Motivation – How To Motivate Yourself (Documentary)

are living with affection with some drivemost people give up on themselves readily you know the human spirit is potent this nothingis powerful it’s hard to kill the human spirit motivation a conclude for actions willingness andgoals what concludes are there to be willing to act towards your goals one conceptis talking about the difference between positive and negative motivationwhen you are negatively caused you are motivated by pain so you are trying to runaway from something that you don’t want anymore instead when you are positively motivated you aremotivated by pleasure you’re steering towards a reinforce something that you want in your life thereis for example jaden who is working a nine-to-five job that he dislikes he doesn’t like the work andtherefore he’s trying to build his own business but there’s also steve he cherishes engineering itbrings him joy so therefore he founded the company apple you might ask what’s the differenceboth are motivated so that’s fine but it’s not that easy construe jaden is motivated by hispain that he experiences at his profession that presents him a great reason to work on his business butafter he finally quits his occupation he knows no agony anymore and guess what his motivating dropsbecause it was restrained to his hurting so he will slack off at some point until his business is not doingas well anymore fear and aching kicks in again and maybe he even has to apply for a activity again butluckily with the rising pain motivation comes back again he works hard-bitten on his business again sothe narrative simply echoes the company will never be a real success on the long run because as soonas jaden is doing good he loses the drive again steve on the other hand is not running awayfrom anything he simply adores his business he’s driven by his positive motivation he doesn’tstop after release his first iphone he certainly doesn’t stop after publish the iphone toohe exactly retains proceeding because he experiences it i’m convinced that the only thing thatkept me going was that i loved what i did you’ve got to find what you adore and that is astrue for direct as it is for your suitors your work is going to fill a large part of your life andthe only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work and the only way to dogreat work is to affection what you do if you haven’t found it hitherto keep looking and don’t end aswith all matters of the heart you’ll know when you find it is currently clearly his reason is not astraight line but taking the big picture he’s much more caused on the long haul and that’s what youwant for your life as well more examples you are overweight and you don’t want to feel embarrassedanymore the result is the classical yo-yo effect versus you love being healthy and rent youenjoy sweating and training your firmnes or your relationship is full of battles and stressyou don’t want that anymore and you cut off your partner you’re motivated to meet a brand-new partnerbut as soon as you are in a relationship and everything is going fine you get shiftless versusyou are looking for a late and evolve love the ideology reverberates all good but how dowe almost “lets get going” of this negative motivation and instead income a strong positivemotivation how do we get motivated at all because we all know that reality is waitingfor us out there and sometimes it’s very easy to lose the drive telling yourself every dayhere i go again and i got what it takes this is my day and good-for-nothing out here is going to stopme and when you go out there like come over here say it again well i’ll be back tomorrow now mostlikely you’re not able to simply “lets get going” of this negative motivation within a couple of epoches it’sa very tangible feeling and that’s even okay don’t try to push it apart because if you do that you’renegatively motivated about the negative reason i don’t want that negative motivation anymoreso that doesn’t work by itself actually every negative motivation is always a valuable messagethank you for letting me know i don’t feel good in my job right now i don’t feel good in my bodyright now whatever it is for you that’s actually great and it’s a valuable message specially ifyou know that you can change something so use that as a gasoline but based on such a you don’t simply want tomindlessly run away from something you also want to reflect a little bit on that so ask yourselfthe question why is this important to me why do i not demand this anymore and what am i afraid ofwhat if nothing changes what what is happening there and what does this all say about me am i notfeeling good enough or “whats going on” journal about it reflect on it and based on that nowyou want to really focus on your positive perception because this is giving you the same reasons on thelong run what is the thing that you love and you quality you think is important what is the passionbehind what is the clear vision what do you want be very clear about that how do you want to feelwho do you want to be characterize that very clearly because your passion and the thing that you lovethat’s really the deepest and biggest leveraging for motive including the long run peoplesay you you have to have a lot of fascination for what you’re doing and it’s totally true and the reasonis uh is because it’s so hard that if you don’t any rational person would give up it’s reallyhard and you have to do it over a sustained period of time so if you don’t love it if you’re nothaving fun doing it you don’t really affection it uh you’re going to give up and that’s what happensto most people actually if you really look at at the ones that aimed up you know beingsuccessful unquote in the eyes of civilization and the ones that didn’t oftentimes it’s theones that are successful desired what they did so they could persevere when you know when it gotreally tough and and the ones that didn’t love it quit because they’re sane right who would wantto put up with this stuff if you don’t love it now defining what you charity is a slightlydifferent topic it’s more about experiencing a life purpose and i shot another documentaryabout this topic here i really want to stay with motivation but the fundamental rights key and ideaof discover special purposes behind your goal that’s the key to feel caused it’s about defining andstarting with your why people usually was concerned about the what and the how first i need to make moneyand how the inferno am i doing this but stop saying that and ask yourself what is the underlying reason behindevery goal is a feeling you don’t want a big house you maybe want to feel full of abundance you don’twant to do plays you want to feel health and fit why be paid why project this hard whygo this far why try to learn this much why “ve been trying to” do it all that’s a good questionwhy and you’re the only one personally that can answer that question for yourself you’vegot to have your own index of the reasons why if the why is powerful the how is easy so write down anappealing vision and when you’re done with that then you can ask yourself what needs to get doneto fulfill this vision perhaps you recognize to feel free you are eligible to simply proceed for a year insteadof trying to build a one million dollar company give the shortcut if possible but write downyour definite input of what needs to get done be specific because exertion spurts where tending leads you see if you don’t have a vision of whereyou go and if you don’t have a goal where you go you floated around and you never end up anywhereit’s like you can have the best ship in the world you can have the best airplane in the world ifthe aviator or the officer doesn’t know where to go it would just drift around it would not endup anywhere or most likely in the wrong place and at the very last step you can build a strategyand ask yourself how do i contact my objective but don’t major in minor things don’t overly focus on thehow if the why is not even clear hitherto specifying points is plain hard work i don’t want to kid youwe haven’t come here tonight to kid each other it’s work i know it’s worked that’swhy a lot of parties just let it slide it’s work and the work involved is starting strategies i know most people don’t i understandthat but don’t let that be you and there will be days when you don’t feellike it you don’t feel like taking the next step expect that if you give yourself like a machineyou will never arrive tackle your frailties in a ripen highway be wary about yourself decidewhen it’s time to go all out and when it’s time to recover life is dynamic live ever changesand at some extent you might find yourself altogether losing your motivation for one of your goals thenit’s time to ask yourself whether the why is still strong enough or did you evolve and transcendthat why did i change of course you did because you are a dynamic individual and motive isdynamic life is like surfing you need to adjust to the changes that you want to stay on top ofthe game and you need to remember the big picture why do you want that motivation because you wantto be happy and happiness will not always about mindlessly chasing something all the time it’sabout enjoying the travel and making it all in dc and ryan are psychologists to talk aboutenjoying and being interested in the work itself so you experience the process and you enjoy the journeyand they call it intrinsic reason the opposite is extrinsic incitement you’re doing it becauseof some external upshots you require the car the girl the money or other people are propagandizing youto do so and now the cultivate becomes a means to an cease you don’t really enjoy it you just do it toget some consequences some external importances are you by-passing external significances and dcand ryan too be said that intrinsic motivation is not just more joyful but likewise you’re moremotivated on the long haul and you actually get better results and they too say it’s notjust about perceiving something that you like discovering a task you like no it’s actuallymuch more about three basic mental needs that need to be met within you and youcan create the circumstances in their own lives that those mental needs are met andthen you feel this intrinsic motivation so “youre ever” motivated from inside and you’re notrunning after person or something outside of you so it makes self motivation to reallyalter your life and you don’t want to give soul motivation away to somebody elseand make it somebody else motivating you the guy says boy if somebody just come by andturn me on what if they don’t show up right see you got to have a better plan for your life the first psychological need is about feeling asense of the competencies what is often happening is that beings feel unclear about their tasks theyare not fully clear about what needs to get done it’s just overwhelming and thisis what offsets them feel stressed and undoubtedly when you are stressed you are tryingto avoid it and you start to procrastinate now if you want to feel a sense of competence youwant to turn this unclarity into precision you could do this for example bypicking the optimal challenge for you if it’s too easy it’s underwhelmingso you don’t feel able as well but if it’s too hard-handed you don’t really know whatneeds to get done so you too don’t feel skillful so pick the optimal challenge where you still needto struggle but you are able to figure out and get clear about the next steps now perhaps you say ican’t pick my challenge it is just difficult and that’s the way it is then seek feedback frompeople who give you relevant and encouraging feedback maybe even get a coach somehow get helpso you originate clarity in your life and you know what the next steps are the second psychologicalneed is about feeling a sense of relatedness working on a lonely island without any contactwill suction you out of your exuberance border yourself with people in your manufacture or who follow thesame interests have fun together yes but also engage in meaningful and deep discussions ifyou feel a sense of connectedness you are much more willing to go through difficult timesyou’re doing it with and for others and the third mental need is about feeling a senseof autonomy reconnect to your why and your vision why is this important to you if you remember thatyou will feel a sense of autonomy again maybe you think yes i don’t really like this occupation right nowbut i’m doing this so i can live my dream on the long run so i choose to do this job right nowalso build a repertoire of selections for yourself if you need to do sports today and you have anopportunity list and you can decide between going for a extend playing football or going to the gym youfeel autonomous and by the way you can use this framework to allow people around you to also feelintrinsically motivated give them some related and positive feedback care about them reconnectthem to their why time to give you a couple of lessons by creating such a beneficial environmentpeople will be able to motivate themselves and if you feel like you lost passion for something thatyou actually enjoy maybe one of those three needs are not sufficiently met at this place and thequestion “wouldve been” how can you satisfy this need there are so many more things one could talkabout specific topics of reason and when i talk with my patients about this subject and they wantto gain motivation we often realise though i don’t actually want reason i simply want toachieve a specific goal okay so why don’t we just build a couple of straightforward habits with moreease reason comes you going but attires keep you going you don’t need to be caused everysingle date try to push yourself in new counselings take the bigger picture what is going on whatis the big picture here you don’t want to burn out yourself that’s not the name of the game bea bit more wise i mean you want to be motivated to live a good soul so don’t be hectic with pushingyourself all the time but be effective and think what is what is the core and how can i reachmy genuine passion my true-life objective with much more ease you

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