Mobile Health #2 – How to manage existing and missed appointments

Welcome to Mobile Health In the previous video, you learned how to make an appointment, and use many of the features in our client portal. In this video you will learn how to edit, reschedule and cancel an appointment. You can start by logging into your client portal using your email address and password. First you need to know if you want to manage an existing appointment, or a missed appointment. An existing appointment is an appointment scheduled to happen any time two hours or more from the current time. Appointments that passed or are within 2 hours are considered missed and cannot be changed. To reschedule a missed appointment, click on the button called Medical Services Only and follow the process to schedule a new appointment. If you want to manage an existing appointment, you can go to our dropdown list titled Search Appointments and select Search Medical Services On this page, you can search for your appointments by exam number or last name. Click on Search to see the results. Make sure to verify the information listed including the list of procedures to make sure you found the correct appointment.

To the right of the procedures, you have three options, Reschedule, Edit and Cancel Appointment. To change the date, time or location of the appointment, click on the checkbox to the left and click on Reschedule. Here you can change the location, date and time of the appointment. Click on Reschedule to update the appointment. To change the procedures requested, click on the checkbox to the left and click on Edit.

Here you can update the packages, or individual procedures needed. Click on View Summary to update the appointment, and click on Submit Order to continue the process. To cancel the appointment and remove it from your records, click on Cancel Appointment. Please note that canceled appointments are removed from the system and cannot be rescheduled. You will have to create a new appointment if you decide to keep a canceled appointment. Let’s review how to change an appointment. If an appointment passed or is within 2 hours, it is considered missed and cannot be changed. You will have to create a new appointment. If your appointment is in 2 hours or more from now, you can click on Search Medical Services.

Here,search for your appointment by last name or exam number. When the results are displayed, click on Reschedule to change the location, date or time. Click on Edit to change the procedures. Or click on cancel to cancel the appointment completely. Congratulations, you just completed our tutorial on changing appointments in our client portal..

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