YouTuber Motivation For When You’re Losing Hope.

there’s five oaths you need to remember you’re only one video away you picture the youtube algorithm gives you a fresh risk every single video you affixed literally all of your videos could be dead with no their opinions and that next video could change everything so many big channels had one video travel viral that sparked momentum for all their other videos and altered their life in a matter of daytimes so why would you give up when you’re just one video apart one video away from changing people’s lives one video away from getting the success and identification you deserve[ Music] one video away from drawing more youtube ad revenue than you could ever dream of speaking of which don’t buy into this starving master narrative about youtubers that some people push here’s graeme stefan’s youtube ad revenue from just last year and by the way ad revenue is one of the smallest income rivers from youtube there’s so many other ways to monetize i’m not saying these results are typical but just look at someone like nine year aged ryan cagey who made an estimated 30 million dollars from his youtube channel last year youtube can genuinely change your life and allow you to change other people’s lives extremely but it won’t if you give up now you know it made me over a year to get my first thousand subscribers like a year and a half made like almost a year to get the second thousand and the facts of the case that i am only gained thousands and thousands of readers in like the last 11 daylights and from 4k to 5k only took 12 eras and uh 3k to 4k only took 19 daytimes it’s uh it’s awesome you know i never thought i’d be growing like this the crucial thing that separates those who succeed is that they keep going they keep improving they crush through that brick wall and don’t give up it’s like a test and exclusively the lingering will pass because the truth is even if it feels like you’ve got nowhere so far you’ve emphatically improved and leveled up from when you started you might not have the research results you wanted but that work isn’t squandered you’ve been memorize along the way and even if you have just one subscriber that’s a total stranger who loved your content enough to want more of it which in a sea of thousands of channels is pretty impressive in itself so don’t get disconcerted by the large-scale amounts from paths who’ve been doing youtube lane mode longer than you have and also don’t forget even if a lot of your videos haven’t worked out it’s pretty common that the youtube algorithm can suddenly start pushing videos from months or even years ago just because a video hasn’t done well more doesn’t mean it won’t i’ve seen this with some of my aged videos good-for-nothing nothing then thunder and you can see this with countless other pioneers as well just look at james janney who got 400 customers in five months then a part of hundreds of thousands of readers in the next two months youtube growth is exponential not linear things can change very rapidly so keep going hinder learning and don’t forget to thank me when you get your reward from youtube however whilst this hopefully got you pumped up to make more videos if you want to know how james achieved such crazy raise so fast check out this video i started on him that will give you some more practical steps for youtube raise so you can hopefully vanquish the youtube algorithm yourself you can also grab our free youtube business idea from the specific characteristics below so you can start monetizing even with a small channel best of luck you got this

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