Theories of Motivation | Part 1 of 4: What Motivates Us?

Lisa Buchanan: Hi welcome, today were goingto have the opportunity to look at theories of motivation. Well have the chance tolook at one theory of motivating, that youve learnt from firstly time, and three new ones.But before we get there, what Id like to do is have a solid ground in terms of definitionof incitement, and three points that upshot our incitement and we need to consider asmanagers and future chairwomen. Lets just make sure that were on the same page withrespect to motivation. So, what is it? Essentially, were lookingat the above reasons one has acting a certain way. Or, ones counselings to attitudes. Generallyspeaking, theres three variables that affect an employee, and how they act within yourworkplace. So, makes first consider the individual. And with that individual, we canlook at their needs and drives, in areas of what causes them. Furthermore, Id like to look at the job, orwork itself that that person is a part of.And lastly, we must consider our acts asa manager, and how our wars force this whole picture for our uttered work. So ifwe consider these three things when we are looking at being an effective leader or manager, we have a good start. So as we probe deeper into our theories ofmotivation, youll recall Daniel Pinks Drive from first time. That hypothesi wouldfit into the individuals needs and drive.Hackman and Oldmans Job CharacteristicModel, which youre going to see shortly, fits in now with the number of jobs and work itself, as a variable. When you consider the managerial activities, McGregors X+ Y Theory willfit well there. And the last one, the Hygiene Motivation Factors from Hertzberg actuallytouches on each of these. So, directors, future rulers, some thingsto consider when were looking at motivating our employees in the workplace ..

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