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Twitter:@CypheRisTaken Hello guys here's steffen and welcome to a new video on my channel and today im gonna answer some of the questions you guys asked me the first question got asked in many different variations and shall lead up to the videotitle "do you still have fun playing rainbow six?" – yes it is still the game i play the most and will be my most played in the future there are still many moments when siege is still fun im still excited for battlefield 5 to have a little counterpart again which i can play from time to time when looking at other "rainbow six siege persons" like macie jay, who took a break while playing black ops 4 even pengu said he wanted to stream less ranked and published a long list with things he doesn't like at the game you can notice – siege could be better i barely like an operator that came out this year maestro is kinda cool but…

Chimera: global operators alibi: hm.. okay.. holograms and maverick & clash aren't free from controversy also i heavily criticized ranked in my last Q&A if you wanna know more about that you can just rewatch it. and i mostly play ranked at the time and when this isn't so enjoyable this can have massive impact on the player experience and all the bugs/ glitches lately you guys probably noticed…

Major ones already got patched but the glaz scope can still be broken you wanna go ADS and you see *nothing* then we got unwanted mechanics like "silent dropping" when you jump down somewhere you just don't make a sound it got patched many patches ago but came back in again and nothing changed since then so we come to the video title question: is it time for Operation Health 2? new content is important and all but other sectors of the game should be looked at too often operation is more like a meme that nothing changed but that isn't really true the first patch after OPhealth [blood orchid] it was gigantic and when was it developed? of course during operation health they used this time to make massive changes i would like more adjustments to ranked all these operator reworks the announced and of course bug fixing and in some way are operator reworks new content because the feel completly new you need to adjust to these operators again sometimes it's better to optimize the content that is already there before throwing new stuff into the game and delay fixing old problems but never actually fixing them they wanted to change: Lion Glaz, Frost, Castle mute, thatcher, tachanka and i think blackbeard they made the suggestions with dokkaebi that the phone only rings for like 7 seconds ubisoft announces a lot of stuff but very vague like "we're doing stuff" and before actually something happens you have to wait a long time and to do all that stuff maybe we need operation health 2 and the ressouces that normaly get put into new content / features those get used for the said things and because a lot of questions surrounding this topic i am guessing that a lot of you guys are also not that pleased and im not sitting here like: not enough content [maps, operators] not at all but i really wanna see content that is already there optimized siege isn't dying but you can see the playercount dropping when looking at steam etc.

Im still having fun with this game and will play it almost daily but something like operation health 2 would be a good idea or lets say they reduce the amount of new content and fix existing problems "what are your thoughts on the halloween event?" i always wanted little event gamemodes but they don't need to be that extravagant to redesign a whole map maybe some rule changes, limit it to some operators all these little things can make a gamemode that is motivating to play for a few days i think its suitable to do somthing little for halloween and "only" redesigning one map with house isn't bad in my opinion but from a gameplay perspective isn't it my thing after palying a few rounds you pretty much saw everything and it isn't a big challenge so im not really interessted in playing it im aware it isnt an event for multiple months but even if it is only available for a few days it isn't optimal if a good junk of the playerbase quits playing it after the first day i think its cool that there are 2 challenges who makes 30 or rather 60 kills can unlock himself 2 additional crimsonpacks and when the community makes enough kills you get an additional charm it's cool and a nice idea but packs are annoying which i already mentioned with the sunrise packs you only want 1 skin but if you're unlucky you have to buy all packs if you could get them by playing all the time like alpha packs it wouldnt be that bad because they are just cosmetic but you get 1 for free and you can unlock 2 by playing and oyu gotta buy the rest with r6 credits and they are here for a limited time only so there is a increase in pressure to buy them limited time offers aren't special there are seasonal skins, proleague sets that are only available for 1 operation but there i know what i get for my money the skins in the pack are randomized only if i buy every pack i am assured to get everything otherwise i wont know what get's into my inventory event only skins etc make sense that's ok but please make it bundels and not these packs this would be better in my opinion "Which hardbreacher (hibana,thermite,maverick) do you play the most?" maverick is as said in my operator guide not a replacement for hibana or thermite because it takes longer, the holes are smaller and opening a dropper almost costs all of the gas he's more like a nice extra to open lines of sight to peek from time to time or to kill an active bandit or as support for thermite or hibana and almost a replacement for thatcher when you wanna blow up a wall some times holes to crouch through are useful for example when playing clubhouse and i wanna attack basement you can make a hole into the tunnel because you don't get instantly shot there if you drone and see everything is safe you can make maverick holes so you don't have to use a thermite or hibana charge hibana has the advantage if you want to open up many droppers for example club house or oregon or only 1 wall has to be breached you want to have more fire power and you want to have the 3 speed points she's also good to open walls and mira windows from a safe distance she also got breaching charges for vertical gameplay interessting from time to time i mostly play thermite if i wanna breach 2 walls and i want to bring a claymore to cover my flanks if i wanna push garage on consulate i can open the left and right wall of the garage you can blow op snowmobile and stock on chalet that's going to be difficult with a hibana when attacking the other bomb spots on chalet i can do more with hibana esspecially when attacking kitche trophy for the dropper and a hole in throphy i dont need a thermite for that.

The safe range from hibana is surely more useful for that. i really like thermite he isn't worse than hibana like in the past and thermite fits my personal taste at the moment more than hibana i can blow up a wall place a claymore and i like the recoil more from his weapon than the one on hibanas weapon most of the time i'd take one of the two coastline is a map where you can play with neither one of them even when attacking penthouse you can try to push through the big window or hall of fame but its not bad to bring them because you can blow up vip or theatre on other bomb spots there is always something you can breach but they arent as essential here than on other maps "In the last Q&A you mentioned to adjust casual, but how?" a lot of people like that in casual there are 4 minutes.

It istn that hectic and mistakes arent getting punished as hard so you dont have time for the finals push anymore but this alse brings a biiig problem: ranked and casual differ to much casual isn't a good preparation for ranked everything tactical you learn in casual is made for 4minutes if you play ranked for the first time you will be shocked when you only have 3 minutes to get casual to be a good ranked preperation the round time should be the same or the distance should be lowered the halloween mode is being played on 3:30minutes could be a teaser it would be an idea to reduce it to 3:30 so they are closer together so you can better learn the time management i think you should be able to either choose the spot you wanna play to try stuff and learn what works and what doesn't at the moment with the system in casual i see every bomb spot from time to time but i can't really pratice a special one because i can't adjust my operators from spot to spot a middle path instead of voting would be the defenders know where they will be defending the spot is chosen at random but they can adjust the operators to the spot the increased mappool in casual is completly fine in my opinion and it needs no adjustment but i think casual and ranked should come closer together so the swap from casual to ranked can be done without major changes in gameplay so you can see" yeah casual is a preperation for ranked" at the moment you this is only in a very small degree right you learn maps and but the whole time management but the whole time management can't be learned in casual you cant practices strageties because everything is random thats the problem with casual in my opinion someone who plays ranked for the first time get's thrown into the cold water
[german saying idk if you can translate that lol] that's it for the video i hope you enjoyed it write your opinion to the topics in the comments cya ciao

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