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You had to work an extra job or two but you’re here for a lot of you even thoughyou stimulated it up the hill you carry the baggageof accept with you but you’re here. So numerous beings are waiting. You’re waiting for things to be perfect, you’re waiting for everyoneto get themselves together. Imagine you read one hour a day about record how much you will learn after 365 hours in one year? Think about if you study aboutthe history of musicians, of composers how much you would know? – You went to Indiana University? – Yep Right , now you got a lot of people that … say, forget about school.You know, drop out of school – They’re moronics, they’re idiots.- So you think they’re jerks? I speculation most of your peoplewho have sat in this chair it’s not about what college they went to see it’s about its initiative, their own drive their own dreams, their own curiosity. Purpose is an essential element of you. It is the purpose you’re on the planetat this specific time in history.You’re waiting for someoneto give you the possibilities of. You’re waiting for everything to line up. You’re waiting for all the situationsto come together perfectly and Im telling you you cannot wait, you got to start working right now. Whatever you choose for a occupation pathremember the fight along the way are only meant to shape youfor your purpose. Your life stuffs. Your voice significances. Your name concerns. Sometimes you need to feelthe pain and sting of overcome to activate the real passion and role that God predestined inside of you. Imagine you read one hour a day about biography how much you will learn after 365 hours in one year. Think about if you study about the historyof musicians, of composers.How much you would know? Imagine if you would work on the business on some business that you want todevelop every day for an hour. Imagine how further along you will go and get. So it drives me nuts because we have … when people say, we don’t have the time. We have 24 hours a day. We sleep 6 hours a day so it gives you still 18 hours. There’s someone shaking their headout here in front, “theyre saying” probably I don’t sleep 6 hoursI sleep 8 hours. Right? Well, simply sleep faster. So with 18 hours per day the average personworks around 8 to 10 hours. So let’s expect it’s 10 hours.So you have 8 hours left then you travel around an hour a day maybe 2 hours a day. So now you have still 6 hours left. So what do you do with your 6 hours? What do you do with your 6 hours? Maybe eat a little bit, maybe shmooze a little bit, talk a little bit to peopleand all that stuff but you can seehow much epoch there is available if you plan your day.So you got to work hard. I signify let me tell you somethingwhen I went to see America I went to college, I went and used to work 5 hours a day and I was working on construction because in those daysin bodybuilding there was no money we didn’t, I didn’t have the moneyfor food, augments or anything so I had to go to work. So I operated in structure, I went to college, I worked out in the gym and at night from 8 o’clockat night to 12 midnight I went to acting class 4 epoches a few weeks. So I did all that there was not one single minutethat I consumed and this is why Im standing here today. Now is the time to startbuilding your wedding. Now is the time to start teachingand investing in your boys. Now is the time to start piecingyour coin together and getting yourself out of debt.Now is the time to startpursuing something greater. Now is the time to start buildingthe vision that God put in your nerve. Now is the time to startsaving up for the residence. Now is the time to start makingthose investments in yourself. You cannot wait, don’t wait another era, don’t wait another minute, don’t wait another minute. Now is your time. How long are you going to complain about what you don’t have? How long are you going to complain about who didn’t do it andwho didn’t take care of you and who didn’t call you andwho don’t like you and what they said and what they … who cares what they consider? Who cares what they said. This is not about them, this is a matter of me. This is about what God wants to do in me. This is a matter of the legacythat he wants me to build. This is about the impacthe wants me to clear. Why am I going to putmy legacy to the side in order to appease a personwho don’t know who I genuinely am.You got to get to a situate where you recognize that Im not just here transferring period Im not just now only having fun but Im here to build legacy. Im here to realise things happen. Im here to change the world. Now is your time. My own experience is with beings that we’re probably runningat about 51% of our capacity something, I mean you canthink about this yourselves. I often query undergraduates how many hours a day you wasteOr how many hours a week you waste. And the classic reaction issomething like 4 to 6 hours a day.You know, inefficient studying or watching things on YouTube that not only do you not want to watch, that you don’t even care about that draw you feel horribleabout watching after you’re done. That’s probably 4 hours right there. You know, you think well that’s2 0, 25 hours a week. It’s 100 hours a monththat’s two and a half full run weeks. It’s half a year of manipulate weeks per year.And if your time is worth $ 20 in hour which isa progressive underestimate but it’s probably more like $ 50 if you think about itin terms of shelved compensations. If you’re squander 20 hours a week you’re wasting $50,000 a year and you are doing that right now. And it’s because you’re youngwasting $50,000 a year is a way bigger catastrophethan it would be for me to waste it because Im not going tolast nearly as long. And so if your life isn’t everythingit could be, you could ask yourself, what the hell is happenif you just stopped consuming the opportunities that are in front of you. You’d be who knows how much more efficient 10 times more efficient, 20 times more efficient that’s the Pareto distribution.You have no idea how efficientefficient people get. It’s completely … it’s off the following chart the best thing you can dois teach beings to write because there’s no differencebetween that and thinking. And one of any issues that justblows me away about universities is that no one ever tells studentswhy they should write something. It’s like, well, you haveto do this assignment. Well, why are you writing? Well you need the gradation it’s like no, you need to learn to think because visualizing constructs youact effectively in the world.Thinking sees you winthe combats you undertake and those could be battlesfor good things. If you are eligible to thoughts and speak and write you are absolutely deadly nothing can get in your room. So that’s why you learn to write.It’s like … well I can’t believe that peoplearen’t simply has been informed that. It’s- it’s- it’s like … It’s the most powerful weaponyou can possibly stipulate someone with and I entail I know lots of peoplewho’ve been staggeringly successful and watched them throughout “peoples lives”, I mean…Those parties you don’t want to havean reason with them. They’ll precisely slash you into fragments and not in a perniciou practice, it’s like … if you’re going to make your pointand they’re going to make their point you better have your points unionized because otherwiseyou’re going to look like and be an absolute idiot. You are not going to get anywhere. And if you are able to formulateyour contentions coherently and make a presentationif you can speak to parties, if you can lay out a proposition, God, beings give you coin, they give you opportunities, you have influence. Make it- a schedule and stick to it. Okay, so what’s the rule with the following schedule? It’s not a bloody prison that’s the first thing that people do wrong “theyre saying”, well, I don’t like to follow the following schedule. It’s like well, what kindof planned are you setting up? Well, I … I have to do this thenI “re going to have to” do this then I have to do this you know and thenI just go play video games. Because who wants to doall these things that I have to do.It’s like wrong, rectified the following schedule up. So that you have the day you want that’s the trick.It’s like okay, Ive got tomorrow if I was going to set it up, so it wasthe best possible day I could have practically speaking what the hell is it definitely sounds like? Well, then you planned that and plainly there’s a bit of responsibilitythat’s going to go along with that because if you have any sense one of the thingsthat you’re going to insist upon is that at the end of the day you’re not in worse shape than you werethan … than .. at the beginning of the day, right? Because that’s a stupid epoch. If you have a bunch of those in a row you exactly dig, you are familiar with, you delve yourselfa hole and then you bury yourself in it it’s like, sorry that’s justnot a good programme, it’s a bad approach. So perhaps 20% of your dayhas to be responsibility and obligation or maybe it’s more than thatdepending on how far behind you are.But even that you can, you can ask yourself okay, well, Ive got these responsibilities, I have to schedule the things in what’s the right ratioof responsibility to honor and you can ask yourself that just like you’d negotiate withsomeone who is working for you. It’s like, okay you got to work tomorrow. Okay, so I want you to work tomorrow and you are able to say, okay, wellwhat are you going to do for me that performs it likelythat Ill work for you? Well, you could ask yourself that, you are familiar with so perhaps you do an hour of responsibility and then you play a video gamefor 15 times, I don’t know whatever turns your crank gentleman but…You know you have to negotiatewith yourself and not subjugate yourself. Like you’re negotiating withsomeone that you care for, that you would like to beproductive and have a good life and- and that’s how youmake the schedule, it’s like … and then you look at the day and you thinkwell, if I had that day that’d be good immense you know, and you…you’re useless and deplorable so you’ll probably merely reached itwith about 70% accuracy but that overcomes the hell out of zero. Right! and if you stumble iteven with 50% accuracy another ruler is, well, aim for 51% the next week or 50.5% for God’s purpose or because you’re you’re going to hit that plight where things start to loop backpositively and spiraling you upward.On my tombstone I require the elegy “Be ashamed to die until you have scoredsome victory for humanity.” Many beings look for meaning in animation as though it’s going to be under a rock or behind a tree. Oh, there’s my gist “youve had” more strength than that. You have the power to create signifying in your life rather than passively look for it “ve been meaning to” me is do I was aware about “todays world” than I did yesterday that strengthens symbolizing for me. And if that accumulates and accrues daily in a month you know way morethan you did than time the working day last-minute so that you continue to grow.My first question of me wasn’twhere do I find intending? It was how do I organize necessitating? And that was begun early, early teens. You can glean a line in the sandbetween people who transgress but do not hold power over you there’s a acclaimed repeat fromMartin Luther King “You can only be riddenif your back is bent.” when I grew up it was very common to hear the quotation “Sticks and stones can transgress my bones but texts will never hurt me.” I haven’t heard that phrasein a very long time. I don’t hear it recitedin the elementary schools. What I mull has happenedover the years is we came to learn as a civilizationthat words can be spiteful. That’s an advance in mental health. What I assure on the flip sideof that copper nonetheless is parties are less able to deal with the very same peoplewho are around today who were around back thenwho are calling you names.I can say from the epoch in which I grew up I don’t pay a rat’s *** what you say to me unless you are between me and some goal then Ill have to navigate that some mode. If there’s a racist personor a sexist person or a person with some kindof culture bias I want to know that actually. I want you to say everythingyou want to say then Ill say, okay, that’s who you are, that’s how you’re thinking. So now, what do I was also necessary do because you’re in my room? Do I dig under you, enter into negotiations you, leap over you or do I vanish this practice and then come out the other side.Yeah, it’s longer, it’s more campaign, it’s more vigor but on some levelit’s sort of the same different daylight. I can’t say you’re being prejudiced, you’re being … that’s not … you got to navigate it.I think high school that’s where you learnhow to deal with difficult people.There are people who are annoying you’re going to have to navigate them. There are people who you cannot interactwith for whatever reason or another they’re going to be in the cubiclenext to you in your workplace. So I think we undervaluethe total social potty that people are tossed intoin their high school experience. They want to say, “Oh, I could have learned more but I had to deal with all these people.” hey, having to deal with all these peopleis now in your portfolio.Your motivation for the gueststhat you have in this couch. They … they had some dream proclamation and they have grit. Okay, they got beaten down, they stood back up they tried another way, they got thumped down again then they were successful either measured by wealth or force or … or precisely joy in their life’s furies. For me what I do for the public 80+ percent of it is driven by duty not by ambition. That’s how I view it.If that were the instance. This is how I culminated up hostingCosmos in 2014. Ann Druyan, the widow of Carl Sagan who was hugely talented. She approached me and said, “Would you consider hosting Cosmos? “I said, “I don’t…There’s a dozen parties, perhaps half a dozen others who would jump-start at this opportunity. I don’t need to do this I truly don’t. Then I “ve thought about it” and I said, well, I convene Carl Sagan when I was 17. I was applying to colleges, he was at Cornell I had been accepted at Cornell butdidn’t know what college I wanted to go to and the admittances department verified thatI wasn’t altogether in the moment there. They had forwarded my called upon to him for his action and he transmitted me a letter.And I get the present letter and I open it and it says, I understand you like the same stuff I like do you want to come visit the campus to help you decideif you want to go to Cornell. He gratified me…outside his building on a Saturday he did something really cool, he contacted backgrabbed a book off the shelf it was one of his booksand he signing the agreement to me Neil Tyson, future astronomer, signed Carl. Later in the day, Im ready to go back to New York it begins to snow as it does oftenin December in Ithaca and he says here’s my home multitude if the bus can’t get through, from the snowfall waste the light with my familyand go back tomorrow. Im thinking, who am I? Why .. why .. Im nobody but I was somebody to him and I said to myself, if Im everas remotely acclaimed as he is I will discuss studentsthe way he has discussed me.

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