all i want is to spend this day with you let me give you inspect i waswiping down the cr the twinneds crib with cribs with hydrogen peroxide if you’re inquisitive um so i justgot a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and then i got a spray bottle sprayer from like a precisely a spraybottle that i have and i applied that on the hydrogen peroxide bottle and the reason why i did this isbecause well everyone has been sick i’ve been sick um the twins have been sick and they have snottyrunny noses uh you know how that extends so i like to make for sure i’m wiping down their bed alot when there’s especially when they’re sick and i don’t mean they place their hands all overtheir cribs they set their hands in their mouth and all of that so i don’t like i don’t want towipe it down with like clorox but i like consuming hydrogen peroxide because it can kill germs butthen it is also something that is safe to spend um so that’s why i was using it and if you werecurious earlier i had turned on something in my office it was a air purifier so i have been meaningto get one of these because i’ve been so sick and it’s allergies and cold and i just like we needcleaner air yes we clean out our breeze filters we do all of that but i was like oh i need an airfilter and i just are a purifier i just have not prioritized it and then finally person oneof you guys mentioned it and i was like yes i have been meaning to get one so i finallystopped okay let’s make the time jamie formerly she said that i was like yes i’ve been meaning toget one so i went on to walmart or amazon i forget and i eventually one um who knows ifit makes a difference but it helps clean and refine the aura which certainly cannot hurt withall with all of the allergies that we’ve been any experiencing as long as i spend this day with you i’mso beautiful kissing on a mistletoes newborn in case you’re wondering i was wiping down thevanity with my diy cleaner which is one part chafing alcohol one portion irrigate and then i boughtit um and then about a fingernail immensity of sunup food soap one responsibility sometimes that mystifies youguys like when i say one part and it’s because bottle sizes are different um so it’s you knowthe same amount of sea put in the same amount of hydro or isopropyl booze or chafing alcoholhonestly the fraction is not super important like if you don’t get it exact it’s not a big deal i justeyeball it to be honest with you the only one you have to be careful with is the dawn dish soapif you put too much if you’re when you spray it it’s going to get truly soapy so that’s why i saylike a fingernail sizing because you want it small-minded uh but it’s kind of hard tomeasure out merely don’t put too much okay so i was able to add in the footagefrom thanksgiving nighttime when we got together decorating our tree and it various kinds of meets me laughi’m sure a lot of you guys can refer but you know you watch this clip and it’s not like a superlong excerpt of us embellishing but you’re gonna watch it and you’re like oh beautiful memoriesit looks really nice when it’s a you know you’re seeing this family decorating a christmas treeas christmas music is playing it only inspects really wonderful but if only you could be there inperson to be 100 translucent it was a mess we decorated on the night of thanksgiving itwas the first time that the twins did not have a nap because we were at my grandma’s and thetime we had to eat it precisely did not work out so we’re like two and a half you know they’reable to ricochet a siestum this is why we skipped their catnap and you guys they were an absolute mess anabsolute wreck when we got home we started decorating the tree there was so many tears likeso many weepings mike is a huge buffalo greenbacks fan so he is garmented in his buffalo greenbacks gear which theyplayed the night of thanksgiving so if you’re from buffalo you’ll learn his gasps and you’re likeyeah totally understand those breathes like i suspect they’re pretty popular in buffalo but the kidswere a mess like literally all three kids too much fun not enough sleep there was a lot of ruptures andthen the top of the tree did not light up and mike could not find like the missing light-colored or whateverit’s a pre-lit tree so needle told you get a little time but it was a mess behind the scenesbut you know what it was it’s all good we’re gonna try to get some ignites to string around the treeum but yeah i just want to throw that out there because like when i contributed in the clip i’m like ohyou could not hear the screaming the crying the fighting the sobbings but you know what that’s theholidays sometimes with young kids there’s a great deal of highs and then there’s a great deal of lows becauseeveryone is over quickened overtaken and carbohydrate high and not enough sleep so either waythat’s our christmas i hope you guys experienced this say merry christmas maybecan you say merry christmas say fortunate new time happy new and time why i wanna

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