Overcoming Ageism – Seniors & Health Part 1

dr sinha thank you very much for joining me you've spoken very publicly about covet 19 and how it's really shining a light on ageism in our world what steps can we take to change the negative attitude towards older adults how can we educate the population at large yeah i think the challenges is that cobit 19 is one of those things that have really um brought the issues of aging and ageism to bear usually viruses will attack the very young who haven't really developed a strong immune system yet and the older adults in our societies whose immune system start to weaken as they age um but covet is one of these interesting viruses that we're getting to know um and for some odd reason it's it really spares young children um it doesn't really attack them um if at all whereas for older adults when you're starting in your 60s your 70s your 80s and 90s we're seeing death rates of 3 8 15 and 25 and those living in our nursing homes the frail is amongst us um we're seeing death rates of upwards of 33 according to the cdc what we've actually seen is interesting you know society is kind of saying well you know they're you know they're they've had a good life you know isn't it okay if we just let them go and and and frankly you know you know really the people who are most negatively going to be affected are going to be older people and well they're not really you know i mean they were on the way out anyway so maybe we should just let them volunteer to die that was i think one of uh a lieutenant governor in the u.s actually made that statement and so you start realizing that people start when they're starting to use hashtags on on on twitter like boomer remover um it really starts to show a lot of the intergenerational tensions that it exists and sometimes how we may not intend to but we start realizing how ageist we can be as a society and thinking about how maybe some lives are not as worth as much as others and i think it really kind of exposes some of those attitudes and also reflects a little bit on the systems of care that we've been living with home care you know long-term care or nursing homes um and how we probably haven't been giving them the attention that they need compared to things like hospitals and ventilators and other parts of the healthcare system that are important but also we should understand how equally important care in our in our homes and home care and and that as a field actually is

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