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there's nothing more significant of a free wild west country than a herd of wild horses that's galloping across the landscape and the dust is flying and they're they're just freeing it's an exhilarating experience to have future generations not have that opportunity to see that i think would be would be tragic [Music] my name is mary hohn and i started wildlife photography well probably about 10 years ago i had heard that there were some wild horses out in the west desert of utah we drove all over everywhere i found them at the end of the day and it was just unreal you just become bonded with them and you become bonded with them and their families and they just set my photography on a whole different path kind of become an advocate for these animals [Music] the horses are always the scapegoat the livestock industry comes in and says oh they're destroying the range and there's no food left for my cows and my sheep and it's not fair to the horses these are areas that are set aside for them [Music] [Music] there was one little foal that was just small the very first time we started going out there she's grown up and had a couple of babies of her own now and she a few years ago had a little carmelo the sad part is is now that they've rounded up the anarchy those two horses are now gone from the range which breaks my heart right now there's close to 60 000 horses that are sitting in holding some horses do get adopted but just the cost alone of having all these horses in these long-term holding facilities is astronomical [Music] i want people to feel that these horses are important i want people to know that they are a part of the western landscape and that they do need to remain there and i i want people to be connected to them i mean even if they live back east and they never seen one they probably never will see one i want people to be able to look at the photos and say wow yeah that's awesome i want to be able to see that if i can i want to know that that's there for my kids and grandkids to see in the future [Music] you

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