Abandoned refugees living on Libya’s streets in appalling conditions – BBC News

now libya is the main hub for migrants and refugees hoping to cross from africa to europe via the mediterranean and thousands were detained at the beginning of the month in a crackdown by the libyan authorities but detention centers are dangerously overcrowded with migrants living in appalling conditions and after a recent mass breakout guards shot dead six people many of those who did escape are now living on the streets outside a united nations compound our international correspondent ola gearing reports now from the capital tripoli and a warning her report contains some distressing images consigned to the cold hard ground many who dream of reaching europe as the sun rises some stir awake among the piles of rubbish discarded as they seem to be time to face another day of hunger and worry they fled here in terror guards opening fire during this mass escape from a packed detention center within minutes six migrants lay dead maybe i will leave maybe i will die they kill people's directly they should like this they should living in there is dying escaping from shooting is dying all is the same and after a month on the streets here rasheed is between life and death he's from war-torn darfur he's disabled and getting sicker by the day he's ill now they are camped out on the doorstep of the united nations outside a community center run by the un refugee agency an obvious place to look for support we have gathered in front of the unhcr office needing for help and but till today we haven't got any response no help at all no help at all no foods no medical assistance no even good water to drink so we are struggling well the messages here are so clear we need help we need evacuation get us out of libya people here say they feel they've been abandoned by the united nations and by the world they tell us they've been left to fend for themselves trying to survive on the streets this looks very very bad for the unhcr these people are are on your doorstep and on the street it looks very bad and it is very bad for them so it's important for us to continue to make assistance available to them we have provided emergency cash to many of them food parcels to many of them not in front of the cdc because it's not a safe place that has to be understood that's why we have provided assistance in other locations where we can control access and control order and control security for these refugees there was no security for abdullah who's from sudan and has burns on most of his body he's now being cared for in hospital in tripoli he was held by smugglers in southern libya when he couldn't pay what they demanded they doused him in petrol and set him a light many are drawn here by the hope of crossing the mediterranean to a better life but there is suffering and danger long before they reach the sea orla giron bbc news tripoli

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